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Henry Lane, Edgecombe County, early 1800s

Henry Lane, Edgecombe County, early 1800s

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I am seeking any information on Henry Lane, especially information on his siblings and ancestors. Born about 1810. Died about 1842. Married Martha Weeks. I think his children were Temperance, Lucy, and Robert.

Re: Henry Lane, Edgecombe County, early 1800s

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With having such two common names, the only true clue was Edgecombe nc. In the 1810 nc census, there were only two LANE listings. The two head of the house were listed, with only a number of sex/age listed.
Sadly, these two men did not follow up with 1820. Most census were taken between april and june, and no months were listed on the 1810 census.
In 1810 Edgecombe nc, there were two men with the last name of LANE with possibility of being the father of Henry, due to sex/age. There is one JOHN LANE with markings of 3 sons under the age of 10. John is listed as ages 26-34 and his wife age age 16-25
Then there is one CORDY LANE. In his household shows three sons under the age of 10, one female 16-25 and Cordy being over the age of 45.

In 1820 there is one Daniel Lane which is actually last name of Land being in the age of 26-44 with two sons under the age of 10.

Strange none of these three men are found 10 years later in the following census.

Now, what I find is in 1850 in Edgecombe is the house hold of David Adkins, 24, wife Martha Adkins 31 and stepchildren, Temperence Lane 15 and Robert John Lane 8.
No findings of a lucy lane.

I found also two Edgecombe NC estate files both in probate for 1872 and 1874. In 1872 the listing is for one W.H>Lane and in 1874, one Henry Lane.
Of course your Henry had been dead for 30 yrs, and so I know this is not your Henry. It could be an uncle, or poss. his father, yet no Henry is found in 1810 or 1820.

I have a book of abstracts of wills of NC 1690-1760. There were a few LANE listings, but no names jumped out.
dSo right now, it sems we are back to the drawing board.
I sish I had better info. to pass to you.
Willing to help if you have more info of names of your Henry his married life, family. Often times one little clue helps open the whole floodgate.

Re: Henry Lane, Edgecombe County, early 1800s

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To Joyce.
Thanks for your lengthy and informative reply. I will try to expand a bit on the information I submitted originally.
Henry Lane was born about 1810. He married Martha Weeks, daughter of John and S. Weeks. They had three children: Temperance, born 1835; Lucy, born 1838; and Robert, born 1842.
Henry died late 1841/early 1842. Martha married David Atkins/Adkins. In the 1850 Census they are shown with Temperance and Robert. In that same census Lucy is with her grandparents, John and S. Weeks.
I found a record of Lucy Lane married to Joseph Harris in 1857. It looks right but I am not absolutely sure it is the right Lucy.
I have never seen anything further on this Temperance.
Robert married Elizabeth Marks in 1866. They had two children, Charles R. and Elizabeth May and I have been able to track that line.
I have seen some information on Cordy Lane (I believe there were two, Sr. and Jr.) and Levi Lane but I have not been able to make any connections.
Throughout this general time period I have seen several other Lanes but, again, have not been able to make any links.
There were connections to Marks, Weeks, and to some extent Cokers in that period.
As you say, some day one little clue will open it up. I'm waiting for it.

Re: Henry Lane, Edgecombe County, early 1800s

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Hello again, I stumbled across this response from you just today.
I looked and as you could not find anything linking Henry with parents,
Temperence got my attention,
Possibility of Temperance/Tempie found
in 1860 Martin NC
J.L. Harridson 23 1837
Temperence Harridson 23 1837
Martha 4
Jane 2

The only reason I am honing in on this Temperence is the close proximity of Martin and Edgecombe counties
also yes, there is a 2 yr discrepancy of dob for her
also,,, she has a daughter named Martha.
possibly her mother's namesake?
I am fishing... could possibly be wrong all the way around, but am passing along,

I am possibly stirring the pot, hope not, possibly am trying to make pieces of the puzzle fit.

I hope not.

I checked what I could on the Lanes/Weeks/Adkins etc... not finding anything more than what you have found.


Re: Henry Lane, Edgecombe County, early 1800s

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Hi, Joyce. Good to hear from you again and thanks for the update.
This Temperance does look as though she could be Temperance Lane. DOB, location, and child's name all look like a possible fit.
FWIW, I have seen some circumstantial information that looks like Henry Lane and Cordy Lane were related but, once again, no positive link.

Re: Henry Lane, Edgecombe County, early 1800s

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Cordy Lane was married to Mary Faithful, the daughter of David Faithful and his wife Tamsey Weeks. Tamsey is the daughter of Archelus Weeks and his wife Elizabeth Wall that you had in an earlier post.
Based on the dates, it is possible that Cordy Lane and Henry Lane are brothers but I have nothing to support that.
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