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Angela Randazzo

Angela Randazzo

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Surnames: Randazzo
looking for information on Angela Randazzo married to Fillipo Terranella. They had a daughter Mary Mathilda. she was born in 1895. They lived in Campofelice di Fitalia,Sicily. I don't know Angela or Fillipo's date of birth.

Re: Angela Randazzo

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Surnames: Randazzo, Terranella
I've got the Campofelice microfilm on permanent loan at my local Family History Library. I've made a note to check on Angela Randazzo, Filippo Terranella, and Mary Mathilda the next time I go there.

Re: Angela Randazzo

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That would be wonderful, thank you so much. Look forward to hearing from you whenever you get the opportunity to do that,

Re: Angela Randazzo

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Surnames: Randazzo, Terranella, Fallace
I went to the FHC and took a look at the microfilm. The print is extremely tiny, and my Italian is rudimentary at best, but I was able to find what I believe is Mary Mathilda's birth record. Here's a rough translation and summary:
Date: 10 April 1895,
Father: Filippo Terranella, age 28, occupation peasant/farmer
Mother: Angela Randazzo
Marital status: Not married
Name of infant: Mercuria (this is very hard to read, and may say Mercuris).

Perhaps she Americanized her first name later. There are some other things written that I still need to transcribe and translate.

Curiously, I found another 1895 birth record for an Antonino Terranella, listing Filippo Terranella as the father and his wife, Lucia Fallace, as the mother. This may or may not be the same Filippo who fathered Mercuria.

I'll study these some more and let you know what I find.

Re: Angela Randazzo

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Thank you so much for that information. I think Fillipo is a very common name from that area, we have a cousin by that name also. I am curious what city you live in, my sister and I might like to visit your library some day if it's anywhere close to us. We live in the Kansas City area on the Kansas side. We appreciate the effort you have made for us. Looking forward to hearing from you again.

Re: Angela Randazzo

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Surnames: Randazzo, Macalusa, Orlando
My grandfather's family was also from Campofelice di Fitalia. I would really appreciate it if you could check the microfilm for some of his family members.I do not have birth or marriage dates for his parents, but I do have birthdates for 3 brother's.
Parents: Salvador{e} Randazzo b abt 1848 & Lucia Macalusa
known children: Giuseppe 1 Sept 1879 - Santo 22 June 1882/83, and Anthony Randazzo also known as Eduardo "Tony" Orlando, not sure if he was a Randazzo raised by a second husband of Lucia or was Eduardo Anthony Randazzo b 2 Nov 1888. Any tiny bits of info you might come across would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time.

Re: Angela Randazzo

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Randazzo, Terranella
Good evening, Penny,

I'm in the process of finding all the RANDAZZOS and TERRANELLAS mentioned in the birth records, and I hope to make my results available in some form to everybody who is interested.

Fortunately, the Family History Library has digitized this particular microfilm; if you have access to the site (which is free), you can find Giuseppe's birth record as entry 37 in image #322 (here's the link: Unfortunately, the record doesn't indicate much, other than that Salvatore was a "villico" (farmer), age 30, and Lucia may have been 26 (it's hard to read).

Santo's birth falls in the years 1881-1884, for which the records don't seem to exist.

Interestingly, Salvatore and Lucia had a son Ignazio RANDAZZO, who was born on March 14, 1888. His record is number 18 in image 678 (here's the link:

The only additional information is Lucia's declaration of a non-civil marriage (I have yet to determine if this means having had only a marriage ceremony in a church, or of not having been married at all).

I checked the birth records for the date of Anthony's birth, but there was no one of that name (or Eduardo).

After I complete the birth records, I'll start through the marriage records, which may be more helpful.

Re: Salvatore and Lucia Macalusa Randazzo

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Surnames: Randazzo,Macalusa, Orlando
You are very good! How did I not come across that? Yes, they are a bit difficult to read, but between your notations and two of my ItAlian research books {Lynn Nelson's Discovering your Italian Ancestors and Trafford Cole's Italian Genealogical Records, I think I have most of it figured out. As for the 2nd record for Ignazio, I will not rule that out just yet, the family story of Anthony Randazzo/Eduardo Edward Tony Orlando is complicated enough for a prime time movie and a possible not entirely legal name change and birthdate is not out of the question. I think I will try to find a ship record for Ignazio. Antonio/Anthony/Eduardo was supposed to have come to the US in 1908. In 1910 he was in St Bernard, LA. The other two brother's came sooner, but I haven't proven they were in St Bernard LA until 1917/18 for the WWI draft registration. By then, Eduardo/Edward/Tony was in Texas and an Orlando. Very complicated, but a very interesting trail of mystery. Thanks so much! I look forward to whatever else you may come across. The Randazzo board is a fairly quiet one and could use some excitment! Penny

Re: Salvatore and Lucia Macalusa Randazzo

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Classification: Query
The Randazzo board may need some excitement, but the Randazzo family probably had enough excitement for several lifetimes in the early 1900s.

It's my hope that the death and marriage records for Campofelice will bring more clarity to the relationships between various Randazzos. Although the name isn't uncommon in the records, it is far less prevalent than the names Arnone, Nuccio, and even Terranella.

Re: Angela Randazzo

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Surnames: Randazzo, Terranella
cdavis, I've finished entering the data on Randazzo and Terranella births I found in the Campofelice microfilm. When I figure out how to post the whole database somewhere so everyone can access it, I'll do so. Until then, here's what I found for your ancestors:

Filippo TERRANELLA and Angela RANDAZZO had the following children:

Mercuria, b. 10 Apr 1895 (see image 1163, #22)
Lucia, b. 20(?) Apr. 1898 (image 1274, #25)
Giuseppa, b. 25 Jun 1900 (image 1324, #23)
Raimondo, b. 3 Sep. 1903 (image 1380, #32)

All the births were designated as illegitimate; however, this was probably because they had a church wedding without having a civil wedding, which seemed to be a common practice. Also, I had mentioned the possibility earlier that Filippo had a child with another woman the same year Mercuria was born, but I believe this is a record-keeping error in the original document, as the father named as Filippo is later called Francesco.

I'll start entering death and marriage date soon and will let you know what I find.
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