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Carolyn Hill (View posts)
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I am looking for information on the name: SONICOOIE
I am a descendant of Soniovie (Susannah ) SONICOOIE
"Wild Potato" or "Blind Savannah " Clan
Soniovie may not be the correct spelling of her name, but if it is correct, can anyone tell me the Cherokee meaning of the name?
I have been told that SONICOOIE was the name of the Clan Mother.

There is a listing for SONEKOOWEYAH - on the Emigration Roll - 1817.
Could this be the same name?
Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Debbie Richards (View posts)
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I have seen the name spelled both ways. I have in my notes when I helped someone research a while back saying she thought Sonicooie meant Wolf. I also have this info from another person:
Debbie: Soniovie (Susannah) Sonicooie was the one who married our ancestor, Thomas Cordery. Her father was Blue Sonicooie and he was a town chief in Halifax County GA. She had a daughter, Peggy Sonicooie (born c. 1780), who later married Alexander Sanders.
I have info on some of the names you have listed like Sanders and Cordrey. If you want to e-mail me, will give you the info I have. Debbie


Carolyn Hill (View posts)
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Ty Debbie for your reply.
I don't believe that Blue Sonicooie was her father,because of the following message that I received.from a James Glory, cherokee, who lives on Indian lands in NC. and I quote:
"Her last name I don't believe came from her father. All those girls with that "last name" was members of the same Wild Potato clan and under the rule of the clan mother Elise Sonicooie. The blod line that followed was the female. Her father could not of been from the wild potato clan or he would of been killed for breeding her.:

I have seen Susannah referred to as susannah Blue,
which has me wondering if her husband may have been Blue Sonicicooie.

Also have info from a Gloria Youngdeer, that her name is spelled So Ni Coole - Sonicoole
I try to keep in mind the " Matrilineal " rule when dealing with my Cherokee research. Have been wondering If and when Thomas Cordery married Susannah (Christian law). He must have or the children would have carried the Sonicooie name.

I have also come across info that Susannah's father was a "town chief".
I have a small" book "on the descendants of Peggy Sonicooie and Alexander Sanders. (thanks to BB Benge.)

I am wondering if anybody has access to the Clan Lines. It may contain data on the Sonicoole - Sonicooie line.
If her father was a "town chief" there must be some record.



Debbie Richards (View posts)
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Hi Carolyn! First, I would like to thank Barbara Benge for all she has done thru the years. She has helped many with the Cherokee lineage. And I can't wait till she is done with the 1867 census which I know will help me with my family. And I for one know how hard it is to research the Cherokee ancestors, especially when they started with the Cherokee name and trying to connect the English name. My gggrandfather, Bear Timpson, was a Smith first and sure has been difficult to find his elders. Okay, I'm trying to rack my brain with Sonicooie! Remember doing this a while back and have been going thru some of my notes. I remember something about Springfrog with Sonicooie. Does that ring a bell? I have all the Cherokee By Blood books and somewhere I came across the Sonicooie when doing some researching. I took a quick look at Cordrey's and Sander's and didn't see anything so far. Since I now have the vol. 9, will update Sanders and Cordreys and will pass that on to you. Do have this info from Melissa Welsby who's line is Sanders.

The following information is from some notes I made when reading two of Shadburn's books, regarding Thomas Cordery, who married Susannah Sonicooie. The Mitchell Sanders mentioned is my 5th great grandfather:

Of Forsyth and Gwinnett Counties, Cherokee Nation East. Mentioned in Don L. Shadburn's Cherokee Planters in Georgia 1832-1838

Also from Cherokee Planters, beginning of the book: "In the high mountains of Gilmer County, were the greatest number of full-blood Cherokees, living principally on Talking Rock Creek, Toccoa River and Ellijay River. A few of the 18th century men who settled in the nation and raised mixed -blood children should be recognized. Many of them are credited and rightfully so, with leading the Cherokees to a higher level of civilization in the first quarter of the 19th century. Their Cherokee-English descendants are cited throughout Cherokee Records in the 1830's and earlier. These Indian countrymen, sometimes called "Squaw Men" were in the majority, well educated white men of English, Irish, Welsh and Scottish nationalities. in most instances, too, they were military officers or traders who moved from town to town buying, selling, and trading goods with the Cherokee Indians. Most notable among this class of intermarried citizens were: Thomas Cordery who married Susannah Sonicooie, Mitchell Sanders, a Virginian, who married Susannah, a full blood..."

From Shadburn's Unhallowed Intrusions: Cordery married Sonicooie (Susannah) in 1785. She was full-blood of the Blind Savannah Clan and already had at least one daughter, Peggy Sonicooie (born c. 1780) who later married Alexander Sanders who allegedly murdered Chief James Vann in 1809.

Cordery's oldest daughter Sarah married John Rogers, Jr., a white man from Burke and Camden counties. Cordery's character was considered "less than sterling". He didn't pay his debts and drank too freely. He left his Cherokee wife and was living with a 2nd wife by the 1820 census of Gwinnett County. By 1830, his Cherokee children were either married or had already emigrated to Indian Territory. He had a daughter named Charlotte Vickery-her half-brother was Shadrach Cordery. Shadrach killed John rogers near Ft. Gibson, IT, on thursday the 1st of June, 1848, according to the june 5 edition of the Cherokee Advocate 1848.

Thomas's death date is not known, but is sometime after march 2, 1837. He was well into his 70's by then. Traditional burial place is with Susannah on a hillside cemetery in Gwinnet Cty, just above Rogers' Bridge and near the Old Ferry Crossing. This however does not prove historically accurate. David McNair Rogers and Nicholas B. McNair (double 1st cousins and 2 of Thomas' great-grandsons) filed applications in 1906 for enrollment as Eastern Cherokee emigrants with the Miller Commission. They said, "My great-grandfather on my mother's side was James Vann. My great-grandfather on my father's side was Thomas Cordray (sic). both were buried in Forsyth Co., GA." p. 97 Unhallowed Intrusions by Don L. Shadburn.
It is believed Cordery died in 1841 or early 1842.



Carolyn Hill (View posts)
Posted: 1113568751000
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Thank you Debbie for all of the information that you were kind enough to send.
I too would like to thank Barbara Benge for her kindness in sending me her file on Thomas and Susannah.
I have been researching the Cordery lineage for many years and THOMAS is a favorite name in that family.
Makes it very hard to filter them.

Thomas Cordery had a brother who was also named Shadrach, b. 1765, in St. Georges's Parish, (now Burke Co.),GA.

The Shadrach Cordery that shot John Rogers near Ft. Gibson, evidently fled to California, as I found his gravesite there.

Most people have the name Sarah Carroll as #2 wife of Thomas Cordery, but the marriage date disclaims that.
Thomas was already desceased by that time.
Pg. 396 of Don Shadburns' book, "Unhallowed Intrusion",
Thomas moved in with daughter Charlotte when he could no longer take care of himself and in 1841, at 78, he died .
The family buried him in a grave with no headstone, no marker, save that of a weathered fieldstone.
Charlotte lived on Dave's Creek, near the Chattahoochee River, Gwinnett, Georgia.


Debbie Richards (View posts)
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Good morning Carolyn! One thing I know for sure in researching the Cherokee lineage is the conflicting information out there. When doing my ancestors, sometimes my head just hurts. HA But gathering all the information you can is the best we can do with our descendants. I will be e-mailing you all the Cordrey's from my books. I'm assuming there is not a vol. 10, since I noticed there are applications higher than vol. 9. Guess Jerry didn't finish. I scanned thru a book my sister sent me called, "The Annals of Upper Georgia." This would be Gilmer County. Didin't see anything. Also scanned thru, "The Cherokee Indians and Those who Came After." That info is mostly North Carolina. But will get you info out of "Cherokee Emigration Rolls 1817-1835," by Jack D. Baker. Are you familiar with "Only The Names Remain," by Sandi Garrett? I have all that info and include it when doing the Misc. Test. P.'s out of the Cherokee by Blood books. I'll be e-mailing Goldie Holderby, since her line is the Cordrey's and see what info she has and will pass it on. Have you ever looked for a Daws Jacket on Thomas Cordery? That packet has such vital infomation. I love doing researching and will pass on some websites for you to look thru also. Debbie


winters (View posts)
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direct decendent of peggy and alexzander doughter jenny married john a winters 3rd great grandfather


Carolyn Hill (View posts)
Posted: 1119441957000
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Peggy was the daughter of Soniovie Susannah Soonicooie,
Jennie aka Jane Sanders was daughter of Alexander & Peggy Sanders.
m/ John Winter
she was born circa 1807.
She appears on the Old Settlers roll 1851
Old Settlers skin Bayou 150 in 1851. Skin Bayou District
Indian Territory
a.Elizabeth aka Betsy Winter.
m/ Pickens Benge, m/ Thomas William Ross
b.Margaret aka Peggy Winters
m/ Johnson Vann; m/ Nathaniel Stewart
c.Clara Winters
m/ James Ellis
d.Mary Winter
m/ Joseph Lane; m/ Aaron Burr

This is all of the children that I have. do you have more?
Thanks so much.


Posted: 1173769227000
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Was reading the message boards and came across yours. My family is connected to Peggy sonicooie. Would like to visit with you and compare any information you might have. Will await any info.


Posted: 1173804173000
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Hi Donna! I'm not a direct descendant with Peggy Sonicooie, but passed on information that was passed on to me. The information I have is listed on this message board. But do have the Cordrey's and Sanders misc. test pages from the Cherokee by Blood books if you want that information. If you do, e-mail me at
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