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Lever or Leaver Brothers in Marilla, Manistee, Michigan

Lever or Leaver Brothers in Marilla, Manistee, Michigan

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Surnames: Lever or Leaver Brothers: George & James
My husband is distantly related to George and James Leaver.
They are great,great,grand uncles of his. They were the younger sons of Yhost Lever (German immigrant) who settled in Randolph Co, Ind and Bangor, Van Buren, Michigan.
Both brothers served in Company A of the 84th Indiana Reg during the Civil War. They both received homestead patents. I am seeking any oral history traditions, and newspaper articles re these brothers. Especially, any photographs or tombstone markings. Would greatly appreciate any help from
local residents of Marilla. Sincerely, Barbara Leever

Re: Lever or Leaver Brothers in Marilla, Manistee, Michigan

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Surnames: Jones, Robbins, Levear,Lavear,Leaver,Lever
Hello, My M Grandfather Paul's middle name is Levear or Lavear. Last name Jones, son of Joseph W. Jones Jr and Cora Belle Robbins. Joseph Jr. was the son of Joseph W. Jones Sr. and Charlotte Langworthy. Joseph Sr., I believe possible may have served or been friends with one or both these brothers....or Cora Belle's father George Robbins may have served with them. Cora Belle was pregnant with Paul when Joseph Jr. passed away in 1907 so maybe she chose that name to honor one of the veterans from Michigan....her father was in the GAR in Michigan.

Re: Lever or Leaver Brothers in Marilla, Manistee, Michigan

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Hello, huskydog

Beg your pardon for taking the weekend to look up Jones and Robbins in my George R Leever Tree. I found that I had the following names listed : Joseph W Jones, Sr [I presume] and a Cora Belle Robbins, but could not immediately determine HOW THE JONES, LEAVER, AND ROBBINS FAMILIES WERE RELATED.

I happened to find a death certificate for a Mary Leaver who died 26 Nov 1910 in Everett, Newaygo, Michigan.

This document lists her father as Richard R Jones of Virginia 1790-1864 and mother as Love Elsworth (or Loveda) of Virginia 1800-1870. Both died in Van Buren County, Michigan. In re-examining the document, it is interesting that the person supplying this information was a Joseph W Jones of White Cloud, Michigan [who I assume to be the Sr?].

Also found not one but two marriage licenses for this same Mary Jones: the first to a William Stacey or Stacy, the
second to a Phillip Leaver. And, I also found an application for a pension by the same lady, for her son, George W
who died near Corinth, Mississippe in the War Between the States.

I do not know if Mary had any children by William Stacey. But, I do know she was mother to Phillip Leaver's children
when his first wife, Margaret Deboy died of tuberculosis.

The George and James Leaver mentioned in Marilla, Manistee, Michigan would have been the younger brothers of
Phillip Leaver. Our family line is descendant through Jacob Leaver, another brother of Phillip.

If you are interested, I will give you access to the George R Leever tree. Please review my data on the Jones branch of the family. Let me know of any corrections I need to make.

So happy to have had you reply to my posting about the Leaver Brothers.
Sincerely, barbara leever

Re: Lever or Leaver Brothers in Marilla, Manistee, Michigan

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Brother Peter Leaver is my husband's 2nd Great Grandfather.

Any info you might have on their birth place and parents would be appreciated! I haven't been able to confirm where in Germany they originate.

I'm also finding many variations of Yost's name.


Peter Leaver
2nd great grandfather of husband
Birth 1830 in Weimersheim, Neustadt an der Aisch-Bad Windsheim, Bayern, Germany
Death after 1870 in Randolph, Indiana, USA

Re: Lever or Leaver Brothers in Marilla, Manistee, Michigan

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Ok guess its my turn. My Uncle Paul Leaver Jones 7/ 27/ 1907 Lancing MI -1985 Albuquerque ,NM was my Grandfather Montie Simmons Carlisle's 1/2 brothers. Their mother was my G-grandmother Cora Bell Robbins. I remember both Cora and Uncle Paul in Albuquerque when I was a child. They were living in a compound with my aunt Rose Dennis who was the 3rd wife of Montie Carlisle. My Grandmother Eufamia Garcia being the 2nd wife. Anyway the info i have is
Paul l Jones - 7/27/1907 -1985

his parents were Cora Bell Robbins 9/1/1871 Newfield, Oceana Co, MI and Joseph W Jones 3/18/1873
MI - 1/30/1907 Baldwin lake ,MI

Joseph W's Parents were Joseph W Jones 5/ 1842 OH - 2 /5 /1930 Sherman, Newaygo Co, MI
and Charlotte Longworthy 1852 NY

Parents of Joseph W Sr Richard R Jones 1790 VA 1864 Love Richards Elsworth 1800 VA - 9/11/1870 MI I believe he was wounded in battle in TN and died in the hospital

Their daughter Mary C Jones 5/ 26/ 1833 Mad River, Clark Co, OH - 11/26/1910 Everett, Newaygo Co, MI Married 12/ 19/1872 -Philip Leever abt 1828 OH - 10/ 23 /1899 Arlington Township, Van Buren Co, MI

I have 2 sons listed - George Leever abt 1860 and William Leever abt 1865

Back in the 1930s Paul Jones and Montie Carlisle had 3 coal mines in NM 2 were listed in Monties name in San Yasidro NM and la Vantana NM, the 1 mine listed in Paul's name was also in La Vantana. When I was a child I remembered Paul making his living by making and selling
souvenirs in his garage. Little covered Wagon lamps, Ash trays with different minerals around them etc.

Re: Lever or Leaver Brothers in Marilla, Manistee, Michigan

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I don't know who you are but much of your information regarding Montie Simmons Carlisle and Paul LaVere Jones is incorrect. I have first hand accurate information FYI.

Re: Lever or Leaver Brothers in Marilla, Manistee, Michigan

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I would be very interested in the info you have on either Montie Simmons Carlisle and/or Paul Leaver Jones. The info I have was given to me by others who responded to the post over 2 years ago. Maybe it would smart to be sure of our names. Is it Paul LaVere Jones? Paul Leaver Jones would be more like our family's surname. Just want to be sure that we are talking about the same people.

George and James Leaver fought in the Civil War. Received land grants in Manistee, MI. George was accidentally shot by a hunter and buried in Manistee. His brother, James survived him and settled in California.

If you can help clarify or correct some errors in the info in this posting, I should be very grateful. --barbleever

Re: Lever or Leaver Brothers in Marilla, Manistee, Michigan

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My father was Montie Simmons Carlisle and Paul LaVere Jones is his half brother and my uncle. I know for sure my father was born in Michigan and I think Paul was as well.
I would need to know more about what you want to know. I can check the documents I have.
Their mother was Cora Belle Robbins and her family is all buried in Whitecloud/Hesperia, Michigan. The spelling of Paul's middle name is how I remember it but I would have to dig up some of his papers to verify that. The reason I know about these men is because after my mother and father divorced...5 years later my mother married Paul. So not only was he my uncle but he was also my stepfather. So I had the same grandmother (Cora Belle)...does any of this make sense?

Re: Lever or Leaver Brothers in Marilla, Manistee, Michigan

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Yes, we are talking about the same people.

First, let me say that a Mary C Stacy [maiden name Jones] married 2nd a Phillip LEAVER the 19th of DEC 1872 in Columbia, Van Buren County, Michigan. Phillip's surname on the document is LIEBER. Mary C was the daughter of Richard R Jones & Loveda Richards Elsworth [obtained from death certificate]. Mary C was a sibling or sister of Joseph W Jones, Sr.

I would really like to know the spelling of your uncle and step-father Paul [LaVere] Jones' middle name.
As you can see, there are many spellings of our Leever surname. If it's not too much trouble, could you
go through your papers and see if you can find spelling of Paul's middle name?

Finally, did Joseph W Jones, Sr serve during the Civil War? Do you have any info on his service ?

Sorry, it has taken me so long to reply. Had to look up info on Mary C Stacy & Phillip Leever marriage
and Mary C's death certificate from Michigan.

Re: Lever or Leaver Brothers in Marilla, Manistee, Michigan

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OK I'll check tomorrow.
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