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Public Member Trees Are A Joke

Public Member Trees Are A Joke

Posted: 1392214430000
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I'll be the villain here I'm sure. and don't care, but can't stand it any longer.

Let's face it, the Ancestry Public Member Trees are nothing but one big joke on the online genworld and why Ancestry doesn't do something to redo it and clean it up and get serious with what could be a good feature is beyond me.
Unless Ancestry just doesn't care about the feature, and the seriousness of online family trees. Public Member Trees it appears is nothing but a gimmick to attract the weekend warriors, the drive by, genealogy wannabes. What a shame, it all hinges on the almighty $ for Ancestry I suppose :(

Almost every Public Member Tree I come across is filled with dupes, trips, uber multiple entries and the driveby gengeek doesn't have a clue that he/she has imported so many duplicate so many times and never delete the bad.
For those with Public Trees start with the A's in your index and go page by page to th Z's and check your dupes. You might be surprised.

When I first see a Public Tree filled with the colorful frilly doodads of pretty phony family crests, shields, flags and, of course, the castles I know what is a'coming. I am about to see one big joke of an online family tree and Ancestry is doing nothing for online genealogy by enabling these weekenders by making it so easy for them to get started off right. I suppose as long as the weekenders $$ubscribe, that is what it is really all about. And folks wonder why online genealogy has a bad name. Thanks Ancestry.

The "Hints", whatever they are,, give me a break. Please do away with the hints so folks can do real research. Ancestry's Hints, whatever they are, aint the gospel folks, it still takes common sense to do it right. Even halfway right.
Take more pride with what you put online for others to see. After all this is your family, and others families. and your work with you signature on it. Embarrass yourself with the sloppy stuff somewhere else,, just refrain, or just quit embarrassing your ancestors, and mine, with your lazy ways.

How sad to see what could have been a good thing get so fouled up with nary a thing to be done about it.

So shoot me.

Re: Public Member Trees Are A Joke

Posted: 1392235113000
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OK. BANG. If you don't want hints, turn them off.

Re: Public Member Trees Are A Joke

Posted: 1392250218000
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Not that I don't agree with you about the number of junk trees out there, but I always wonder when I see these rants - if they bother you so much, why on earth do you keep looking at them?

Re: Public Member Trees Are A Joke

Posted: 1392250873000
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1 - turn off tree hints

2 - remind yourself of how much more the subscription price would be without all those drive-by weekend visitors paying a big chunk of the freight

Re: Public Member Trees Are A Joke

Posted: 1392257447000
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I look at them to try to keep the clueless from changing, distorting and corrupting my hard work when they use it in their Member Trees files. One new found online cousin who had used my research changed one of our grandfathers from what I had and when I asked her how in the world she came up with that her answer,,"Well that is who the hint told me to use". I knew then what I was up against.
For the record I don't use Public Member Tress, never have and never will so really don't understand the hint thing but from what I am understanding more and more, even in this thread, it screws up a lot more than it helps the clueless. Does the hint thing just make some too lazy to do it the right way? The hard way? You tell me since you chimed in and seem to know all about these hints.

For just one example of many there are about twenty files on one of my lines of many that I can find daily, that used my hard work, years worth of research, in their Public Member
Trees and most of them changed my work which I had proven with documentation, and sources.
Trying to get them to delete it out or correct it is like pulling teeth. Most of the files have been abandoned anyway. Not logged in to and maintained for years. Same way at RWWC but not as amateurish as these Public Member Tress. Maybe you are like the amateurs. just don't get it or just don't care.
Especially using other peoples hard time consuming work. And the bad work you use on others families makes it that much harder for the real online hobby folks like me to meet other well intended serious real researchers and new found kin when they see the garbage that is stolen corrupted by the clueless to what this is all about.

And it won't get any better as long as Ancestry and folks like you keep making excuses and perpetuation the problem. In fact I think it's too late to ever get online genealogy to become respected anyway after the little bit of feedback and excuses that I got here from my little rant

Maybe all is not wasted here if just a few here reading this rant will wake up and make them realize what they are doing andf stop and think later on what they are doing with other peoples research with the so called, hints. But it takes a little bit of pride to do it the right way. Obviously not all can muster up the pride to do it right. And others just make excuses for them. Sad.

Re: Public Member Trees Are A Joke

Posted: 1392261778000
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Nobody's making excuses. But do you realize how many of these rants there are each day?
I think we have to take on Burgess Donnelly's perspective and be glad that they are paying.
There are a lot of people that feel like you do who have taken their trees private, and for understandable reasons, some of which you mentioned above.

It IS sad when they take your work without acknowledgement, and even worse, change it. But ranting will not fix things.

Re: Public Member Trees Are A Joke

Posted: 1392264078000
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Well the irony is that I do have my family file online, not private, for all to see but I don't have it here and for what I do and want to do the Public Member Trees, froim what I can tell wouldn't work. I am sloppy amd unorganized but thorough and I do source and over source and link to other sites from my site for better info than I have. and I really don't see where this family file setup would work as good, near as good. I use World Connect and have for mayne eight to ten years and it's simple and works well for what I do.
What puzzles me and don't understand. Maybe I can get an answer here seriouslly. I have a good solid, a bit sloppy but accurate file at RWWC and no one in all the years that I have seen there has used my work in there file. But clicking around in Public Trees as see some of my lengthy family groups, that I worked up from scratch, years ago, used as many as twenty times in different family files . Why does people here use my stuff and people where I have my file not use it? I know copying is a sign of flattery and I am flattered and don't mind anyone using it,, just don't change it without discussing it with me. People that cherry pick others real work and copy/paste, import it and then twist and whittle it to fit the square peg into a round hole, or whatever it's called here, is not flattering but insulting. Maybe the hint told them I was wrong and the hint is right.
I don't quite understand the logic of enabling bad behavior for the inept newcomers because they pay for subscriptions.
I think a few newcomers that have seen all the messes in these files and they see that the old timers have it that way then that is cool and that's obviously the way it ought to be done,, monkey see monkey do. I can't quite understand that. Please don't enable that bad behavior.
On the flip side they also might not like my rants but my ranting about the messy files here might make a few blast off with their new online family file and do it the right way too.

I really didn't see any other rants before posting mine. If there are any I just didn't scroll back far enough. Maybe you can link me to the most recent.

Re: Public Member Trees Are A Joke

Posted: 1392264143000
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AFAIK, the weekend drive-by leaf clickers spend ZERO time on these boards. Any comments made here are only preaching to the choir.

Re: Public Member Trees Are A Joke

Posted: 1392267337000
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" I know copying is a sign of flattery and I am flattered and don't mind anyone using it,,"

In my opinion, the ones copying other people's trees are just lazy and do not want to take the time to do real research. Why do real research when someone can just simple click, click, click and "voila" a wonderful new tree-warts and all. I wish Ancestry would just simply stop allowing any easy copying of other people's trees. By manually typing in the names and vitals, one could more easily see when the info one is using is nonsense-ie-someone born in 1700 with children born in 1800 and other nonsense such as that. Or listing a death date of 1900 but showing children born in 1930. I do check other tree hints but when I see any tree with that kind of nonsense I steer clear and I never, evern simply click and add a whole line to any of my 4 trees online. Actually, I add any info first to my FTM trees on my onw computer before I ever input that info into one of my online trees.

Re: Public Member Trees Are A Joke

Posted: 1392317868000
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First I apologize for being so short in my comment re your rant. Every few weeks it seems that someone complains about junk trees and it always seems to include a reference to looking at many public trees. But what I should have remembered is that includes my own back in 2010 when I first started finding that people had taken my ancestors/ documentation/ photos and attached them to the wrong people. I do know that it's very frustrating and almost impossible to correct. I tried contacting some of them and (nicely) explaining that they were mistaken and why. Only one corrected it. I attached 'stories' to a few ancestors which explained that they never came to the US, never remarried etc. and where they could find the documentation for that. And - you guessed it - they attached it to their trees and otherwise didn't change a thing. These particular ancestors are very well documented. (And yes, if you've looked at my tree I do have some ancestors - quite a few generations back - in my tree who with titles and did in fact live in manors/castles. I can't help it, it's true and also well documented. It also doesn't mean a thing and quite frankly some of them were not nice people)

As to Ancestry 'fixing' all the junk trees while it would be wonderful if they did away with the easy click and copy (hints too!) so that people had to actually key in the info and perhaps then pay attention to what they were adding, I truly don't see how it would be feasible for them to 'correct' everyone's trees. And as we've all seen the casual clicker isn't going to do it voluntarily.

That said, 'BurgessDonnelly' is absolutely correct - the people who need to hear this aren't likely to ever look at this board. (But it does give the rest of us a place to vent ;-D )

J Murphy

(BTW if ever someone spots a mistake in one of my trees - and there ARE mistakes - be so kind as to point it out to me.)
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