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Landowners in Co. Wicklow, circa 1870s

Landowners in Co. Wicklow, circa 1870s

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Surnames: Acton, Adair, Aldborough, Anderson, Annesley, Archer, Ashenhurst, Atkinson, Bacon, Bagenal, Ball, Barlow, Barrington, Barry, Barton, Battley, Bayley, Beakey, Beatty, Beresford, Besley, Bestall, Bland, Boland, Bonham, Bookey, Booth, Bourne, Boyce, Brady, Breslin, Brien, Brierton, Brooke, Browne, Brownrigg, Buckley, Bunbury
Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s. Some owned property in Co. Wicklow and lived elsewhere. Of course, many more Irish owned less than one acre, or none at all, and their names would be appear on this list.

1. Thomas Acton, address Westaston, owned 4,845 acres.
2. Samuel F. Adair, address Fitzwilliam-square, Dublin, owned 1 acre.
3. Earl of Aldborough, address Paris, owned 1,155 acres.
4. Robert Anderson, address Baltinglass, owned 23 acres.
5. Thomas Annesley, address Crone, owned 58 acres.
6. Catherine Archer, no address given, owned 82 acres.
7. Edward Archer, address Mountpleasant-square, Dublin, owned 414 acres.
8. Pierce Archer, address Cowpasture, owned 80 acres.
9. Skeffington Archer, address Great Charles-street, Dublin, owned 161 acres.
10. Sarah Ashenhurst, no address given, owned 186 acres.
11. Edward Atkinson, address Dunran, owned 304 acres.
12. Sarah Atkinson, no address given, owned 679 acres.
13. Charles B. Bacon, no address given, owned 964 acres.
14. Bagenal, (first name not given), Reps. of, address Dublin, owned 7 acres.
15. John G. Ball, address Kilea, Londonderry, owned 256 acres.
16. Rev. Edw. W. Barlow, address Bath, owned 323 acres.
17. Edward Barrington, address Fassaroe, Bray, owned 19 acres.
18. Robt. D. Barry, Reps. of, address Ashford, Wicklow, owned 60 acres.
19. John Barton, address Valley of Diamonds, Bray, owned 2 acres.
20. Thomas E. Barton, address Glendalough House, owned 1,542 acres.
21. Major Battley, address Templecarrig, Delgany, owned 71 acres.
22. Edward S. Bayley, address Ballyarthur, owned 3,026 acres.
23. James Beakey address Dublin, owned 231 acres.
24. David Beatty, no address given, owned 106 acres.
25. Frederick Beatty, address Lake Park, owned 573 acres.
26. William Beresford, address England, owned 260 acres.
27. Besley, (first name and address not given), owned 50 acres.
28. Catherine Bestall, address Templelyon, owned 70 acres.
29. Eliza Bestall, address Wicklow, owned 58 acres.
30. Loftus H. Bland, Reps. of, address Blandsford,
owned 203 acres.
31. "Board of Education," no address given, owned 590 acres.
32. Peter Boland, address Arklow, owned 280 acres.
33. Rev. John Bonham, address Ballylea, owned 195 acres.
34. Georgina Bookey address Derrybane, owned 2,684 acres.
35. William T. E. Bookey, same address, owned 1,745 acres.
35. George Booth, address Lara, owned 1,250 acres.
37. George Booth, Reps. of, address Rathnew, owned 71 acres.
38. John Booth, jun., Reps. of, same address, also
owned 71 acres.
39. John Booth, sen., Reps. of, same address, owned 71 acres.
40. Joseph Booth, same address, also owned 71 acres.
41. Thomas Booth, same address, owned 71 acres.
42. Andrew Bourne, address France, owned 2,898 acres.
43. Jeremiah Boyce, address Crossnacoole, owned 33 acres.
44. James Brady, address Monamuck, owned 87 acres.
45. John Brady, Reps. of, address Dublin, owned 8 acres.
46. Luke Brady, Reps. of, address Limerick, owned 5,837 acres.
47. Edward Breslin, address Marine Hotel, Bray, owned 2 acres.
48. Charles Brien, address Dubln, owned 123 acres.
49. Patrick Brien, address Coolamaddra, owned 36 acres.
50. James Brierton, address Glencap Commons, Bray, owned 1 acre.
51. Richard H. Brooke, address Castle Howard, owned 268 acres.
52. Mrs. Browne, address Newtownsaunders, owned 38 acres.
53. H. J. Brownrigg, Reps. of, no address given, owned 173 acres.
54. William H. Brownrigg, address The Strand Bray, owned 1 acre.
55. Ellen Buckley, address Barchullin Commons, Bray,
owned 2 acres.
56. John Buckley, address Delgany, owned 12 acres.
57. D. Tighe Bunbury, address Rosanna, owned 3,459 acres.


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Surnames: Burke, Burton, Butler, Byrne, Caldwell, Callwell, Carr, Carroll, Carysfort, Casement, Chiney, Christian, Clarke, Coddington, Cogan, Comerford, Connell, Connolly, Cooke, Cooper, Copeland, Corrigan, Costelloe, Cotton, Courtney, Cowper, Crampton, Crofton, Croker, Crosdale, Cuffe, Cullen, Cunninghame, Curtis, Herring
Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s:

1. Fanny Burke, address Glencap Commons, Bray, owned 11 acres.
2. Thomas Burke, same address, owned 1 acre.
3. William Burke, address Dublin, owned 394 acres.
4. William Burton, address Burton Hall, Carlow, owned 32 acres.
5. Rev. E. Butler, no address given, owned 4 acres.
6. James Butler, address Dublin, owned 1,029 acres.
7. William Butler, address Killalish, owned 144 acres.
8. Andrew Wm. Byrne, Reps. of, address Croneybyrne, Rathdrum, owned 3,202 acres.
9. Anne E. Byrne, address Ballyrogan, owned 120 acres.
10. James Byrne, address Kilbride, Bray, owned 19 acres.
11. John Byrne, address Ballysallagh, owned 61 acres.
12. Michael Byrne, address Corrigoona Commons, Bray,
owned 1 acre.
13. Patrick Byrne, address Coolawinna, owned 246 acres.
14. Peter Byrne, address Ballyknockan, owned 79 acres.
15. Peter Byrne, address Corrigoona Commons, Bray, owned 1 acre.
16. Peter Byrne, Reps. of, address Dublin, owned 1,410 acres.
17. Susan Byrne, address Kilpatrick, owned 523 acres.
18. William Byrne, address Kilmacrea, owned 105 acres.
19. Robert Caldwell, address Wicklow, owned 446 acres.
20. Rev. Joseph Callwell, address Aghavea, Brookborough, owned 1,201 acres.
21. John Carr, address Kindlestown Lower, Delgany,
owned 45 acres.
22. Patrick Carr, address Corrigoona Commons, Bray,
owned 1 acre.
23. Coote A. Carroll, address England, owned 1,519 acres.
24. Henry Carroll, address Ballinure, owned 1,346 acres.
25. Earl of Carysfort, address Glenart Castle, Arklow, owned 16,291 acres.
26. Julius Casement, address Croneroe, owned 566 acres.
27. "Chemical Works Arklow," no address given, owned 4 acres.
28. Miss Chiney, address Dublin, owned 131 acres.
29. Miss S. Chiney, same address, owned 130 acres.
30. Right. Hon. Lord Justice Christian, address Old Court, Bray, owned 23 acres.
31. Helen Clarke, address Belfast, owned 366 acres.
32. Henry B. Coddington, address Oldbridge, Drogheda, owned 619 acres.
33. John S. Coddington, address Raglan-road, Dublin,
owned 272 acres.
34. Right Hon. W. H. F. Cogan, address Tinode, Co. Wicklow, owned 1,348 acres.
35. James Comerford, Reps. of, address Rathdrum, owned 45 acres.
36. "Commissioners of Town," address Wicklow, owned 314 acres.
37. Elizabeth Connell, address Ballineddan, owned 103 acres.
38. Thomas Connell, address Rostyduff, owned 43 acres.
39. Mr. Connolly, address Athy, owned 64 acres.
40. Michael Cooke, address Baltinglass, owned 793 acres.
41. Darby Herring Cooper, address Carlow, owned 1,506 acres.
42. John Copeland, address Brewershill, owned 88 acres.
43. "Corporation of Dublin," address Dublin, owned 277 acres.
44. Denis Corrigan, address Glencap Commons, Bray, owned 4 acres.
45. Paul Costelloe, address Ardinniry, owned 104 acres.
46. William Cotton, address Humphreystown, Blessington, owned 201 acres.
47. Richard H. Courtney, address Coolballintaggart, Moyne, Rathdrum, owned 2,827 acres.
48. Henry A. Cowper, address Trudder, owned 49 acres.
49. Mrs. Crampton, address St. Valeri, Bray, owned 580 acres.
50. H. M. E. Crofton, address Inchanappa, owned 245 acres.
51. John Croker, Reps. of, no address given, owned 217 acres.
52. Margaret Crosdale, address Ballywaltrim, Bray,
owned 21 acres.
53. Lawrence Cuffe, address Dublin, owned 51 acres.
54. John Cullen, no address given, owned 75 acres.
55. Michael Cullen, address Drogheda, owned 184 acres.
56. Robert A. Gun. Cunninghame, address Mountkennedy, owned 10,479 acres.
57. Mrs. Curtis, address Bray, owned 74 acres.


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Surnames: Darby, D'Arcy, Darlington, Davis, Day, Dennis, Denton, De Robeck, Dick, Digby, Domvile, Dopping-Hepenstal, Hepenstal, Downshire, Doyle, Drought, Duckett, Dufresne, Dunbar, Durdin, Ebbs, Eccles, Edge, Ellis, Erck, Esmonde, Essex, Evans, Farrell, Faulkner, Ferris, Finlay, Finnemore, Fishbourne, Fisher, Fitzpatrick, Guinness
Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one acre or more of land in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s:

1. Thomas Darby, address Bray, owned 358 acres.
2. Matthew P. D'Arcy, address Kilcroney, Bray, owned 119 acres.
3. Joseph Darlington, address George's-street, Dublin, owned 1 acre.
4. Charles Davis, address Dublin, owned 56 acres.
5. John Henry Davis, address Trudder, owned 206 acres.
6. Rev. A. Day, and Miss Guinness, address Ballymanus, Aughrim, owned 1,077 acres.
7. Edward A. Dennis, address Eadestown Park, owned 766 acres.
8. Meade C. Dennis, address Fortgranite, owned 251 acres.
9. Col. Morley Dennis, address Barraderry, owned 433 acres.
10. John Denton, Reps. of, address Wales, owned 766 acres.
11. Baron De Robeck, address Gowran Grange, owned 2,638 acres.
12. Wm. W. F. Dick, address Humewood, owned 4,770 acres.
13. Kenilan H. Digby, address London, owned 5 acres.
14. William C. Domvile, address Haywood, Abbeyleix,
owned 1 acre.
15. R. A. Dopping-Hepenstal, address Derrycassan, Granard, owned 1,568 acres.
16. Marquess of Downshire, address Hillsborough, County Down, owned 15,766 acres.
17. George Doyle, address Rathdown, Lower, Delgany,
owned 5 acres.
18. James Doyle, address Butter Mountain, Blessington, owned 291 acres.
19. John Doyle, address Rathdown, Lower, Delgany owned 6 acres.
20. Mrs. Doyle, address Delgany, owned 6 acres.
21. Peter Doyle, address Corrigoona Commons, Bray, owned 5 acres.
22. Samuel Doyle, address Kindlestown, Lower, Delgany, owned 2 acres.
23. Rev. J. W. F. Drought, address Glencorrig, owned 698 acres.
24. Rev. Thomas Drought, address Clonoulty, Cashel,
owned 1,064 acres.
25. William Duckett, address Duckett's Grove, owned 1,096 acres.
26. Charles Dufresne, address Brennan-terrace Bray,
owned 3 acres.
27. Elizabeth Dunbar, no address given, owned 508 acres.
28. Alexander Durdin, address County Wexford, owned 39 acres.
29. John Ebbs, address Kilteel Castle, owned 33 acres.
30. John Ebbs Reps. of, address Johnstown, owned 132 acres.
31. Mrs. Eccles, address Blackrock, owned 79 acres.
32. Rev. Samuel Eccles, address Delgany, owned 26 acres.
33. Edward P. Edge, address Knockrath, owned 221 acres.
34. John D. Edge, same address, owned 65 acres.
35. John H. Edge, address Monkstown, owned 1,028 acres.
36. Samuel Edge, address Tanriland, owned 12 acres.
37. Hercules Ellis, address Dublin, owned 619 acres.
38. Robert F. Ellis, address Sea Park, owned 1,197 acres.
39. Wentworth Erck, address Dublin, owned 904 acres.
40. Sir John Esmonde, address Ballynastragh, Gorey,
owned 2,088 acres.
41. Earl of Essex, address England, owned 678 acres.
42. Henry Evans, address Delgany, owned 3 acres.
43. John Evans, address Crone, Enniskerry, owned 454 acres.
44. Anne Farrell, address Bonabracka, owned 213 acres.
45. John Farrell, address Rathdrum, owned 190 acres.
46. Hugh Faulkner, no address given, owned 347 acres.
47. John Ferris, address County Carlow, owned 4 acres.
48. Major R. M. Finlay, address St. Helen's, Jersey,
owned 3 acres.
49. John Finnemore, Reps. of, address In Chancery,
owned 972 acres.
50. Samuel A. Finnemore, address Ballyward, Blessington, owned 153 acres.
51. Ed. Eustace Fishbourne, address Dublin, owned 2,820 acres.
52. George Fisher, address Merganstown, owned 288 acres.
53. Richard Fisher, address Toberbegg, owned 191 acres.
54. Patrick Fitzpatrick, address Monamuck, owned 91 acres.

Re: Landowners in Co. Wicklow, circa 1870s - Holmes

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Surnames: Holmes
Note, #70 on above landowner list (at Co. Wicklow Genconnect-Rootsweb Query website) is Holmes (not Homes as the heading suggests).


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Surnames: Fitzsimon, Fitzwilliam, Fleming, Flinter, Flynn, Fogarty, Fox, Freeman, French, French-Brewster, Frizell, Fulton, Galwey, Gartland, Gilbert, Goodisson, Gower, Grant, Granham, Grattan, Gray, Graydon, Greene, Greer, Gregg, Griffin, Grogan, Grundy, Guinness, Hall, Halpin, Hambidge, Hanbidge, Hanks, Hanlon, Harding, Hatchell, Hatton, Hayes, Haywood, Heath, Heatley, Heighington, Hemans, Hendy, Heney, Henniker, Heytesbury, Higginbotham, Hill, Hogson, Hodson, Hoey, Homes, Hornidge, Howard, Hudson, Hughes, Hugo, Hume, Humphrey, Humphreys, Humphries, Hutchinson, Ireland, O'Connell, Brewster, Mandeville
Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s:

1. Christopher O'Connell Fitzsimon, address Glencullen, Golden Ball, owned 161 acres.
2. Henry O'Connell Fitzsimon, address Ballinamona,
owned 236 acres.
3. James Fitzsimon, address Delgany, owned 2 acres.
4. Earl Fitzwilliam, address Coolattin Park, Shillelagh, owned 89,891 acres.
5. Anthony Fleming, address Baltinamina, owned 111 acres.
6. Edward Flinter, address Rampeere, owned 57 acres.
7. William Flynn, address Kelshamore, owned 13 acres.
8. Owen Fogarty, address Aughrim, owned 192 acres.
9. Samuel Fox, address Corrigoona Commons, Bray, owned 7 acres.
10. William Fox, address Coolagard, Greystones, owned 286 acres.
11. Edward Freeman, address Tandanagh, owned 8 acres.
12. Rev. George French, address Greystones, owned 3 acres.
13. R. A. B. French-Brewster, address Merrion-square, South, owned 263 acres.
14. Charles Frizell, address Castle Kevin, Annamoe,
owned 1,148 acres.
15. Rev. Richard Frizell, address Annamoe, owned 99 acres.
16. Dr. Henry Fulton, address Dublin, owned 236 acres.
17. Galwey, (no first name or address given), owned 50 acres.
18. Patrick M. E. Gartland, address Dublin, owned 132 acres.
19. Thomas G. Gilbert, address Coolballintaggart, Moyne, Rathdrum, owned 308 acres.
20. Henry Goodisson, no address given, owned 260 acres.
21. Mrs. Goodisson, no address given, owned 6 acres.
22. Mary Gower, Reps. of, address Roundwood, owned 249 acres.
23. Captain Grant, no address given, owned 382 acres.
24. John Grantham, address Corrigoona Commons, Bray,
owned 1 acre.
25. Lady Laura Grattan, address Tinnahinch, Enniskerry, owned 58 acres.
26. Sir John Gray, Reps. of, address Dublin, owned 37 acres.
27. Charles J. Graydon, no address given, owned 44 acres.
28. Laurence Graydon, address Toomon, owned 1,148 acres.
29. Elizabeth S. Greene, address Ballinroan, owned 484 acres.
30. Francis Wm. Greene, address Kilranalagh, owned 1,559 acres.
31. Robert W. Greer, no address given, owned 85 acres.
32. Mrs. Elizabeth Gregg, address Dublin, owned 7 acres.
33. Edward L. Griffin, address Violet-hill, Bray, owned 22 acres.
34. William Grogan, address Slaney-park, owned 3,761 acres.
35. John Grundy, address Rathdown, Lower, Delgany, owned 2 acres.
36. Benj. Lee Guinness, address Dublin, owned 1,493 acres.
37. Robert Hall, Reps. of, no address given, owned 272 acres.
38. R. Halpin, address London, owned 389 acres.
39. John Hambidge, address Ballintruermore, owned 97 acres.
40. Edward Hanbidge, address Tinnehinch, owned 66 acres.
41. George T. Hanks, address Oak Lodge, Blessington,
owned 563 acres.
42. James Hanlon, address Rostyduff, owned 58 acres.
43. Thomas Hanlon, no address given, owned 197 acres.
44. John Harding, no address given, owned 28 acres.
45. John Hatchell, address Dublin, owned 75 acres.
46. John Hatton, no address given, owned 132 acres.
47. Rev. William Hayes, address England, owned 310 acres.
48. Henry Haywood, address Ballywaltrim, Bray, owned 25 acres.
49. Robert Heath, address Templemichael, owned 142 acres.
50. Emanuel Heatley, address Baltiranima, owned 292 acres.
51. Harlem Heatley, no address given, owned 86 acres.
52. William Heatley, Reps. of, address Baltiranima,
owned 63 acres.
53. Anne Heighington, address Ballineddan, owned 94 acres.
54. Edward Heighinton, address Kelshamore, owned 43 acres.
55. William Heighington, address Donard, owned 1,475 acres.
56. Matthew Hemans, no address given, owned 299 acres.
57. John Hendy, address Deerpark, owned 188 acres.
58. James Heney, address Ballintruermore, owned 12 acres.
59. John Heney, same address, owned 6 acres.
60. William Heney, same address, also owned 6 acres.
61. Baron Henniker, no address given, owned 3 acres.
62. Lord Heytesbury, address 41, Eaton-place, London, owned 1,902 acres.
63. Richard Higginbotham, address Wicklow, owned 111 acres.
64. Christopher Hill, address Glencap Commons, Bray,
owned 2 acres.
65. Joseph Hill, same address, owned 1 acre.
66. Mary Hill, same address, owned 2 acres.
67. Henry Hodgson, address Ballyraine, owned 1,402 acres.
68. Sir George Hodson, Bt., address Holybrook, Bray,
owned 1,211 acres.
69. William P. Hoey, address Bushfield-avenue, Donnybrook, owned 81 acres.
70. W. R. Holmes, no address given, owned 128 acres.
71. Edward Hornidge, address Tulfarris, Blessington,
owned 796 acres.
72. John James Hornidge, address Russelstown, Blessington, owned 702 acres.
73. Sir Ralph Howard, Reps. of, no address given, owned 183 acres.
74. George Hudson, address Templecarrig, Bray, owned 136 acres.
75. George Hudson, Reps. of, no address given, owned 1,291 acres.
76. Richard Hudson, Reps. of, no address given,
owned 1,294 acres.
77. Richard B. Hudson, Reps. of, address Ballyhubbock, owned 389 acres.
78. John Hughes, address Dublin, owned 366 acres.
79. John Mandeville Hugo, address Landscape, owned 17,937 acres.
80. John S. Hume, no address given, owned 115 acres.
81. William Hume, address Humewood, Kilteagon,
owned 1,203 acres.
82. William Charles Hume, address Polworth, owned 411 acres.
83. Alexander Humphrey, no address given, owned 1,048 acres.
84. John J. H. Humphreys, no address given, owned 216 acres.
85. Rev. R. Humphries, address Tullamore, owned 1 acre.
86. Sir Edward S. Hutchinson, address Bray, owned 4,471 acres.
87. William Hutchinson, address Ballywaltrim, Bray,
owned 8 acres.
88. Benjamin Ireland, address Ballyhorsey, owned 55 acres.
89. Elizabeth Ireland, no address given, owned 11 acres.


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Surnames: Jackson, Johnson, Jones, Kane, Kavanagh, Mills, Kearnes, Kellett, Kelly, Kemmis, Kennedy, Keogh, Keoghoe, Kerwan, King, Kingsmill, Kinsella, Kirkpatrick, La Grange, LaGrange, Lalor, Lamb, Lambert, La Touche, LaTouche, Leathely, Lee, Lefroy, Littledale, Livesley, Long, Ludlow, Lumsden, Lynch, M'Cartney, M'Cormick, M'Creedy, M'Crory, M'Daniel, M'Donald, M'Donnell, M'Grath, M'Jennett, Jennett, M'Loughlin, M'Mahon, Mackey, Magee, Mahony, Manifold, Manning, Martin, Massey, Mayston, Meade, Meath, Mieran, Miley, Milltown, Molyneaux, Monck, Montgomery, Moody
Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s:

1. James Jackson, address Moorstown, owned 70 acres.
2. John Jackson, address Spinans, owned 104 acres.
3. John Jackson, address Crossnacoole, owned 32 acres.
4. Peter W. Jackson, address Cheltenham, England, owned 20 acres.
5. William Jackson, address Killarney, Bray, owned 5 acres.
6. Rev. Benjamin H. Johnson, address Dublin, owned 405 acres.
7. Edward Johnson, address Ballymoneen, owned 84 acres.
8. John Johnson, same address, owned 51 acres.
9. Samuel Johnson, address Knocknaree, owned 51 acres.
10. William Johnson, same address, owned 39 acres.
11. William Johnson, address Baltinglass, owned 117 acres.
12. William Johnson, address Castle Kevin, owned 485 acres.
13. Arthur Jones, Reps. of, address Killincarrig,
owned 376 acres.
14. John H. Jones, address Mullinabrough, owned 515 acres.
15. John Jones, sen., address Kilbreffy, owned 28 acres.
16. John Jones, jun., same address, owned 36 acres.
17. Robert P. Jones, address Woodside, Hacketstown,
owned 1,159 acres.
18. Rev. William Jones, no address given, owned 91 acres.
19. William Jones, no address given, owned 680 acres.
20. William Jones, address Holdenstown, owned 57 acres.
21. Patrick Kane, address Roundwood, owned 36 acres.
22. Thomas Kane, same address, owned 83 acres.
23. Thomas Kane, jun., same address, owned 46 acres.
24. David Kavanagh, address Glencap Commons, Bray, owned 1 acre.
25. Denis Kavanagh, address Ballyguile, owned 193 acres.
26. Patrick Kavanagh, address Delgany, owned 1 acre.
27. Patrick Kavanagh, address Glencap Commons, Bray,
owned 1 acre.
28. James Kearnes, same address, owned 1 acre.
29. William Henry Kellett, address Co. Wexford, owned 90 acres.
30. James Kelly, address Rathdown, Lower, Delgany, owned 2 acres.
31. Thomas Kemmis, address Shaen, Maryborough, owned 492 acres.
32. William Kemmis, address Ballinacor, owned 8,041 acres.
33. Thomas Kennedy, address Corrigoona Commons, Bray, owned 1 acre.
34. Andrew Keogh, address Bray, owned 69 acres.
35. George Keogh, address Killarney, Bray, owned 5 acres.
36. John J. Keogh, address Roundwood, owned 1,319 acres.
37. Peter Keogh, address Clough, owned 90 acres.
38. Edward H. Keoghoe, address Ballinclar, owned 345 acres.
39. John Kerwan, address Ballineddan, owned 27 acres.
40. Daniel Mills King, address Kingstown, owned 278 acres.
41. Rev. Luke King, Reps. of, address Cookstown, Enniskerry, owned 75 acres.
42. William R. King, address England, owned 104 acres.
43. Henry Kingsmill, address Novarra, Bray, owned 12 acres.
44. Miles Kinsella, address Glencap Commons, Bray, owned 1 acre.
45. Alex. R. Kirkpatrick, address Donacomper, owned 2,976 acres.
46. Charles La Grange, address Riverside, Bray, owned 3 acres.
47. Charles La Grange, address Dublin, owned 35 acres.
48. Rev. Daniel Lalor, Reps. of, address Baltinglass, owned 71 acres.
49. John Lalor, Reps. of, address Dublin, owned 218 acres.
50. William Lamb, no address given, owned 30 acres.
51. James Lambert, no address given, owned 148 acres.
52. William Robert La Touche, address Bellevue, Delgany, owned 1,798 acres.
53. Forde Leathely, address Kingstown, owned 12 acres.
54. Rev. William Lee, address Main-street, Bray, owned 1 acre.
55. Thomas Lefroy, address Killarney, Bray, owned 24 acres.
56. William F. Littledale, address Dublin, owned 85 acres.
57. Samuel Livesley, address Ballyphillip, owned 64 acres.
58. "Local Government Board," address Custom House, Dublin, owned 37 acres.
59. John Long, address Glencap Commons, Bray, owned 1 acre.
60. George Dudlow, address Kindlestown, Lower, Delgany, owned 2 acres.
61. James Lumsden, address Delgany, owned 10 acres.
62. Edward Lynch, address Davidstown, owned 24 acres.
63. Richard Lynch, address Ballineddan, owned 92 acres.
64. Anne M'Cartney, no address given, owned 35 acres.
65. G. M. M'Cormick, address Dublin, owned 310 acres.
66. Henry S. M'Creedy, also Dublin, owned 198 acres.
67. Robert M'Crory, address Rutland-sq., Dublin, owned 1 acre.
68. William M'Daniel, address Ballinacarrig, owned 69 acres.
69. Cornelius M'Donald, address Farrankelly, owned 198 acres.
70. Catherine M'Donnell, address Corrigoona Commons, Bray, owned 1 acre.
71. Michael M'Donnell, no address given, owned 895 acres.
72. Patrick M'Donnell, address Glencap Commons, Bray, owned 2 acres.
73. Patrick M'Donnell, address Munreade, owned 200 acres.
74. Laurence M'Grath, address Ballyknockan, owned 89 acres.
75. Rev. Wm. M'Jennett, address Main-street, Bray,
owned 20 acres.
76. William M'Loughlin, address Baltinglass, owned 58 acres.
77. John M'Mahon, address Donard, owned 1,547 acres.
78. William Mackey, address Winetavern, owned 90 acres.
79. William Magee, address Fernhill, owned 58 acres.
80. David Mahony, address Grangecow, owned 1,769 acres.
81. Miss Manifold, address Dublin, owned 128 acres.
82. Samel Manning, address Celbridge, owned 10 acres.
83. Thomas Manning, address Australia, owned 323 acres.
84. Garrett Martin, address Ballytoole, owned 29 acres.
85. Mrs. Massey, address Templecarrig, Bray, owned 19 acres.
86. Anne M. Mayston, address Dublin, owned 652 acres.
87. Joseph F. Meade, address Eastwood, owned 339 acres.
88. Earl of Meath, address Kilruddery, Bray, Co. Wicklow, owned 14,717 acres.
89. Patrick Mieran, address Glencap Commons, Bray, owned 5 acres.
90. Luke Miley, Reps. of, address Timolin, owned 73 acres.
91. Earl of Milltown, address Russborough, Blessington, owned 427 acres.
92. "Connoree Mining Co.," no address given, owned 65 acres.
93. "Mining Co. of Ireland," no address given, owned 4,409 acres.
94. Wicklow (Copper) Mining Co., no address given,
owned 187 acres.
95. Joseph Molyneaux, address Loughmogue, owned 173 acres.
96. Robert Molyneaux, same address, owned 66 acres.
97. Thomas Molyneaux, same address, owned 179 acres.
98. Viscount Monck, address Charleville, Enniskerry,
owned 3,434 acres.
99. Robt. B. Montgomery, no address given, owned 257 acres.
100. John Moody, address Coolamaddra, owned 25 acres.
101. Thomas Moody, same address, owned 15 acres.
102. William Moody, same address, also owned 15 acres.


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Surnames: Moore, Morgan, Morris, Mullingan, Murphy, Murray, Needham, Newton, Nicholson, Nixon, Nolan, Norton, Nuttall, O'Brien, O'Byrne, O'Connor, O'Doherty, O'Donnell, O'Driscoll, Oliver, O'Loughlin, O'Neill, O'Reilly, Orme, Orpin, Parnell, Patten, Paul, Pembroke, Pennefather, Pennick, Perry, Pigot, Pim, Pluck, Plunkett, Porter, Power, Powerscourt, Pratt, Putland, Quinn, Quinne, Radcliffe, Radley, Reade, Redding, Reidd, Revell, Richardson, Rourke, Rowley, Ryall, St Georges, Salkeld, Sandys, Saunders, Scott, Scovell, Segrave, Seymour, Shepard, Sheppard, Sherwood, Smith, Snell, Sotheren, Spring, Stamper, Scott, Horton, Pratt, O'Neill, Greydon
Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s:

1. Garrett Moore, address Delgany, owned 11 acres.
2. Joseph Scott Moore, address Kilbride Manor, Blessington, owned 8,730 acres.
3. Robt. Morgan, Reps. of, no address given, owned 5 acres.
4. John Morris, address Windgates, Bray, owned 462 acres.
5. Luke Mullingan, address Glencap Commons, Bray, owned 2 acres.
6. John Murphy, no address given, owned 54 acres.
7. Mary Murphy, address Brockagh, owned 178 acres.
8. Denis Murray, address Delgany owned 16 acres.
9. Laurence Murray, same address, owned 2 acres.
10. Miss Needham, address Killarney, Bray, owned 1 acre.
11. Sophia G. Newton, address Kilcoole, owned 58 acres.
12. John Nicholson, Reps. of, address Wicklow, owned 76 acres.
13. Henry Nixon, address Kilkenny, owned 1,010 acres.
14. Thomas Nolan, address Ballyhook, owned 322 acres.
15. Rev. Reuben Norton, address Knockrigg, owned 17 acres.
16. John F. Nuttall, address Tistown (?sp), owned 687 acres.
17. John O'Brien, address Wicklow, owned 61 acres.
18. William R. O'Bryne, address Cabinteely House,
owned 2,363 acres.
19. John O'Connor, address Dublin, owned 408 acres.
20. Rev. Patk. O'Doherty, address Wicklow, owned 1 acre.
21. Rev. Pierce O'Donnell, address Annamoe, owned 5 acres.
22. William J. O'Driscoll, address Bog Hall-road, Bray, owned 67 acres.
23. John Oliver, address Cherrymount, owned 1,291 acres.
24. Cornelius O'Loughlin, address Dublin, owned 4 acres.
25. John O'Neill, address Novarra, Bray, owned 1 acre.
26. Terence O'Reilly, address Kilmacanogue, Bray, owned 1 acre.
27. Robert Orme, address Valambrosa, Bray, owned 2 acres.
28. William B. Orpin, address Kindlestown, Lower, Delgany, owned 127 acres.
29. Charles S. Parnell, address Avondale, Rathdrum,
owned 4,678 acres.
30. Robert Patten, address Clone, owned 785 acres.
31. Sir Robt. J. Paul, bart., address Ballyglan, Waterford, owned 2,894 acres.
32. Earl of Pembroke, address Wilton House, Salisbury, owned 230 acres.
33. Edward Pennefather, address Rathsallagh, owned 1,941 acres.
34. Robert Pennick, address Bellvue, Delgany, owned 24 acres.
35. James Perry, address Dean's Grange, Monkstown,
owned 457 acres.
36. Chief Baron Pigot, Reps. of, address Killarney, Bray, owned 34 acres.
37. George Pim, address Brennanstown, owned 92 acres.
38. Joseph Pim, Reps. of, address Wicklow, owned 194 acres.
39. Mary A. S. Pluck, no address given, owned 111 acres.
40. Oliver Plunkett, address Newtownmountkennedy, owned 55 acres.
41. Dr. Porter, address Dublin, owned 154 acres.
42. Sir John Power, address Kilfane, owned 367 acres.
43. Lord Viscount Powerscourt, address Powerscourt House, Enniskerry, owned 36,693 acres.
44. Fitzmaurice Pratt, address Glenhut, Blessington,
owned 65 acres.
45. Charles Putland, Reps. of, address Bray Head House, Bray, owned 295 acres.
46. Matthew Quinn, address Connaught Place, Kingstown, owned 12 acres.
47. Rev. John Quinne, no address given, owned 273 acres.
48. Stephen Radcliffe, Reps. of, address In Chancery,
owned 2,847 acres.
49. William Radcliffe, no address given, owned 1,353 acres.
50. John Radley, no address given, owned 59 acres.
51. "Dublin, Wicklow, and Wexford Railway Co.," address Dublin, owned 721 acres.
52. George Reade, address Duneshal, owned 512 acres.
53. Edward Redding, address Kelshamore, owned 15 acres.
54. Patrick Reidd, address Kindlestown, Upper, Delgany owned 80 acres.
55. Miss Revell, address Newcastle, owned 266 acres.
56. Wm. Horton Revell, address Ballymoney, owned 1,000 acres.
57. Thomas Richardson, address Ballyherrig, owned 108 acres.
58. John Rourke, no address given, owned 116 acres.
59. George Rowley, no address given, owned 202 acres.
60. Henry Rowley, address Maperath, owned 377 acres.
61. George Ryall, address Lathaleere, owned 83 acres.
62. John N. St. Georges, no address given, owned 1 acre.
63. Joseph Salkeld, address England, owned 1,355 acres.
64. Henry Sandys, address Dargle, owned 229 acres.
65. Rev. I. C. Saunders, address Bath, England, owned 248 acres.
66. Morley Saunders, address Goldenfort, owned 385 acres.
67. Robt. S. Pratt Saunders, address Saunders Grove,
owned 3,143 acres.
68. James E. Scott, address Ballygannon, owned 1,066 acres.
69. John Scott, address Delgany, owned 5 acres.
70. Fielding Scovell, address Churchroad, Bray, owned 10 acres.
71. O'Neill Segrave, address Kiltimon, owned 142 acres.
72. "Select Vestry and Church Temporalities Commissioners," address Rathdrum, owned 17 acres.
73. Mrs. Seymour, address Seapoint, Bray, owned 12 acres.
74. Henry Shepard, address Oatlands, owned 466 acres.
75. I. Cr. Sheppard, address England, owned 40 acres.
76. Maria Sherwood, address Redcross, owned 61 acres.
77. Mrs. E. Smith, address Baltyboys, Blessington,
owned 1,558 acres.
78. John Greydon Smith, address Baltyboys House, Blessington, owned 1,518 acres.
79. Robert Smith, address Delgany, owned 45 acres.
80. William Smith, address Athy, owned 106 acres.
81. Thomas Snell, address Ballintomboy, owned 1,178 acres.
82. William Snell, address Wicklow, owned 383 acres.
83. Alfred Sotheren, address The Mills, Bray, owned 1 acre.
84. John Spring, address Dublin, owned 484 acres.
85. Anne Stamper, no address given, owned 210 acres.
86. Rev. J. A. Stamper, address Monalin, owned 137 acres.


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Surnames: Stephens, Stevens, Stratford, Streane, Swainson, Sweetman, Synge, Tabuteau, Talbot, Thackers, Thornton, Tickell, Tierney, Tombe, Toole, Toombe, Tottenham, Trench, Truell, Tynte, Valentine, Vavasour, Verner, Vicars, Wade, Wall, Walsh, Warren, Waterford, Watts, West, Westby, Whaley, Whelan, White, Whitshed, Whitton, Wicklow, Williams, Wilson, Woodburne, Wright, Wynn, Wynne, Young, Pomeroy, Pratt, Tate, Jones, St Vincent
Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s:

1. George Thos. Stephens, no address given, owned 78 acres.
2. Henry W. Stevens, no address given, owned 330 acres.
3. John W. Stratford, address England, owned 201 acres.
4. Rev. Lewis H. Streane, address Delgany, owned 3 acres.
5. Eliz. S. Swainson, address England, owned 328 acres.
6. Patrick Sweetman, address Dublin, owned 1,027 acres.
7. Francis Synge, address Glenmore, Ashford, owned 4,298 acres.
8. M. B. Tabuteau, address Dublin, owned 146 acres.
9. Hon. and Rev. E. Talbot, address England, owned 24 acres.
10. Thackers, (minors, first names not given), address In Chancery, owned 170 acres.
11. Sophia C. Thornton, address England, owned 375 acres.
12. George Tickell, address Mary-street, Dublin, owned 19 acres.
13. William Tierney, address Tankerstown, owned 62 acres.
14. Gordon E. Tombe, address Bromley, owned 405 acres.
15. Denis Toole, address Ballintruermore, owned 14 acres.
16. Jeremiah Toole, address Dublin, owned 263 acres.
17. Anne J. Toombe, address Hollywood, owned 174 acres.
18. Charles Tottenham, address Ballycurry, owned 2,540 acres.
19. C. J. Tottenham, address Woodstock, owned 636 acres.
20. Rt. Hon. and Most Rev. Richard C. Trench, address Palace, Stephen's-green, North, Dublin, owned 92 acres.
21. "Provost and Fellows of Trinity College," address Dublin, owned 1,287 acres.
22. Henry Pomeroy Truell, address Clonmannon, owned 1,663 acres.
23. "Trustee's, Tate's Charity," no address given,
owned 759 acres.
24. Joseph Pratt Tynte, address Tynte Parke, Dunlavin, owned 2,532 acres.
25. James Valentine, address Castlesallagh, owned 158 acres.
26. James Valentine, address Rostyduff, owned 80 acres.
27. James Valentine, address Davidstown, owned 392 acres.
28. John Valentine, same address, owned 636 acres.
29. Thomas Valentine, address Diamond Hill, owned 40 acres.
30. William Vavasour, no address given, owned 1,175 acres.
31. Sir William Verner, address Churchill, Co. Armagh, owned 140 acres.
32. Rev. John A. Vicars, no address given, owned 301 acres.
33. Robert C. Wade, address Clonabraney, owned 4,055 acres.
34. James A. Wall, address Knockrigg, owned 710 acres.
35. Thomas Walsh, address Seaview, owned 141 acres.
36. George Warren, no address given, owned 134 acres.
37. Robert Warren, no address given, owned 46 acres.
38. Marquess of Waterford, address Curraghmore, Waterford, owned 26,035 acres.
39. George Watts, no address given, owned 9 acres.
40. Charles M. West, address Mount Avon, owned 155 acres.
41. Rev. Henry Westby, address Monkstown, owned 151 acres.
42. Wm. Jones Westby, address High-park, owned 3,874 acres.
43. Richard Wm. Whaley, address Whaley Abbey, owned 3,956 acres.
44. Patrick Whelan, address Raheen, owned 201 acres.
45. Andrew White, address Glencap Commons, Bray, owned 5 acres.
46. Edward J. White, no address given, owned 226 acres.
47. Sir St. Vincent Whitshed, Reps. of, address Greystones, Delgany, owned 1,142 acres.
48. Henry Whitton, address Windgates, Bray, owned 15 acres.
49. Earl of Wicklow, address Shelton Abbey, Arklow,
owned 22,103 acres.
50. Henry Williams, Reps. of, address Lucan, owned 34 acres.
51. Margaret Williams, address Rockstown, owned 21 acres.
52. Thomas Williams, same address, owned 119 acres.
53. Williams and Son, address Wales, owned 115 acres.
54. Thomas Williams, Jr., address Rockstown, owned 78 acres.
55. Robert Wilson, address Ballintruermore, owned 70 acres.
56. William Wilson, address Dublin, owned 83 acres.
57. Thomas Woodburne, address Carlow, owned 215 acres.
58. Elizabeth Wright, address Ballykeone, owned 239 acres.
59. Catherine Wright, address Mullans, owned 3 acres.
60. James Wynn, no address given, owned 195 acres.
61. Thomas Wynne, address Manger, owned 80 acres.
62. Eliza Young, address Cookstown, Enniskerry, owned 3 acres.

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Surnames: Ryall

I am interested in George Ryall.He is my gg grandfather.
The only info that I have is that he was from England ( I
think Leeds) I can't find a birth cert.or death cert. on him or
his wife. Can you point me in the direction of where you
found this info? Also if you happen to have any more could you please pass it on. Thanks in advance.

O'Neill 1870 landowner

sarah shearer (View posts)
Posted: 944222400000
Classification: Query
I am interested in John O'Neill who held 1 acre in the 1870 landowners.
My John was a blacksmith gggf on my fathers male line.
Is there somewhere I can contact to find out more also where is novarra,bray exactly?
regards sarah shearer
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