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Blake Family from WV

Blake Family from WV

sherryernie owens (View posts)
Posted: 949298192000
I have a George and Becky Blake from Cameron WV (Marshal Co.) His Father was Solomon and his Mother was Mary White. SEE OTHER MESSAGE BY ME FOR MORE INFO. Would be grateful for any info anyone could add. ThanX.

Blake of West Virginia

Carl Blake (View posts)
Posted: 950434013000
I am also researching the blakes of west virginia. I have traced them back to late 1700's in Greenbrier county on border of Pocahantas county in what is now the area of Hillsboro and Renick WV.

What years were the george and becky you were looking for? Do you have thier history going back or forward? That will help make the links.


SONYA HAWKINS (View posts)
Posted: 950464938000

My grandfather is a Blake

Wendy Siermienski (View posts)
Posted: 950476006000
Hi, my grandfather is Clifford Blake. He is Blackfoot Indian, it originated in Montana. I am trying to trace my history also. I know my grandfather's grandfather married a Blackfoot indian. I live in Mass, my gradfather recently passed away and I am trying to trace his past.

thank you, I hope this might help if they are related in anyway, Wendy~

Blake family

donna Williamson (View posts)
Posted: 951094562000
My family is the Blake family. I believe some of my ancesters are from West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. If I can be of any help, email me.

Blake Family

Tina Cunningham (View posts)
Posted: 951346565000
I have the blake family from Ann Rebecca Blake born 1834 and married to John Sheet Ann parents were Joshua and Mary and Ann siblings were James William, John thomas, Virginia, Robert Hutchinson(married Ruth Marsh) Beuilah Jane, and mary Loiuse if we have a connection please let me know.....My Joshua Blake imigrated from England around the late 1700's

Jack Blake brothers

Carl Blake (View posts)
Posted: 951566912000
Sorry to sound so close but not be the correct family. My father Carl had a brother Charles and also Clyde. My father was born in 1913 and is now deceased. He did not have any brother Jack. This blake family is from Renick West Virginia.

My suggestion is for you to go to the closest Mormon church which has a geneology library or a national archives and check the most recent census for the town where your father was born. That will help describe the entire family - Mother name, father name and children and town or get that from your father and also grand parents.

What town do you live in now? I now live in Fountain Valley Calif, clyde lives in Winchester VA, and Charles lives in Penn. My cousins all live in Maryland.

Go luck

Blakes of Penn and West virginia

Carl Blake (View posts)
Posted: 951568054000
Yes I would like to discuss what you have found on the blakes. Here is what I have found in summary:
1. Original blakes settled in Boston and Virginia, both families were from the same family, 2 brothers when to virginia, 1 to boston.
2. I come from the virginia branch.
3. The virginia brothers landed at Jamestown and were tax collectors for the King. Thier decendants settled through out virginia and then some moved to North Carolina. It is at that point where I can not make the connection to the family tree that I have traced back.
4. My family tree is mostly in Greenbrier county virginia and then West Virginia. I can trace back to Margaret blake born 1817 but no further.
5. I am missing a connection to the blakes in Montgomery county Virginia which is the county from which Greenbrier was formed.

I would like to learn any facts you have going backward from 1850.

Carl blake

Blakes from 1870 back

Carl Blake (View posts)
Posted: 951569572000
I don't know if we have a connection or not. That is the time period that I am now trying to sort out.

I can trace back to Margaret Blake who had 8 or 9 children from 1 or two marriages. One child Gertrude had a son Leedona Blake. My family tree decends from Leedona who was born in 1871.

That is where my research is not yet complete. My e-mail is If you can describe the towns and families that you have in virginia about that time, I can add to all the families that I have described and to which I have yet to make a connection.

I am interested in how you made the connection to Josua who can in late 1700's and not to other families alread here.


Blake family

Tina Cunningham (View posts)
Posted: 951586089000
The connection I have with Joshua...I received a detailed very paper from my relatives and a births paper as reads below

Blake coat of arms description "Virtue is the only nobility". It is belived that Joshua Blake the oldest know ancestor came from England in the late 1700's and was a lawyer by profession. He married Mary Cupp daughter of John and Ann Cupp. Joshua and Mary's children were James William b August 30 1832, Ann Rebecca b.March 30 1834, John Thomas b. July 4, 1836, Virginia b Dec 23 1837, Joshua b July 4 1839, Robert Hutchinson b. June 16 1841, Beulah Jane b. March 26 1847 and Mary Louise b. Aug 31 1849. Mary Cupps family moved from the Allegheny Mountains in Pa about 1800. Mary was a singer and sang at the reception for Jos. Paul Lafayette in Elm Grove, WVA. She was 21 when she married Joshua. They lived in Wheeling, WVA until 1832. Because of a cholera expediment they fled Wharrys Run Marshall Co. Later they moved to No2 Ridge.

Ann Rebecca Married John Sheets (my ggg grandparents). They had 2 children Joshua Ellsworth (my gg grandfather) and David.

Robert Hutchinson Blake born in 1841 served in the Civil war and later married Ruth Marsh. they had six children Frank W.,Job E., Mary, Lester, and Harry. Job married Nara Smart and their children Gladys, Frank N. Job was a plasterer by trade and worked with his brother in the ice cream factory. Lester married Lilly Hartley. Their children are Robert, Margaret, Hazel, LLoyd and Dorothy. Harry married Nora Keyser and became a farmer. they had no children. Mary married Arthur Moss had twin Byron and Ruth. Ruth married Goe Meiklikeu and had one daughter Diane.
And that's my connection so maybe we have a match....If you think we do please let me the way this info above is all I have on the Blake side of my family tree!
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