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Karen Webb (View posts)
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I would like to learn of additional information that might be available on the descendants of JOHN WEBB born about 1695 in Gloucester, England married MARY BOONE born 1699 in Devonshire, England. (This Mary Boone was the sister to frontiersman Daniel Boone.) My Father (living) is in the 8th Generation of direct descendants from this Webb/Boone line. His direct lineage, beginning with John b. 1695, is as follows:

John Webb born 1695 England
George Webb, son of John b. 1695 England
Capt. John (Sr) Webb, son of George
William (Sr.) Webb, son of Capt. John
John Jackson Webb, son of William (Sr.)
John "Jack" William Webb, son of John Jackson
James Garfield "Doc" Webb, son of John "Jack"
(My Living Father) Webb

I am crunching a Labor Day family reunion deadline to collect all of the interesting information that I can! I am also hoping to connect with many lost Webb family members. Please contact me, especially if you have a family connection!

Karen Webb

Mary Boone Webb

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Surnames: Webb, Boone, Thornsbury, Johnson, Gearhart, Starnes
My children are desendants of Mary Boone and John Webb too. This is what I have on them. Henry Alexander Webb b abt 1485 in England d abr 1538 Warwickshire England; m Grace Arden 1533 Warwickshire England; b abt 1512 d between 1539 & 1606. Son Alexander Webb Sr b December 24 1534 Birmingham , Warwickshire England d1563-1625 m Margaret Arden 1555 Warwickshire; children: Robert Webb b1554 -1581 Glouchester d 1575-1661 Glouchester; Margaret Webb; Alexander Webb Jr, b August 20 1559. Robert married Mary Perkes 1575-1619 England ; child: John Webb b abt 1644 Glouchester england ; d abt 1711 Philadelphia , PA. m Anne Harrod bef 1695 Glouchester; child: John Webb b abt 1695 Glouchester d October 18 1774 Berks Co PA; m Mary Boone September 13 1720 Berks Co Pa (daughter of George Boone and Mary Maudgridge.Thier were: 1. John Jr, b 1/14/1720/21 Berks Co Pa d abt 1774 Berks Co; m Rachel ? abt 1748 Berks Co. 2. George b 9/3/1723 Berks Co PA ( this is your branch)
3. Mary b 10/17/1727 4. Sarah b 10/17/1729 Berks Co Pa 5. Benjamin b 12/28/1732 Berks Co PA 6. Joseph b 5/16/1735 Berks Co d 3/21/1781 Berks Co m Mary ? Webb 6/29/1758 Berks Co 7. James b 3/6/1737/38 Berks Co d 12/31/1825 Perry Co KY ( this is my branch the rest is of this line)
8. Samuel b May 23 1740 9. Moses b October 2 1743. James married Lettie Nelson 1756 Berks Co . He served in the Revlutionary War as Aide-de-camp to Gen. Geo Washington at the battle of White Plains. James went to KY from NC and Lee Co VA. He took a land grant in 1819 at the Poor Fork of the Oven Fork of the Cumberland River which is now Letcher Co KY. He was a charter member of the Oven Fork Baptist Church and is buried near that church. If you want I will send the rest of this branch. I have it down to the present day. I would send it now but I have a wedding to go to this afternoon. I have other information on another branch of this family too. Judy

Webb descendency

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Surnames: Webb
I am a Webb descendent whether connectected to you I know not, however I suspect a connection to Daniel Boone and here is why.
I was at a relatives home in Ca. 3 years ago and she showed me a clipping her mother had saved showing 5 Webb brothers who lived in Kentucky and who were the article said descendents of Daniel Boone and it said the one brother had 500 descendents. Unfortunately there was no date or the name of the paper. It did mention the name of the county they lived in and I think that I could remember it if I looked at a Kentucky map, I think it was bordering Tenn. I think that there must have been a reason that this clipping was saved and I suspect it was because they were relatives allthough no one knows for sure now.
My Webb history real quickly is, James Martin Webb left Liverpool, England as a stowaway on a sailing ship in 1809 at the age of 17, Landing in Charleston, S. C. he went on to Brownville, Ky to an Aunt, and Uncle Merril & Susan Saling, after his marriage he went on to Holly Springs, Ky where he built his first church and preached his first sermon. I am descended through his son Joshua Mortimore and grandaughter Bertha and her daughter Helen who is my mother
Does this info doe anything for you, I wish somebody could help me find the Boone connection, I think it may be there
Dean Thomson

Catherine Johnson Craighead

Gloria Minter (View posts)
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Surnames: Boone, Payne, Craighead, Powell, Johnson, Boone, Craighead, Johnson, Payne
I am looking for a branch of my family tree. Gr parents from Franklin co. Va-Robert Powell and Frances Payne. Edwin Boone Craighead B. 1860, M. Catherine Johnson of Fayette, Mo.1889, D. 1919. Lineage:Frances Jane Powell, Isaac Oliver Craighead: John Craighead EDwin Boone Craighead, Former President of Tulane University.

Mary Webb b 10/17/1727

Michael D. Parker (View posts)
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Surnames: Webb, Boone, Sterrett, Starrett, Parker
I am looking for the decendents of Mary Webb, married to John Sterrett.

John Sterrett, born 1710, came from the north of Ireland, 1760, and settled on a farm in Chester County, seven miles from the battle field of Brandywine. Seventeen years later James and John, two of his four sons, participated in that battle. He was also the father of three daughters. His wife, Mary Webb, was the daughter of John Webb and Mary Boone. Mary Boone was a sister of Squire Boone, the father of Daniel Boone.


Mary Wallace (View posts)
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Surnames: Boone, Webb, Wallace
I am a descendant of John Webb and Mary Boone. Please check out my home page.

meadows connection

lynn meadows (View posts)
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Surnames: meadows
My husbands family (Meadows) is somehow related to daniel boone. I saw you had listed Meadows do you know any connection. My son is doing his fifth grade report on Daniel Boone and I'm tring to track this down for him. Thank for any help or leads you may be able to give.

Re: Mary Boone Webb

George Webb (View posts)
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Classification: Query
To my cousin Karen,I have been doing research on the family for 20 yrs.and am about to publish it.Your claim to John Webb Sr. may be correct.But your claim to Alexander Jr is not.I am familiar with both liniages Alexander Jr. came on the Mayflower with his 4 sons in 1620.I refer to this family as the Strattford Webbs and have studied it at great length and have concluded that it has no connection to our line.Our line is descended from the Richmond Webb line.In 1430 William Richmond married Alice Webb she was the sole heir to her father Thomas"s fortune. To receive it they took the name Richmond Webb.This name was used for over 200 yrs.It descends William-christopher-nicholas -William-christopher-Nicholas -Robert (All Richmond Webb).Then because The family split along religious lines the quaker side took the name Webb and the church of England side took the Richmond name.Alexander Jr 's family always used the name Webb.Many of the Richmond Webbs attended Oxford University and there names are found there.Here is my descendency From John Sr.- John Jr-John Boone Webb III-Isaac -Job-Jesse-John-William-Walter-Walter -me.

Re: Mary Webb b 10/17/1727

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Starrett, Webb
My grandmother was Mary L. Starrett (Mayme) is a descendant of John Starrett. I've been mapping out our Starrett line but have found what looks like a discrepancy in the dates. I have birth dates for Mary Webb (John Starrets wife) of 1727 and 1749. I'm trying to figure out if this might have something to do with the fact that there are two John Starretts (father and son).

Re: Mary Boone Webb

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Surnames: Webb
Has your research been published? I found your information VERY interesting. I'm in the Webb family ...from John Webb Jr., George, John, William, Jonathan, Wallis, James K. Polk Webb, Denny, Hansel, Erman, Me.
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