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family tree

family tree

Janice Grider (View posts)
Posted: 951145744000
My grandfather was George Frank Grider of Liberty KY

George Frank Grider

Posted: 951209133000
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Would love to get more info on your family. I am putting together a book on the Grider/Gryder families tracing them back to NC. You can reach me via e-mail at:
Also my home mailing address is:
3008 Homestead Dr.,Petersburg, VA 23805
I have been working on this project for over 3 1/2 years and amassed a database with some 8000+ Grider/Gryders in it. Hope to hear from you. Will be glad to share what I might have with you.

Grider family history

Janice Grider (View posts)
Posted: 951233640000
My grandfather, George Frank Grider had the following siblings: brothers: Ed, Josh, Jesse, Elisha all lived in Kentucky, Ollie lived in Missouri and Robert in Oregon. His sisters were: Edna Grider Hiter, Annie Grider Cochran, Lena Grider Goode-Cain, and Emmy Grider Douglas. I am not sure but I think all of the sisters resided in KY.
Their father was : Robert Cannon and their Mother was Floria Ann Bell. I am the daughter of Harlis Cannon Grider, son of George Frank Grider and Ruth Douglas.
My current name is Janice Griswold. Grider was my maiden name. I am very interested in the history of Grider, if you have any information please send to: Mrs. Janice Griswold - 1713 Cardinal Lane - College Station, Texas 77845 or to my email address. Thanks for any further info. If I can give you additional please let me know.

Robert Cannon Gryder?

Posted: 951278712000
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Thank you so very much for getting in touch!
I will review my database for the names. They don't sound familiar. Do you happen to know this Robert Cannon Gryder's parents names, that would possibly make the connection. If not we'll continue to dig for clues. I'll look tonight for this info and get back to you. Hope you know Robert's parents. Thanks again!

Descendants of Joshua Grider, Pvt. (USA/1812)

Posted: 951456598000
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Here is info I have collected on your ancestors. Get back with me with any complete dates and place names and children for your grandfather's siblings. Most of this info I got comes from Vivian Arendall contact her, their family would love to here from a closer relative I'm sure. Here is what I have:
1 Joshua Grider, Pvt. (USA/War of 1812)
+Susannah Hunter
2 John Hunter Grider
+Emily Caroline Coffey
3 Joshua Grider
+Mary Erma Coffey
3 Mary Jane Grider (infant)
3 George W. Grider
+Lizzie Moore
3 Marie S. Grider
+Elisha Green Bell
3 Mary Ann Grider
3 Robert C. Grider
+Flora Ann Bell (sister to Elisha?)
3 Lucy Elizabeth Grider
+James Bert Young
3 Elisha John Grider
+Nancy Jane Young (sister to James?)

I just have Robert's middle initial. You indicate that it is CANNON. John Hunter Grider had a brother named Robert CAINEN Grider (who I've also seen listed as Cainen B. Grider) Could the name have CAINEN or CANNON? Any clues on that? Joshua Grider fought in War of 1812 as a member of the 7th Regiment 'Tauls's Mounted KY Volunteers. He is listed as living in Cumberland Co., KY in the 1820 census. Joshua was the s/o Frederick 'Old Fed' Grider and 1st wife Ellen? Murray? (no one has any real evidence as to who she really was, but we do know he was married twice, 2nd to Elizabeth ???) Hope this all helps and get in touch with whatever you can provide for the book, especially pictures. Thanks!
Ray Gryder, II
3008 Homestead Dr., Petersburg, VA 23805

Grider family history

Janice Grider (View posts)
Posted: 951494327000
My great grandfather was:
Robert Cannon Grider and was married to Floria Ann Bell
They had the following children:
George Frank (my grandfather),
Ollie, Robert, Ed, Josh, Jesse, Edna, Annie, Elisha, Lena, Emma.......

George Frank Grider had the following children:
-Jessie Edward born 8/18/19 died 1/9/76
-Harlis Cannon Grider born 9/19/20
my father
-Edwin Kenneth Grider born 1/8/23
-Lula Mae born 3/23/25 died at 18 month
-Roberta born 4/13/27
-William Floyd born 7/9/31
-Beulah Lee born 8/12/33
-Lucy Ann born 10/21/35
-Margie Ruth born 10/31/38
-George Lewis born 3/12/41

-Ollie Grider was married to Molly ?
they had the following children:
John, Clyde, Joe, Lillie, Omha, Louise, and Dorothy
-Robert was married to Sylvia ?
-Ed was married to Pearl Sanders and they had the following children:
Vernon and Ollie C
-Josh was married to Ruth ?
They had the following children:
Delmar, Deace, Lloyd, Denton and Flora
-Jesse was married to Willie Mae and they had the following children:
Curtis and Nola
-Edna was married to George Hiter
They had the following children:
Flora Jane, Otis and two others ?
-Annie was married to Bennett Cochran
They had the following chidlren:
Davis, Arnold, Evehart, R.C. and Hazel
-Elisha was married to Bertah.
They had the following chidlren:
Robert, Lula Mae and Harold
-Lena was marreid to a Goode and they had the following chidlren: Alfred, Babe, Grace, Janie and Obie
Lena was then married to George Cain and they had Charles
-Emma was married to Josh Douglas and they had Ancil, Richard, Josh Jr, Virginia and Elizabeth.
*Hope this helps you....

Robert Canen Grider

Posted: 951589316000
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Hi my name is Rosa Grider Overton. My great
grand father was Robert C Grider, and my Grand
father was Robert Canen Grider of Seneca Oregon,
previously from Liberty KY. I have been searching
family for many years and have not come up
with much until today. It sounds like we have
the same family tree! I would appreciate any
info you could share. Thanks Rosa

Robert Cainen-Canen-Cannon?? Grider

Marcia Foster(daughter of Marjorie E.Grider Foster-researcher for 30 yrs) (View posts)
Posted: 951669377000
I am taking over my mother's thirty years of researching on the Griders.
I received a phone call from a man in either MI or WI that was wanting this line also his name I believe was Franklin or his father's name was or he had a brother named Dr. Franklin Grider I don't remember but if I come across the paper I wrote down the things he wanted me to e-mail to his daughter I could let you know if I could have your e-mail address. I also when I get a chance see what I do have on this line. I think I got some of my info from a John Grider in MO

Grider family tree-Robert

Janice Grider Griswold to Rosa Grider Overton (View posts)
Posted: 951686476000
I too am so excited. I just began the Grider search a month ago. I have always wondered about my Grandfathers siblings, of which your Grandfather was one. Please let me know about your family and I will let you know more of mine. My email address is:
I will be out of town for the next week and will reply as soon as I return. Thanks again.

Liberty KY Griders

Janice Grider Griswold to Rosa Grider Overton (View posts)
Posted: 951687482000
I lived with my grandparents George Ruth Grider from the age of 2-11 in none other than "Liberty, KY". My father Harlis Cannon Grider still lives there and I visit a couple of times a year. If you ever want anything from Liberty, just let me know. There is a Grider/Douglas Reunion every year in July. I plan to attend this year as it has been 3 years since I have been there. I am going to do some more research while there.
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