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Surnames: Truax, Du Trieux, Truex, Trueax, Truaxe
Welcome to the Truax Surname board! Yet another place to post queries about the surnames Truax, Truex, Trueaxe, Truaxe, du Trieux, etc.

I'm the head researcher for the Association of Descendants of Philippe du Trieux, and I have a large database (10,000+) of Truax descendants, so I'll keep a close eye on this board and help out whenever I can.

Francis and Truax of Ohio

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Surnames: Francis, Ohio
I have a record that a Jacob Francis married a Ruth Truax, Belmont County, Ohio, Dec. 29, 1814.

A Nathaniel Francis married Matilda Mann, April 13, 1843 in Knox County Ohio and Levi Truax married Julia Ellen Mann Aug 16, 1843, Knox County, Ohio. These two families lived in Morrow County, Ohio until about 1848 when they moved to Elkhart County, Indiana and are in the 1850 census of Elkhart County and are neighbors. Living nearby in Elkhart County is also Elijah Truax and wife Priscilla. Our ancestor was a son of Nathaniel, Ransom Henry Francis, and says he was born 1845 in Morrow County, Ohio. Henry Francis had a brother Jacob Francis and a sister Julia Ann Francis.

I suspect the Francis and Truax family have more connection in Ohio than just the fact they possibly married sisters. I can't link Nathaniel to the Jacob who married Ruth Truax. Nor can I link the Truax boys to a father. Do you have any information on Truax families in Knox and Morrow County and Belmont Counties in Ohio that link to any of these names. I think there is a possibility that Nathaniel Francis and the Truax boys were cousins who married sisters but can't find a connection. Any help would be appreciated.

Truax in Ohio and Indiana

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Surnames: Truax
After the last post also found in my notes that I had located in a list of the descendants of Jacob (Truax) Trewax a John Truax who was a son of Jacob and Ruth Pittman Truax or Trewax. John was born 1779-1850 and died in Morrow County Ohio. No other location data. John's wife was a Bethenia 1776-1851. They had a son Obadiah Truex 1801-1878 according to this data and Obadiah married a Jerusa Akers 1802-1878. Obadiah is reported to have died in Elkhart, Indiana. The other children of John and Bethenia however do not list any of the Truax families who are neighbors of Nathaniel Francis. Maybe someone else will have information on these families.

Traux in Ohio

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Surnames: Nichols, Traux
I have a Bertha Traux (Bertie) that married William Nelson Nichols in 1918. William was born in 1883, d. 1969. They were married in Lorain, Ohio. Hope this helps. I have no other info on Bertha.

Waterman Truax

Nancy Brackett (View posts)
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Surnames: Truax, Howell, Loffland
I am searching for information about my greatgrandfather, Waterman Truax (that was his name, honest!). He married Margaret Howell and they lived in Ohio, possibly at Marietta or maybe Zanesville. Their daughter, Florence Truax, my grandmother, was born in 1880. She was married twice. First, to a man named Carroll, and then to my grandfather, John M. Loffland, born in 1878. I would appreciate any help about any of these people. Thank you, Nancy L. Brackett

Truax Lineage

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Surnames: Truax
I am descended from CAROLINE TRUAX who married a Van Schaick. BARBARA CASE:, ED, PEGGY ROBERTS:, KEVIN KEIFF: Romang@IMCNET.NET; are all cousins connected to Mariah Van Schaick, in the lineage of Michael Van Schaick. I am very interested in learing how far back the TRUAX lineage goes and what is available for sharing. I will share anything I have.
Kevin O'Brien
Laguna Hills, CA
Kevin OBrien8527@AOL.COM or OBrien Madhouse@AOL.COM

Truax,Covalt families

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Surnames: Truax, Covalt, Akers, Buck, Hart
Hello!...happy to find you.....I would like confirmation that the Covalt family, of early Monmouth and Sussex Counties, New Jersey were possibly connected to the Truax family....

The above names were all together in Cumberland and Bedford Counties PA before and just after the Revolution. Later
some can be found in Fulton and Somerset Cos,PA.

The Covalts were also connected to the early New Jersy and Connecticut Gustin family.

Thanks for any help...yours Joan.

Ervin Howard Truax fron NY to PA

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Surnames: Truax
He is my father he died in August1987. Please I am trying to find his famliy and find out why we don't know each other. He has a brother named John and a sister name unkown. Please I would like to know what happened and maybe get to know any aunts or uncles I have. My father was married and had 7 childern 4 boys and 3 girls. He also has 10 grandchildern who would like to know you also. Please contact me with any information. Thank you for listening.

Name origin

Janet Truex Tindall (View posts)
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Surnames: Truex
I am decended from the Truex family. My grandfather Truex was from southeast Ohio. At the moment I am very curious as to the origin of the name. Do you have any info? Somehow I felt it might be French but one of those "all purpose" genealogy books said English.

Thanks for any thoughts on this.

Janet T.Tindall

Truax Name Origin

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The short answer is, Belgian.

The long answer is this: the name Truax comes from du Trieux, and virtually all Truaxs are descended from Philippe du Trieux, who was born in 1588 in Roubaix (currently in France, at the time it was part of the Lower Netherlands). Philippe was a Walloon, which is a group of French-speaking, mostly Protestant people who lived in the area of the Netherlands that is now Belgium and the Artois region of France.

As a Protestant, Philippe fled the Spanish-controlled region in which he was born and moved to Leiden, Holland. In 1624, he emigrated with his family and was among the first settlers of New Amsterdam, now New York. By the time his grandchildren had grown up, they had 'anglicized' the name du Trieux to Truax, Truex, Trueax and other varients.

So there you go! If you want more information on the Truaxs, or would like to query my Truax database, check my website at
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