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Ann Eakin of Delaware

Ann Eakin of Delaware

Ann Parrish (View posts)
Posted: 1095525426000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Eakin
I hope someone can help me place Ann Eakin, the wife and longtime widow of Henry Steele, an innkeeper of New Castle, Delaware who died in 1827.

Ann was born in Delaware (according to census records) ca 1783. I do not know her parents or siblings. She had three sons and at least one daughter. The sons are Henry Steele (b. ca 1810), William E. (b. ca 1815), and Richard H. Steele (b. ca 1827).

Census records in 1830, 1840, and 1850 list her as head of house. By 1850 she has moved from New Castle to Wilmington. I have no record of her after the 1850 census.

I would like leads to Ann's possible parents and siblings and to her daughter. Thank you!

Ann Parrish (a gg granddaughter)

Re: Ann Eakin of Delaware

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Classification: Query
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There were at least 2 main Eakin families in Delaware that I know of. One was a Samuel Eakin, there is alot of information on him in the historial archieves in Dover. There was also an Eliza McCay who married a Joseph Eakin, Eliza lived in Delaware.
I would make the suggestion that you contact the Presbyterian Historical Society in Philadelphia. I got a great deal of information on the Eakin's family there and they have an alpha file that might be helpful in looking for information on Ann.

Re: Ann Eakin of Delaware

Ann Parrish (View posts)
Posted: 1095707494000
Classification: Query
Thank you for these suggestions, Roxanne. They give me hope and ideas. I had never heard of the Presbyterian Historical Society, but I will look it up, and I will follow through on researching the 2 families you suggest also. (The name Eliza Eakin is penciled in a margin of a book of bound 1824 Delaware Gazettes which I inherited; but I have no way of knowing when or why the name was scribbled there. Your mention of her suggests that Joseph Eakin's family may be the one I am searching for.)

Again, thank you.

Re: Ann Eakin of Delaware

Lib (View posts)
Posted: 1095863084000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Eakin
Please contact me via email. I have a great deal of information on the Eakin family and I may be able to help with this branch of the family.

Re: Ann Eakin of Delaware

Posted: 1336418167000
Classification: Query
Hello, I was hoping you could help me with some research.
I was reading your posts and my mother and I have heard stories about the Madame de Stael in France connection to Steele in America. I also believe my grandmother is definitely connected to your Aunt Elsie Steele and Florence Tally Steele for sure!

My grandmother was Rosamond Tunstall Verna, her sister was Florence, and her mother was Rosamond V Tunstall. Florence is buried with my great grandmother,Rosamond V Tunstall.
Rosamond V Tunstall was burried with her father, Harry (Henry) Steele and Grandfather (my GGG) William E Steele in Delaware.

My mother and I have been searching for W E Steele's parents. We discovered that his middle initial E was for Eakin, we believe his mother to be Ann Eakin and father to be Henry Steele.

There is a possibility that the Henry (married to Ann) had a father named William too. We were wondering if there was a chance you could possibly help make some connections for us because we have seemed to hit a wall. We are new at the family tree building and would appreciate any help.

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you,
Elizabeth Procida

Re: Ann Eakin of Delaware

Posted: 1336437857000
Classification: Biography
Surnames: Steele, Eakin, Tunstall, Verna
We are indeed related! My mother was Bessie Steele, daughter of Edwin Eakin Steele, Sr., and niece of your great-grandmother, Rosamond V. Steele Tunstall. I never met your great-grandmother, but I met your grandmother and grandfather several times and liked them both very much, as did my mother.

I had not realized that she had died. Can you tell me where members of your family are buried? And actually, I have no information on Rosamund V. Steele Tunstall, whom I never met. (She was ill when as a child I met Aunt Elsie for the only time, along with her bedridden mother, Alice Antcliffe Steele. Aunt Florence Steele Talley was there also, and I met her several times, getting to know her quite well through the years.)

Thank you for telling me that William's E. stands for Eakin! How did you learn that? (Your mother must be Fran, whom I met in 1974, when, traveling with my mother, I saw Rhody and Frank for the first time since 1943--which was the only other time. I can't remember Fran's married name!) William E. is indeed the son of Henry and Ann and the brother of Henry the naval lieutenant. There was a third brother, Richard, as you probably know.

I don't know the parents of Henry the innkeeper, nor the parents of his wife Ann Eakin. I have been away from genealogy for several years and am just now getting back to it. I too have a brick wall on the other side of Henry -- and Ann as well!

Your rather distant cousin
Ann (who needs more information about Rosamond Tunstall and your Aunt Florence)

I cannot help you with Henry Steele's parents. He and Ann are the earliest Steeles I have!

Re: Ann Eakin of Delaware

Posted: 1336438293000
Classification: Lookup
Surnames: Eakin
Thank you, Roxnowak, for your suggestions, which I just found after years of delay. I'll follow your leads!

Re: Ann Eakin of Delaware

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Classification: Query
Are you still there after eight years? I never received this message! But now I'm back, and I still need information about the Eakin family.

Ann Parrish

Re: Ann Eakin of Delaware

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Classification: Query
Hi: I am Frances C. Verna CPA the monther of Elizabeth Procida, Daughter of Rosamond A Tunstall Verna. My daughter and I have been researching our family history which is rather addictive.

I am in possession of the Marriage Certificate (with pictures inserted) of Harry Steele Alice Antcliff in April 1876. I also have the table that William made for Mary Emma.

I remember my Mother speaking of Edwin in Lo Melinda. Did I meet you at Aunt Florence Talley's house when I was small? I remember the baked macaroni we had that day.

I am a CPA living in Mount Laurel New Jersey. Thanks for any family history you can provide.

Fran Verna
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