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STAUBER family from Bohemia: Schneiderhof (Mysliv), Neumark (Domalicze), Pilsen

STAUBER family from Bohemia: Schneiderhof (Mysliv), Neumark (Domalicze), Pilsen

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I'm looking for any information available about the Stauber lineage in Schneiderhof. It was a very small village (only about 287 occupants) so I'm looking for any connections available. I've tracked down the parish registries, however they are not available online yet. Here's what I have so far:

1. Wolfgang STAUBER (1) + Theresia RIEDERER
2. Wolfgang STAUBER (2) b. 21 MARCH 1862 in Schneiderhof + Frances SEIDL b. 19 SEPT 1865 (daughter of Andrew & Dorada SEIDL). Wolfgang immigrated to Menominee, Michigan about 1876.
2. Charles STAUBER b. 3 DEC 1870 in Schneiderhof + Louisa Augusta BARTELS b. 1879 in Brandenburg, Germany. Charles immigrated to Wesboro, Wisconsin in 1888 and is my great-grandfather. He frequently went to Menominee, Michigan to visit Wolfgang.
2. Joseph STAUBER b. 1864 in Schneiderhof + Anna STODOLA b. 1867 in Bohemia (daughter of Anton STODOLA.) I don't know much about Joseph except he listed Theresia RIEDERER and Wolfgang STAUBER as his parents on his marriage certificate and they are also listed on his death certificate in 1893. Both marriage & death occurred in Menominee so I have no doubt he is a brother to Wolfgang & Charles.
2. Franz STAUBER?? - Likely remained in Schneiderhof
3. Franzisca STAUBER b. 1901 in Schneiderhof + Ed GILLIGAN b. 1896 in Ireland. Francis immigrated to Chicago, Illinois in 1922. I have a letter from her addressed to "Uncle Carl" and referencing "Uncle Wolfgang" however it's in very scribbly German so I can't read much of it. Hoping to get it translated soon.
2. Barbara STAUBER ?? - Rumored to have immigrated to Chicago, Illinois.

My grandfather (son of Charles) just turned 94 years old and said he was told his father had one brother who stayed in Bohemia. He doesn't know the brother's name. He's under the impression his father had a sister who settled in Chicago, Illinois and worked as a telephone operator. He thinks her name is Barbara, but I have yet to locate her.

Possible relatives:
* Theresia STAUBER b. 1848 immigrated in 1868 and listed Schneiderhof as her home town. She lists Michael STAUBER as her father & Anna STAUBER as her mother.
* Anton STAUBER b. 1869 in Philippsberg, Bohemia + Mary KOHLBECK b. 1867 (daughter of Frank KOHLBECK). Anton was the witness at Joseph Stauber's wedding to Anna STODOLA and is named on their record. He settled in Menominee, Michigan. He lists his parents as Michael + Anna Marie STAUBER. I'm guessing he may be a cousin to Wolfgang/Charles?
* Michael STAUBER and Anton RIEDERER are listed as living in Schneiderhof in a book about Industry & Work in the Bohemian Forest in the 1930's.

Re: STAUBER family from Bohemia: Schneiderhof (Mysliv), Neumark (Domalicze), Pilsen

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You might want to also post on Bohemia's Ancestry board and Czech Republic's board.
historical map of present Domazlice:

STAUBERs in CZ's phone book:

Re: STAUBER family from Bohemia: Schneiderhof (Mysliv), Neumark (Domalicze), Pilsen

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Thank you! I will copy the post onto those boards. I've found the maps, phone books etc. and there are SO many Staubers in that region of Czech Repulic and neighboring Bavaria that it would take me years to call everyone. Not to mention I don't speak Czech. LOL!

I figured I would first start with the names of the relatives that stayed behind, then try to find where they went after the expulsion. It's possible they came to the US as well, I just don't know who to look for. I haven't run into many other people researching these relatives, so I'm thinking that obtaining copies of the Schneiderhof (Mysliv) parish books from Vseruby district would be my best bet. Trying to orchestrate that from Alaska will be interesting though!


Re: STAUBER family from Bohemia: Schneiderhof (Mysliv), Neumark (Domalicze), Pilsen

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You're welcome Sunny.
I did not mean to suggest calling just to show you that surname STAUBER shows up in Czech Republic. I would recommend something like sending a letter to the surname holders in the ancestral location or vicinity of about 10 miles with a photo of an ancestor, if possible, or a small family tree and your e-mail address.

Going thru the church records should be helpful.

Here are sites that I have for CZ. Some could be helpful.

Re: STAUBER family from Bohemia: Schneiderhof (Mysliv), Neumark (Domalicze), Pilsen

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Hi Sunny.
Schneiderhof was little village near German border in Domazlice district in southwest Bohemia. It was destroyed after WW2 form Czech army and all of people were displaced to Germany.
Unfortunately the parish registers of Schneiderhof are not on line. It is possible to search in them in archives in Plzen. It exist also the census lists from 1869-1910 and 1921 in archives in our town.
I mean I can help you with the research in Bohemian archives. Contact me directly to a.kondrys(et)
All the best. Tony.

Re: STAUBER family from Bohemia: Schneiderhof (Mysliv), Neumark (Domalicze), Pilsen

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Thank you Tony! I've been studying Schneiderhof and the other villages that were destroyed for over a year now. It took me some time to discover that it belonged to the Neumark (Vseruby) Parish and I was so disappointed to discover it's not yet online.

I'm very grateful for your offer to assist me with my research and I will email you privately right away.
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