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The Mari surname

The Mari surname

Eric Mari (View posts)
Posted: 962000539000
Hi my name is Eric Mari I dated my ancestry back to my great grandparent Juan Mari who emigrated from Islas Canarias (Spain) to Cuba.
I found that our surname came from a profession “sailor” in Spanish (Marinero) but I don’t’ know much abut the history or ruts of the name. Also I have not been able to find the “Mari” coat of arms, just its description. If you can help me in my search I would be more than happy.

Thank you
Eric Mari

Mari surname

David Mari (View posts)
Posted: 962047102000
To Eric, the Mari surname comes from the word mare which is sea. We have the oficial family coat of arms as well as one additional one that has slight changes. We would be able to provide you with a copy of you would like.

Mari Surname

Eric Mari (View posts)
Posted: 962099329000
To David, I would appreciate very much if you provide me with a copy of the Mari coat of arms, I have tried to find it on the net but with no luck. One question, did the Mari last name originated in Italy or in Spain? The word “Mare” is sea in Italian if I’m not mistaken in Spanish is only “Mar”. My wife wanted to know how do you pronounce the last name Mari if as “Mary” or as “Maree” I’m sorry I don’t how to write it phonetically

Thank you


How to pronounce: Mari

Giulio Mari (View posts)
Posted: 970524257000
In italian it is pronounced as Maree,but remember to rrrooll the 'R' while you do it.

Pronouncing Mari

Giulio Mari (View posts)
Posted: 970524919000
I forgot to say that the 'A' is pronounced
as in 'Safari'. Place the 'M' in place of the
'F' rrrooll the 'R' again and that's it.
The italian way

the mari surname

Eric Mari (View posts)
Posted: 970582218000
Giulio I’ve pronounced our last name the same way you are telling me all my life. The Spanish Way (or Italian if you wish :-) ) but here in the US every body is always trying to pronounce it like "Mary" even the priest, after 7 sessions, married my wife with somebody called Eric "Mary" for the enjoyment of the family. By the way do you or anybody that is reading this can send me The Coat of arms from the Mari Family and the history… I know that this part is going to be hard because everybody's forefathers in this forum comes from a different country :-) (I’m from Cuba with roots in Canary Islands, Spain) and every story is different, but it would be interesting to put it together.
About the kingdom… the only region or land I have found that bears our last name is in Russia ??
Send any information to
If your interested in Cuba’s traditions you can visit my site at




Mari Silvia (View posts)
Posted: 970840648000
Il a lastname tipicol of Italy - France (Costa Azzurra) e Suisse too.

Means Seas

Whole lotta different than what all of you have written...

Liran Mari (View posts)
Posted: 980215875000
the Mari surname that I know comes from other place in the world.
I don't know how to write it in english or whatever other Latin language because it is a semitic name.
the Origins are from the near east from an Ancient city who had extinct by a Babylonic king who's name was Hammurabi.
the Mari city today lies in Syria on the border with Iraq. the Mari offsprings of today that knows that their surname has same meaning will know too that they are originally Hebrew and that their ancestors once ruled a Great city .


Eric (View posts)
Posted: 980224193000
What does the last name mari means in your language?


Liran Mari (View posts)
Posted: 980317064000
I have no Idea what it means because it doesn't have a meaning in hebrew ... i think that it's in the ancient Aramic language .
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