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killion creek

killion creek

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my name is bonnie aksamit i am a descendant of killion and margaret creek. my grandfather was harold creek, his father before him, sylvester,--john henry,-- william richmond,-- jacob joseph, and finally killion guillian.
my email is i hope to hear from you.

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Karen Matheson (View posts)
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Bonnie, I am also a descendant of Killion Creek's through his son Jacob. Jacob's daughter Ginetta married Stephen Baldwin, and I am descended through their line. Welcome!

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Lori Walker (View posts)
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I also am descended from Killian, John Sr, Jacob K, Price Charles, Lydia Lucinda.

Which wife of Jacob Joseph? Would love to share what information I have.

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Karen Matheson (View posts)
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Surnames: CREEK
Lori, so you're descended from John Creek and Rebecca Bush? I didn't know they had a son named Jacob K. Obviously, I need to brush up on this branch! Can you help me?

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Father: CREEK, JamesCreekJames ( -dec.)
Mother: CREEK, Rebecca UnknownCreekRebecca Unknown ( -dec.)

CREEK, Lodaway (Lodawick)CreekLodaway (Lodawick) ( -dec.)
CREEK, LukeCreekLuke ( -dec.)
CREEK, Tabitha E.CreekTabitha E. ( -dec.)
1770 CREEK, Catherine (Caty)CreekCatherine (Caty) (1770-1851)
1772 CREEK, CatherineCreekCatherine (1772-1851)
13 SEP 1774 CREEK, John, Sr.CreekJohn, Sr. (1774-1851)
15 APR 1780 CREEK, NancyCreekNancy (1780-1868)
31 JAN 1783 CREEK, ABRAHAM (Sr.)CREEKABRAHAM (Sr.) (1783-1859)
1783 CREEK, Jacob JosephCreekJacob Joseph (1783-1869)
13 SEP 1785 CREEK, IsaacCreekIsaac (1785-1856)
5 DEC 1788 CREEK, Lavisa LucyCreekLavisa Lucy (1788-1863)
5 DEC 1788 CREEK, Lavisa LucyCreekLavisa Lucy (1788-1863)
1789 CREEK, SusannahCreekSusannah (1789-1851)
1794 CREEK, Thomas WilliamCreekThomas William (1794-dec.)
1794 CREEK, Killion (Jr.)CreekKillion (Jr.) (1794-1852)
1796 CREEK, JamesCreekJames (1796-dec.)
28 JUL 1796 CREEK, PhiladelphiaCreekPhiladelphia (1796-1863)
1797 CREEK, William W.CreekWilliam W. (1797-dec.)

Biography: Donna's four greats grandfather.

Variant spelling: Guillion Gunreg Kreik

Fugate Notes: Gibson County, Indiana, contracting as stonemason on Princeton Courthouse. Kentucky Mill was designated "Kentucky Landmark" for historic value. Guillian (Killian, Sr.) was in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, 1785, and of definite German origin. Name spelled Kreek: Phillips and Kin Newsletter, "Vol 3 No 2, p40. Note Killian and wife signed deed with their German names, "Gullian Grieg and Margaret Grieg," to sell the Kentucky Mill, October 1799. By 15 May 1839, had wife, Lettitia, who sold Indiana property as his widow 17 June 1845, (prob sister of Margaret, 1st wife). Also note Glasgow in Warren County, Kentucky, from which Barren County formed abt 1799.

Margaret: Father reportedly a Rev War officer. After her death, Killion married Lettitia Holloway abt May 1839, Gibson City, Indiana (b. abt 1755 and prob sister to Margaret).

Child Catherine: m. John Miller 4 February 1801 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Married Andrew Sandusky, who was killed by Indians 1799. Married John Miller . Daughter Margaret (b.1791) and sons, John and William Sandusky, apptd by court order, June 1804, "orphans bound to Killion Creek to learn trade or art of Stone Mason". Killion Creek was Admin Estate of Andrew Sandusky, apptd Nov 1799.

Child John: Reported has 14 children; lived in Monroe County, Kentucky. Widower died age 84; cause "Gravel".

Child Nancy: died 1868 in home of son Milton who also died in 1868

Child Abraham: (Donna's ggg grandfather) m. Jane D. Miles 10 September1858

Child Jacob J: m. June Riggs 1 June 1803; m. Salome Watts 25 May 1846; m.Mary Ann Price 22 September 1853

Child Isaac: m. Hoddy Nancy 7 July 1831. Daughter of Gladin Gorin, younger brother of John Gorin, a "Founding Father" of Bowling Green, Kentucky

Child David: m. Elizabeth Rowland 25 August 1842

WINTER: Given name: Killion Guillian (Gering) Creek

Renee says:

Dear Donna, Here is the correct information as I know it today. This came to me via Carol Creek Bailey, she and I are descendant from James Radford Creek.

Killion Kreik (I found somewhere (a LDS researcher said) that back then when Germans signed their names it looked as if they were making "G"s instead of "K"s. And when Killion said his name it sounded like "Creek" so that's what the English wrote down.) I have also found from my other German ancestors that they were not concerned with spelling their names correctly every time. (i.e.. Johann would somedays be John and others be Jon. True story.)

Killion Kreik (_ 1750 - 1824-30) married to Margaret Weitzel Holloway (1755 - 1811) Catherine "Caty" John James William Woodrow Nancy Abraham Isaac Jacob J Lavisa (Louisa) Lucy David Susanna Philadelphia Killion Jr Solomon (not documented by all) Thomas

Note: When researching Killion Sr. in Gibson Co., IN i was advised that the will is no longer on file in Gibson Co., someone has "pinched it" Does anyone have a copy???

While pursuing some old must files I found copies of Barren Co., KY Deed Books C,D,& E 1808-1816 compiled by Sandra K. Gorin, desc of Isaac & Sarah Gorin, his 1st wife. She purchased the incomplete work of another Kentucky resident & researcher Eva Coe Peden. Here is the "lost" page 8. He signed "Gullian Gunrig and Margaret Gunrig. Note: Eva had stated that she did not understand the difference in the names. Gunrig/Guerig was the true spelling of Killian Creek's name - skg" Deed Book A *************** I am also a descendant of Killion and Margaret Creek, through his son Jacob J. Creek. I believe that Killion Sr. died between 1824 and 1830. He was enumerated in the 1820 census of Gibson County, Indiana, and the last record I have of him in Gibson County was in 1824, when he sued William Steel for a sum of money due him. He would have been in his 80's at this time.

His son, Killion Jr. md. Sarah Saxton 27 July 1815 in Gibson County, IN. Killion Jr. is the man who died in December 1851 in Gibson County.

I haven't done a lot of research looking for Killion's father, but I have quite a bit on Killion himself. Killion's granddaughter Jenetta Creek married Stephen Baldwin. These are my ancestors. Three of the Baldwin sons are buried in Oak Grove/Creek Cemetery in Gibson County. This cemetery is very near the Gibson/Posey border. Stephen Baldwin's land was located on the adjoining county line, in Posey County.

Here is a brief run-down on what I have for Killion Creek, Sr.--

I first located him in Bourbon County, Kentucky, where his daughter Catherine "Caty" married Andrew Sandusky in 1790. Killion himself was mentioned in court records in 1790: "Bourbon County, Kentucky Court Orders 1786-1793: An Every-Name Index" (Miami Beach, FL: T.L.C. Genealogy, 1995). In May Court 1790, Killis CREEK was recommended as lieutenant. In August Court 1790, Gillion [sic] CREEK was the defendant in a suit that was sent to arbitration.

Of course, much information has been found in Warren and Barren counties, Kentucky. Killion Creek, Sr. built a mill in Warren County, Kentucky that is still standing, as I understand it. Here is a description--from South Central Kentucky Historical and Genealogical Society, "Traces of South Central Kentucky" (Glasgow, KY: same, 1982) Volume 10, Issue 3, Fall 1982. "On the Cover. Our cover picture... is of the old mill that stands on Beaver Creek... three miles west of Glasgow. The mill site was approved by the Warren County Court on May 1, 1798 and the mill was built shortly thereafter by stone mason Killian Kreek. When Killian Kreek and his wife Margaret Kreek sold the mill to Simon Buford in October of 1799, the county of Barren had been formed. Killian and Margaret signed the deed with their German names 'Gullian Grieg and Margarett Grieg.' Over the years the mill has been known as Kreek's Mill, Buford's Mill..."

Killion Creek, Sr. was in Gibson County, Indiana as early as 1813, according to the following source: "Indiana Territorial Pioneer Records" (FHL 977.2 N4i) Gibson County. "27 March 1813. To his Excellency John Gibson acting Governor of the Indiana Territory. At a meeting of a Respectable number of Citizens of Gibson County for the purpose of Electing a Clerk for Said County, James Smith was unanimously chosen for Clerk and should your Excellency approve of said appointment, it would be gratifying the Choice of a number of Respectable Citizens of Gibson County." [Signed] William Creek, Jacob Creek, Isaac Creek. [Note: William should read Killian.]

In 1814, Killion Creek was awarded the contract to build the walls of the courthouse in Gibson County, IN: from Gil R. Stormont, "History of Gibson County, Indiana: Her People, Industries & Institutions" (B F Bowen & Co., Inc., 1914) p. 82. (FHL #934905) "The general plan of this first temple of justice for Gibson county... Work was commenced September 1, 1814. The contractor was KILLION CREEK--that is, he laid the walls..." And from the "Princeton Daily Clarion" edition Tuesday, April 15, 1975. "...The County commissioners found it necessary in 1814 to contract for a county courthouse. Killion Creek was awarded the contract for the two-story county building. Records indicate specifications included walls which measured 33 feet by 40 feet in height, a foundation 18 inches below the ground, and the first floor ceiling was 12 feet high..."

In 1817, Killion Creek, Sr. sold his land in Kentucky: from Joyce Martin Murray, "Deed Abstracts of Warren County, Kentucky 1812-1821 (Deed Bks F-6, G-7, H-8, I-9)" (Dallas, TX: author, 1986), p. 62. Killion Creek of Gibson County, Indiana sold land on Goose Spring in Warren, Kentucky to Harden Camp on 20 May 1817.

He was enumerated in the 1820 Gibson County, Indiana census. And lastly, he was seen in court records: From "Misc. Gibson County, Indiana Information" (FHL 977.234 V2c Vol. 7) 1817 - Killon Creek vs. Arthur Griffin, money. 1824 - Killion Creek vs. William Steel, money over a horse.

It is evidently on the cover of the South Central Kentucky Historical and Genealogical Society, "Traces of South Central Kentucky" (Glasgow, KY: same, 1982) Volume 10, Issue 3, Fall 1982. "On the Cover. Our cover of the old mill that stands on Beaver Creek...three miles west of Glasgow. The mill site was approved by the Warren County Court on May 1, 1798 and the mill was built shortly thereafter by stone mason Killian Kreek. When Killian Kreek and his wife Margaret Kreek sold the mill to Simon Buford in October of 1799, the county of Barren had been formed. Killian and Margaret signed the deed with their German names 'Gullian Grieg and Margarett Grieg.' Over the years the mill has been known as Kreek's Mill, Buford's Mill..." Karen Matheson ***************************** Lazarus Webb and Killion Creek posted bond for the marriage of Lazarus Webb to Nancy Creek July 4, 1797 John Renfrow and Killian Creek posted bond for marriage of John Renfrow and Susanna Creek Feb 13, 1808 Lawrence Stull and Killian Creek posted bond for marriage of Lawrence Stull and Philadelphia Creek Sep 19, 1811 In each document, even though Killiam Creek was named in the body of the document, he signed his name Killian Goring. Does anyone know why?

Jean Jorgensen

In Phillips & Kin of Franklin County, Illinois, December 1978;8(4):83-87, Mrs. Charles Creek writes about the Killian Creek signature--and gives us something to think about.

She wrote, "I think that Guillian Creek. . .did not care to adopt the mandated use of a formal surname (all Germans were ordered to adopt and use a surname by an official edict). While I must depend on an English-German dictionary to make a literal translation, it appears that when Guillian Creek was required to affix his signature to an instrument, he signed Guillian 'Gering,' or in English, Guillian 'the lessor' or 'the minor.' It would appear that he was saying that there was another Guillian who was either older or bigger than he. At this time we cannot assume that Guillian's father was also named Guillian. The bigger or older Guillan may have been an uncle or cousin or, less likely, not even related. I think that we can be certain that there was another Guillian." *********************** Barren County, Kentucky Order Book Number 1 (or) Order Book A 1799-1802

August Court 1799 Ordered that George White be appointed Surveyor of the road leading from John Gorans to intersect the road from John Halls to Amoses Ferry and that he with hands in the following bounds do open and keep the same in repair. Bounds beginning at Killen Kreeks then including George Wright thence to Abner Bowmans thence to Frederick Mosses thence to Wm Ragsdales thence down Beaver Creek to the beginning.

October Court 1799 Deed Killian Kreek to Simeon Buford acknd and OK.

November Court 1799 On Motion of Killian Kreek certificate is granted him for obtaining Letters of Administration on the Estate of Andrew Sandusky whereupon the said Killian took oath of an Administrator and together with George Lane and Jas Fraizur his security entered into bond in the penalty of 1000 dollars conditioned as the law directs.

November Court 1799 Ordered that Abel Hennon, Wm Newell, Robert Higgins and Simmeon Buford do appraise in Current money the personal estate and slaves if any of the Estate of Andrew Sandusky decd and make a return thereof to the Court.

January Court 1800 On the motion of James Frazer and Geo Lane setting fourth that they are bound as securities to Killian Creek adms. Of the estate of Andrew Sandusky decd concerning themselves in danger of suffering damages in consequence of their being securities as afsd it is ord that the said Kreek be summons do appear here at the next court to give counter security to the end __ the said Frazier and Lance.

July Court 1800 Frazur Vs Kreek Discontinued at the April last.

July Court 1800 An Inventory and appraisement of the Estate of Anderson Sandusky deceased was returned and ordered to be recorded.

December Court 1800 On motion of James Frazer setting fourth that he is bound with Geo. James as securities for Kelian Kreek Adm of the Estate of Andrew Sandusky decd conceiving themselves in danger of suffering damages cons___ of his being surety afsd it is ord thath said Kreeke be summs to appear at the next County Court to give Counter Security to ____

March 1801 Ordered that Abel Henon and Simeon Buford do settle the accounts of the Administrator of the Estate of Andw. Sandusky deceased and make report thereof to the Court.

May Court 1801 On motion of William Newell asee of Killian Creek who obtained a Cert. No. 2144 for 100 acres satisfactory proof being made to the Court the 60 acres thereof was taken by Military claim liberty is granted therefore to remove the said 60 acres.

Court Wednesday the 29th day of July 1801 Ordered that the Clerk bind John Sandusky & Killman Sandusky to James Downen to learn the art of Mistery of a Farmer agreeable to Law. *******

Warren County, Kentucky Order Book Number 1 (or) Order Book A 07 Mar 1797 - 15 Jun 1801

06 Mar 1798 On the motion of Killian Kreek Adquodamnum is granted him to view a place for a mill seat of his lands in this County. Ordered that the Sheriff Summon a Jury to meet on the said land on the 20th of this Instant and after Examining Said lands make report thereof to the next Court.

01 May 1798 Report of Adquodamnum Killian Creeks Mill Seat (to wit) In Pursuance of a writ of Adquodamnum in behalf of Killian Kreek respecting his mill we the Jury being first Impanneled and Legally charged on the Premises by the Sheriff to condemn Lay off and value acre of Land where the above Dam abuts and have and do say the said Kreek shall Pay the Proprietor the sum of fifteen Shillings for the same. We likewise have taken into Consideration the Damages that the Proprietor will sustain by the waters overflowing the Land and have and so say that the said Creek shall Pay him the sum of Six Shillings for the same and we do moreover say that the above is all the Damages that any Person or Persons will Sustain by the said Creeks Erecting a water Grist mill given under our hands and seals this 20th of March 1798. Richard Higgins (seal) Abel Hennon (seal) John Burd (seal) William Chapman (seal) Clabon Horlowe (seal) John Jamyory (seal) Parmer Hall (seal) Wm Minter (seal) James Bradley (seal) Joseph Obannon(seal) John Creek (seal) James Downen (seal) which being read Examined allowed of and Established and ordered to be Recorded.

06 Nov 1798 The Court Proceeded to lay the County levy as follows (To wit) To Killian Kreek for Keeping James Dickerson 5 months 15 days and 12/ for taking out of the County…. 20 lbs 2 shillings.

Warren County, Kentucky Order Book Number 2 (or) Order Book B 15 Jun 1801 - 01 Jan 1805

17 Aug 1801 John Creek - 400 acres On the Motion of John Creek and Satisfactory proof being made to the Court that he Has taken up and improved four hundred Acres of Land agreeable to a Act of Assembly in that Case made and provided It is ordered that he be Entitled to the same as per Entry filed Which Entry reads as follows To wit.

20 Sep 1801 Kiln Creek, 200 acres On Motion of Kiln Creek he is Entitled to two Hundred Acres of Land according to the Following Entry (twit) Kiln Creek Enters two Hundred acres of land in Warren County Beginning at Abraham Creeks Beginning corner running thence Southwardly thence Westwardly thence Northwardly Eastwardly and thence with Abraham Creeks line to the Beginning.

17 Nov 1801 Sally McCrackin, 400 acres On the motion of Sally McCrackin She is Entitled to Four Hundred acres of land according to the Following Entry to wit Sally McCracken Enters four Hundred Acres of land on the waters of Green River Beginning on Lazarus Webbs northwestwardly Corner. Running Northwardly and Westwardly for quantity so as to keep Clear prior Claims.

22 Dec 1801 John Davis, 400 acres on waters of Green River beg on Killian Kreek's line, running to Bartlet Atkin's line thence to the knobs.

22 Dec 1801 John Ramsey, 400 acres on waters of Green River beg on Lazarus Webb's SE corner, binding on his survey out E.

15 Feb 1802 Samuel Gill, 400 acres in the Barrens beg on Abraham Creek's SE line, running S & E with his line.

15 Feb 1802 Isaac Creek, 100 acres On the motion of Isaac Creek he is entitled to one Hundred acres of land according to the following entry, to wit, Isaac Creek enters one Hundred acres of land in Warren County, Beginning on John Round Trees East line at the Goose Spring Eastwardly and as the law directs for quantity to include the improvement. Warren County, Kentucky Deed Abstracts 1797 - 1816

Deed Book D 19 Dec 1807 John Riley and wife Elizabeth Riley to Lazarus Webb, for L120, 100 acres on the waters of the Clear Fork of Gaspers River. Elizabeth Riley relinquished dower right. Wit: Gladin Gorin, Jno Cook, Daniel Riley.

Deed Book D 03 Mar 1809 Isaac Riley and wife Dosha Riley to Eli Webb, for L30, 110 acres on waters of Naked Fork of Gasper's River. Dosha Riley, wife of Isaac relinquished dower right. Wit: None listed.

Deed Book E 21 Nov 1810 Eli Webb & Margaret, his wife, to Joseph Covington, for $335.00, 110 acres on Naked Fork of Gaspers River. Wit: Tho Covington, Lazarus Webb, John Miller

Deed Book E 26 Jan 1811 Joseph McHenry and Jemimah, his wife, to John Loving, $500 for 100 acres adjoining lands of Abraham Anderson, John Wren & Hilian Creek, being part of Survey of 200 acres, being a 100 acre tract. Wit: John Porter, Wm C Johnson, Bently Ballard, George Moore.

25 Mar 1812 Thomas R SHANNON and wife Betsey SHANNON, to John MAY, for $750.00, 100 acres on waters of Gaspers River being place where said SHANNON formerly lived by virtue of certificate Number 396 granted to Settlers south of Green River. Witnesses: Thomas BOWLES, Lazarus Webb

Deed Book G 16 Dec 1815 Williamson Gatewood & Elizabeth, his wife to Ephriam Puckett, $1, 200 acres being part of 400 acres granted sd Gatewood as assignee of Pucket, assignee of Jacob Watson who was assignee of Abram Kreck (Abrahm Kreek?)

Warren County, Kentucky Order Book Number 1 (or) Order Book A March 1797 - January 15, 1801

Deed Book H 26 Aug 1816 Jonathon Hobson to Wm Shackelford, $200, 200 acres being one of 200 acres granted Gatewood, assigne of Ephriam Puckett, assignee of Joab Watson, assignee of Abraham J Creek. Beg S of road from Dripping Springs to Puckett's.

Deed Book H 20 May 1816 Killian Kreek of Gibson Co Indiana to Harden Camp, $800, land on Goose spring for which patent issued to Creek 29 Jan 1814. Killian Creek (alias Gillione Gerig). Test: Aquilla Greer, Thos Bridges.

Warren County, KY Wills & Settlements Will Book A-B 1797-1823

Settlements of the estate of E DOBSON, 21 Jun2 1805:

Joshua JORDAN purchased 1 Man's saddle for 1L 7S and Tea Ware for 12 S.

Lazarus Webb was the clerk at the sale....Killion Kreek also purchased goods.


01 Aug 1808 Jan Term 1810

Nicholas WREN To Elizabeth my dearly beloved wife all and singular my lands and tenements together with a negro girl and so much of my stock and household goods as she shall choose to be enjoyed during her natural life, and the residue of my estate to be sold and applied toward the support of Elizabeth, my wife, by my beloved sons, John and Isaac WREN whom I likewise make and ordain my executors.

It is my will that if my wife, Elizabeth should decease before the year 1820, that Chloe the negro girl should be set free at that date, 18220, and it is my will that she serve out her time with one of my executors, viz, my son Isaac Wren. In case I should decease before that time, and if negro Chloe should have any increase previous to the said year, 1820, it is my will my son Isaac should raise the children until they arrive at the age of 21, and then be set free.

My executors to raise out of my estate eighteen pounds of goods and lawful money of Kentucky, with interest from the year 1782, each executor keeping his portion of same in his hands for the purpose of discharging a foreign debt if it ever be brought against the estate. And then to make an equal division of all my goods and chattels among all my children that may be living at my death.

Witnesses: Samuel WHITESIDES, John WHITESIDES and David BARBRE.

Inventory appraised by Samuel WHITESIDES, Alan ANDERSON and Lazarus WEBB. ************************************************** ******************************* Categories: Pittsy. County Deeds THIS INDENTURE made the twenty fifth day of february in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand seven hundred and seventy nine BETWEEN Hugh Reynolds of Pittsylvania County and Colony of Virginia of the one part and Killian Greeke of the said County and colony of the other part WITNESSETH that the said Hugh Reynolds for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred pound .... him in hand paid by the said, Killian Greeke the the receipt where of the said Hugh Reynolds doth hereby acknowledge the said Hugh Reynolds hath granted , bargianed, sold ....and confirmed and by those present doth grant Bargain sell Alein and confirm unto the said Killian Greeke his heirs and a ....forever a part of that piece parcel or tract of land which was granted to the said Hugh Reynolds by way of Patent and bearing date the third day ofAugust one thousand sevenhundred and seventy one Situate Lying and being in the County and Colony aforesaid on the waters of Tomahawk Creek and bounded as follows

Marriage 1 Margaret HOLLOWAY

Note: Alias: Gilliun Kreig or /Guillaume/ Of German ancestry. Family connections lost with name change to Anglicized Creek. This name is also spelled Kreig and Gruig. He was a mason. His old mill is on the state register in Glasco, KY. He went to Gibson Co., Indiana and built the first courthouse there. He died there and is buried there.

Role: Child
Free Date: 1750
Struc Date: 1750
Sort Date: 07/01/1750
Place: Barren/Boubon, Kentucky
Edit Date: 05/07/1999
Event Text:
KILLIONCREEKKILLION (Kreek) (1750-1845) was born in Barren/Boubon, Kentucky 1750. WINTER: born Pittsylvania County, Virginia - now Henry County

OR: Gibson, Indiana
Role: Groom
Free Date: 1769
Struc Date: 1769
Sort Date: 07/01/1769
Place: Barren, Kentucky/Boubon, Kenutcky
Event Text:
HeCREEKKILLION (Kreek) (1750-1845) married HOLLOWAY, MARGARET WEITZELHOLLOWAYMARGARET WEITZEL (1755-BEF 1839) in Barren, Kentucky/Boubon, Kenutcky, 1769. Fugate says Virginia (his line goes from Holloway marriage

WINTER: married in Frederick County, Virginia, aged 19.
Role: Groom
Free Date: 27 July 1815
Struc Date: 27 JUL 1815
Sort Date: 07/27/1815
Place: Gibson, Indiana
Event Text:
HeCREEKKILLION (Kreek) (1750-1845) married SEXTON, SarahSextonSarah (ABT 1797-dec.) in Gibson, Indiana, 27 July 1815.
Role: Groom
Free Date: abt May 1839
Struc Date: ABT MAY 1839
Sort Date: 05/15/1839
Place: Gibson County, Indiana
Event Text:
HeCREEKKILLION (Kreek) (1750-1845) married HOLLOWAY, LettitiaHollowayLettitia (1754-dec.) in Gibson County, Indiana, abt May 1839.
Role: Deceased
Free Date: 12 March 1845
Struc Date: 12 MAR 1845
Sort Date: 03/12/1845
Place: Gibson, Indiana
Event Text:
KILLIONCREEKKILLION (Kreek) (1750-1845) died 12 March 1845 in Gibson, Indiana. Fugate says bef 7 June 1845 in Gibson County, Indiana

Fugate says: buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in Gibson

WINTER: June 1845; buried at Oak Grove Cemetery
Role: Interred
Free Date: March 1852
Struc Date: MAR 1852
Sort Date: 03/15/1852
Place: Gibson, Indiana
Detail 1: Cemetery: Oak Grove
Event Text:
HisCREEKKILLION (Kreek) (1750-1845) body was interred March 1852 in Gibson, Indiana, Oak Grove. OR: June 1845

SUMMARY FOR CREEK, Jacob JosephCreekJacob Joseph (1783-1869)

Father: CREEK, KILLION (Kreek)CREEKKILLION (Kreek) (1750-1845)

1804 CREEK, IshamCreekIsham (1804-dec.)
18 OCT 1805 CREEK, ElizabethCreekElizabeth (1805-1860)
1809 CREEK, AmericaCreekAmerica (1809-dec.)
8 MAR 1811 CREEK, William RichmondCreekWilliam Richmond (1811-1879)
1813 CREEK, William WashingtonCreekWilliam Washington (1813-dec.)
1815 CREEK, PearsonCreekPearson (1815-1903)
18 MAR 1822 CREEK, Rumsey BarryCreekRumsey Barry (1822-1903)
20 SEP 1824 CREEK, JenettaCreekJenetta (1824-dec.)
1830 CREEK, KillionCreekKillion (1830-dec.)
1834 CREEK, MalissaCreekMalissa (1834-dec.)
JAN1847 CREEK, Henry ClayCreekHenry Clay (1847-dec.)
1849 CREEK, ThomasCreekThomas (1849-dec.)
1854 CREEK, StephenCreekStephen (1854-dec.)
1857 CREEK, JohnCreekJohn (1857-dec.)
1 JAN 1860 CREEK, MiradaCreekMirada (1860-1930)
1864 CREEK, Holley C.CreekHolley C. (1864-dec.)
DEC1869 CREEK, William C.CreekWilliam C. (1869-dec.)

Biography: MATHESON: Jacob Creek migrated to Gibson County, Indiana with many other Creek families. Jacob was enumerated in 1810 Warren County, Kentucky and 1820-1860 in Gibson County, Indiana..........Census records also lead me to believe that Jacob had many more children than those listed.

Role: Child
Free Date: 1782/84
Struc Date: 1783
Sort Date: 07/01/1783
Place: Missouri
Event Text:
JacobCreekJacob Joseph (1783-1869) was born in Missouri 1782/84.
Role: Groom
Free Date: 28 June 1799
Struc Date: 28 JUN 1799
Sort Date: 06/28/1799
Place: Warren County, Kentucky
Event Text:
HeCreekJacob Joseph (1783-1869) married GAGE, JaneGageJane ( - ) in Warren County, Kentucky, 28 June 1799.
Role: Groom
Free Date: 1 June 1803
Struc Date: 1 JUN 1803
Sort Date: 06/01/1803
Place: Warren County, Kentucky
Event Text:
HeCreekJacob Joseph (1783-1869) married RIGGS, JaneRiggsJane (1787-1845) in Warren County, Kentucky, 1 June 1803.
Role: Groom
Free Date: 1 June 1803
Struc Date: 1 JUN 1803
Sort Date: 06/01/1803
Place: Gibson County, Indiana
Event Text:
HeCreekJacob Joseph (1783-1869) married RIGGS, JaneRiggsJane (1787-1845) in Gibson County, Indiana, 1 June 1803.
Role: Groom
Free Date: 28 March 1846
Struc Date: 28 MAR 1846
Sort Date: 03/28/1846
Place: Gibson County, Indiana
Event Text:
HeCreekJacob Joseph (1783-1869) married WATTS, SalomeWattsSalome ( -dec.) in Gibson County, Indiana, 28 March 1846. Not her maiden name.
Role: Groom
Free Date: 22 September 1853
Struc Date: 22 SEP 1853
Sort Date: 09/22/1853
Place: Warren County, Kentucky
Event Text:
HeCreekJacob Joseph (1783-1869) married PRICE, Mary AnnPriceMary Ann ( -dec.) in Warren County, Kentucky, 22 September 1853.
Role: Deceased
Free Date: 1869
Struc Date: 1869
Sort Date: 07/01/1869
Place: Gibson County, Indiana
Event Text:
JacobCreekJacob Joseph (1783-1869) died 1869 in Gibson County, Indiana. Died before William C. was born

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Greetings, I really appreciate all the info on Killion Creek. I descend from Killion's daughter Susannah, married to John Thomas Renfrow, their daughter Delphia, married to Nimrod Wilson, their son Owen Wilson b. 1851, married to Sude Hopper, their son Arthur Wilson, married to Amye Lois Bratcher.
There is a picture of the Creek mill, now know as Buford's Mill at the address:
Regards, Andrea

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I am a descendent of Philadelphia Creek Stull Aug 28, 1796 and died June 7, 1863. i have some info on her children and my line from her, if anyone is interested. Happy to share

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I'm also a decendant of Killon Creek thru his son Abraham Creek . Abraham's daughter Margaret Creek married Jacob Creath Dale. Margaret and Jacob Dale's son John Baxter Dale was my gggrandfather. Would love to hear from you and be glad to share what infromation I have. Alice Quick
My e-mail is

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These are my ancestors also. David Black and Temperance Stull were my great great grandparents. I don't know if we have been in touch before, but I do have info on both sides of this family and will exchange info with you. You can contact me direct at

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