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Charles B. Thornton Obituary

Charles B. Thornton Obituary

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Glens Falls Times and Messenger, Saturday Evening, March 29, 1919

Charles B. Thornton
Charles B. Thornton of Kingsbury died at his home this morning. He leaves a son and daughter, Bradley* and Lucy Thornton. The funeral will be held Tuesday afternoon at three o'clock from his late home.

* Note: Son's name was Bradford, not Bradley.

Re: Charles B. Thornton Obituary

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Surnames: Thornton
Do you have any further info re: Charles B. Thornton? My gggrandmother, Lucy M. Thornton Ranger (b. 1840, Rutland, Vermont), had a brother with the same name born in 1836. Thank you for any further info you might have to share!

Re: Charles B. Thornton Obituary

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Dear Susan,

Charles B. Thornton was my gg-grandfather. He was born in Vermont about 1835. I believe he is the son of Serrill Thornton and Sally Lyons (daughter of Barney & Betsey Lyons). Sally died in 1841 at the age of 29 and is buried in Whipple Hollow cemetery which is somewhere not far from Rutland. Sometime after that Serrill moved to Schroon, Essex Co., NY - and he eventually moved out west..

My Charles B. married Viola Tripp (also of Schroon) and lived out the rest of his life (until 1919 or so as I recall) as a farmer in Kingsbury, Washington Co., NY. They had three children that I'm aware of: Bradford, Lela (my g-grandmother) and Lucy.

I've been unable to determine the parents or siblings of Serrill Thornton - and have poked around the Rutland area hoping to get some clues. He was actually born in Rhode Island. I have come across brief references to some Thorntons in the Rutland vicintiy whose names are similar to those in my Thornton family (Charles, Jeremiah, Lucy!).

If we could find some sort of family connection here, I'd love it! I expect to be off-line for a week or so but will look forward to hearing from you!

Nancy Barnett

Re: Charles B. Thornton Obituary

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Dear Nancy,

Well, this is a pleasant surprise! I do believe we've made a family connection! It appears that your gg-grandfather and my gg-grandmother were brother and sister!

The parents of my gg-grandmother, Lucy M. Thornton Ranger (b. Dec. 14, 1840, Rutland, Vermont) were also Serrill Thornton and Sally Lyon (dau. of Barney Lyon and Betsey Green). As you mentioned, Sally died in 1841 at the age of 29 and buried at Whipple Hollow Cemetery which is located in West Rutland, VT. In the notes I copied from the notes of a genealogist, Marvel Swan, who did work for the DAR (her notes are under lock and key in the Vermont Room at the Rutland Free Library, Rutland, VT the last time I used them in 1995), Serrill Thornton was gone from the area by the time of the 1850 Census, "Believed to have gone to Sioux Falls, S.D." I was interested to learn from your email that Serrill moved first to Schroon, Essex Co., NY before moving out West.

I had always wondered what happened to Charles B. Thornton so I appreciate your info. If you have birth and marriage info for him I would appreciate that too.

The parents of Serrill are Jeremiah (b. 1779, Conn. or R.I.? d. Jan. 25, 1863, Mendon, Rutland Co., VT ) and Abigail Williams (or Cowan, Cowing?) (b. 1785, R.I. d. June 25, 1870, Rutland, Rutland Co., VT).

The siblings of Serrill include: Henrietta (b. 1812), Mary (b. 1816), and Jeremiah C. (b. 1827). I'm not sure of his birthdate and birthplace. It appears to me that he may have been the oldest child.

So you see some of your Thornton relatives were and are from the Rutland area! I hope you found some of this info helpful. What other Thornton info do you have? I am looking forward to hearing back from you!

Susan Morse Kuhn

Re: Serrill & Charles Thornton

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Dear Susan -- How exciting to have a connection and information on another generation back! I guess this makes us fourth cousins!

Here's what I've found thus far on Serrill...

- He was born on 11 Sept 1806 in Rhode Island
- According to a history of Schroon published in the Essex Co. Republican in 1939, "in 1847, Serrill Thornton came from Rhode Island". (but as we both know, he lived in Vermont first!)
- In the 1850 census, he's in Schroon, Essex Co., NY with wife Hannah (born about 1815 in VT), sons Chas. B. & Jeremiah.
- In the 1860 census he's still in Schroon, a farmer with wife Hannah & children (all born in NY) Jeremiah (abt. 1848), Serrill Jr. (abt. 1852) & Benjamin B. (abt. 1855)
- On 23 July 1862 he enlisted as a private in 118th NY Vols. for 3-year term.
- In the 1865 NY State Census he's listed in Schroon but in the service. There is an elderly boarder living with his wife and children - a Wilbur Colvin, single, born in RI. I've toyed with the idea that perhaps this was a relative. Maybe Jeremiah Thornton's wife's maiden name was Colvin?
- 5 April 1876 He received a land patent of 160 acres in the eastern part of Iowa
- In the 1880 census he's in In Virginia Township, Union Co., SD with another wife: Emily C. who was born 5 May 1829 in PA
- He died 23 Jan 1894 and is buried in Grace Hill Cemetery in Hawarden, IA.

Here's what I have on Charles B.
- According to the 1900 census, he was born in VT in Sept. 1835. (However in the 1870 census he's listed as age 33.)
- He married my gg-grandmother, Viola Tripp sometime within the year prior to the 1860 census. She was also from Schroon, so I suspect that was where they were married
- In the 1870 census they are living in Kingsbury, Washington Co., NY with son Bradford (b. abt. 1863 in NY).
- In the 1880 census they are all still in Kingsbury with two more children: Lela P. (b. abt. 1876) and Lucy (b. abt 1879).
- In the 1900 census, Charles B., Viola and Lucy are still in Kingsbury.
- By the 1910 census, it's only Charles B. and Lucy as Viola died in 1907.
- Charles B. died 29 March 1919 in Kingsbury. On the same page as his obituary I found a notice that he had transferred his land in Kingsbury (he was a farmer) to a David Dunsmore. I haven't yet discovered where Charles and his wife are buried.

Where did you find the reference to Serrill's parents? So you think that his mother's name might have been Colvin? Looking forward to hearing from you!


Re: Serrill & Charles Thornton

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Surnames: Thornton, Colvin, King
Not sure if its my link but I have been following this one , too. My GGG Grandfather in William Thornton, born about 1807 in NY State. He is constantly surrounded by the RI group although the family believed they were related to The Matthew Thornton Family of NH. I don't think so.

The line I have identified, but not proven, is from RI. It starts with John Thornton, born 1634 in Plymouth, MA. His son is Benjamin, born 1681, in RI. His son is Joseph, born 1703, RI. His son is Thomas, born either 1727 or 1735 in RI. Thomas married Hope King, a grand daughter of Roger Williams. Thomas had a brother or an uncle named James Thornton who was married to a Colvin. James took Thomas's daughter, Deliverance, to raise until the age of 18. There were also several other children that turn up, eventually, in NY State. James and His Colvin wife had a son, Stulely, who married Annah Colvin, his mother's cousin who had had a child , David Niles, out of wedlock. They went through a bout of small pox, were all wards of the town, and when quarantine broke, went to Rutland, VT.

I live, now, in NH, although I am descended from the group that went out West, California. Here in NH and in Quebec, there are towns and landmarks with the name Stukely and other ancestors as well. It is fascinating but I haven't gotten to the bottom of it yet.

Let me know if this helps any and if you have any more info for the search.


Penny Thornton Kaloudis

Re: Serrill & Charles Thornton

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Dear Penny,

I have come across Stukely Thornton from time to time as I was looking in the Rutland, VT area for possible connections to Serrill. They lived only about 15 miles apart, so it's an intriguing possibility. it's also interesting to note that in the information that Susan posted, Colvin was mentioned as a possible last name for Jeremiah Thornton's wife.

I'll do more poking around to see if I can find anything.

Thanks for raising the question!

Sincerely, Nancy Barnett

Re: Charles B. Thornton Obituary

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Surnames: THORNTON
Dear Susan,

In the 1850 census, it appears that your Lucy M. Thornton is living with her grandparents, Jeremiah and Abigail Thornton in Mendon, VT. There is also an Esther Thornton, age 15 living with them - listed after Jeremiah's immediate family and some other people living in the household - listed at the end of the family group just above Lucy. It makes me wonder if we're missing another sibling of Charles B. and Lucy.

What do you think? (Page 118, in Mendon.)

Thanks - Nancy

Re: Charles B. Thornton Obituary

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Dear Nancy,

Yes, Esther is the third sibling and sister to Charles B. and Lucy (and the only other one that I'm aware of other than Serrill's children by his second wife that you noted in your August 6 message).

I have seen the 1850 Census for Mendon, VT. This is how I interpret who the individuals are: of course, Jeremiah (71 yo) and Abigail (65 yo) - Lucy's and Charles' s grandparents, Henrietta (38 yo), Mary (34 yo), and Jeremiah C. (23 yo) - children of Jeremiah and Abigail, Artemesia Cowan (50 yo female, "Value of Real Estate owned" - 400. Is she a relative of Abigail? or maybe she is a widow boarding with the Thorntons? Interestingly, Lucy Thornton Ranger, my gg-grandmother, named her daughter - my g-grandmother, Artemesia, nicknamed Artie), both Anson Snow (34 yo) and Anthony Burny (18 yo) were boarders? Esther (15 yo) and Lucy (9 yo) sisters and daughters of Serrill Thornton.

As far as I know (and also per Marvel Swan's DAR notes at the Rutland Free Library, Rutland,VT) , Serrill Thornton and Sally Lyon Thornton had three children: Esther (b. 1834), Charles B., and Lucy. I do not know what happened to Esther as I have not seen her name since the 1850 Census for Mendon, VT. Also, since Lucy Thornton Ranger was born December 14, 1840 and Sally Lyon Thornton died on August 23, 1841 it seems unlikely that there were any other children from Serrill and Sally's marriage.

As you noted, Serrill remarried two times - Hannah and Emily C. and had more children. Note that "Colvin" may have been the maiden name of Serrill's wife, Hannah, since it is with them that the boarder, Wilbur Colvin, is living in the 1865 NY State Census.

Regarding the maiden name of Abigail Thornton, wife of Jeremiah: I do not have any documented sources for her maiden name. I have a copy of her death record from the Rutland, VT City Clerk's Office. The information is written on one line in the Vital Record book which notes that she died on June 25, 1870 at the age of 85 of old age, female widow, born in Rhode Island, parents names "James and Harriet (Williams) __________" Please note that I do not have any reference or clues at this point that Abigail's maiden name was "Colvin." (I need to figure out why I was assuming it might be "Cowan" or "Cowing.")

I accidently came across Serrill (but his name is spelled "Cyril" - I'm assuming that this is the same person) in the 1840 Census for Pittsford, Rutland Co., VT (just a few miles north of Rutland, VT). Unfortunately, the 1840 censuses don't list names but based on ages I was able to note Serrill (male, 30 and under 40 yo), Charles B. (male, under 5 yo - by some chance, do you know what the "B." stands for?), Sally (female, 20 yo and under 30 yo), Esther (female, 5 yo and under 10 yo). Lucy is not listed because she was not born until December 14, 1840. So there appears to be three siblings.

You mentioned that Serrill Thornton "died 23 Jan 1894 and is buried in Grace Hill Cemetery is Hawarden, IA" and also that Serrill married a second wife, Hannah and had at least three sons. Thank you for this info which is new to me. This is interesting to me because I have two photos of two little boys taken on February 20, 1888 by a photographer in Hawarden, Iowa, Arthur H. Thornton age 5 months and 3 days and Scott B. Thornton age 29 months and 20 days. I always wondered how these two boys were related to the Thornton family; I guess they must have been the sons of one of Serrill's three sons by his second marriage. Also, Marvel Swan had some notes on a Jeremiah R. Thornton, b. 1848, Rutland, VT, m. Martha Holten or Holter, d. Iowa, residence: Iowa, children: (one listed) William. Ms. Swan lists her reference as "Hartford Times, August 3, 1957, C-670 JMR" and does not link this person to the other Thorntons in this section nor makes any comments about him. Based on your message dated August 6, this appears to be the same Jeremiah you list as the son of Serrill and Hannah only you mention that all of their children were born in NY and Marvel Swan's reference notes that Jeremiah R. was born in Rutland, VT (or maybe somewhere in the immediate area).

I am curious about the possible link to Stukely Thornton. I have nothing on a possible link at this time (I can only go as far back as Jeremiah b.1779 at this time) and there is nothing in the notes I copied from Marvel Swan's notes (she only goes back to Jeremiah b. 1779). I will keep my eyes open for a possible link if there is one.

Well, I hope that all or some of this info makes up for me not keeping in touch with you! Thanks for keeping me in the loop!

Susan Morse Kuhn

Re: Charles B. Thornton Obituary

Nancy Rosborough Barnett (View posts)
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Dear Susan,

This is all wonderful information - thanks! I'm in Glens Falls right now - an annual quick trip with my mother and daughter. Yesterday we drove to West Rutland and found the Whipple Hollow Cemetery where Sally Lyon Thornton and her parents - Barney & Betsey (Green) Lyon are buried.

We were so pleased to see how well cared for this old cemetery is! Many of the graves had been righted and reinforced with wooden sides and bars. Although I had seen reference that the cemetery was in West Rutland, it appeared to be much closer to Pittsford. So I'm pretty certain that the Cyril Thornton in the 1840 Pittsford census is my Serrill.

I do not know what the B. stands for in Charles B. Thornton. But I've wondered if it could possibly be "Bradford". Sally Lyon had a brother named Bradford - and Charles and his wife named their first (and only) son, Bradford.

I will double-check the birth state of Jeremiah R.

Please keep in touch and I'll let you know what else I find out.

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