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Early families of Mayport

Early families of Mayport

Edgar R Taylor (View posts)
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For some time I have been gathering information of the early families of Mayport, Duval Co., FLA. Among which were the FLOYD brothers who were early pilots as was Philip Dewees.
The father of these Floyds was Josef Joaneda y Florit, a Minorcan. There mother was Isabela Dewees the oldest daughter of Andrew Dewees and sister of Philip..
There were other famillies in the area before the War between the States scattered a number of them to other locations.
I would be interested to communicate with others who had families in Mayport or across in Pilot Town before the War..

Mayport Cemetery

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Surnames: Floyds, Smith, McCredie
Can you tell me any thing in regards to the Floyds who are buried in Mayport? I am searching for information in regards to Sam FLOYD, who married Ida Smith. They had the following Children: Alice B._ Died 1935Jax, Fl Ada born March 3, 1885 Died Aug 13, 1967 Sallie B. - D. - Rosa Floyd
Born: March 27, 1882 Died July 1978 ? Farley Floyd Feb 18, 1886 died June 1964 ? I know Ada married James McCredie Nov. 30, 1905. They lived 120 East Adams according to their Marriage Announcement in paper. This is about all I have to go on , in regards to the FLOYD Family. The daughter of Ada Floyd and James McCredie married Victor L Taylor. Any thing will help.
PLEASE Email me at: THANKS!

Mayport Families

Downie Granville (View posts)
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Surnames: Haynes
Brothers Melton and Bunbury Haynes owned the Greenfield Plantation near Mayport. They went to church in Mayport.

Mayport Families - Greenfield Plantation

Downie Granville (View posts)
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Surnames: Haynes
The Haynes bros. Melton and Bunbury along with sisters Sarah and Hariet Vaught whom they were married to respectively lived at Greenfield from 1852-1862 rearing their families and cultivated the land. They would row across the water to go to church in Mayport. They were Methodist. They had many slaves much of which was related to the property inherited through marraige to the Vaught sisters. In 1862 the Port Authority in Jacksonville had told the Haynes unless they were neutral to leave Greeenfield Plantation, and they were of course not neutral, and left. From records: 47th Penn. Volunteers landed a force off Pablo Creek near Greenfield Plantation, and at 4 o'clock on the morning of the 3d, proceeded cautiously toward the bluff. He found warm, and other food, had been left by the Confederates, showing their quick departure. Both Haynes brothers served in the CSA FL Calvary. The Plantation house was burned by the Union Army in 1862.

Greenfield Plantation, Duval CO FL
From records in Duval CO Courthouse, Jacksoncille, FL:
Deed Bodd #114, Pages 396, 397 and 398. Deed #57223 and 57224. Samuel Calver deeded to Sara M. Vaught 24 Nov 1849: between Samuel Calvert of Northhampton CO NC and Sara M. Vaught of Putnam CO FL amount $3,000.00 the plantation known by the name of GREENFIELD, bounded on north by St Johns River, on east by Pablo Creek, on west by Mt Pleasant Creek, and south by lands of John Pons heirs and the public lands being the same purchased by said Samuel Calvert of John B. Adam, Trustee, on 23d day of November 1849 at a sale of said Greenfield Plantation made on that day and being the same purchased by said Cyprian Cross of B. Hopkins, S.L. Burret, agent, and containing 1000 acres exclusive of marsh lands more or less.

Property sold in 1866 for $1500 to Eben J. Loomis and later same year to Herbert A. Wilder and Charles T. Wilder as Wilder and Co. for $6000. Sold again 1913 to William B. Dawson.

Mayport families

Edgar R Taylor (View posts)
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Greenfield is across Pablo Creek, if I remember my geography. So tthey would have to have taken a boat across. There was early a Catholic church and graveyard in Mayport, the church is gone and the graveyard covered with sand. There is a Presbyterian church there today.
Which church did the Haynes attend- what time scale was this?


Edgar R Taylor (View posts)
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Most of the Floyds of Mayport descend from the Minorcan Josef JOANEDA y Florit, also known as John FLOYD. His wife was Isabella DEWEESE, the oldest daughter of Andrew DEWEES and Catherine CHICKEN. The site of Mayport and the Naval carrier base are on the Spanish grant which was surveyed for the Dewees. This is one reason the Floyds are there.
This exchange is awkward. If you are interested contact me at my e-mail address

Floyd ancestry in Mayport

Herschel Conner (View posts)
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Surnames: Floyd, Andreu, Daniels, Houston, LaMee
My mother's family is from Mayport in Duval County Florida. The surnames listed above can all be found in the old Mayport Cemetery. I have reached "dead-ends" trying to find out more about John Floyd, my ggggrandfather, who died on August 31, 1864 at Jonesboro, GA in the battle for Atlanta. His daughter, Mary Magdalen Floyd (8/26/1843 to 11/7/1932) was married to Florence Francis Andreu (2/23/1843 to 8/15/1923). I know that John Floyd was married to a Lynn Cotton, but I don't have any info on her. Any help would be appreciated.
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Surnames: Andreu

e-mail to you did not go through. Please try sending me a note.

HOUSTONS and others of Mayport Families

Edgar R Taylor (View posts)
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Herschell - I am glad you added the Houstons to your interest list as it provides additional clues.. I have done a little on the HOUSTON family also. You can find this on the Nassau web site.
My main interest was in the John Carrol Houston III family. The daughter, Mary Virgina Hall, of my ancestor Catherine Floyd, by her first marriage to William Hall, married John Carroll Houston III. However, Jerry Braddock of Charleston and I are interested in the rest of the family since he also has connections. "Wire" me at


Herschel C. Conner, Jr. (View posts)
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Surnames: Andreu, Daniels, Houston, LaMee, Floyd
Thank you for your response, Cousin. My mother's family is from Mayport, FL( Duval County)
going back several generations. Her name is Nettie Houston Conner. Her
father's family, the Houstons, includes descendents from William LaMee, a
Frenchman who came to the Mayport area in the early 1800s and whose
citizenship papers were signed by Isaiah D. Hart. My maternal grandmother
was a Daniels. Her name was Jeannette Albinus Daniels and her mother, my
great grandmother, was Jeannette Andreu (4/18/1871 to 12/24/1938), whose
father was Florance Francis Andreu. I can't seem to find good information
about F. F. Andreu's parents. My information seems to show that he was born
at Manatee, FL near Tampa. I know that there are many Andreus from Mayport.
Florance or Florence served in the Confederate Army and seems to have served
in the same unit has John Floyd, the father of his wife Mary Magdalen Floyd.
I run out of firm data at this point. The Andreus were Minorcans and the
information compiled on the following web site shows lineage back to Minorca
for the Andreu clan:

I am relatively new to this geneology world, so the attached file is all I
have for my grandmother's family from Mayport.

I would appreciate any info you can share with me.

Herschel C. Conner, Jr.
655 DeSoto Drive
Tierra Verde, FL 33715
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From: "ernest jones"
Sent: Saturday, August 12, 2000 10:44 PM
Subject: Hello Cousin

> Herschel
> My name is Ernest Jones.
> My mother's maiden name was Rebecca Helen Andreu.
> My grand father's name was David Robert Andreu.
> My great grand father was Nicholas Joseph Andreu.
> Nicholas Joseph Andreu's brother was Florence Francis Andreu, which
> would make Florence my great great uncle.
> I did not know which Floyd Florence married. My great aunt new he
> married a Floyd but did not know her name.
> My parents are from Mayport. Their names: J. A.( Doc ) Jones and
> Rebecca Helen Andreu.
> If you would like to see my branch of the Andreu's I will gladly provide
> it. I am interested in seeing yours.
> While my parents were born in Mayport, I was born in Brunswick,
> Georgia. Currently living in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

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