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HORN CRUM Martin County Ky

HORN CRUM Martin County Ky

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Surnames: HORN CRUM
I am just beginning the search for my son's paternal side. I would appreciate any and all help.

My sons are HORNS. They are of the line of Earl Horn son of Garfield Horn. I beleive Garfield was the son of James Quiller Horn but I need to pursue that further.

On the Crum side I only know Jesse Crum married to Polly Crum. Children included Bertha and Dallas.

Again, I know NOTHING and would love to link with verified info.

Thank you,

Teresa Farrow

Re: HORN CRUM Martin County Ky

Herb Adams (View posts)
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My niece is married to Truman Horn. I know that the Horns have a family reunion every year there in martin county. I know that Truman's cousin is researching the horn family and she lives in seatle wash.
Good look

Re: HORN CRUM Martin County Ky

Paul Henley (View posts)
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Surnames: Horn Williamson Casteel Steele
I have some information on the Horn line if you still need it. Garfield was the son of Michael Horn and Vashtie Harvey.

Re: HORN CRUM Martin County Ky

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have an odd question for you. this Vashtie, would she happen to be in her 70's and is she still living? the reason I ask. my mother is from martin county, beauty/ Inez area and she always talked of her best friend name Vashtie, thats a very unusual name, was real curious if vashtie knew an Effie McCoy. it would be so neat to find my moms friend

Re: HORN CRUM Martin County Ky

Paul Henley (View posts)
Posted: 1121701599000
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Surnames: Horn
Hi Gloria,

The Vashtie whom you inquired about was Vashtie Harvey, who was the wife of Michael Horn, and she was born in 1861. There were one or two other Vashtie's who married into the Horn family line and a couple Vashtie Horn's as well. Maybe the later were named after the former? Anyway, all of the above mentioned Vashtie's that I'm showing in my tree were born in the mid to late 1800's and would not appear to be who you are looking for.

Re: HORN CRUM Martin County Ky

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Re: HORN CRUM Martin County Ky

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Surnames: Harvey, Jarrell, Horn, Kirk, Evans, Klein,
Hi Mr. Paul,

Mike and Vashties grandson, Millard kirk, has just had his book published, which the info for it is on my tree. He went to WV state archives and pulled Vashtie Horns obit so he could have it printed in his book. It, along with our family records, has her date of birth as 1-1-1856, and is how I have it listed in my tree. You can find it listed under Mrs. Mike Horn. Thought you would like to know being you do alot of research for people.


Darrell Klein

Re: HORN CRUM Martin County Ky

Posted: 1266721646000
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Thanks. I appreciate it.

Re: HORN CRUM Martin County Ky

Posted: 1266902826000
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I uploaded her obituary, the brief front page one, to my home page, you may use it for your records if you like.


Re: HORN CRUM Martin County Ky

Posted: 1337380117000
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Surnames: Hobbs Horn Crum
What year approximately was Jesse born? I have some Horns and Crums in my line and found this interesting story about John Hobbs who married Margaret Ann Horn. Appears he was raised by a Jesse Crum and I don't know who his actual father was...this is a hearing about a pension for the Civil War. Look toward the bottom for info about Jesse Crum who was 70 in 1885 at the time of affidavit...

Notes from Marsha Lambert on re. John's civil war service, etc.:

John served during the Civil War with Co F, 5th Regiment, WV Infantry. He applied for pension on June3,1872 In 1893 John received war pension of 14.00 per month, was 5'8", 161 lbs, 67 years. In 1894 he received 16.00 per month and in 1887 received $8.00. His wife applied for widow's pension on April 13, 1908.

Deposition A, Case of John Hobbs, No. 175;397:

On this 7th day of December 1885, at Inez, County of Martin, State of Kentucky, before me, W. T. Pierson, Special Examiner of the Pension Office, personally appeared John Hobbs, who being by me first duly sworn to answer truly all interegatories propounded to him during this Special Examination of aforesaid pension claim, deposes and says:

( Cert. of Disability is read to claimant)
Q. Did you not tell the Drs. that you had 3 ribs fractured by fall of a horse, before enlistment
A. Not that I know of.
Q. Where did they get the information.
A. I don't know.
Q. Think carefully Did you ever have any ribs fractured, or broken.
A. Not that I know of-now the lower edge of some of my ribs, may be 2 or 3, have become soft & rotted away, in the left side, from that
rising. I found that out, by their hurting, while I had the rising-Old Dr. J ohnson told me he thought the soft part of my ribs was rotted by that rising they and the rising got well at the same time, and my ribs have never hurt me since.
A. And you positively swear that you never had any ribs fractured by the fall of a horse, or in any other way and tht you have never told anybody so.
A. Not that I remember of any. I shall be present during the examination. I would like to have the same witnesses I have had examined. I can 't write. s/John Hobbs, his mark.
Attest: W. T. Pierson, T. W. Newberry. Sorn to and subscribed before me this 7th day of Dec. 1885 and I certify that the contents were fully made known to dponent before sign s. W. T. Pierson, Spl. Exmr.

James Crum, 48, lawyer, Inez, stated in affidavit on 12/8/1885 that he had known Hobbs for 35 years. James was second cousin, old Jesse Crum raised John Hobbs. John's wife (Margaret Horn) was a niece of James by marriage.

John Dingess, 54, Inez, stated in affidavit on 12/8/1885 that he knew John Hobbs always, raised together, lived 1 1/2 miles apart when growing up to 5 or 6 years before the war. He would rather have had John Hobbs than any two workmen. Hobbs was a kind of blacksmith, used a cane after the war.

James Bowen, 52, made affidavit on 12/8/1885 that he knew claimant 35 years. Resided Stone Coal, Wayne Co., raised by Jesse Crum 4 or 5 miles from Bowen. Lived 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 miles apart at enlistment. Hobbs was extra good hand. He drank some but not to excess. Had sick headaches.

Joel West, 68, school teacher, made affidavit on Dec. 8, 1885, in Inez, that he had known Hobbs since 1845 and he was as good as any two men at og rolling or house raising. His father in law, Michael Horn, brought him from Parkersburg in 1862 or 63 during the winter. He stayed at West 's house on the way home. West then lived at Cattlesburg. Next morning w nt up Sandy River on steamboat.
West lived 10 to 12 miles from Hobbs. West returned to the County in Aug. 1865.

William Mills, 50, Calf Creek, Martin Co., made affidavit on 12/9/1885 th at he had known Hobbs since very small. Old Jesse Crum raised him. Before the war, he lived at Michael Horn's, father in law.

On 12/9/1905 Wiley D. Copley, 55, Copleyville, Wayne co., WV, was in same unit as Hobbs, they were school boys together, raised about 3 1/2 miles apart.

On 12/9/1905, Asa Williamson, 40, Middle Fork, Cockcastle, son of Shade Williamson, stated he had known Hobbs since little boy, lived about 2 miles apart. Hobbs worked for Shade, drove cattle. Shade died in 1858. Knew David James who was murdered last fall. James threatened Hobbs over lawsuit about land. Threatened to kill him. David James related to Williamson. Williamson distantly related to Hobbs by marriage.

On 12/10/1885 Mark Dempsey, 73, Warfield, on Tug River, knew claimant since before the war. Hobbs lived on piece of Dempseys land for several years.

On 12/10/1885 Jesse Crum, age 70 odd years, made affidavit that he lived near mouth of Big Elk, Wayne co., WV, P.O. Camp Creek. He raised Hobbs from young childhood until he married. Lived 1 to 2 miles away after marriage. (other than 3 years when he lived 10 miles away). Hobbs had fever once before the war, was a good worker, good boy. Had rising in side. Jesse went to Ceredo with Hobbs and stayed a while. Jesse not related to Hobbs.

On 12/20/1885 Cornelius M. Pack, 72, Mill Creek, Wayne Co., P.O. Fort Gay, formerly lived in Martin Co., was sheriff and knew Hobbs 10 to 20 years before the way. Lived 9 miles apart. Dave Barnard once hit Hobbs with a gun on shoulder and staggered him in 1862.

On 3/13/1884 affidavit that John Hobbs Post Office always had been Warfield up to 1875 and changed to Inez.


In an affidavit in Martin Co., KY 12/7/1908.
Michael Chaffin, 67, Elk Creek, Martin Co., P.O. Stonecoal, WV, said he knew John Hobb for 40 years. John Hobbs had lumbago and rheumatism which was cause of death and disease of right hip and leg. Hip and leg greatest cause of death.
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