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Henry Stone aka Henrich Stein of the South Branch immigrated in 1751 not 1748

Henry Stone aka Henrich Stein of the South Branch immigrated in 1751 not 1748

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Surnames: Stone, Stein, Upp, Rhine, Zorn, Coil, Kile, Heavner, Havenor, Ruhlman, Mallo, Mallow, Metzger, Butcher, Mitscorls, buzzard, Eckert, Rollman, Reager
In another amazing find from Eric Hedrick's new series of CDs, it can now be proven that the signature of Henrich Stein (aka Henry Stone) on a series of Augusta County records matches that of the immigrant Johan Henrich Stein on the oaths' lists of the passengers of the Edinburgh, 1751 (Strassburger's Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Vol. II, pg. 540, col. 2, line 4).

It has been widely - and erroneously - posted that Henry Stone (Henrich Stein) of Augusta County (now Pendleton Co.) immigrated on the Edinburgh in 1748 as the son of Sebastian Stein. However, that Henry Stone signed with a "mark" indicating he was illiterate (Strassburger's Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Vol. II, pg 405, col. 1, line 13). He is purported to have been the Henrich Stein whose marriage to Juliana Andre in April 1750 is recorded in Rev. Stover's records.

In any event, the Henrich Stein, immigrant on the Edinburgh voyage of 1751, who is now proven to have been the one active in many probates on the South Branch cannot have been the son of Sebastian Stein who immigrated on the Edinburgh in 1748 nor could he have been the Henrich Stein who married Juliana Andre in 1750. This will require a revamping of the pedigrees of the Stone descendants.

Notes on Henry Stone in Augusta Co. records (who always signed Henrich Stein in German) - I'm not a Stone researcher so, if you see any errors or can add to the data, let me know or post a correction/update to this thread:

ca 1755 - Henry Stone, later identified as "of the South Fork" incurred a debt in Tulpehocken which was pursued in court in Augusta County in 1791.
1760 - Stone owed Frederick Upp for the schooling of three children
1762 - Henry Stone was naturalized along with several other South Branch residents
1764 - Stone appeared on Michael Rhine's vendue
1764 - Stone appeared on Jacob Zorn's settlement
1764 - Stone was married to Catharine, the widow of Jacob Zorn, before March 21
1764 - The deed for Jacob Ruhlman's 200a from Green was delivered to Henry Stone.
1765 - Stone's signature is on the bond for Felty Goile's (aka Valentine Kile) executors
1769 - Stone's signature is on the bond for Nicholas Havenor's (aka Heavner) executor
1769 - Henry Stone is mentioned as on the committee of the Lutheran Church (southern end of now Pendleton County - Propsts?)
1772 - Stone's signature is on the bond for Jacob Ruhlman's administrator
1772 - Stone's signature appears on the bond for the promised recovery of John Reager's land
1773 - Stone's signature is on the bond for Michael Mallo's administrators
1773 - Stone's signature is on the bond for the guardian of Mary Butcher (in the Valentine Mitscorls aka Valentine Metzger aka Valentine Butcher probate)
1777 - Stone's signature is on Buzzard's appraisal
1779 - Stone appears on Caspar Eckert's sale bill

With Eric's permission, I have attached a cropping of Henrich Stein's signature from the probate packet of Valentine Mitscorls (Metzger, Butcher). You may download the photo for your own use but you must have Eric's written permission to post or otherwise publish it. You can contact Eric at for information about his CD series (I highly recommend it and hope that others will support his efforts to digitize the rapidly deteriorating original documents of our early South Branch ancestors).

(In another great find, Eric located an original exemplar of Valentine Metzger's signature in the probate packet of Hans aka John Colly. This is particularly wonderful since Valentine's will has been long missing from his probate packet and, to my knowledge, no other examplar has been found in the Augusta County records to date.)

You will not see the attachment with the photo of the signature on the Pendleton-L bounce or post. It can only be viewed on this post on the Pendleton Co. WV rootsweb site. If you receive this via the email bounce, click on the blue hyperlink, then go to the bottom of the post and click on the attachment to enlarge to view.

Re: Henry Stone aka Henrich Stein of the South Branch immigrated in 1751 not 1748

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Surnames: Stone Stein
Vivian Hytovick, a South Branch Hoover-Penninger researcher, emailed me with a citation from Chalkley's Chronicles Vol. II regarding a debt Henry Stone of the South Fork had incurred in Tulpehocken ca 1755 (which was not pursued in court until 1791):

Ctrl F for Stone on that page.

This likely proves that the literate immigrant, Henry Stone, was also in Tulpehocken after his arrival in 1751. He could, however, have not been the illiterate son of Sebastian Stone whose family arrived in 1748 nor could he have married Juliana Andre in 1750 (the year prior to his arrival).

I will update the chronology in the first post on this thread to reflect that Henry Stone of the South Fork incurred a debt circa 1755 in Tulpehocken.

Stein (Stone) is not an uncommon German name but the two Henrys also gave their sons the same Christian names so it would be worth family researchers checking to see if they were first cousins or maybe uncle and nephew.

Vivian - thank you for the update!

Re: Henry Stone aka Henrich Stein of the South Branch immigrated in 1751 not 1748

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Surnames: Stein, Stone
I have recently been given permission by The Pennsylvania German Society of Kutztown, PA to digitize and publish material from the 1934 limited printing of Strassburger's Pennsylvania German Pioneers. I've attached a jpeg which includes the "mark" of Henry Stein (aka Henrich Stein) who accompanied Sebastian Stein on the Edinburgh in 1748 and the signature of Johann Henrich Stein who arrived on the Edinburgh in 1751. The latter compares favorably with the signature of Henry Stone who was active on the South Branch in several probates (see the attachment in an earlier post this thread). As previously explained, the "mark" of the immigrant on the 1748 voyage eliminates him as the man in Augusta Co. records.

These and other selected signatures from the oaths' lists in the 1934 limited printing of Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Vol. II, will be digitized for comparison to signatures from various probate and other court documents of the South Branch pioneers in an as yet untitled collection of signatures which will eventually be available in the form of a limited printing book, CD, or possibly both.

Eric Hedrick
Harrisonburg, VA

If you're viewing this message on the Pendleton-L or the email bounce, you will not be able to see the attachment unless you go to the Pendleton Co, WV rootsweb message board site via a hyperlink above - then click on the attachment to view the photo and compare it to the earlier attachment of Henry's signature from a probate.

Re: Henry Stone aka Henrich Stein of the South Branch immigrated in 1751 not 1748

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Surnames: Stone Stein Zorn
This thread captured my attention because the history of Henrich Stein (aka Henry Stone) seems to closely match the story passed down in one branch of our family about the arrival of our Stone/Stein ancestor in what was to become the United States. I suspect Henrich Stein (aka Henry Stone) had a son named Henry Stone who in turn had a son named Henry Stone (my 4th great grandfather, believed to have been born in 1762 in Frederick County, Maryland).

Although I haven't located any documents yet supporting a link from my Henry Stone to Henrich Stein (aka Henry Stone), I have taken a Y-DNA 37 marker test through Family Tree DNA, and an autosomal DNA test through Ancestry. The Y-DNA test has not yet produced any matches, even at only the twelve marker level. The autosomal test has produced many matches across all my family lines, but there is only one that I can say is possibly a link to the Henry Stone who married Susannah Zorn. Unfortunately, without a chromosome comparison tool being available here at Ancestry yet, I can only say 'possibly' on this match, without more matches being found.

If anyone come across this thread and has more information on Henrich Stein (aka Henry Stone) and/or his descendants, I would appreciate you adding it to this thread and/or sending me an email. I would also be especially interested in hearing from any male direct line descendants who have taken, or would be willing to take (at my expense), a DNA test to see if a match can be made.

Thank you,

Dan Stone
stonefamilytree'avoid spam' (replace 'avoid spam' with @)

Re: Henry Stone aka Henrich Stein of the South Branch immigrated in 1751 not 1748

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Stone Stein
Since it's been almost a year, I wanted to post an update on my search for the correct ancestral family of my fourth great grandfather, Henry Stone, of Maidsville, Monongalia County, Virginia (now West Virginia). I've now had two matches to the Y-DNA test I took last year ( These matches are with descendants of two of my third great grandfather's brothers, which allows me to be very confident in the derived signature I now have for my fourth great grandfather (

My next step is to begin testing for a match with descendants of the two families which seem to be the most likely candidates to possibly be the ancestral family of my Henry Stone. One family being the Stone family of early Pendleton County, Virginia (now West Virginia). The other family being the line of Philipp Stein of Udenkappeln, Palatine, Germany, who’s descendant, John Sebastian Stein, came to Berks County, Pennsylvania, in 1748 as mentioned in posts above. If any direct paternal line descendants of either of these lines have tested, or are interested in testing (at my expense), please contact me.


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