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Sara Harp/Cherokee Indian/ married James

Sara Harp/Cherokee Indian/ married James

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Does anyone have any infomation on Sara Harp? She married William(?) James and they had several children. I believe she was from the Nebraska or Missouri area. She is supposed to be a full blood Cherokee lady.
I would appreciate any information that you might be able to provide.
Thank you,
Judith James


Lisa (View posts)
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My Great Grand mother Victoria Harp Smith was born 1889. I was told her mothers name was Sara. She gave birth to twins on named Sara except she married Issac Williams who had a brother named James. The only place I know of my family originating from is Oklahoma.


Debra Rose Weir (View posts)
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My grandmother was Frances Angeline Harp-Wolfenbarger. She lived in OK then moved to CA. Her mother was Caldonia Rickman-Harp married to William Harvey Harp. Is there a connection? Grandpa was supposedly full blood cherokee....

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My grandfather's name was Thomas James Harp and I have been told that his mother was full blood cherokee.Thomas had 5 boy's, Holly,Albert,Clarence,Jeff,& Tommy. Holly was my father and he passed away in 1972

great grandmother Harp-Cherokee blood

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re;harp family

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jeannie i think we might be related my gratgrandmother was cherokee but she was a ledbetter but did thomas james have cousins by the name of grant harp or carter harp william ossac james robert harp if this is os we r related the indian name is clinkinbeard. i dunno but it might be possible these harps r all starting to be related in some way or another.
hope this might be a link for u
corie harp -gurule

sarah Clinkinbeard Harp

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Sarah Clinkinbeard Harp is my fourht great grandmother she married a william Harp and irishmen they had a son Carter Harp and he had a son Grant Harp who had a son Archie Harp who was my grandfather there r ten kids from my dad's family of Archie my dad is Jerry Harp. so i think we r related like cousins somehow 3rd or 4th.
hope this helps
Corrie J.Harp_gurule

Sarah Clinkenbeard Harp

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This is so exciting!! We definatly have a link. Sarah Clinkenbeard Harp James was my husbands great grandmother.
Do you have any family stories or any knowledge of their reloation circumstances? I hope to hear from you and further information on this portion of our families..
You may contact me at

Thank you for your time,
Judith Shoup James

Re: re;harp family

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Hi Corrie, It has been a long time sincewe have last talked. Yes, Sarah Elizabeths father was Carter(Cart) Harp. And I know that the Clinkenbeards are connected.
One of Sarah and William J. James sons was Robert Doran and he was my husbands grandfather.
I would like to hear from you again. Hope this finds you well and happy.

Re: Sarah Clinkenbeard Harp

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I forgot to add my new e-mail address since the last postings. It is
Also, is your "Grant" Harp, Ulyssis S. Grant Harp??
Take care,
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