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Her name is amost all I know. Mary is my g-g-g-grandmother. She was born in 1782 and died 8/19/1850, and lived her whole life in PA. Her parents were Hugh Patton and Eliza Hanna. She maried William Eakin on 9/6/1809. They had seven children-Hugh, George, Nathan, John, Eliza, William Thompson, and Mary. Any information would be appreciated.


Steve Hunter (View posts)
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Surnames: Patton, Aiken, Montgomery, Hanna
What I have is the following from the Aiken Family Book printed in 1929:

John Eken (in Washington Co., PA 1794)
b. 1758
Co. Antrim, IRE (Emigrated with his brother Joseph and familys to this county)
d. April 11, 1826
1st m.
Jane _ ?
b. ?
d. August 11, 1824

William Eakin (m. Mary Patton)
b. May 16, 1780
Co. Antrim, IRE
d. September 13, 1866
Darlington, PA

George Aiken (m. Martha Patton)
b. May 24, 1784
Co. Antrim, IRE
d. May 22, 1863
Newton, Beaver Co., PA

Margaret Eken (m. Nathan Patton)

John Eakin (m. Jennie Witherspoon(niece of John Witherspoon)(family tradition))

Notice all the Pattons. They were all children of Hugh and Eliza (Hanna) Patton.
This Hugh Patton is present in the 1790 Census of Washington Co., PA in Chartiers Twp. I live in Washington Co. and am currently researching these individuals.

Steve Hunter son of
Ruth Montgomery daughter of
James Patton Montgomery son of
Samuel J. Montgomery son of
Jane Aiken daughter of
Martha Patton (above)


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Thank you very much for the new information AND a new source for records.


Crystal Morton (View posts)
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I am trying to make the link between a Nathan Patton in my family and the family that you refer to in your post: Margaret Eakin married to Nathan Patton. I know one of their sons was a Nathan, and I strongly suspect that he is the one in my family tree, but the birth dates are off by a bit. I wondered if the book your referenced had any additional information on this Margaret/Nathan or their children? I have tried to email you but it bounces
Thanks for your time,
Crystal Morton


Steve Hunter (View posts)
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Surnames: Patton, Eken, Akin, Aiken
According to the Aikin-Eakin book:
"Margaret Eakin was born in Ireland and came to America with her parents (John Eken and Jane Thompson) about 1789 or 1790. She married Nathan Patton (son of Hugh Patton and Eliza Hanna) July 1, 1806. Their children were as follows, and the names and ages are from W. W. Eakin's record:

"Hugh Patton was born February 5, 1808; John Patton, May 3, 1809; Jane [Patton], April 14, 1811; William Patton, born August 29, 1812; died October 9, 1813; Eliza [Patton], January 28, 1814; George, November 8, 1815; Mary [Patton], May 8, 1817; Margaret [Patton], March 1, 1819; Nathan[Patton], July 29, 1821; Rebecca [Patton], December 24, 1823.

"Hugh Patton married Jane Chambers....

"John E. Patton - married Elizabeth Hosier....

"Jane Patton married John Paden...

"William Patton, fourth child of Margaret and Nathan Patton, was born August 29, 1812, and died October 9, 1813....

"Eliza, fifth child of Margaret and Nathan Patton, was born January 28, 1814. She married David Smith....

"George, the sixth child of Margaret and Nathan Patton, was born in November, 1815.

"Mary Patton was born May 8, 1817. She married John Blair in 1843....

"Margaret Patton, eight child of Margaret and Nathan Patton,was born March 1, 1819. [She] married Joseph Eccles....

"Nathan Patton, ninth child of Margaret and Nathan Patton, was born July 29, 1821. [He] married Mary Blair. Their children are as follows: Robert Patton, married Kate Bay. He died in 1893; Calvin Patton married Emma Hare; Jennie Patton married Andrew Zureer; Margaret Patton married James Hanna; Anna R. Patton married George Black; Eva. L. Patton married Mr. Brisbane; George Patton married Lydia Miller; Alice A. Patton married John Shaffer; Mary E. Patton married James McKee. She died in 1907. [They had] two children; James Patton married Elizabeth Woods.
(Nathan Patton died in 1890. His wife, Mary Blair Patton, died in 1897.)

"Rebecca Patton, youngest of Margaret and Nathan Patton's children, was born December 24, 1823. [She married] Irwin Allen...."

This was all this publication had on the Patton line to Nathan, who married Mary Blair.


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Surnames: Patton/Shaefer
Would you mind looking to see if there is anything in your book about a William Patton who married a E. J. Southard? I have no dates for them but thier son was Issac S. Patton born 10/28/1781 in Somerset County New Jersey and married an Elizabeth Shaefer.


Crystal Morton (View posts)
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Surnames: Patton/Patten/Thompson
Hi Steve!
Thank you SO much for the information! We are still with the right family, but that is not "my" Nathan. Let me tell you how I tie into this family:

What happened was that 2 SISTERS, Cleora Harriet Thompson and Helen M. Thompson EACH married a Nathan Patton in Sandy Lake Mercer Co PA in the mid 1800's.

Nathan Patton married Helen M (Thompson)and their children are:
1. Cora b. 1865
2. Leon b. 1868
3. Bertha b. 1871
4. Elizabeth b. 1875
This Nathan Patton is the son of James E. and Elizabeth (Hoser) Patton. James E. is the son of Nathan and Margaret Eaken Patton. Nathan is the son of Hugh and Eliza (Hanna) Patton.

Nathan H. and Cleora Harriet (Thompson) Patton are my Grt-Grt grandparents.
their children are:
1. Charles Alexander b. 1862 (my Grt grandfather)
2. Jesse b. 1864
3. Ruth b. 1870
4. Robert M. b.1872
5 Nancy E. b. 1874
6. Kate L. b. 1879
7. Claude Manlius b. 1881
8. Eliza M. b. 1868
9. Oscar
10. Sherman
11. Margaret
12. George

The second Nathan H Patton that I am looking for is born 1846/1847 his father born in PA and mother born in Ireland. He is still some how related to the Hugh and Eliza (Hanna) Patton family, but since he is not the son of Nathan and Margaret Eaken Patton, as indicated in your book than I need to start over on my search for how he relates to this family. Is there a possiblity that he could be their nephew? I only have 3 children for Hugh and Eliza (Hanna) Patton. Mary, Martha, Nathan I imagine there are more children? Is there any other sons of theirs that could have produced another Nathan Patton?

Well, thank you again for the information as it at least closes that door and ends one of my frustrations! I would love to have some more informaion from that book on some of the other males in that line as I have resigned myself to having to map out all the Pattons in Mercer County just to figure out who belongs to whom. It seems that all the families re-use a handfull of first names, confusing the whole issue!

Crystal Morton

woops! Typo corrections

Crystal Morton (View posts)
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Woops, I typo'd one thing and don't see how to edit the above post. The second Nathan H. Patton that I am looking for was born 1836-37 NOT 1846-47 as I typed in the above post.


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Surnames: Patton, Shaffer, Diamond, Logue, Deagin, Merritt
I am working on my PATTON brick wall. I see some sililarities with your post. My earliest Patton is DAVID PATTON, (178?-1809) who lived in Beaver Twp, Crawford Co. PA. His wife was Eliza Patton and his children were ?oldest son (possibly a Joseph), Margaret who married Andrew Merritt, and Thompson Patton, my ancestor who married Nancy Merritt. My Pattons were tied to Sandy Lake, Mercer Co, PA too. Thompson and wife moved to Mercer, Pa for a time, then back to Meadville. My grandfather used to take me to Sandy Lake to visit relatives of his. I can see the farm, house on the right, barn on the left, and near a T intersection....but I was about 4, so no other details. Thompson's son John entered the Civil War from Mercer, PA. Georgetown was where John was born, same area. John was born 1840, Thompson in 1809. They seemed to be connected with a family named Foster, in land contracts, etc. Could my Pattons be a forgotten branch? Thompson said on a census record that his father David was born in Ireland, and his mother in Scotland. Thanks for reading.
Dolores Hickernell, Harborcreek, PA


Steve Hunter (View posts)
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Surnames: Patton, Aiken, Eakin, Eken
To all of you researching The Hugh Patton and Eliza Hanna of Washington County, Pa. of the late 1700s:
From various sources, Hugh Patton was born in Ireland, but I dont have his parents. I have neither a birthdate nor birthplace. He does, however, show up in Lancaster County, Pa. in 1776. By 1791 he is a property owner in Cecil Township, Washington County, Pa. Some sources have him registered with the DAR having served with the local militia (from nearby Chartiers Township). From this I have found him as participating in some way with the Gnaddhutten Moravian Indian massacre in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. I am searching for his grave and suspect it is in Mt. Pleasant Township, Washington County, Pa. along with his wife.
Hugh married Elizabeth Hanna (daughter of James and Martha Hanna immigrants from Ireland). She was born in Lancaster County, Pa. about 1757. They were married in Lancaster County in 1778.

The information about their children is that there were eleven and I only have the names of four of them:
Hugh Patton b. 1809 Mt. Pleasant Twp., Washington Co., Pa. d. 1860 Guernsey Co.,O. (m. Maria ?)
William Patton b. 1796 Mt. Pleasant Twp., Washington Co.,Pa. d. 1860 Guernsey Co., O. (m. Grace ?)
Mary Patton (m. William Eakin)
Nathan Patton (m. Margaret Eakin)
Martha Patton (the youngest child) b. 1794 Mt. Pleasant Twp. Washington Co., Pa. d. 1884 Millersville, Guernsey Co., O. (m. George Akin)
(All the Akins-Eakins were siblings).
That's all I have. I'm still working on it.
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