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Nicholas Heavner's signature - Henry Lawrence probate 1758

Nicholas Heavner's signature - Henry Lawrence probate 1758

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Surnames: Heavner, Heavener, Heffner, Lawrence, Lorentz, Smith, Sivers, Seybert, Hinkle. Mallo, Vennemon, Vanemon
In another great find from his research in Staunton, Eric Hedrick located an unrecorded assignment of administration signed by Nicholas Heavner (in German). It is one of several documents in the probate of Henry Lawrence.

Chalkley abstracted this from his reading of the Augusta County court records (Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish, Vol. I, pg. 82):

16 November 1758 - "Dan'l. Smith qualifies admr. of Henry Lawrence, decd. (formerly granted to Jacob Sivers, now decd), it appearing to the Court that Windle Sivers, heir-at-law, refused to take burden of goods not administered."

Yet, there is nothing in the probate packets of either Henry Lawrence (Lorentz) or Jacob Sivers (Seybert)signed by Wendle Sivers/Seybert (brother of Jacob Seybert and step-son of Henry Lawrence). It is possible that this was simply discussed in court.

However, Eric did find the note of assignment to Daniel Smith of his right as administrator of both Henry Lawrence and "Capton Jacob Sivers" from Nicholas Heavner (Hevener, Heavener, Heavner, Heffner). It is signed in German and the signature is identical to his signature on the oaths of allegiance/abjuration as found in Strassburger and Hinke's Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Vol. II, pg. 241 (Ship Davy, October 25, 1738). The note was witnessed by Michael Mallo and Peter Vennemen (Vanemon).

In the note Nicholas signed, there is mention of his mother-in-law's assignment of her right to administer (the estate of Henry Lawrence as his widow) having been previously given to Jacob Sivers. (This assignment note is in the Jacob Seybert probate package - also on this, the second of Eric's CDs of historical records. Although the note from Hannah Lawrence was recorded in the Augusta Co. records, it was missed by Chalkley. This was a key piece of genealogical evidence overlooked by Chalkley - it proves the mother of Jacob Seybert and her current husband. It is also key to disproving the bedfast Hannah "Hinkle" who was said to have burned alive at the massacre at Seybert's fort - it was "Hannah" Lawrence). Nicholas Heavner was the son-in-law of Hannah Lawrence aka Anna Johanna Lorentz (formerly Seibert aka Seybert, Sivers) by virtue of his marriage to her daughter, Anna Elisabetha Seybert).

These two probates - Lawrence and Sivers, in addition to others like George Mouse, are key to identifying and documenting the victims of the Seybert's fort massacre.

In an interesting aside - the note is dated 8 Day of Aparil 1758 (Preston's Register gives the date of the massacre at Seybert's fort as 28 April 1758 - twenty days after the date of the assignment . . )

Again, thanks to Eric Hedrick for allowing me to share this highlight from the material from his new CD.

Re: Nicholas Heavner's signature - Henry Lawrence probate 1758

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Surnames: Heavner...Seybert...Propst
My name is Lisa Carlile Haines...I have been tracing some of my families history...My family tree has a nicholas heavner coming over on the ship called the one of my grandfathers....Elizabeth seybert is mentioned...a Fredrick Heavner and mary Propst....Would love to find some of my help fill in the history blanks...I have a feeling that Fort Seybert Masacre
claimed alot of my ancestors...My grandmother was Nina Maxine Heavner..daughter of George "Bud" Heavner who was the son of David Heavner...was any of my relatives killed at Fort Seybert...

Re: Nicholas Heavner's signature - Henry Lawrence probate 1758

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Classification: Biography
Lisa - Some researchers indicate that Nicholas Heavner's father, Wilhelm Haffner (William Heavner), was killed at the Seybert's fort massacre.

I have seen no supporting citations nor any independent proof of that though. No complete list of names of the victims of that massacre has ever been discovered so proving someone was present can involve a great deal of work.

A Kile-Coil-Kyle family researcher posted an excellent research piece on-line about one of Nicholas Heavner's daughters, Maria Johanna Heavner (later Mrs. George Coil) who was taken captive at the massacre but, to my knowledge, those are the only two Heavners who are said to have been at the massacre.

Perhaps a Heavner or Coil researcher (or someone else who has worked the massacre) can add to this for you.

Re: Nicholas Heavner's signature - Henry Lawrence probate 1758

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Thank you for your respomse...I feel I still have relatives in the Upper Tract, Brandywine area...not sure who they are or how to make contact...our family story talks about a Heavner girl captured by Indians at Fort Seybert...possible Aunt

Re: Nicholas Heavner's signature - Henry Lawrence probate 1758

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I was under the impression that Nicholas Heavner was killed at Fort Seibert, and his wife remarried my ancestor Christian Lauer.

Re: Nicholas Heavner's signature - Henry Lawrence probate 1758

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Classification: Biography
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Surnames: Heavner, Lauer, Theiss (Dice) , Seybert, Mallo
Nicholas Heavner died in 1769. He was not present at the massacre.

But, yes. There is evidence that his widow married Christian Lauer. One of Nicholas Heavner's daughters is called "Lauer's stepdaughter" on a baptismal recording in Stouchsburg, PA, June 23, 1773.

The Lauer, Heavner, Theiss, and Seybert families had a complicated and heavily intermarried relationship:

1)Nicholas Heavner's wife, Elizabeth Seybert, was the sister of Christian Lauer's previous wife Catharine Seybert. Elizabeth, widow of Nicholas Heavner, married second Christian Lauer.

2) Both Catharine and Elizabeth (the wives of Christian Lauer) were sisters of Jacob Seybert who was killed at the massacre

3) Christian Lauer's sister, Susanna Barbara, was married to Matthias Theiss (Dice) who was the father of Matthias (Jr) and George Dice who also moved to the South Branch basin.

Christian Lauer appears to have been a key figure in the early settlement of a part of the South Branch basin. As indicated above he was closely related to three of the early settler families and he appears to have been the contact man in Tulpehocken and Stouchsburg for other early South Basin settlers including my ancestor Michael Mallo.

There is evidence of loan repayment to Christian Lauer from several South Branch basin settlers in the early probate records.

Update - I failed to mention in the original post that Elizabeth Dice, the daughter of Matthias and Susanna Barbara Lauer Dice, was married to Jacob Seybert.

Fort Seybert Massacre and Who's who

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Classification: Biography
Surnames: Hevener, Seybert, Seibert, Mouse, Mallow
Great fun figuring out who was tomahaked, taken captive and blessed to be in Staunton, VA purchasing ammunition.

I will post my research here. From my "PROFILE: Amos Hevener -1817-1884" for my "History of Mingo,WV".

Original records are extensive as are oral histories. From my research:

"On day of horror at Fort Seybert, in what is now Brandywine in Pendleton County, WV both Nicholas and Elizabeth Seybert Heavener and sons six year old Frederick Heavener (1752-1817) and John Jacob Heavener age fourteen were fortunate to be in the group of settlers in Staunton, Virginia purchasing ammunition. "

Hannah Heavener age four was taken captive and returned to educate the settlers on Indians ways and safety. There is a family story of Nicholas hiding his siblings in a wagon of fur to safety and then following that night - BUT - the original documents do not support this fabulous story.

BOTH wives of Nicholas's sons were also captive: Elizabeth Mouse and Mary Mallow.

Re: Fort Seybert Massacre and Who's who

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Just for accuracy's sake - the story of Nicholas hiding his captive siblings (actually his three sisters per the various published versions) in a wagon was in reference to Nicholas Seybert - not Nicholas Heavner. It is documented that five of the Seybert children were captives in the Ohio territory. Oddly enough, although Nicholas Seybert plays a very prominent role in the various later published versions of the massacre, no documentation has been found to prove he was also captive. (That isn't to say that he wasn't a captive - only that no documentation of his captivity has been cited.)

Could I ask what source provides the information that the Heavners - and/or other South Branch residents - were in Staunton purchasing ammunition on the day of the massacre? Thanks

Re: Fort Seybert Massacre and Who's who

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Correction accepted - wrote from "memory"!

I will post my research soon - and TOTALLY foot-noted with sources.
I wrote the "Pioneer Index of Randolph County,WV 1753-1883"
and am now working on a "History of Mingo,WV" where I live.

Also working on "Weave" - stories on captives who returned to civilization.
This particular horror has always interested me because the details
are so extensive because of the captives all returning to tell the story.

From my experience as a writer I believe whole heartedly that oral
stories handed down and shared are usually 97% accurate.

Planning on going to Brandywine after next melt - and the anniversary is soon,
will check to see if there is a commemoration planned.

Did you hear me yelling last night?
Read an account of a highway worker in 1925
who removed the rocks covering the grave site.
He had been given permission to take all the rocks
EXCEPT the grave - but he did the opposite,

Nicholas Seybert (1741-1813)

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Classification: Query
Backwards thinking!

The ABSENCE of any records of Nicholas and siblings
would thus (perhaps!) show they had escaped
before the release in 1764 - thus not listed.

AS I said, I'll share here what I have pulled
together from Census records and oral histories.

PS The focus of my Portrait for "History of Mingo"
on Amos Hevener is a descendant of Mary Mallow and Jacob.
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