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Fogarty- New York, England, and Boston

Fogarty- New York, England, and Boston

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My grandfather, John Fogarty had 8 siblings named James (settled in Boston), Thomma, Patrick (married Mary?) Michael (married Bridget?), Edward and Martin (lived in England, and two girls (names unknown). Other family names are Maher, and Sullivan, Neville, Meade and Bigelow. Do you have any of these names in your family?
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I have a Patrick married to a Mary but they were in California aroung 1858.

Re: Fogarty- New York, England, and Boston

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Hello Joanne,

I've just read your message on the message board and think I have some news for you.

My Father (Michael Mooney) was born in Portlaw, a small village outside Waterford, 1924. He is the son of Perie Mooney and Margaret Kathleen Fogarty (of Portlaw), Who was the daughter of Patrick Fogarty and Margaret(Mary for short) Maher.

Patrick had a brother who settled in Boston, unfortunately at present I don't know if his name was James, but I will find out!
He was a Master Carpenter and apparently did quite a lot of building work in Boston. I would imagine that this was in the early 1900's.

You don't say where in Ireland the family is from. so it may just be a lot of coincidence, I hope not!

Anyway, Best of Luck


Re: Fogarty- New York, England, and Boston

Joanne Fogaarty (View posts)
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Just got your message, Kathleen.The Fogarty family is from Kilkenny,(Ballyconra). John Fogarty married Hannah Bowes from Ballyragget, Kilkenny. This is all I know about my grand father and grandmother. His brother Patrick's wife's name was Mary. They had a child namedJulia (husband, Ned Maher).Their child I believe was Patsy and their child was Claire. This is all I've found out so far. Does any of this fit someplace?

Re: Fogarty- New York, England, and Boston

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Just read your reply, my g-grandfather (Patrick Fogarty) and his wife, my g-grandmother (Margaret Maher) were originaly from Kilkenny. I can't seem to get any recognision from anywhere, regarding the other names eg. Claire, Julie etc.

Patricks' brother James did deffinately leave for Boston, and so far I think I've discovered that he arrived in Boston in March 1911 at the age of twenty four, which would make him Patricks' younger brother.

The village names you mention in Kilkenny are only a short distance from Portlaw, Waterford.

It's possible that Ned Maher and Margaret Maher are brother and sister, and that they married brother and sister (Fogartys')
I don't know if Margaret had any brothers, but when next I see my Father I will ask.

I still have relatives in Ireland who I'm sure will have a lot more information for me, I will write and ask, and we hope to be visiting again early next year, so I'll be able to do a lot more research. They are in the process of entering all births, marriages and death records onto computer in Ireland at the moment, and any-one is able to gain access in a library, so I'll take all the information I have re; yours and mine, with me and will hopefully be able to confirm one way or the other if there is any connection. I'm sure there is a connection somewhere as the area we are talking about is not very big, so if there isn't a direct connection, there is probably a once or twice removed relationship. Anyway, I'll keep you up to date.

Best wishes, and I hope you have some more luck soon.

Bye for now, Kath!

Re: Fogarty- New York, England, and Boston

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My grandfather was born in Kilkenny.He came to this countryin 1863,I believe.He was married to a Catherine Harrington.They settled in Brighton,Ma.I know he had a brother,but that's all I know.My grandfathers name was Thomas.

Re: Fogarty- New York, England, and Boston

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Surnames: Fogarty-US-New York, England, and boston
Hi Kathleen!

This has been a busy summer and I have not had a chance to research any further. I wrote to my cousin for more information but she has not responded. The whole Fogarty family had nine children. Their farmhouse still stands in Ireland and is occupied by descendants of one of the brothers.

The childrens names were James (went to Boston), John (US-my grandfather), Thomma, Patrick, Michael, Edward, Martin, and two girls (names unknown).

There are two families that are still in Ireland. Patrick's decedents were Ned and Julia Maher. I assume Julia was a Fogarty. They had two children; Moira (married Jim Sullivan and their four children still live on the Fogarty farm in Ballyconra), they are James, Shane, Peter, and Kevin. The other child was Patsyand Enda, who had a child Claire.

Michael and Bridget had a child Nora (married Nicholas Mackey (living) and they have two children Breda,and Liam.

That sums it up so far. I have nothing else in the way of new information. Does any of this fit with your information? Have you had an opportunity to do anymore research with your relatives.

I doubt that I shall ever get to Ireland with the way the world is now. Flying anywhere is not a priority anymore. Do you have any addresses in Ireland that would have any records of the fogarty clan?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Joanne Fogarty

Re: Fogarty- New York, England, and Boston

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Hello Joanne,

Lovely to hear from you. I also am awaiting a reply from cousins in Ireland, but after a brief telephone conversation with them I'm not sure they can tell me anymore than I already know. My cousin Maureen did promise to ask about, to see if she could unearth any further information for me, though.

I've gone as far as I can at present, but we are expecting to go to Ireland in the New Year and once there I can get to the records I need to further my research.

I think your James went to Boston earlier than mine. My great-uncle James went in 1911, I have found out that he married a girl with the surname either, Webber or Webster, and had children, but details I don't have yet. Apparently his daughter or grandaughter has returned to Ireland on a visit, but I wasn't aware of this until recently. I was told though, that they are still in Boston. So, if you hear of anyone looking for information on the family of James Fogarty from Portlaw Co. Waterford, arrived Boston March 1911, aged 24yrs and a carpenter, please ask them to get in touch, I would be grateful. I do know that he sailed from Queenstown, Cork, Munster on a ship by the name of Saint Paul.

James' brother Patrick Fogarty was my Great Grandfather and they had many siblings, but until I can get back to Ireland I can't confirm who and how many, except for one sister by the name of Mary who married a man by the name of Egan. Their parents were James and Mary Anne Fogarty, who also lived and died in Portlaw. From records I have, I've deduced that the family moved to Portlaw when the cotton mill was opened and created many jobs in the area in 1820's-30s, now this is where I'm stuck, until I can find documentation or records of some sort I don't know where they moved from! A lot of the influx of labour came from Kilmacthomas, but some also came from other areas, Clonmel, Cashel, Kilmacow etc.

The Maher family I've mentioned is from my Great Grandmother, Margaret Maher, she married Patrick, James' brother. She was also from Portlaw, her parents were Patrick and Mary Maher, they also had a daughter named Ellen(Nellie) and three sons, Willie, Jim and Jack, as yet I don't know if there were any more. They also moved to Portlaw for the same reasons as the Fogartys', but once again I can't find out from where they moved.

My Father has helped me a lot and is thrilled with what I'm trying to do, but as he is the oldest surviving link and doesn't know of anything before his grandparents, I'm going to have to wait until I get to Ireland to get any further.

There are lots of places in Ireland that you can contact and for a fee they will conduct a search and supply you with relevant copies of documents, but you do realistically need a rough idea of the areas e.g. town or village names, otherwise it could cost rather a lot. If you have this information then let me know and I'll find out the nearest records office for you. Last time I was in Ireland my Father and I discovered that all church records and births, marriages and deaths were being entered onto computer, I think they were upto early 1900's at the time, and these records could be accessed on the computer in the local libraries, this, I hope is what is going to help me on my next visit. If you would like I could try this for you at the same time? It's amazing the information they were entering, we discovered that my Father had a brother (who unfortunately died) that he didn't even know about. To access this information you need a surname and place name, and from the information you receive you can then trace back. Anyway let me know, I'd be happy to try for you.

I hope you do get to Ireland one day, it's so beautiful, it would be a shame for you not to see it. I can understand your feelings about flying not being a priority anymore, after the recent atrocity you've suffered. The world is a pretty scarey place at the moment, which is very sad. We were actually in Portugal on 11th Sept and had to fly home on the 16th, and surprisingly I wasn't afraid to do so, but then I suppose it hadn't happened on my doorstep, but don't let them win Joanne, don't allow them to take your hopes and aspirations away from you.

Well I must close for now, so take care and God bless and I hope to hear from you soon.


Re: Fogarty- New York, England, and Boston

evelyn mcdaniel (View posts)
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hi i am searching for my fathers biological family his fathers name is ralph vincent fogarty, ralph's parents are henry fogarty and joyce willard fogarty,henry's parents are john fogarty and rochelle karrington or harrington {can't make out letter in book} ralph also had 3 other children that are my fathers half siblings all older. their names are june fogarty b. jun 20,1923, dawn fogarty b. jan.10 1925 and richard fogarty b. april 8 1927 ralph married mabel evelyn and my father was born from this union.his birth name is ralph vincent fogarty jr.he was later adopted and his name was changed . this all happened in binghamton new york or surrounding area any info you can provide will be helpful thank you evelyn
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