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List of Quantrill's Men, Was Great Grandfather there?

List of Quantrill's Men, Was Great Grandfather there?

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Surnames: Quantrill
“ My great grandfather rode with Quantrill “ Let’s look at that statement did he really ride with Quantrill. When we hear that a family member rode with him we start looking for a list of Quantrill’s men in hoping to find that family member on it but when we don’t we may think the family story is not true. But hold up he may have after all you have to remember that there was more then one guerrilla gang. Quantrill’s gang had as little as 60 men and no then 300, most of the times 125. But when all the other guerrilla’s got together as a group it would be as high as 6,000 some say 10,000. When the guerrilla’s banded together Quantrill was the Commanding Officer most of the times. You have to remember he was a very fames man and to say you rode with him will that was something. Grandpa may have belonged to other guerrilla gang like Blooded Bill Anderson but when they group up with Quantrill he would be in Command, so grandpa’s statement was true after all. So if you hear that great grandfather rode with Quantrill and can’t find him you will have to look at all the other guerrilla gang’s.

The names of the men below all rode with Quantrill and many were guerrilla leader’s and had their own gang’s. I also have 140 names of Quantrill’s Missouri Regiment when he was in the C. S. A. army.

Most of these names below are Surnames only I have no first names.

Sam. ( Samuel ) Hay’s
Up. Hay’s
Dick Yeager
George Tood
Bill Anderson
Bob Marchbank’s
David Tate
Rollen Brother’s
Si. Gordon
Bill Marchbank’s
Captain Lee
Captain Bissett
Stand Watie

Re: List of Quantrill's Men, Was Great Grandfather there?

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Surnames: Tate
How can I learn more about DAVID TATE listed as riding with Quantrill?

Re: List of Quantrill's Men, Was Great Grandfather there?

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Surnames: Tate
Winnie I can't tell where to look for more info on him. maybe some one out there can. Here is the info I have I hope you enjoy reading it? let me know. I have other Tate's in my index's starting in 1799 that is also a David Tate from Va. they cover the hole U. S.
p.s. If you could find a old newspaper from there you should be able to find what happen to them?

MARCH 22, 1862.- Skirmish at Little Santa Fe, Mo.
Report of Colonel Robert B. Mitchell, Second Kansas Cavalry.

Camp Blair, March 24, 1862.

MAJOR: I have the honor to report that on the night of the 22nd, in accordance with a request from Major Banzhaf, commanding First Battalion Missouri Cavalry, and also in pursuance of a plan that I had been maturing for some time, I left camp with a detachment detailed from all the companies in this command, the detachment about 300 in number, with Majors Fisk and Pomeroy.

Quantrill, with a part of his gang, had burned the bridge between Kansas City and Independence, and it was contemplated by Major Banzhaf to march from Kansas City, and in conjunction with Colonel Weer, Fourth Kansas, to surround and entrap Quantrill.

I left camp about 6.30 p. m. of the 22nd instant, reached Little Santa Fe about 10 o'clock that night, and sent Major Pomeroy about 3 miles from the town, with instructions to arrest one David Tate, whom I had reason to believe was connected with Quantrill. Major Pomeroy had with him a detachment of Companies D and E, under command of Captain Moore and Lieutenant Stover. When Major pomeroy reached the house he demanded entrance, and a gun was immediately fired through the door. He then called upon them to surrender, and to send out their women and children if they had any in the house. After waiting some time, while shots were fired from the house, he ordered a volley to be fired into the house. The cries of women were then herd, when he ordered the men to cease firing. The women and children then came out and firing was resumed on both sides. Two of the men then came of one the windows and surrendered. They stated to major Pomeroy that Quantrill was in the house with 26 men. Major Pomeroy then threatened to fire the house, and upon their continued refusal to surrender he ordered the houe to be fired, and an attempt was made to fire it, but without success. Major Pomeroy and Private Wills, of Company D, were at this time shot. Major Pomeroy becoming disabled, Captain Moore took command, and sent back to me requisiting re-enforcements, so as not to let any of the men escape. Captain moore the house and they still refusing so to do, he ordered the house to be against set on fire, and this time the flames rapidly envolved the house. The men in the house who were not wounded then burst out the weather boarding at the back of the house and ran for the timber immediately in the rear. Two were shot down as they ran - 1 killed instantly and 1 mortally wounded, who died about 3 o'clock in the afternoon. The others escaped, and though the woods were carefully scoured, no traces of them were found. While the firing was taking several men were seen to fall in the house, and the prisoners stated when they were first taken that there were 4 or 5 wounded. Five bodies could be distinctly seen in the flames at the time I reached the spot with that Part of the command which was left behind. I caused all the horses and horses equipments of the enemy to be gathered together and guarded and remained at the house until 6.30 o'clock in the morning, when I started for the house of one Wyatt. As we nearer the house 6 or 7 men were seen to break from it into the brush immediately adjoining the premises. I immediately dismounted some of my men and sent them into the brush, but succeeded in capturing only 2.

The command being without provisions, and being satisfied that Quantrill and those of his gang who had been in the locality had undoubtedly fled, I returned to the Tate House and started back to camp, leaving Captain Moore's command, with 1 wounded. We reached camp about 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon. I had previously sent Lieutenant Aduddell with 15 men to procure conveyance for the wounded and to take the stock and other property found at Tate's. He passed me on the way back to Tate's, and arrived with Captain Moore's command and the wounded last night at 8 o'clock.

Our loss was as follows: Major Pomeroy, severely wounded with a Minie ball in the right thigh near the femoral artery; Private William Wills, of Company D, since died, with a Minie ball in the right arm near the shoulder, and also with buck-shot in the groin and abdomen. We also lost 2 horses in the fight. The jayhawkers' loss was 5 killed or wounded and burned up in the house, 2 killed outside, and 6 prisoners. we took 25 horses, some of which have already been identified as belonging to parties in this State, from whom they were stolen, and about 20 sets of horse equipments. The 2 men killed outside of the house were named Rollen (brothers). The names of those killed and burned up in the house I am unable to ascertain.

I desire to express my gratitude to major Pomeroy, who after he was wounded still cheered on his men; to Captain Moore, Lieutenant Stover, and the men of their immediate command, for their gallantry and good behavior.
I have the honor to be, your very obedient servant,
Colonel Second Regiment Kansas Volunteer Cavalry.
Major W. E. BLAIR, Commanding Leavenworth, Kans.

Re: List of Quantrill's Men, Was Great Grandfather there?

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Surnames: TATE, BORDEN
Thank you much. This information is helpful.

My direct line of Tates seem to have been in Eastern TN, around Overton co and migrated to TX, through Missouri, as so many did.

I have other relatives who are supposed to have riden with Quantrill, BORDEN brothers, ADAM TATH BORDEN & WILL BORDEN.

Any information on them?

Winnie J. Tate-Morgan

Re: List of Quantrill's Men, Was Great Grandfather there?

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Winnie I have nothing on them sorry.

Re: List of Quantrill's Men, Was Great Grandfather there?

Bev Blair (View posts)
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Surnames: NELSON, CARR, ROSE, BLAIR and many others.
Do you have any information on two brothers, James and Jasper Nelson?
I am trying to figure out how these two dirt poor young men from NC, fought in the civil war (one on each side) settled in montgomery County, KS after the War, bought land, (they are on 1870 Census), then went to West Virginis in 1871, with enough money to buy up about 1/8 of a county, and spent the remainder of their lives in WV as properous farmers?

Re: List of Quantrill's Men, Was Great Grandfather there?

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I have no info on yor family at this time, but I can tell you that there are no Jasper's from N. C. in the civil war. However there were two in the war one was from Pennsylvania and the other was from Tenn. they were Union. As for James from N. C. there was 27 in all C. S. A. You can look them up on the Soldier and Sailor Sys. web site. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

Re: List of Quantrill's Men, Was Great Grandfather there?

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My great grandfather, Jasper Lafayette Nelson, was born in NC, but served with Co L, 3rd Tennessee Vol Cav.---UNION

Re: List of Quantrill's Men, Was Great Grandfather there?

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I couldn’t find out much on him, he enlisted May 1, 1864 and was mustered in June 17, 1864 as a Private, at the age of 19.. He was mustered out on June 12, 1865, under General Order No. 77. I believe he married Susan C. Hubbard in W. V. 1873, she was 16 at the time and he was 28.

Re: List of Quantrill's Men, Was Great Grandfather there?

Carl McBee (View posts)
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If there were no other attacks on Baxter Springs Kansas other than by Quantrill the William Runnels on some lists is most likely my great great grandfather based on a letter written with in the family describing his and his sons involvement at Baxter Springs Kansas. It is my understanding that the William Reynolds listed did not survive the war. My relative survived the war and is listed as being with Price. Do you know where I might find additional information on William Runnels.
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