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OTT Family Genealogy

OTT Family Genealogy

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Surnames: OTT
Seeking information on the children, their spouses, and the grandchildren of Susie Ott of La Crosse and John and Hester Ott of Jackson County, WI. Prefer e-mail.

Re: OTT Family Genealogy

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Surnames: Ott
I saw your posting at the LaCrosse County Gen-Web for the OTT surname. I am researching a family of OTT's who came from Bavaria>New York>Milwaukee, Wisconsin> LaCrosse and Saline County, Missouri as well as the State of Oregon.

I would like to exchange information with you to see if we may have a line which connects.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Re: OTT Family Genealogy

Jack Ott (View posts)
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Susan, it was good to hear from you again. My OTT's from La Crosse and, eventually Milwaukee (that's me!), came originally from Baden. They settled primarily in southern Indiana. My great-grandparents, Ferdinand and Anna Maria (ROTH) OTT had two sons, John and William, that moved to the La Crosse area in the late 1890s and early 1900s. The rest all remained in Indiana. There was another OTT family in La Crosse that had been there significantly longer. My family was not related to these earlier OTT's. Additionally, the ROTH's (Anna Maria's parents and two uncles) left southern Indiana and moved to the La Crosse area in the 1850s/60s, but no OTT's went with them at that time. The ROTH's came from Bavaria in 1854, but I know of no connection to the OTT family that was in La Crosse in the 1800s.

I would invite you to visit my website at:

Good luck in your research.

Re: OTT Family Genealogy

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Surnames: Ott, Michels, Ullrich, Weisman, Tolens, Roemer, Blumentritt, Newburg, Koch, Kabat, Fox, Oyen, Weisman and Michels.
Hello Jack,

I belong to the "other" OTT Branch which came from Bavaria>New York>Milwaukee and settled in LaCrosse a bit earlier than your "OTT" branch.

For the sake of sharing with other researchers reading this page in the future:

Names associated with this LaCrosse Branch include:
Ullrich, Tolens, Roemer, Blumentritt, Newburg, Koch, Kabat, Fox, Oyen, Weisman and Michels.

My Branch came from Bavaria, Germany. George OTT being born in Neukirch, Bavaria, Germany June 16, 1838. The family emmigrated to the US in the year 1841.

George OTT's sister, Anna Ott-wife of Henricum Michels, being born in 1845--after their arrival in the US. Another sister of George's, Margaret Ott, was born in Wisconsin--likely in Milwaukee in 1849.

Benedict Ott, born June 03, 1836 in Bavaria, Germany>New York>Milwaukee> to LaCrosse. He married at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Milwaukee, Wisconsin on February 17, 1857 to Theresa Ullrich. He left Milwaukee for Dubuque, Iowa in 1834 and came to La Crosse in 1855. In 1900 he lived at 929--4th Street, LaCrosse, LaCrosse County, Wisconsin.

Parents of this line were: John/Johan/Joannes/Joanum OTT and Magdelena (maiden name WEISMAN).

I look forward to any future contacts from people researching this line and thank you in advane for taking time to reply. I always like to search out possibilities.

I do not often return to this bulletin board, so please contact me at my e-mail address below.

Please feel free to give my e-mail address to any others who may contact you in the future regarding research on this line.

Happy Hunting,

Susan Nokes
27532 State Hwy 3 NE
Poulsbo, WA 98370
Tele: 360-697-6798

I would invite you to visit my website at:
(This only has my paternal grandfather's side at this time. It is Italio-Albanian.
I need to update and add my German (Pomeranian, Bavarian, Rheinland), Luxembourg, and Polish side
My Husband's Scots, Irish, Welch and English side)

Re: OTT Family Genealogy

Jack Ott (View posts)
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Surnames: OTT, ROTH, HOPPER,
You have a good idea, Susan. My "La Crosse OTT's" arrived in the La Crosse area about 1900 give or take a few years, from southern Indiana. John OTT was the first to arrive, and he married Hester WENZEL of Melrose, in Jackson Co. I believe that they continued to live in Jackson Co. My grandparents, William and Susie (HOPPER) OTT arrived in or about 1902 from Floyd Co., IN. They had ten children that reached adulthood: Cobert, Mervin ("Mernie", my father), Chester ("Chet"), Earl Shelby ("Eb"), Martha, Helen, Alberta, Wilbur "Dutch", Irene, and Cyril ("Billy" or "Harpo"). Some of the associated families who were spouses include DOERRE, NOOYEN, WALZ, VERSE, McGINNIS, KING, ZERNECKE, SCHLIGHT, GARDNER, HOPPERSTAD, and STUPKA.

William OTT's mother was Anna Maria ROTH. After she married Ferdinand OTT in Indiana, the rest of her family migrated to La Crosse and Buffalo Counties, arriving there in the 1850s and 60s. Descendants of the brothers John, Andrew, and Martin ROTH make up this family.

For those who think that there may be a connection, I would invite you to visit my website at:

Re: OTT Family Genealogy

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Surnames: ritter
Hi Jack,

My name is Kristine Ritter and my grandmother was Irene Hopperstad, (OTT). Kenneth and Margaret Ritter were my parents names. I remember visiting Great Grandmother (Susie) Ott when she was on West Ave. I was always fascinated by her cause she didn't have a ring finger and never knew who we were. I do have quite a few photos of her also, with my dad and Irene. I do remember Martha, Alberta, Darlene,and Dutch. Anyway the site is awesome and I thank you for posting and sharing this! Im no longer a member here but i look at it some. But my email is And still in La X area. Thanks.
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