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1863, Rutland Town Men Liable for Military Duty (850 names)

1863, Rutland Town Men Liable for Military Duty (850 names)

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Classification: Military
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Surnames: Various
December 28, 1863
Rutland Herald

Enrollment List of Persons Liable to Military Duty in the town of Rutland
(Note: These names have been alphabetized, but check carefully for peculiar spellings. Names that are repeated more than once were listed in the newspaper more than once. They may or may not be separate individuals. Names or letters that were unclear are marked with (?).)

FIRST CLASS - Approximately 560 names
SECOND CLASS - Approximately 290 names

The Rutland Herald reported that:

Those who were drafted and exempted by reason of having entered the service, furnished a substitute, paid commutation money, being non-residents, aliens or under twenty years of age have been stricken off the roll.

Those who were drafted and exempted, by reason of being over thirty-five years of age, have been transferred to the Second Class.

Those who were drafted and exempted for all other causes are designated by a star (*).

Those who were drafted and failed to report are designated by a cross (+).

FIRST CLASS (These individuals were twenty to thirty-five years old.)

Edmund L.Abbott (*), Marvin F. Andrus (*), John Armstrong, John Austin, Joseph Austin;

Cornelius L. Babcock, Clark W. Backus, James M. Bagley, Austin C. Baldwin, Bradbury M. Bailey, Edward W. Barnes, John E. Barnes, John A. Barney, Thomas Battles (+), Thomas Battles 2d (+), James Beatty, Francis Beltey, Wm. H. Bennett (*), John M. Benson, Michael Benson, Benjamin Billings Jr., Charles Billings, David C. Billings, John H. Bishop (*), Aaron Bissell, John Bissell, Alonzo C. Blaisdell, John Blake, Chalon Blanchard, Edward Bolan, Michael Bolan, Lewis Bouval (*), David Bover, Peter Bowen, John S. Bowman, John Brackett, Edgar S. Briggs, Michael Brislin, Cleophilas Brothers, Henry H. Brown, James Brown, James Brown, Martin Brown, Patrick Brown, Thomas Brown, Wm. Brown, Wm. Brumton (*), Benj. H. Burr, James Burke, Michael Burke, John Burnes 1st, Edward Burns, James Burns;

Gamaliel Cady, John A. Cain, Michael Callehan(+), Patrick Calligan, James Cannally (possible misspelling for Connelly), George Capron, John Carlin, John Carmody, (see Roger Comidy below as possible misspelling of Roger Carmody), John Carney, Thomas Carney, Carby Carroll, John Carroll 2d, Patrick Carroll(+), Thomas Carroll, James Carter, Kerwin Casey, Patrick Casey(*), Miles Cassiday, Patrick Cassidy, Geo S. Chadbourne, Geo W Chaplin Jr., Edward Chapman, Geo T. Chappell, George H. Cheney, James R. Cheney, Franklin Childs, Henry Clark, Henry Clark, Norman Clark(*), Wallace C. Clement, Patrick Clifford, Albert H. Cobb, George Cobb, Michael Cochran(+), Israel D. Cole, Michael Collins, W.R. Colton, Roger Comidy (possible misspelling for Carmody), James Conlin, Michael Conlin(*), Daniel Connel, Jerry Connel, (see James Cannally above as possible misspelling of James Connelly), F.W. Cook, Edward Cooney, John Cooney, Patrick Cooney, Thomas Cooney, Phillip Coppings, Gary Corey, Hugh Corey(*), J.E. Corwin, Michael Costillo (+), John W. Cramton, George Crawford, Daniel Cronin, Martin Crooker, James W. Crouch, Peter Cummings, John Currier, John Curry, William Curry;

John J. Dadman, Michael Dailey, Anthony Daisey (possibly a typo for Dailey), James Dalton, Chas A. Daniels, Geo W. Daniels, Geo O. Darling, John Darvin, Albert F. Davis, Charles E. Davis, Toussant Delisle, Edward Dennin, Daniel Dervan, Michael Devin, Thomas Dervine, Chas C. Dewey, Edward Donahue, Francis Donahue, Patrick Donahue, Richard Dooly (+), Thomas Downer, Daniel Duffy, Edward Duffy (+), Michael Duffy, Peter Duffy, James C. Dunn, John Durick, Patrick Dwyer, Thomas Dwyer (+), Nathan C. Dye;

James Eayres Jr(*), Wm Eayres, Albert Edson, Galen Elliot, Joseph D. Ellis, John Engram;

Bryan Farewell, F. Benjamin Farmer, Henry Farmer(*), Martin Farr, John Farraher, John Farrell 2d(+), Patrick Farrill(+), Thomas Farrill, Edward Fenn, Francis Fenn(*), Michael Finnedy (possibly a typo for Finnelly), Geo M. Fish, Jos W. Fisher, John Fitzgerald, Michael Fitzpatrick, Peter Flanagan, James Flinn, Michael Flynn, Lorenzo Ford, Patrick Ford, James Foley, John Foley(+), James Forney, Edward Foss, Leonard N. Franklin, Patrick Frawley, Geo W. Freeman, Aaron R. (or E.) Fuller, Joseph Furnall;

James Gaffney (or possibly Gaffrey), William Gaffney, Ervin Gage, William Gallaher, Patrick Galon(+), James W. Gardner, Michael Garrity, John Garry, Michael Garvin(+), Amos L. Gates, Joseph Gaudo, Charles M. Gay, Edward Gennett, Edward W. Gibb, (see Thomas Gilson below as possible misspelling of Thomas Gibson), Elijah C. Giddings, John Gilliland Jr., Wm R. Gillmore, Thomas Gilson (or possibly Gibson), Ansel J. Goodale, Edwin L. Goodrich, Michael Gooly, Phillip Gooly, John Gordon, John W. Gordon, (see Isaac Gove below as possible misspelling of Isaac Gore), Franklin B. Gorham, Henry Gould, Isaac Gove (or possibly Gore), Horace Graham, Isaac H. Gray, Henry Green, Warren C. Green, Ansel Grinnel, John Groonell, J. M. Grout, J. Rodman Gufudon(*), James W. Gurney

William J. Hagar, Patrick Haley, Isaac S. Hall, George Hallerin (or possibly Hollerin), Wm Ham, Lewis Hammond, Wm Hanley(+), George W. Harlow, George Harris, John Hartney, Charles G. Haskell, George W. Hastings, George C. Hathaway, Clement M. Haven, Alfred Hawley, John Hawley 2d, John Hawley 3d, Richard Hawley, Thomas Hawley, Albro Haynes, Eleazor Hayward, Patrick Hines, Galen R. Hitt(*), (see George Hallerin above as possible misspelling of George Hollerin), Earl Ho(l)ly,
Patrick Hogan 2d(*), Daniel H. Holt(*), De Witt Hooker, John Hopkins(+), Patrick Hopkins(+), Benj F. Hough, Alfred R. Howard(*), Judson N. Howard(*), George E. Howe, L.F. Hubbard, Brainard Humphrey, David B. Humphrey, Albert J. Huntoon, Patrick Hurley(*);

Haswell Irish;

Henry Johnson, Abram Jones, Jesse Jones, William Jones(*), Chas H. Joyce, Edward P. Judd

Patrick Kana(d?)y (possible misspeliing for Kennedy), Alexander Keefe, Thomas Keenan, John Kelley, Patrick Kelley, Thomas Kelley(+), James Kennedy, (see Patrick Kanady above as possible misspelling for Patrick Kennedy), Thomas Killfeather, Daniel W. King, Franklin King, Peter King(+), Chester Kingsley, Dennis Kingsley, Moses P. Kingsley, Rich'd R. Kinsman;

Patrick Lamb, Alvah Lamphier, Elba Lamphier, Walter C. Landon, Thomas Lang, Frank Laravay, George Larnard, Solomon Latimore, Freeman Lawson, John Leenan(*), Michael Leonard, Warren Lessie, Moses W. Lester, Wm W. Litchfield, Edmund Lloyd, Peter Lovett, Patrick Lynch, Patrick Lynch 1st, Patrick Lynch 2d, Thomas Lynch, Dennis Lyon 1st, James Lyon, Philip Lyon(+), James Lyston;

Michael Mack, James Madden, John Magen, John Mahan, Thomas Maloney, John Malony, Joseph E. Manley(*), Patrick Manyan, Stephen D. Marsh, Benj W. Marshall, Joseph Martin, Schuyler N. Mason, Chauncey Maxham, Henry Maynard

Hugh McAlhill, Thomas McAlhill, Wm McAlhill(+), David McBride, James McBride, Michael McBride, Niles McCaffery, Flora McCarty, Owen McCarty, (Owen Micarty was also on the list, see below), John McCauley, Terrance McCauley, Edward McCaure, John McCavitt, Edward McClure, Thomas McCormick(+), James McCurrin, Andrew McDaniels, Andrew McDeed, Arthur McDeed, Barney McDeed, Patrick McDeed 2d, Thomas McDermott, Martin McDonough, Robert McDowell, John McGara, Michael McGara, Thomas McKady, Quincey T. McKallor, Andrew McLaughlin, John McLaughlin, Michael McLaughlin, Michael McLaughlin 1st, Patrick McLaughlin, Michael McNeal(+), James McQuade

Rollin C. Mead, Andy Meers, Chas Mero, Henry C. Merrill(*), James O. Merrill, James S. Merrill, Owen Micarty (Owen McCarty was also on the list, see above), Whipple Mills, Levi Miner(+), Thomas Mitchell, Edward Monahan, Dennis Monahon, Thomas Monahon, Chas Monta, Hazelton Moore, John Moran, Martin P. Morgan, Vanness Morgan, Edward Moriarty, Leander Morton, Anson W. Moulton, Cornelius Moulton, Cornelius C. Moulton, George Moulton, John Mulcahen(+), Dennis Mullen, John Mullen, Michael Mullen, Daniel Mullin(+), Chas Mumford, Geo Mumford(*), Peter Munday, Wm Mundy(+), Wallace J. Murdock, Thomas Murphy(+), Geo L. Mussey;

James Nara, Michael Nara, Rollin C. Newton, George Noonan, Aaron E. North, Hubert Norton, Michael Norton, Thomas Norton(+);

Edward O'Brian(+), Geo O'Brian, Martin O'Brian, Douglass D. Osgood, Geo C. Owen;

Henry H. Paine, Geo H. Palmer, Samuel J. Parker, Wilbur Parker, Sherman Parkhurst, Daniel W. Paul(*), George Paul, Geo W. Peck, Edward Pelkey, Thomas Pendegrast (possible misspelling of Pendergrast), Henry Pender, Michael Pendergrast, Thomas Penders, Parker W. Perry, Peter Perry, Nathan Pierce, John Pike, Lyman Pike, Chas Porter, James E. Porter, Asahael W. Potter, Erasmus A. Pouel, Moses Pratt, Wright Pratt, Levius Priest, Peter Prime, Levi Prime, Stephen W. Proctor;

James Quow, John Quow;

Je(a?)n J.R. Randall, John Rawley, Morris Rawley (or possibly Rowley), John Rawson, Elijah Reed, Wm H. Reed, James Reedy, Michael Reeney, James Reiley, Peter Reiley, Philip Reiley, Harvey Reynolds, Isaac H. Reynolds, James Rhoddy, Joseph Rice, Clark F. Richardson, Geo Ridland, Zeb Rock, John Roddy, David P. Rodgers, Thomas Rodgers, Dan Rooney, Chas E. Ross, Zidon E. Ross, Albert Rounds, James Rounds, Michael Rourke(+), Wm Rourke, Sidney W. Rowell(*), (see Morris Rawley above as possible misspelling of Rowley), Geo E. Royce, Lyman E. Royce, John L. Ruggles, Geo Russell, Edward Ryan, John Ryan, Thomas Ryan(+), Wm Ryan;

Geo E. Sadler, Geo T. Sargeant, Henry A. Sawyer, Patrick Sayr, James Scha(?)ly, Isaiah Sears, Hector Senecal, Geo W. Seward, Patrick Shannon(+), Frederick Shattuck, Jerome Shattuck, James Shendan(+) (possilbe misspelling of Sheridan), Michael Shendan (possible misspelling of Sheridan), Albert Shepard, James Sherridan, Geo Shippy, John C. Shippy, Miles Simpson, John Slattery (carpen'r), John Slattery (tinsmith), Michael Slattery, Albert Smith, Chester D. Smith, Darwin H. Smith, David Smith, H.A. Smith, Henry A. Smith, Hiram A. Smith, Otis E. Smith, Porter C. Smith, Wm H. Smith, Nathan H. Snow, John Spaulding, Richard M. Spaulding, Selathiel M. Spaulding, Luther Spear, Walter Starbuck, Albert H. Sterling(*), Patrick Stevens(+), Zelotus Stevens, Franklin Stewart, Harrison Stewart, Harrison Stewart, Chas S. Stiles, Cephas A. Stone, Calvin Stratton Jr., Marcellus Stratton, Chas G. Styles, Stephen Sweet;

Frank Tachie, Dan A. Talbert, Wm. Taylor, Patrick Teland, Peter Teland Jr., Rodney Tenny, Samuel Terrill, Geo F. Thayer, Wm Thompson, Benj B. Thrall, Chas H. Thurston, Joel Todd, Barney Travis, John Travis, James B. Tucker, Michael Tully, Harley C. Tuttle(*), Frederick L. Tyler ;

Louis Valliquett, Geo H. Verder;

James Walch, John Walch (laborer), William Walcott, Lewis M. Walker, Michael Walsh, Asahel W. Ward(*), Michael Ward, Peter Ward(*), Barton Ware, Michael Waters(+), Michael Waters, Patrick Waters(*), Ashael S. Watkins, Henry Weeks, John Welch(*), Michael Welch, Patrick Welch(+), Thomas Welch, Geo Whitcomb, Austin White, Elijah Whitney, Don A. Wilkinson, Chauncey R. Williams, Andrew E. Willis, Wm Wing, Lafayette Witherell, F.E. Wright

SECOND CLASS: (These individuals were older than age thirty-five.)

H.H. Albie, Ambrose Allen, R.E. Allen, Robert Anderson;

J.E. Bagley, Francis Barker, R.B. Barney, A.E. Barrett, John Barrett, Horace G. Bateman, Julius Bates, Junius Bates, Patrick Battles, Charles Beebe, Lewis Beebe, G.C. Bidwell, J.D. Billings, Henry Blanchard, Martin Bolin, Milo Bowen, Henry Brewster, Patrick Brislin, Gilmore Brown, Henry Brown, John Brown, Sylvester Brown, Sylvester Brown, Caleb Buffum, David Burr;

John Callahan, Patrick Canly (or possibly Canty), William Cantine, W.D. Capron, John Carroll, Michael Carroll, Patrick Carroll, James Casey, William Casey, James Cavenaugh, Frederick Chaffee, E.A. Chapin, L.S. Cheeney, Derby Clark, H.G. Clark, Ransom Clark, Patrick Cline, Geo H. Cole, Martin Collins, Patrick Conlin, Patrick Connell, Thomas Connell, Michael Connerty, John Coovey, Jerry Cronin, Patrick Cummings, James Cupps, John Cupps, Patrick Curran, F.J. Curtis;

Patrick Dagan, S.L. Daniels, Patrick Darvine, U.S. Davis, Z?r? Davis, Warren Dickerman, Frederick Dikeman, Bennett Dimick, Daniel Donahan, S.M. Dorr, Valentine Dorr, H.B. Douglas, Moses Dow, George Duffee, B.F. Dunklin, George Dutton, Patrick Dyer;

Frederick Eastman, J.J. Eastman, Luther Eastman;

Oliver Farmer, Michael Farrar, John Farrell, Benj. Fisk Jr., Patrick Flynn, E. L. Foster, I.C. Foster, Patrick Foster, Mathew Fox, Stephen French, W.H. Freut(?)

Patrick Garrity, John Garvin, G.B. Gibbons, H.L. Gleason, W.D. Goodnow, W.D. Goodnow, L.F. Goodrich, John Gooley, Thomas Grady, William Graham, Thomas Granger, J.S. Graves, E.R. Grear (or possibly Green), B.R. Green, N.J. Green, J.G. Griggs, E.L. Griswold, W.S. Guilford;

Michael Hackett, Charles Hale (or possibly Hall), F.S. Hale, John Halpin, Gurley P. Hannum, Patrick Hanson, J.E. Harmon, J.B. Harris, G.W. Hart, Hiram Havner James Hawley, Nicholas Hawley, I.M. Hayward, Moses Hayward, Samuel Hayward, Chas. R. Herrick, John Hewett, Dan Hiliard, A.D. Hill, O.P. Hill, W.H. Hodgkiss, Andrew Hogan, Anthony Hogan, Patrick Hogan 1st, J.S. Howard, William Howard, E.S. Hull, John Hutchinson;

Samuel D. Jenness;

Daniel Kelley, Luke Kelley, Michael Kennedy, Thomas Kennedy, L.D. Kenney, James Kenzon, James Kilfeather, J.B. Killbourne, Thomas Kilvin, G.A. King, C.H. Kinsman;

Albert Landon, John K. Larnard, David Laparee, W.N. Learnard, Thomas Leonard, Francis Levitt, John Lewin, Charles Lewis, E.C. Lewis, Jeremiah Lisbon, Wm. H. Liscomb, Horatio G. Litchfield, Michael Lynch, Peter Lynch, Dennis Lyon 2nd, Thomas J. Lyon;

John Maloney, Martin Maloney, Thomas Mangum, J.E. Manley, Chas. B. Mann, John Manney, Norman C. March, Bartley Mattuno, Chas. O. Maxham, Chas. S. May, Brian McBirnay, Walter R. McCall, James McCauley (or possibly McGanley, see below), John McCormick, John McCormick 2nd, John McDeed 1st, Patrick McDonald, Darby McDonough, Patrick McDonough, Thomas McDowell, (see James McCauley above; the name might actually be James McGanley), Thomas McGara, John McGuirk, Matthew McGuirk, James McLaughlin, John McLaughlin, James K. McLean, Patrick Melden, Benj. G. Merritt, Robert Monahon, Patrick Moore, Stephen Moore, Michael Moran, Patrick Morrison, John Mortrom, Robert Moulthrop, Patrick Mullen, Daniel Mulqueny, James Munday, James Murphy, Chas. E. Mussey, Philip Murphy, Wm. B. Mussey

Pater Nary, James Neal;

James Oats, William O'Brien, John O'Day, Dan O'Day, Patrick O'Heron, Timothy O'Leary, Charles Olmsted, (see James O. Shay below, probably James O'Shay), W.H.B. Owen;

Wm. L. Parsons, John B. Page, Joseph L. Patch, Aaron Perkins Jr., Moses J. Perkins, Sumner D. Pevarty, Michael Pindar, John B. Proctor, Samuel G. Putnam;

Michael A. Quinn;

Jeremiah Reardon, John Reardon 2d, Daniel Reed, Edwin A. Reed, Enos C. Reed, Aaron B. Reynolds, Michael Rhoddy, William Rice, Patrick Roarke, Thomas Rooney, Lyman E. Roys, Michael Ryan, Nelson E. Ryford, Samuel W. Ryford;

John Saborin, Edwin F. Sadler, James Sage, Osgood Sargeant, James O. Shay (probably O'Shay, see above), Franklin Shedd, James Sheehan, Stephen Sheridan, Edson Sherman, Richard Shorten, Charles Silloway, George Small, Francis C. Smith, Ralph H. Smith, Raymd P. Snow (first name is possibly Royal, not Raymd), L.F. Southard, Isaac M. Southwick, A.F. Spencer, George D. Spencer, Timothy Spillman, James C. Starkey, Ephryim L. Stearns, N.S. Stearns, John F. Stinson, Asa Stratton, Eugene Sullivan, John Sweeney;

Rollin C. Thrall, William B. Thrall, Patrick Tigue, Calvin M. Townsend, John Travis, Samuel O. Turner;

LaFayette Vaughn;

J.B. Walton, Richard Watsins, Chas. E. Weatherbee, George R. Weed, Newman Weeks, James Welch, George Wettis, James Wheeler, Lysander L. Whitcomb, D.D. Whirtaker, Isaac Whitaker, Benj F. Wilkins, Alvin H. Williams, John Williams, Z.V.K. Wilson, James Winchell, David Wing;

Peter Young

Re: 1863, Rutland Town Men Liable for Military Duty (850 names)

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Classification: Query
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Surnames: Goodale
Hello, what a chore listing all of these names. If you don't mind and there is any more information could you look up Ansel J. GOODALE for me?
If it's asking too much that is alright as I don't know of the relationship if any to my gGrandfather, Steven A. GOODALE or his son, William Jesse GOODALE.
I'm having such a hard time finding anything I can use with my Goodale family. I already have 4 different places of birth for him: Scotland, Vermont, Iowa and Ohio in Oct. 1854.
Thanks, Marie
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