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James and Bolin Savage-Missouri & Texas

James and Bolin Savage-Missouri & Texas

Peggy Nowell (View posts)
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James and Bolin Savage were brothers that were killed by Indians in Parker County, Texas near Weatherford. James was my gg grandfather.
Anyone out there have info on these Savages?
Any info would be appreciated.

Re: James and Bolin Savage-Missouri & Texas

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Obituary of Bolan Savage and James Savage - Dallas Co., TX
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Bolan Savage and James Savage - On yesterday morning about 10 o’clock, a
part of Indians,
some 12 or 15 in number, appeared at Mr. Bolan Savage’s who lives about
four miles
southwest of this place. Mr. Savage, in defending his family from the
attacking party,
was killed, one of his children, a boy, wounded, and two other small boys
captured by
the Indians. The party then went about a mile and attacked James Savage, a
brother of
the former, killing him, wounding one of his little sons, and capturing a
small girl of the
family. The Indians were armed with six-shooters. Both of the Savages were
killed by
pistol shots. As soon as the alarm spread throughout the country, a party
started in pursuit,
and on last accounts, they were pushing the Indians very close. As the
latter had a large lot of
horses and the three children they captured, which would necessarily retard
their travel. It is
hoped they can be overtaken and summarily punished. The two Savages, both,
leaving families
in most distressing circumstances.
( Dallas Herald, March 2, 1866, reprinted in The Southern Intelligencer,
Mar. 22, 1866)

The three Savage children was bought at Fort
Arbuckle a bout 3 months after they ware captured at
four Hundred and fourteen Dollars (414) the
Sullivan Child was taken a bout 20 miles and
Killed the boddy after word found the Blackwell
Child has bin bought at Fort Dodge Kansas
but not yet got home I have not bin
informed as to what it cost

Re: James and Bolin Savage-Missouri & Texas

Peggy Nowell (View posts)
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Joseph Luther,
Thanks for the info you sent on the Savage brothers. I have three different accounts of the attack but yours has some info that mine do not have. One account is what Arrena Savage Doggett related to her grandson in about 1941. She was one of the girls that tried to get the ones captured from the Indians and received a lance wound. There is a picture of Sarah Jane (Sally), Arrena, Jenny and Lark Savage and Arrena's husband, Mr. Doggett with the story.
Do you know why the Savages left Missouri and came to Texas?
Any info on the above family members would be greatly appreciated.
Peggy Nowell

Re: James and Bolin Savage-Missouri & Texas

Joseph Luther (View posts)
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The Savages were Baptist missionaries and ALWAYS on the edge of the freontier preaching. This is probably why they moved to Texas in those early days. My ancestor, Hiram Savage was part of the Peters Colony, I think he moved to Texas in 1837. There were a lot of empressario colony projects ongoing in Texas at that time.


Frontier Times Magazine

Vol 3 # 3 December 1925

First Campmeeting In Grayson County

By Z. N. Morrell

Wonderful description of these grand old meetings which were THE highlight of the year for many weary and laboring pioneers. Particularly focuses on a large meeting held in Grayson co, TX in 1847.

Further mentions: the Rev. Mr. Brown, assisted by the Presiding Elder, Rev. Mr. Custer, held a campmeeting at Warren, in Grayson county * Jeffer­son Schuck * Andrew Davis * Casey creek * Bois d'Arc * two brothers by the name of Hiram and James Savage * Sheriman * J. A. McCutcheon, one of Wiiliam­son County's oldest pioneer settlers * Travis County * Miss Lue Noble * Rice's Crossing * P. N. McCutcheon * J. W. McCutcheon * Miss Sallie McCutcheon *
Note that Z.N.Morrell was with William Savage at the Salado Battle in 1842 in which Savage was killed.
Old Orchard Gap Primitive Baptist Church was also historically linked to the families at Forest Grove. According to the History of the Primitive Baptists in Texas, Oklahoma and Indian Territory, “Orchard Gap Church was founded in 1853 in Collin County by Elders Hiram Savage, J. E. Deatherage, John Sneede and Mark Allen, with the following members: Peter F. Lucas, G. Fitzhugh, T. B. Martin, Francis Fitzhugh, Elizabeth Fitzhugh, Amanda Fisher, Catherine Fitzhugh and W. S. Fisher.” According to his obituary, “prior to the Civil War, James Curis Lowery, the person for whom Lowery Crossing is named, taught at Orchard Gap near Forest Grove. At Orchard Gap, he boarded with Uncle Wess and Aunt Patsy Kirby.” The church stood on land on the James Grayum survey. The site today is occupied by the water tower on FM 1378 just north of White Rock Trail.
McKinney, Hiram C.
Ratten, Sarah Ann
14 Sept 1847
18 Sept 1847
Hiram Savage, B.P.
Page 9

Re: James and Bolin Savage-Missouri & Texas

Joseph Luther (View posts)
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The Baptist church was also early represented in the colony of Sterling C. Robertson. In December 1835, Z. N. Morrell, a Baptist minister of Tennessee, arrived in Texas. He had promised to meet David Crockett on Christmas day at the "Falls of the Brazos," and have a bear hunt. During the latter part of the month, he and five companions were marching up the Brazos River to that point. On December 30, they arrived at Little River where they found about forth Tennessee land hunters encamped near one lone log cabin. Captain Goldsby Childers and family were the occupants of this cabin. After supper that night, it was decided to have a sermon. Z. N. Morrell preached his first sermon in Robertson's Colony to this family and the land hunters.[320]

Morrell returned to Tennessee for a time, but before the close of the year 1836, he was back at the Falls. He had returned to Tennessee to bring his family to the colony. There were "five or six" families living at the Falls, and "thirty or forty" soldiers were encamped nearby. Morrell preached to these once each week when circumstances would permit. The confusion resulting from the Texas Revolution and the Indian disturbances made it difficult to maintain a congregation.[321]

The great distances between settlements caused Morrell to confine his preaching to the few families at the Falls. Mr. Morrell explains a part of his difficulties as follows:

"There were no Baptists at the Falls, except myself, wife, and daughter. Cut off thus from all communication with churches or ministers, the situation was by no means a pleasant one. It was thirty miles to the nearest settlement on Little River. A few families were at Parker's Fort, thirty-five miles distant, near the present locality of Springfield. It was unnecessary to make appointments at these places, with any prospect of filling them. Thus cut off, I did what I could for the spiritual welfare of those by whom I was immediately surrounded."[322]

Re: James and Bolin Savage-Missouri & Texas

Joseph Luther (View posts)
Posted: 1137088330000
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Descendants of James Robins Savage

1 James Robins Savage - 1866
.. +Caroline Riddle 1824 - 1891
......... 2 Sarah Jane Savage 1846 - 1931
......... 2 Arrena Hensley Savage 1855 - 1947
......... 2 Melinda Savage 1858 -
......... 2 William Savage 1853 -
......... 2 Larkin Savage 1865 -
......... 2 George B Savage
......... 2 Nancy Ann Savage 1850 -
......... 2 James Bolden Savage 1862 -
......... 2 Jennie Belle Savage 1860 -
......... 2 John Thomas Savage 1840 -
......... 2 Sarah Savage 1852 -

Re: James and Bolin Savage-Missouri & Texas

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*Palo Pinto County History: On March 2, 1866, a raiding party of Comanche Indians attacked the home of Bolin Savage, a Confederate veteran, on Sanchez Creek. "Mrs. A.J. Hunter, wife of the Parker County Judge, saw this attack from a distance and alerted her husband, who rode with haste into Weatherford to get help in chasing these Indians. Mrs. M.C. Hendrick (Martha Hunter Hendrick, niece of the judge), who also lived on Sanchez Creek, east of the Savages, saw the Indians pass near her home with some of the settlers horses. After hearing a disturbance to the west, she soon followed and found that the Indians had killed and scalped Bolin Savage and carried away little five-year-old Sam Savage. (Parker County Gen Web Site - Submitted by: Jim Hunter)

Re: James and Bolin Savage-Missouri & Texas

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Surnames: Savage
Hi Peggy . regarding the Savages. My grandmother Christine Savage was the grandaughter of Sam Savage. I have always took interests and pride in this horrible situation my family went through. I hope you get back with me you can call or msg me at this number (903)413-3594. We can share the info each of us has. Thank you. Donna Tuton
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