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JANOVICE, Friedek register copies

JANOVICE, Friedek register copies

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If some one has relatives born in Janovice, Fridek-Mystek, please reply. I have some photocopies of the birth registers and your relative might be on the pages I have.

Re: JANOVICE, Friedek register copies

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Surnames: Carbol, Zahradnik
My ancestor Karl (or Charles) CARBOL lists his home town as Fiedek,Austria 1876.
He immigated to Canada in 1903.
Can you find that name?
Thanks !

Re: JANOVICE, Friedek register copies

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Surnames: koprowicz, koprowski, sprc, koprovic
I checked my pages, and that name is not on them. Keep in mind these pages are specifically for the village of Janovice, which is near Fridek-Mystek, and not Fridek itself.

Re: JANOVICE, Friedek register copies

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Thanks for your reply and if you have any suggestions for me in my search I would welcome them.

Re: JANOVICE, Friedek register copies

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The only way to get your hands on Czech records is to (a) know someone who lives there (b) hire a Czech researcher or (c) Go there and check for yourself (which is the option I took). It was hard, but doable.

Re: JANOVICE, Friedek register copies

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Do you know a date of birth or religion?

There are some church records for the Czech Republic that have become available online. It is good you know the area. I have only recently been researching in that area myself and am not real familiar with the transition of the area from what our ancestors may have referred to as Austria or Bohemia or Moravia. But, it looks like the area you refer to is in Northern Moravia.

Here are some websites which you may find useful in locating your ancestors in the Czech Republic:

This first link shows a map of the different areas of the Czech Republic and the websites where the parish records can be found. Not all records have been digitized yet, but you may be fortunate and have the area you are looking for available online.

If you need to access the area found on the site (Bohemia area) for other ancestors you may have from that area, you must register. Registration is free, but the site is in Czech or German, so clicking on the link right above the map will give you visual directions on how to register.

Anyway, from the map, I determined the website you would need to access is:

Click on the book.

After you have read the introduction, you can click on the 'searching' tab.

Then, in the box next to filter, type in 'Frydek'.

This will bring up 3 records. Click on the second one...I think these are the Catholic parish books.

Find the area you are looking for, in your case, Frydek (you must use the current Czech spelling).

This will bring you to a page that has the records available for that area. I chose:

Frýdek • římskokat. f. ú. (I believe this refers to Catholic records.)

Click on the type of record you would like to search (note: N= birth, O= marriage, Z= death).

I chose births from 1870 to 1893 since I am taking a guess that your Karl Carbol was born about 1876.

N • 1870 - 1893 • 2879 • Fr VII 22 • Frýdek, Nové Dvory

Click on the book to the right of the information about the archive. (If you were not to see a book at this point, the records are not online yet...fortunately, the records you need are.)

From here, it's just a matter of panning through the images. I advanced the page number to get to records around 1876.

Found a Karl L? Carbol b. 17 Oct 1877 Father is Josef Carbol; Mother is Johanna Micek. (It's p.117 if the link below doesn't work.)

Next...I looked for a marriage record.

O • 1878 - 1924 • 8815 • Fr VII 24 • Frýdek, Lískovec, Nové Dvory, Staré Město

Found a record for that same Carl Carbol to Amalie Zahradnik, daughter of Josef Zahradnik and Theresia Pawlik. (it's on p. 131 if the link below doesn't work.)

You can continue to scroll thru the registers and find other ancestors...happy hunting!

Re: JANOVICE, Friedek register copies

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Surnames: Carbol, Zahradnik
Thank you so much!! I am very happy...and I will keep searching for more relatives, but you have really opened the door for me!

Re: JANOVICE, Friedek register copies

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My husband's last name was Volny and he was born in Janovice.
His cousin's name was Josef Carbol. Another cousin's name is Zidek.
They are all from Janovice. I'm trying to paste together family history. Any help is welcome.

Re: JANOVICE, Friedek register copies

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Unfortunately it is not enough information to find your husbend's ancestors. There are 4 Janovice villages in the Northern Moravia, so I hope that you mean Janovice in Frýdek-Místek county. Volný, Carbol, Žídek are very common surnames there (413 of Volný/Volná, 224 of Carbol/Carbolová, 157 of Žídek/Žídková in county Frýdek-Místek in 2010). The online parish books of Janovice belonged to Skalice parish, see and description in the Kbeqgen's post above. Newer parish books are not digitized and they are deposited in the register office in Frýdlant n.O., .

Now it is question how much information about husbend's ancestor you have, such as birth, marriage or death certificates (or passanger lists at least).
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