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What happen to those in America-their familypicture etc.

What happen to those in America-their familypicture etc.

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Surnames: Pålsdotter
Somebody who are researching on Ursilla Pålsdotter born 27 September 1836 moved to North Amerika -09 April 1869 with her children Ingeborg born 9 Mars 1860,Annika born 3 Mars 1862 both in Valne,Alsen(Jämtlands län)Sweden,Agnes born 8 februari 1864 in Röde,Alsen(Jämtlands län)Sweden,Gustaf born 28 September 1865 in Röde,Alsen(Jämtlands län)Sweden.

Her husband Olof Gufastsson born 21 Juni 1837 in Röde,Alsen(Jämtlands län)Sweden he moved 9 April 1867 to North America

Sincerely Harriet

Re: What happen to those in America-their familypicture etc.

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Surnames: Palsdotter
Hi Harriet, I searched through the U.S. Censuses & didn't find this family. That doesn't mean they didn't arrive and settle in the U.S., just that I didn't find them.

Your post said moved to North Amerika. Have you posted this on the Canada General Message Board? Maybe they arrived and lived in Canada? Successful Searching!

Re: What happen to those in America-their familypicture etc.

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I think it was very kind of you to take the time and make the effort to help someone in their research. I also looked at the US census and found nothing to match the info given.

Re: What happen to those in America-their familypicture etc.

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I have searched for Any Ursilla/Ursulla, Urs*, born plus/minus 5 years in every census 1870 to 1910. I searched for all of the children, using Ing*, Ann*, Agn* and Gus*, with born plus/minus 5 years born in Sweden. I searched for any Olav/Olaff/Ole/Ola, last name beginning with Guf*, Gus*

I did have ONE very remote possibility.
The 1870 Census for Barre, LaCrosse County, Wisconsin
Ole Gufusen, age 33, born in Sweden
Usuol, age 34, born in Sweden
Idabel, age 11
Anka, age 9
Anna, age 7
Gustaff, age 3/12. born March 1870.
--I have seen many Swedish immigrants having language misinterpreted by the census enumerator. My own "Bystrom", was in the census as Beesthraumn. In this case, the ages are correct for Olof and Ursilla. Ingeborg as Idabel, Anka is Agnes but the age is not correct. Anna would be Annika at about the right age. The Gustaf born March 1870, would be a typical re-use of a name for a child that had died.
--This of course is my speculation and there is no proof, at this point. But, I have seen this spelling/Swedish accent problem before.

Now then, I thought I had answered this yesterday with additional suggestions, but they do not seem to be present.

What additional information do you have that might help in the search? Any family lore about where they went? What names they may have used? You have identified their departure as being 9 April 1869. Is this from a parish record for leaving the parish, or a ship manifest? Olof left two years earlier as it appears, again from where is this record?

Have you contacted local Swedish sources for information as to their destination? Here are some websites that might hold some records for you in Sweden.

Good place to start:
12 pages of info.

National Archives of Sweden:

Ron Bestrom

Re: What happen to those in America-their familypicture etc.

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Thank you,I am sorry that I have not been on place lately, until now and therefore I was not able to answer.I only wanted to know if there were somebody who recognized those family and were were researching on them.If it had been,been able to share some information if they had asked.
Yes, I have very reliable sources, even if you have to count on that the priests/vicars long time back can have written wrong, sometimes, as people do today and always will, t,ex, a wrong birtday wrong year and month, or typed carelessly.
Yes, as born in Sweden Sweden, I have seen some strange links which not are correct, and language misinterpreted, the language misinterpreted is no problem for me, I figure it out in some way.
I use Genline and Svar, + that I have the archive in my closest town.
Here is the sources for Ursila and children
Alsen(Jämtlands län)Flyttningslängder.Alsens kyrkoarkiv from 1861 to 1881
(SE/ÖLA/11039) C/3 s.147 nr.9
Her husband C/3 s,145 nr.1 in same archive as above. You do not know to bother to help with those, it was only if somebody recognized them and had them in their own researching. But, thank you very much I will check those as you have typed. Kindley, Harriet

Re: What happen to those in America-their familypicture etc.

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Judyartley,thank you so much. In the records it usually is typed as moved to North America,but not where the settled down. Kindley, Harriet.
I am trying to answer a very confusing message which I got from another....... well,well,well.

Re: What happen to those in America-their familypicture etc.

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Surnames: Gudfastson, Jefferson

I finally got to a library so I could respond to this. I just noticed this a couple days ago and have been trying to figure out how to get a hold of you. Hopefully you still use this email and will see this, but I am TOTALLY researching this family. These are my ancestors. This is my Great-Great Grandmother's family and would love to learn more if possible. I hired a researcher in Sweden a few years ago and found out some information on them, but would love to learn anything more I can.

My grandmother is still alive at 93 ... if there is a way you can respond to me by xmas, it would be awesome if I could share some news of her family with her. Again, hopefully someone sees this post and can get back to me!!!

-ks great great grandson of Ursila

Re: What happen to those in America-their familypicture etc.

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I have not spent so much time here on ancestery, I have to check what I have had time and did not have had time to do.or if I have not done anything at all. From which of these two do you have your roots? I still have no subscription to ancestry, more than the free part . I can not reach you mailadress, but if you let me know from which you have your roots, I can send you my mailadres


I have
Margaret Mattsdotter b.1829 and Anna Mattsdotter b.1831 Åflo, Offerdal, Sweden (I am going through this part right now)
1700 - 2012
he parents of Margaret Mattsdotter and Ann ... more »

Anna (annica) Gabriel Daughter Falk and her sister Catarina (Karin) Gabriel Daughter Falk
Offerdals Parish, Jamtland, Sweden
1650 - 2012

Re: What happen to those in America-their familypicture etc.

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Surnames: Jefferson

I am not descended from either of them, as far as I can tell. Who I am descended from is:
Ursila Pålsdotter born 27 Aug 1836 in Östersund, Jämtlands, Sweden (that's what I have). She emigrated 14 Apr 1869 to Wisconsin.

She is the daughter of Pål Olofsson and Anika Larsdotter.
He was born 03 Jan 1808 in Änge, Offerdal, Jämtlands
He emigrated 04 Apr 1869 to Wisconsin.
She was born 19 Dec 1809 in Valne, Alsen, Jämtlands and died 24 Jul 1846 in Valne, Alsen, Jämtlands

Ursila was married to Olof Gufastsson born 21 Jun 1837 in Röde, Alsen, Jämtlands. When in America after the 1870 census they took the surname Jefferson.

They settled in La Crosse,WI for a time (per 1870 census and family knowledge), but then left for Nebraska, and eventually ended in Colorado. Their eldest daughter Ingeborg is my Great Great Grandmother and came back to La Crosse, Wisconsin from Nebraska to marry my Great Grandfather (a Norwegian!).

I hired a researcher some years ago to trace this family back a couple of generations, but now am in the process of fleshing that out some more if I can. If you have any more knowledge of this family I'd be very interested in it!


Kevin Strattan

Re: What happen to those in America-their familypicture etc.

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It appears the family I found in the 1870 Census was the correct one:
The 1870 Census for Barre, LaCrosse County, Wisconsin, enumerated 28 July
Ole Gufusen (transcribed as Gususen), age 33, born in Sweden
Usuol, age 34, born in Sweden
Idabel, age 11, Sweden
Anka, age 9, Sweden
Anna, age 7, Sweden
Gustaff, age 3/12. born March 1870 in Wisconsin.

The 1880 Census of Scotia, Greeley Co, Nebraska
Ole Jefferson, age 42 (1837/1838), born in Sweden, farmer
Ula, 43 (1836/1837), Sweden
Aggie, 16, Sweden
Gustave, 10, Wisconsin
Alice, 6, WI
Lewis, 3, WI

The 1885 Census of Nebraska, in Cedar Valley, Greeley Co.
Ole Jefferson, born about 1838 in Sweden
"Druzella"(as transcribed, written "possibly" as Urizella), born about 1840 (again it appears the person counting (enumerating) persons did not understand her name or age.
Gustave, born about 1870, Wisconsin
Ellis, about 1874, in Wisconsin (Spelling was incorrect, also shown as a son)
Louis, about 1877, WI (Spelling was incorrect or in the 1880 Census).

The 1900 Census of Burro Canyon, Las Animas County, Colorado
Ole Jefferson, born June 1837 in Sweden, immigrated 1867/Naturalized, married 41 years (1859/1860)
Julia, born Oct 1836 in Sweden, immigrated in 1869/Naturalized (Based on her husband being Naturalized), mother of 9/4 living

The 1910 Census of Platte, Adams County, CO, enumerated 17 May
The Denver County Poor Farm.
Ole Jefferson, age 73, born in Sweden, immigrated 1867.

The 1920 Census of Fraser, Grand County, CO.
Lewis Jefferson, 42, born in WI
Julia, Mother, age 83, born in Sweden, immigrated 1869.

I found one family tree with Ole and Ula owned by "sstanish56." He does not have much information about Ole/Ula and children, but he does show several generations of Gustaves. I sent a message to the owner to read this thread of postings.
--Gustaves married an Iva Massie(maiden name?) Jefferson, born 1878 in West Virginia. They had two sons:
Ollie Sam Jefferson, born 5 Nov 1896 in Lewisville, Colorado; died 21 Jan 1978 in Longview, Cowlitz County, Washington State. Ollie Sam married Amy and had a daughter and two sons, (I find in the 1940 Census, living in Superior, Sweetwater County, Wyoming: Ollie S, age 43, Amy 43[born in Illinois], Donna, age 10, Keith age 9 and Robert age 6)
Ollie Keith Jefferson, born 1931, married on 8/10/1952 to Patricia Ann Ledder (WA Digital Archives: )
image (his brother and sister were witnesses):
Ollie Keith Jefferson had a son, same name, as found in the King County records. He was living in Seattle as of November 2010. I can not find a telephone number (land line, most persons are going to cellular telephones for all communication). Patricia Ann Jefferson, wife of Ollie Sr. is still alive. It also appears Ollie Keith is still alive.

Ollie S and Amy are buried in the Little Falls Cemetery, Vader, Lewis Co, WA:;
Click on Amy's name for her info.

There appears to be quite a few descendants

Ron Bestrom
Tacoma, WA
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