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George Plumb

George Plumb

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Surnames: Plumb, Crackbone
Hello Plumb Family,

Still pursuing (after all these years) the elusive family of my ancestor, George of Inworth (b. abt 1607, d. 1670) father of John the immigrant (b. abt 1634, d. in New London Town 1696) who was in Hartford before 1663 and New London before 1678.
I believe H.B. Plumb is correct in his surmise that John of Terling's (b. abt 1510) son George (b. 1547) is George of Inworth's ancestor.
One source I've found (thank you Andrea) says the following: "John, mariner, son (of) George, grandson of George, great grandson of John P., a native of Terling, county Essex, where he was born about 1510." I believe this "John, mariner, son (of) George..." may be the father of George of Inworth (b. abt 1607), and strongly connecting George of Inworth (b. abt 1607) to John of Terling (b. abt 1510).
I've always found it hard to believe that George of Inworth (b. abt 1607) was connected to Robert Plumb and Grace Crackbone; or that he was closely connected to Robert and Grace's son John Plumb (the early immigrant) who died in Branford, CT in 1648.
Another strong evidence for me is this: the name "George" occurs only in John of Terling's family, and nowhere else (correct me if I'm wrong) in the linage of Old World Plumbs (evidence cited by H.B. Plumb in his 1893 edition of THE PLUMB BOOK as well).
Question 1: The source I found also has this quote: "George (Plumb), came from Taworth, County Essex, Eng., to New London, Conn., before 1654. I've never heard of this George, does anyone have any information on this individual? This could be extremely helpful!
Question 2: What is the physical proximity of (distance from) Inworth, Essex to Taworth, Essex; Topperfield, Essex; and Terling, Essex? In other words, how LARGE is County Essex; are we talking about these towns being scores of miles, a few miles, or a mile or two apart?

Thanks for any help or imput ;-)

Chuck Plumb
Southern Arizona, USA

Re: George Plumb

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I think your Georges may overlap with mine, lol. Not sure if this will help or not, but my 5-great was Samuel Plumb, b. 4 Oct 1712, NY, d. 5 Sept 1799, RI . . . HIS father was George Plumb, mother Prudence Richardson, no other info except indications that George Plumb was the son of John Plumb(e) and Elizabeth Green; John Plumb(e) was the son, apparently, of George P. Plume, who was the son of English John Plume, who was the son of . . . George of Insworth.

I know that my 4 great, Joseph Plumb, was born in New London, CT on 2 Jul 1755, and there seems to have been movement in and out of that area among the alternating Georges and Johns I'm trying to decipher . . . perhaps one of them is your George?

Terence Plumb
South Texas, USA

Re: George Plumb

Chuck Plumb (View posts)
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Surnames: Plumb, Greene, Plumbe
Hi Terrance,

My ancestor John (b 1666) was the older brother of your ancestor George (b 1679). You probably know that family legend says your George (a mariner) died by shipwreck in a storm off New London, and may have given the Family name to the island where his body was recovered (what is now "Plum Island)."

The PLUMB BOOK will be of great help; also I'd recommend "THE DIARY OF JOSHUA HEMPSTEAD; a History of Colonial New London." It is published by the New London Historical Society, and has extensive information about our Family (Joshua Hempstead's oldest sister Elizabeth married my ancestor John, the brother of your ancestor George, husband of Prudence Richardson). Another good resourse is "HISTORY OF NEW LONDON, CONNECTICUT; From the First Survey of the Coast in 1612 to 1860" by Frances Manwaring Caulkins.

Our mutual ancestor John (b 1634) who married Elizabeth Green was the son of George Plume of Inworth (b abt 1607). But I've never been able to find George of Inworth's ancestors, and don't really find the pedigrees on any of the LDS sites to be credible (for George b 1607). If you've already got the above resources and would like to exchange other information feel free to e-mail me.

My Chauncey wasn't born until 1800, so he's probably not in the picture.


Re: George Plumb

Terence Plumb (View posts)
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That's good info on the additional books; thanks! One thing I'd like to do with this research is find out as much as I can about the actual *lives* of the people in my direct lines.

I'd also like to find out more about their, well, deaths . . . their gravesites in particular. I have a sister in Massachusetts who will take pictures of the headstones for me, if any have survived and can be located.

Thanks again,
Terence Plumb

Re: George Plumb

Chuck Plumb (View posts)
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Hello Again Terence,

Several thoughts. The life of our New London and Conn./Mass. ancestors was pretty "hard scrabble," as you realize in reading Hempstead's book. They squeezed out a life on the land, eating and drinking what they grew, raised and killed; were involved in their community, church, and "self-defense units;" suffered a high infant/child (and adult) mortality rate, and didn't enjoy too many of what we call creature comforts.

On the other hand their lives were enviable in many ways: they weren't ruled by deadlines or runaway ambition; "family" was close and extremely important. The Plumbs (our branch from Inworth/Hartford/New London) were involved in maritime commerce, owned and operated several small ships, and did a lot of trade in the Carribian; Barbaddos (sp) and other locations.

Our John (b 1634), while dis-inherited by his Father George with a shilling, later (he was in some capacity an officer of the law) did some "legal representation" for his Father and his Father's associates back in Essex (debt collection). So Father and Son were not absolutely estranged.

On another note, John (b 1634) wrote about seeing a great comet on one occasion, while "...rouing his boad to Groton...;" one of the first references to the town of Groton on record.

I believe Hempstead also refers to one of your George's sloops returning from a cruise with smallpox on board, and boat and crew being involuntarily isolated in the harbor at New London for a matter of WEEKS. He also refers to the terrible storm in which George perished. His Diary records the first rumors, to the recovery of the bodies and more detail.

I mentioned family legend, and Plum Island receiving it's name from the recovery of George's body after that great storm. Nelson Demille, in his book PLUM ISLAND, makes reference to a unique strain of "PLUM" which the Spaniards saw and named the Island after. On the other hand, Demille (in a side note) says the name had also appeared as "PLUMBE" (at times) in antiquity?! Plumbe was one of the several Family name spellings before our current Plumb. Could that shed more light on the Family legend?

I found John's (b 1634) arrival date and place on one of the Ancestry CDs. He arrived in1658/9 at Dorchester, Mass. That's (no doubt) how he ended up meeting and marrying Elizabeth Green, who was from Mass. according to Family History.

Terrence, I've actually got quite a bit of decent info; if you want you may e-mail me at (any other family members who might have something to share on this branch are also welcome to respond). I think I've got something on the Revolutionary War service of your ancestor from H.B. Plumb. Happy Hunting,


Re: George Plumb

Terence Plumb (View posts)
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Wow . . . guess we've always been a little dysfunctional as a family, lol. ;-)

Sent you an 'e' . . . be glad to learn any and all history you have time and opportunity to pass my way.

Thanks, Terence Plumb

Re: George Plumb

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Hello George

Recently while volunteering at the Library I came across a large book of family group sheets. I believe that they are connected to you. There is a Robert Plumb and Grace Crackbone, with all the children.
There are many other family lines reaching before 700's. I would like to find a home for this book. If you are interested please email me at


Re: George Plumb

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Surnames: Plumb, Plumbe, Plumes

I am currently in graduate school and have to write a paper about my family heritage. I came across a link where you had interacted with a Terance Plumb. You conversed abotu John and Elizabeth Green Plumb (I have records saying Plumbe from my father's uncle) m. 1662(ish) of New London, Connecticut. I guess we are distant cousins.

This is what I have to date for my direct ancestor listing.

John and Johane Plumes Terling, Essex, England
George and _______ Plumes of Inworth Co. Essex, England
John and Elizabeth Green Plumbe of New London, Conn.
George and Prudence Richardson Plumbe of Stonington, Conn
Samuel and Grace Babcock Plumbe of Stonington
James and Lydia Safford Plumb of Stonington, Norwich, and Halifax, Vt
George and Patty Whiton Plumb of Halifax (m.1790)
George and Polly Plumb Plumb of Guilford, Vt and Jefferson Co, NY (They were cousins, Polly's father was Nathaniel Plumb m. Alice Langworthy Plumb and was a drummer boy in the Revolutionary War)
James and Clarissa Hammond Plumb of Dexter, NY in 1843
James and Annie Kelly Plumb of Dexter and Utica, NY
James and Mary Creegan of Utica, NY 1918
Richard and Betty Williams Plumb of Utica, NY
Richard and Michele Humphrey Plumb, Utica, NY m. 1973
Current children of Richard and Michele: Jenna (b. 1986), Brent (b. 1993)

E-mail me with any reply--
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