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Everson/ Iverson in Atwater/ Willmar from 1890

Everson/ Iverson in Atwater/ Willmar from 1890

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I am looking for anyone who knows any information on the Everson family who lived in Kandiyohi County from the later 1800's. My grandfather was William Arthur Everson born 1890 in Kandiyohi County. His wife was Amy Lund. My greatgrandfather was John (Johannes) Everson/Iverson (changed to Everson when they emigrated from Norway) He was born 1852. His wife was Christine Lunn born 1866. I know I probably have cousins still living in Minnesota. I found John and Christines graves at the Norweigian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Atwater. I have no other information to go on as to their dates of birth and when they emigrated from Norway. If anyone knows anything about these Eversons, or perhaps is related to me please contact me. Carol Jean

Re: Everson/ Iverson in Atwater/ Willmar from 1890

Cheryl Johnson (View posts)
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I am in Willmar, Minnesota, for a couple of months this summer doing my family research. I was at the library yesterday and found the following items indexed for the Willmar Tribune.

There are many and I am not sure which ones are yours. If you let me know, I'll see what I can do throughout the summer.

James H. Everson to Doris Haarstad
mar: 2-11-1950 Bethel Luth Church
par: William Everson, Atwater

Jerome D. Everson to Gerry Ellen Walker
mar: 10-4-1952 in TX
par: William Everson, Atwater

John Everson
birth of dau 11-19-1928

John Everson
birth of dau 7-25-1930

John Everson
birth of son 4-13-1932 Palmer Gayle

John Everson
birth of dau 12-25-1936

Everson, John Mrs. (Laura G.) Thorson (I think the initial is "G")
died Mon. 10-10-1950 Hawick res.
age: 47 (1903) Jan. 29 Roseville Twp.
md: 7-31-1926 John A. Everson
ch: Mildred (Donald) Scheidler; Luverne; Katheryn; Palmer; Beatrice; Anna; Evangeline
5 bros 5 sis named
Zion Luth ch and cem, Irving twp.

John A. Everson to Laura Thorson
mar: 1926 live Hawick

Ester Mildred Everson to John Martin Olson
mar lic 4-15-1937
mar 4-24-1937 at Mpls by former pastor of Nordland ch
par: Mrs. Mathilda Olson
M/M Martin Everson
groom of Paynesville, bride of Hawick

Gina Marie Everson to Fred Anderson
mar 1912

Gusta Everson to Marios N. Casbergson

Hulda E. Everson to Arthur S. Monson
mar 5-10-1936
par: M/M Martin Everson

Jacob Everson
birth of dau 7/31 or 8/2/1933
mo: Gladys Anderson

Everson, Jacob G. to Gladys L. Anderson
mar 3-2-1933
par: M/M N. A. Anderson

Jake Everson
birth of dau Shirley Ann 1939

John A. M. Everson
birth of dau 6-26-1927 Hawick

Everson, Ludwig
birth of dau 9-29-1935

Everson, Ludvig E. to Alma Olson
mar 8-23-1934

Everson, Marion Joan
Baptized Zion ch
par: M/M John Everson or M/M Ludvig Everson

Everson, Martin
birth of gchild boy to M/M Fred Anderson, Kensington

Everson, Martin and Mrs.
25th anniv 1919

Everson, Mary to Oscar Carlson
mar SW ME parsonage, Atwater

Everson, Mildred Fern
Baptized Zion ch. Irving
par: M/M John Everson 1927

Oliver D. Everson to Lucille Peterson
mar 6-5-1951 Battle Lake
par: William Everson

Ronald Eugene Everson
Baptized 1944
par: M/M Alex Everson

Vernon Leroy Everson
Baptized 1944
par: M/M Ludvig Everson

Everson, William
death of inf son Wed. (Edmund D.)
12-12-1927 - 4-25-1928
Ebenezer Luth ch. Kandiyohi

Everson, William
Dr. L. W. Anderson removes 2 1/2" needle from abdomen of 9 mo old son

Everson, William Mrs.
Co. Commissioners paid care at General Hospital

Anna Louise Everson
Baptism: Sun. Zion ch
par: M/M John Everson
sponsors: M/M Ludwig Everson; M/M Clifford Everson

Anna Valborg Everson to Palmer Bond Lukason
par: M/M Martin Everson
both sets of parents of Hawick

Arnold O. Everson to Florence Best (or Bent)
couple live Mpls 11-21-1948 Mpls
par: Mrs. Martin Everson
M/M Alvin Bloom

Catherine Deloris Everson
Bap: last Sun Zion Luth
par: M/M John Everson, Hawick

Christine Lund Everson
died Fri 9-26-1952 Atwater res
86 7-25-1866
to US age 21
md: 2-13-1889 John Everson, dec'd
sons: Alex, William, Benjamin
Bethlehem Lutheran ch, Atwater Norweg. Luth cem

Christine Everson
85th birthday

Christine Everson
84th birthday at Mpls
also son Ben's birthday were Diamond Lake res
attendees named

Emma Everson to Victor Anderson
Mar: 11-9-1922
lic: 11-9-1922
groom from Clinton bride from Hawick

Everson, William A. Mrs. (Amy)
death: 12-14-1935 Genessee
b (Feb. 7, 1894) Dassel, MN
md: 11-28-1916 William Everson
8 ch named
sibs named
Ebenezer Luth ch, Kandiyohi

Everson, William to Amy Lunn
mar: Wed.
bride from Dassel
couple to farm NW of Atwater

Everson, Winnifred to Elmer Borchardt
mar: 3-28-1942

In the phone book for use through April 2004, there is a listing for the following (Atwater is at the bottom):

Loren Everson
511 S. Street, SE
Willmar, MN 56201
(320) 214-8450

The following are listed under Iverson in Willmar:

Iverson, B. J.
511 Lakeland Dr., SE
Willmar, MN 56201
(320) 214-8921

600 24 St., SE

1580 60 Av., NE

300 7 St., NW

Frances G.
1127 5 St., SW

James and Mary
1309 10 St., SW

John P. (DDS)
509 SW 16 Av.

(no address listed)

Paul C. MD
RES 8521 N. Shore Dr.
Spicer, MN 56288

Roger and Sue
602 17 St., SW

(no address listed)

Stephen and Peggy
1409 10 St., SW

Todd and Marci
1141 Ramblewood Av., SW

For Olivia, Minnesota:

Iverson, William Mrs.
908 W. Chestnut Av.
Olivia, MN 56277
(320) 523-2625

For New London/Spicer, Minnesota:

Iverson, Allen and Bunny
1249 137th Av., NW
Spicer, MN 56288

Iverson, Alvin C. and Elaine
7595 North Shore Dr.

Iverson, Jamie and Laurel
105 Birch St., SE
New London, MN 56273
(320) 354-4932

Iverson, Jerry and Kay
5187 109th Av. NE

Iverson, John Dr. DDS and Andrea
8009 North Shore Dr.

Iverson, Julie
327 Lake Ave. S.

Iverson, Paul C. DR.
8521 North Shore Dr.

Iverson, Roger E.
3907 NW 198th Ave.
New London

Everson, Andrew
16520 120th St. NE

Everson, Fred
181 Lakeview Dr.

Everson, Fred and Debbie
15265 Old Mill Rd.

For Monevideo, Minnesota:

Iverson, Clair
4077 77th Ave. SW
Montevideo, MN 56265
(320) 269-8691

Iverson, Jerome
3252 450th St.
Clarkfield, MN 56223
(320) 269-7068

For Madison, Minnesota:

Iverson, I. M.
322 1st St. Ave. N.
Madison, MN 56256
(320) 598-7311

For Litchfield, Minnesota:

Iverson, Dennis
60826 US Hwy 12
(320) 693-3569

Iverson, Nikki Misty and Noah
same address as above

Iverson, E. Jr.
57924 226 St.

Iverson, Jacque
61010 197 St.

Everson, Jody L.
324 N. Holcombe Av.
Litchfield, MN 55355
(320) 593-1266

For Kandiyohi, Minnesota:

Iverson, Steve
11308 30th Av. NE
Kandiyohi, MN 56251
(320) 382-6254

Everson, Ronald
13450 30th Av. NE
Atwater, MN 56209
(320) 382-6574

For Hanley Falls, Minnesota:

Iverson, Terry N.
115 3rd St.
Hanley Falls, MN 56245
(320) 768-3529

For "Iversons" in Granite Falls, Minnesota:

655 10 Av

RR 3 Box 124

126 Fromm Cir

750 15 Av.

Dwain (Sonny)
823 Minnesota Av.

Ernest and Anna
108 Baldwin

777 9 Av.

RR 3 Box 122

Gene B.
1274 4 St.

134 Washington St.

1440 9 St.

For Dawson, Minnesota:

Iverson, Art
1177 Locust
Dawson, MN 56232
(320) 769-2474

Iverson, Paul
556 1st St.

For Bird Island, Minnesota:

Iverson, Marc and Sarah
1040 Elm Av.
Bird Island, MN 55310
(320) 365-4354

For "Iversons" in Benson, Minnesota:

1725 Wisconsin Av.
(320) 843-4823

1104 13 St., N.

609 11 St., S.

410 13 St., S.

625 8 St., N.

708 11 St. N.

For Belgrade, Minnesota:

Iverson, Kenneth
(no address listed)
(320) 254-1800

For Atwater, Minnesota:

Iverson, Stephen L and Peggy
Diamond Lake

Iverson, Troy and Devedah
17820 75th Av., SE

Everson, Leroy
12981 41st Av., NE
Atwater, MN 56209

For Appleton, Minnesota:

Iverson, Kristyanna
149 W. Schlieman Av.
Appleton, MN 56208

Re: Everson/ Iverson in Atwater/ Willmar from 1890

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Thankyou so much for the information. There are quite a few entries there about the Eversons that are related to me.

Everson, Mary to Oscar Carlson
mar. SW ME parsonage Atwater 1909.
Note: Mary was my grandfather William's sister.

Oliver D. Everson to Lucille Peterson
mar. 6-5-1951 Battle Lake
par. William Everson
Note: Oliver was my uncle, Lucille my aunt by marriage

Ronald Eugene Everson
Baptised 1944
par. Alex Everson
Note: Alex was my grandfather's brother, Ronald is my cousin

Everson, William Death of infant son Edmund D.
Note: this is my grandfather and Edmund was my uncle

Christine Lund Everson, died Friday 9-26-1952
Bethlehem Lutheran Church Atwater
Note: Christine was my gr-grandmother, and her husband was John Everson who died in 1909 in Kandiyohi County

Everson William A., Mrs. Amy
death 12-14-1935 Genessee
b. Jeb 7 1894 Dassel MN
md. 11-28-1916 William Everson
8 ch named
sibs named
Ebenezer Lutheran Church Kandiyohi
Note: These are my grandparents; and I was wondering if you had the information on the names of Amy's siblings.

Everson William to Amy Lunn
mar. Wed, bride from Dassel
couple to farm NW of Atwater 1916
Note: These again are my grandparents

Everson, Winnifred to Elmer Borchardt
mar. 3-28-1942
Note: This is my aunt and her husband

James H. Everson to Doris Haarstad
mar. 2-11-1950
par. William Everson, Atwater
Note: This is my uncle and his wife; but they have lived in North Dakota for a number of years. He is the only living Everson from the children of William and Amy.

Jerome D. Everson to Gerry Ellen Walker
mar. 10-4-1952 in TX
par. William Everson Atwater
Note: This is my uncle and his wife.

Thanks again for the information. I didn't have the marriage dates on most of the family; so this was really great.

Is there any information on a Gertrude Jane Everson, daughter of William and Amy Everson. She was my mother.

Kind regards and many thanks!

Carol Horrigan

Re: Everson/ Iverson in Atwater/ Willmar from 1890

Cheryl Johnson (View posts)
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Each of this entries is for an article in the paper here. Is there any one of them you might like to have me look up for you, in particular?

I didn't include which were the issues but can do so if you want that.

There is a genealogy group here that does research also. They charge $5 for a brief check of available indexes (what I did would be part of this, I suppose). In depth research is $10 per hour. Extensive photocopies and Certified Document Fees are additional.

If you are interested in them, I can get contact information for you.

Were there any phone numbers of your relatives so you could contact them in person?

Re: Everson/ Iverson in Atwater/ Willmar from 1890

Cheryl Johnson (View posts)
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I'll see what I can find about Amy's siblings and Gertrude Jane Everson, your mother.

Re: Everson/ Iverson in Atwater/ Willmar from 1890

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Thankyou so much for taking the time to look for Amy's siblings, and any information about my mother Gertrude Jane Everson.....
Kind regards,


Re: Everson/ Iverson in Atwater/ Willmar from 1890

Cheryl Johnson (View posts)
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Here's what I found regarding Amy:

Willmar Weekly Tribune, No. 51, Vol. 41., Wed., 12-18-1935, p. 3:

"Gennessee woman has passed on

Mrs. William A. Everson of Gennessee Township passed away at the General Hospital at Willmar last Saturday afternoon, Dec. 14, after a lingering illness. The funeral services will be held at the Ebeneezer Lutheran Church at Kandiyohi on Wed., Dec. 18, at one-thirty o'clock."

Willmar Weekly Tribune, No. 51, Vol. 41, 12-25-1935, p. 7:

"Friends here were grieved to hear of the death of Mrs. William Everson, who passed away at the Willmar Hospital on Saturday afternoon."

Willmar Weekly Tribune, 12-25-1935, p. 5:

"Mrs. Wm. Everson

Funeral services for Mrs. William Everson of Gennessee township were held at 1:30 at the Ebenezer Lutheran Church with Rev. G. W. Sanstead officiating. Mrs. Albin Hawkinson and Mrs. Oscar Erickson sang a favorite hymn of the departed. There were many beautiful floral offerings. Burial was in the family lot in the Ebenezer cemetery. The pallbearers were Earl Peterson, Wm. Peterson, Albert Okeson, Arnold Paulson, Victor Carlson and Charley Berg.

Those from a distance attending the funeral were Alfred and Annie Lunn of Dassel, Bessie Offerdahl of Aberdeen, S. D., and Mrs. C. R. Dean of Röckham, S. D.

Amy Gard Everson was born February 7, 1894, at Dassel. Her death occurred December 14.

She was confirmed in the Mission church at Dassel May 15, 1910. On November 28, 1916, she was married to William Everson of Atwater. Mrs. Everson resided in the township of
Gennesse from her marriage until her death.

Mourning her death are her husband and eight children. The children are Myrvold, Winifred, Gertrude, Joan, James, Oliver, Jerome and an infant daughter. The following brothers and sisters survive: Mrs Hilda Nelson, residing in California, Annie Lunn of Dassel, Mrs. Bessie Offerdahl of Aberdeen, S. D., Mrs. Esther Dean of Rockham, S. D. and Alfred Lunn of Dassel."

Willmar Tribune, No. 41, Vol. 22, Wed., 12-13-1916, p. 7:


Miss Amy Lunn of Dassel and William Everson, resident northwest of Atwater where he has a farm, were united in marriage Wednesday of this week by Rev. J. E. Linner at the parsonage. The wedding was a simple affair. Mr. and Mrs. Everson left at once for a wedding trip to Isles in the northern part of the state. They will make their home near Atwater on their return.--Litchfield Review"
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