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Downey Genealogy - 2

Downey Genealogy - 2

Dave Tourison (View posts)
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The Line of James DOWNEY, brother of Henry, John, Thomas and Mary
1 James DOWNEY, b. C1750, Grange, County Sligo, IR; farmer in County Fermanagh or Leitrim;
d. At advanced age, Fermanagh IR; bur. Monea Chapel Churchyard
sp1 Jane JAMESON
2 Robert DOWNEY, b. C1786, County Fermanagh or Leitrim, IR; lived in County Cavan
d. 3 OCT 1878, aged 92, Hingham, MA
sp Ann CARR or KERR
3 James DOWNEY, b. 1824, County Fermanagh IR; Constable; d. 1894
sp Belinda DOUPE County Limerick (descendant of Huguenots), 1852
4 Anne Jane DOWNEY, b. 1853; d. 1861
4 Isabella Maude DOWNEY, b. 1855, sp George BLACK of Dublin
4 Elizabeth Eva DOWNEY, sp Richard HARRISON of Dublin
4 Belinda DoupJ DOWNEY, b. 1868, sp Thomas MOSSOP of Southport ENG
4 Henrietta Delmage DOWNEY, b. 1869, sp Robert GILL of Dublin; 3 s/2 d
4 Ann DOWNEY, b. 1875; unmarried; d. 1893
4 Emily Helena DOWNEY, b. 1877, sp Richard PHILLIPS of Penang, Straits; 2 d
4 Robert DOWNEY, b. 1859; commercial traveler
sp Lillian F. OLDFIELD of Dublin
5 Isabelle DOWNEY, sp William MOSSOP
5 Eva DOWNEY, sp Captain Thomas BROWNELL, BA, TCD
5 Dorothy DOWNEY, secretary to Irish MP in Dublin
4 Henry Delmage DOWNEY, b. 1860; auditor; d. 1902
sp Laura SP PEMBERTON of Dublin IR
5 Ernest Harold DOWNEY, b. 1897; unmarried in 1930, Norbury London ENG
5 Oercival Raymond DOWNEY, b. 1899; unmarried in 1930, Kingstown Co Dublin
5 Violet Constance DOWNEY, b. 1898,; unmarried in 1930
4 John DOWNEY, b. 1863; d. 1866
4 John James DOWNEY, b. 1866, Dublin IR; d. Manchester ENG 1924
sp Mary Stewart SLOANE of Dublin
5 Reginald Stewart DOWNEY, b. 1887, Manchester ENG; sp Mary Ellen STACY
6 Frederick Stewart DOWNEY, b. 1921
6 William Edward DOWNEY, b. 1923
6 Marjorie Mary DOWNEY, b. 1924
5 Ernest Victor DOWNEY, d. Unmarried 1908
5 Mable Constance DOWNEY, d. Unmarried 1917
5 Ethel Evelyn DOWNEY, unmarried in 1930
5 Frederick Gibson DOWNEY, b. 1897, Manchester ENG; unmarried in 1930
5 Eric Gordon DOWNEY, b. 1900, Manchester ENG
sp Nora PRESTWOOD, 26 DEC 1929
5 Eileen Dorothy DOWNEY, b. 1922; d. 1926
4 William George DOWNEY, b. 1871, Dublin IR; living in Capetown AF 1930; unmarried
4 Alfred Frederick DOWNEY, b. 1873, Dublin IR; d. 1913; sp Unknown; 1 dau
4 Charles Albert DOWNEY, b. 1879, Dublin IR; unmarried in 1929
* This large family seems to have lived in the British Islands or dependencies, none going to America

3 Jane DOWNEY, sp Robert WILLIAMS; 2 sons, 1 dau
3 Eliza DOWNEY, sp James FORD; 3 sons, 1 dau
3 Mary DOWNEY, unmarried
3 George DOWNEY, b. 1826, County Fermanagh IR; moved and died Hingham MA
sp Jane McDOWELL
4 George H. DOWNING, b. 3 MAR 1868, Hingham MA; undertaker
sp Abbie F. HUTCHINS, Hingham MA, 17 JUN 1891
5 Wesley Earle DOWNING, b. 27 JUN 1892, Hingham MA
sp Marion ANDREWS of Hingham MA, MAY 1916; there in 1930
6 George Andrews DOWNING, b.30 AUG 1917
6 John Ripley DOWNING, b. 11 FEB 1921
6 Priscilla DOWNING, b. 30 JUN 1927
5 Harold Lester DOWNING, b. 21 MAY 1901, Hingham MA; in Boston 1930
sp Ruth LORING, 18 JUL 1925
6 Jane DOWNING, b. 3 JUL 1926
4 Charles Robert DOWNEY, b. Hingham MA; salesman, musician; d. 1922
sp Ella L. BATES
5 Willis Bates DOWNEY, b. 6 JUL 1897, Hingham MA; sp Katherine BUTTINER
6 Pauline DOWNEY
5 Ralph Stanley DOWNEY, b. 8 FEB 1900, sp Veida LEWIS of NY
5 Charles Robert DOWNEY, b. 1 MAR 1905, sp Lee MORSE of NY, both musicians
5 Louise DOWNEY, b. 15 JUL 1910, teacher
4 Sarah Jane DOWNEY, sp Ensign GARDNER
4 Elizabeth DOWNEY, sp Charles MOSHER
4 Joseph Thomas DOWNEY, b. 1875; unmarried and living in Hingham MA 1929
3 Ann DOWNEY, b. County Fermanagh IR
sp James WALSH; moved to Hingham MA
4 Anne Erwin WALSH, sp E. Howard FAUNCE
4 William Henry WALSH, sp Alice BODGE
4 Sarah Jane WALSH, sp Albert W. BURGESS
4 George Walter WALSH, sp Georgia FULLER
4 John James WALSH, sp Lillian HANSCOM
4 Charlotte Marion WALSH, sp Herbert S. SIMONS of Lynn MA
4 Edith Elizabeth WALSH, sp Charles TAYLOR
3 John DOWNEY, b. County Fermanagh IR; moved to Hingham MA
sp Mary Ann ELLIOTT
4 Robert George DOWNEY, b. 1866, Hingham MA; d. 1924
sp Harriet ESTELLE; living in Lynn MA 1929
5 Albert Eugene DOWNEY; unmarried in 1929, Lynn MA
4 John Henry DOWNEY, b. 1867, Hingham MA; carpenter builder
m1 Doris BETTS; no issue;
m2 Eliza MOSS
5 Edith DOWNEY, unmarried in 1929
5 Elizabeth DOWNEY, unmarried in 1929

4 George William DOWNEY, b. 1886, Hingham MA; carpenter
sp Abbie GOSS
5 Russel DOWNEY, minor in 1930
5 Kenneth DOWNEY, minor in 1930
5 Marion DOWNEY, minor in 1930
5 Jennette DOWNEY, minor in 1930
5 William DOWNEY, minor in 1930
4 Anne Maria DOWNEY, sp Henry MONROE
4 Mary E. DOWNEY, sp Henry McBRIEN
4 Emma DOWNEY, unmarried in 1928
4 Lillian DOWNEY, unmarried in 1928
4 Isabella DOWNEY, sp Charles POPE
4 Ella DOWNEY, sp Lawrence LITCHFIELD
4 Louisa Daisy DOWNEY, sp Howard THOMPSON
4 Fanny DOWNEY, sp Francis COOLIDGE

Re: Downey Genealogy - 2

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Surnames: Downey, Fyda

I am helping a friend find her father and his family. Her mother said his name was Minor (or Miner?) Downey. He lived in Chicago, Ill. in the early 1950's. My friend was the result of the relationship that went awry when her mother learned that Mr. Downey had another baby on the way with another lady. My friend has no other information nor has she even even seen a photo of him!

IF he is living, he is likely in his late 80's. She would love to meet her siblings and the family she has through him. She is in her 50's and has no desire to cause problems.

Her mother gave her her surname, Fyda.
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