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your Lucinda Smith-Lewis

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Surnames: SMITH, LEWIS
You are most welcome. Notice that the Lucinda who was in Polk Co TX.... it says both her parents were born MS. My abreviation of f&m/b MS means father & mother born MS. Shortcuts in typing.

Depending on how much the person knew that gave death information for her death certificate... you could get some information there on parents and where born.

I would contact Polk County TX Historical Commission and find out if in a history publication they probably did, if there was any genealogy of my relatives. I would discuss the preacher aspect and maybe they know what churches of his faith at that time might still have old records that have been transcribed.

I'm sure you have subscribed to the Polk County TX List so that you could post queries to it.... the List for each family name and now the list for the step-father and half-siblings name. They may just be doing the same thing you are doing and have info you do not have.

Maybe for a donation to the organization, the Polk County Historical Commission might have a member that would look at old newspaper microfilm for a article about his death. If he died young from disease or accident there might be a article about it, most especially if he were a local preacher.

Sure hope this opens up for you... know what a "joy" it can be to find our ancestors.

Good Luck!


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Surnames: SMITH, LEWIS
Hello Billie,

Thank you, Thank you! This is just possibly the Lucinda I am looking for. I hired a professional to do a search for me; she sent me copies of the Polk County, Tx. census for 1900, 1910, & 1920. On it were Lucinda and Angus Jefferson (Bud) Lewis. It showed that both of Lucinda's parents were born in Mississippi. If Bud gave the info to the census taker he might have been mistaken/confused about the parents being born in Mississippi. This is the first good lead I have had in quite some time. Is it possible for someone to do a lookup and learn exactly where this Lucinda was born (town, county)? Also, family says the father was a preacher, probably Baptist; maybe he was just a "part time" preacher. One of Lucinda's daughters is living - 90 something - but she does not remember much. I put a picture of Lucinda and 2 granddaughters on the web site ancient faces under Smith. If someone thinks they may be related, however distant, to Lucinda please contact me.

Again, thank you
Joyce Lewis

your LUCINDA SMITH query

Billie Nichols-Bennett (View posts)
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Surnames: SMITH
Here is a possibility that I found. Even though the parents are born AR; there is a MS connection through the grandparents.

I am going to include one of a Lucinda Smith in Polk Co who was a step-daughter at the time but shows Lucinda Smith' mother and father both born in MS.

Billie Nichols-Bennett

1880 - Precinct 2 And 7, Burnet, Texas
Mike SMITH; h/h/; w; m; age 28; b.AR; f/bMS; m/b MS; farmer
Rebeca SMITH; wife; w; f; age 24; b. AR; f/b AL; m/b MS
Loucinda SMITH; dau; age 6 (1874); b.TX; f/b AR; m/b AR
Mary SMITH; dau; age 4; b. TX
William SMITH; son; age 2; b.TX
Oza SMITH; dau; age 1; b.TX

1880 Polk, Texas
Wiloby TRILLOS; h/h/ w; m; age 64; b.MS; f/bGA; m/b MS; farmer
Josephine TRILLOS; wife; age 33; b.MS; f&m/b MS
John SMITH; step-son; age 11; b.TX; f&m/b. MS
Missouri SMITH; step-dau; age 7 (1873); b.TX; f&m/b MS
Lucinda SMITH; step-dau; age 7; b.TX; f&m/b MS
Amminda TRILLOS; dau; age 2; b.TX; f&m/b


Posted: 992260800000
Classification: Query
Edited: 993497292000
Surnames: SMITH, LEWIS
I am searching for info on Lucinda Smith, born about 1874 somewhere in Texas. Per census both of her parents were born in Mississippi. Lucinda probably had another unknown given name. Lucinda married Angus Jefferson Lewis. If anyone has info on this lady please contact me.
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