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Uden Nashau

Uden Nashau

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Surnames: Hauptrief, Hauptreif
I am trying to find a region or village in Germany by the name of Uden Nashau. A family named Hauptrief (Hauptreif) supposedly lived there before emigrating to the USA in 1885.

Thank you,

Pat Fannin

Re: Uden Nashau

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Re: Uden Nashau

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My relatives immigrated from Uden as well, but it was in Holland, on the river Maas only about 4 miles from Germany. In fact 2 yrs ago when I was there, a distant cousin said that during the war years they would even go by bike to Germany to buy groceries, the comunities were so close and travel so easy.

Re: Uden Nashau

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Surnames: Hauptreif, Schäffer, Kümmel, Meystädt, Orth, Schug

In researching my Lawrence County Ohio German ancestors I came across an obituary for Friedrich Hauptreif in the 4 March 1891 edition of Der Irontoner Post, a German language newspaper for Ironton, Ohio. I did not make a copy but my abstract is as follows:

4 März 1891: page three, third column

Friedrich Hauptreif, died Sunday night. Born 29 Januar 1841, Udenhausen, Kurfürstenthum Hessen (Electorate of Hesse).

Emigrated to America in 1865.

A member of the Reformed Church.

Pfarrer (Pastor) Keller to officiate.

The obit is in German Gothic script. It is on Ohio Historical Society microfilm roll 42267. It is mislabeled as the "Íronton Post." It is followed on the film by a brief run of Wachter am Ohio, another Ironton German language newspaper.

Both of these newspapers ran for much longer than what is preserved on this microfilm. If we could discover additional editions, there would be a gold mine of information.

My ancestors were also members of the Ironton German Reformed Church, but unfortunately the records for that church seem to have perished. I haven't completely given up hope yet.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.


Re: Uden Nashau

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Surnames: Hauptreif, Hoptry
Dear Jaye,
I am excited to read the information that you have found on Friedrich Hauptreif. I have researched the Hauptreifs on and off for many years and have never heard of the "Der Irontoner Post". After receiving your post I called Briggs Library in Ironton, Ohio and to my shock they had some of this paper on microfilm, including the obituary that you mentioned. No one had ever mentioned this newspaper before.

I would love to correspond with you about our family and also discuss with you about our connection to the Hauptrief family of Texas. My grandfather was John Carl Hoptry, son of Fred & Anna Hauptreif. How are you related?

Thank you so much for this wonderful information.


Pat Fannin
(Ironton, Ohio)

Re: Uden Nashau

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Hi Pat,

I'm not related, though I do remember a Heather Hoptry from my days at Rock Hill. I was researching other families and came across this obituary. I knew it would be important to someone as it provided a town of birth for the deceased. I just wish that the microfilm run of this and the other Ironton German newspaper covered the years my ancestors died.

I am investigating the possibility that some of my ancestors came from Udenhausen or somewhere close by. Apollonia Kimmel Schäffer, my 3rd great grandmother, was born in Hessen, as were her probable siblings Peter Kimmel and Gertraud Kimmel Schug, all of whom emigrated to Lawrence Co in the 1850s. Perhaps the Kimmels were part of a larger migratory group from Hessen.

Regardless, I'm hoping to work with these newspapers more and see if anything else turns up, for me or anyone else. Hopefully Briggs will mail you a copy of the obit.

I would be interested in corresponding with you on German and Lawrence County research. You can reach me directly at

Looking forward to hearing from you again.


Jaye Drummond

Re: Uden Nashau

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I am not sure this will be of help to you. My paternal Grandmother's family (Wendland) came from a German village/town my Father always refered to as Nashau. It was supposedly on the pre World War 1 German/Polish boarder. After the World Wars the boarders were moved around and I believe it would be in present day Poland but have never been able to find refrence to it or verify it. If I can help in any other way you can e-mail me at

Re: Nashau

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is the a correct spelling of a location?
Not finding anything in
Do you have any documents to confirm this location?

Re: Nashau

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Surnames: Wendland
No I'm sorry I don't. My Father spoke of it a lot when I was younger but I wasn't old enough to be really interested in it. He did say it was right on the German/Polish boarder and My Grandmother spoke both German and Polish because she often traveled into Poland to get things. Her family owned a farm that had a good deal of land that was taken from them after World War I.

Re: WENDLAND, Nashau

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You're welcome sdpsac.
So your research starts from scrach as in going backwards from yourself gathering documents on each generation until you come to the ancestor that came from "old country".

Take a listen to pronounciation

Your father's church baptismal record would have his parents place of birth.

distribution of WENDLAND surname holders in Poland:
map of Poland's wojewodztwos:
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