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The Scottish Clans and their Tartans, give the source of our name as follows: MacQueen (Gaelic) MacCuire for MacShuibbne, from N.Sweyn. Gaelic MacSwan. In Syke MacQueens.

The MacQueens are of Norse origin, from Iweyn or Suyne, rendered in Gaelic MacCuine or McShuibhne. A Sween McQueen signed the Clan Chattan Bond of 1609. Although latterly regarded as a sept of the Clan Chattes, they are more likely to be of the Clan Ronald origin. In the thirteenth century a family of MacSweens held lands in Kinteze, especially Castle Sween. In Syke we find the Gaelic name McSwain taking form of MacSweens, MacSwan and Swan in English.

Although originally but an offshot of the Hebridean MacQueens who owed allegiance to the Lord of the Isles, the MacQueens of Corrybrough, who settled in Strathdearn, may be said to have occupied the positions of the "Head of the haill (whole) name."

The MacQueens were known as Clan Rovan, the circumstance which the MacQueens left the West Coast and setteld in Strathdearn are stated to be as follows: Early in the Fifteenth century Malcolm Beg MacKintosh (10th of MacKintosh) married Mora MacDonald of Moidart and with the bride came, as was the custom, several of her kinsmen, who took up their abode near her new home. Among the followers were Revan MacMulmon MacAntus, of whom the Clan Revan are descended, and Dolan MacGillandrisch of whom the Clan Revan is descended.

Roderick Dee Revan MacQueen is said to have fought under MacKintosh at the battle of Harlaw in 1411. This was secured from England by Harry Sterling Queen at a cost of $25.00.

The Early History of the Family Tree

The immediate branch of the McQueen Family was a citizen of Tipperrary County of Ireland, and Charles McQueen was a private in the English Army and an honored magistrate of his native County, but accoding to the ruling of the English Parliment, no one of Scotch or Irish name could rank as a Commissioned Officer. So in order to receive this commission, Charles McQueen had to drop the prefix Mc from his original name, and became an English officer under the name of just CHARLES QUEEN. He was said to be a man of commanding presence and courage and discretion in the execution of his Official Trust, and by virtue of his New Official Position, and by an act of the English Parliment, he was entitled to enter free of cost (1400) acres of land in the Virginia Colony of America, while a private citizen or soldier of England, could only enter (400) acres. Now this is how, we as a people got the name of just QUEEN.

We find there are quite a number of emigrants coming to America from Ireland by the name of McQueen and McQuinn, and they tell us there are no people in Ireland by the name of just QUEEN. Now it was for this purpose of availing himself of entering the (1400) acres of land in America that caused CHARLES QUEEN and his young wife come to America in or near (1750), and they wended their way into this section of the Virginia Colony, in Harrison County of America, and located a homestead on the waters of Gnatty Creek at the mouth of Peeltree, a stream of (4) miles in length and selected land, later owned by old Judge Edwin S. Dunkin and at present owned by Porter Maxwell, and Ira Post heirs.

Whether CHARLES QUEEN entered the full (1400) acres of land or not, is not known. If he took out a Patten for the (1400) acres of land, it should have been recorded in the Clerk's Office (for Pattens), in Richmond, Virginia, and this all came about before the Revolutionary War.

There was a son born in 1752 to CHARLES QUEEN and his young wife while they were here in America, and was given the name of CHARLES QUEEN, JR., and they did not remain here for long in America, but returned to England, and CHARLES QUEEN, SR., soon died, and as it was the law of that country that the parents of children had to give their sons a trade of some kind, the mother of CHARLES QUEEN,JR., bound him out to the weaver's trade, and when he had served his time at his trade, he then had to serve time in the English army, so when he had reached his majority, and was a free man, he longed and desired to see the land of his birth, in America, so the son, CHARLES QUEEN, JR., returned to America in or near the year (1770), and took possession of the old homestead on Gnatty Creek at the mouth of Peeltree. At this time he was not married, but soon did marry Miss May Haley in 1773, a native of that country, and to this union (9) children were born.

CHARLES QUEEN,JR., died and was buried in the old homestead in an orchard, east of Clarksburg and Buckhannon Highway, opposite the Ira Post Mansion.

Of course after 1863 this land is now in the state of West Virginia, and the Clarksburg And Buckhannon Highway is now West Virginia state Rt 20

Joseph Queen at

Hello 04 December 2003 Thanks for your offer to share NELSON family data. I am the granddaughter of Carrie Geneva Nelson who was the daughter of Elinora "Ellen" F. BAGLEY and James Monroe NELSON of Clarke County, Alabama. James Monroe NELSON (1842-1890) was the son of Winnifred TRAWICK and William NELSON (Circa 1810-Before 1854). I am unable to determine the names of the parents of William. If this is your line and can provide further information it will be so appreciated. Thank you Kindly, Carolyn Nelson and allied families Clarke Co.,AL 18 Feb 1808 Birth Mary (Polly) LOFTIN-16576 abt 1814 Birth Winnifred (Winney) TRAWICK-18705 1815 Birth Charlotte WHITE-18273 19 Oct 1817 Birth Narcissa LOFTIN-16580 20 Feb 1818 Marriage Henry C. WHITE-18388 and Sally ANDERSON-18494 30 Sep 1818 Marriage Samuel LOFTIN-16571 and Nancy PAINTER-18043 1819 Birth Edgar Monroe RIVERS-17610 abt 1819 Birth John S. TRAWICK-18702 6 May 1819 Marriage John D. WHITE-16488 and Anna LOFTIN-16489 14 Nov 1819 Marriage Andrew DEATON-16692 and Mary Georgia BRADFORD-16655 1820 Birth Messina DEATON-17300 abt 1820 Birth Wylie W. WHITE-18193 21 Sep 1820 Marriage Hiram WHITE-18389 and Leah -18528 22 Nov 1820 Marriage William WILLIAMS-18044 and Nancy LOFTIN-16572 1821 Birth Winnefred (Wincy) DEATON-17301 abt 1821 Birth Green W. TRAWICK-18701 abt 1821 Birth Elizabeth REDMON-18728 13 Sep 1821 Birth Nancy Giles WHITE-16483 10 Jun 1823 Marriage William HUDSON-17809 and Margaret LOFTIN-16575 11 Oct 1824 Birth Joseph WHITE-18065 1825 Birth Tracy DEATON-17303 22 Dec 1825 Marriage Joseph A. WALKER-18045 and Mary (Polly) LOFTIN-16576 1826 Birth Greenberry D. DEATON-17293 9 Jul 1827 Birth David WHITE-16548 1828 Birth Catherine DEATON-17294 3 Sep 1828 Marriage David R. HEARON-18709 and Elizabeth Martha TRAWICK-18706 14 Oct 1828 Marriage Robert WHITE-18381 and Sarah DIXON-18491 25 Mar 1829 Marriage Henry C. WHITE-18388 and Sarah LOFTIN-18527 12 Jul 1829 Marriage Caleb C. ROBINSON-18727 and Lucretia TRAWICK-18704 25 Feb 1830 Marriage William L. GILMORE-18536 and Susannah D. (Sarah) FLUKER-18535 18 Feb 1831 Birth Darling Lafayette HORTON-16639 1832 Birth William Warren TRAWICK-17147 8 Oct 1832 Marriage John HARRISON-18047 and Narcissa LOFTIN-16580 13 Dec 1832 Marriage Bartlett HARRISON-17810 and Martha LOFTIN-16579 1833 Birth Greenberry B. WHITE-16549 12 Feb 1833 Marriage Ennis LOFTIN-16577 and Harriette UPCHURCH-17811 22 Nov 1835 Birth Milo DEATON-17297 17 Jan 1838 Marriage Jacob ANTILLEY-18526 and Mariah WHITE-18386 18 Jul 1839 Marriage Allen HEARN-17305 and Winnefred (Wincy) DEATON-17301 18 Jul 1839 Marriage John S. TRAWICK-18702 and Mary HEARON-18726 1840 Birth Strother C. DEATON-17292 1840 Birth Robert WHITE-18483 2 Sep 1841 Marriage Whitfield WEBB-18048 and Louise LOFTIN-16581 4 Sep 1841 Marriage Francis M. BOUTWELL-18725 and Mariah TRAWICK-18703 abt 1842 Birth Elijah G. WHITE-16552 27 Jan 1842 Birth James Monroe NELSON-17167 25 Aug 1842 Marriage Redden HEARON-18724 and Winnifred (Winney) TRAWICK-18705 4 Oct 1842 Marriage Brazil R. BRADFORD-17306 and Tebitha DEATON-17302 1843 Birth Rhoda J. CLANTON-17721 22 Jan 1843 Birth Martha Ann HORTON-16556 bef 21 Feb 1843 Death John HORTON-17722 4 Jun 1843 Marriage Green W. TRAWICK-18701 and Elizabeth REDMON-18728 1844 Birth William M. NELSON-17168 1844 Birth John WHITE-18484 22 Nov 1844 Birth Therisa Arminta (Mittie) HORTON-16562 24 Mar 1845 Marriage Ennis Loftin WHITE-16546 and Axeth (Axey) PUGH-17324 20 Mar 1846 Marriage Elijah PUGH-18197 and Sarah N. WHITE-18194 1847 Birth Columbus WHITE-18485 abt 1847 Birth Fristram B. TRAWICK-18729 31 Mar 1847 Birth Amanda Rebecca DANZY-16887 8 Apr 1847 Marriage Thomas L. LYLES-17304 and Messina DEATON-17300 31 Jan 1848 Birth Ransom Gee TRAWICK-18730 8 Dec 1848 Marriage Thomas Dixon WHITE-18391 and Elizabeth S. MICHAM-18493 31 Jan 1849 Marriage Wylie W. WHITE-18193 and Sarah G. BEALE-18196 1 Jul 1849 Marriage Samuel HORTON-16638 and Harriett CLEMENTS-16883 23 Oct 1849 Birth Mary Ann Judson TRAWICK-18731 19 Mar 1850 Birth Greenberry (G.B.) WHITE-18199 Nov 1851 Birth John Finley WHITE-18200 7 Dec 1851 Marriage Hugh TRAWICK-16977 and Susan A. E. PILATE-18707 1852 Birth Ruford L. WHITE-18486 abt 1852 Birth Martha Ann WHITE-18744 29 Jun 1852 Marriage Edgar Monroe RIVERS-17610 and Nancy P. WILLIAMS-17623 6 Jul 1852 Birth Charles Riley HORTON-16893 5 Oct 1852 Marriage Greenberry D. DEATON-17293 and E. L. GILMORE-17803 abt 1853 Birth Mary Jane WHITE-17289 9 Jan 1853 Marriage George F. GILMORE-17170 and Penelope (Nep) DEATON-16491 13 Feb 1853 Birth Mary Elizabeth HORTON-16561 6 Aug 1853 Birth Martha Washington TRAWICK-18732 1854 Birth Mary DEATON-17295 11 Sep 1854 Marriage Hugh TRAWICK-16977 and Susan HUDSON-18708 bef 2 Oct 1854 Death Issac (Jesse J.) WOODARD-18723 13 Nov 1854 Birth Martha E. (Mattie) RIVERS-17618 bef 1855 Death Hugh TRAWICK-16977 bef 1855 Burial Hugh TRAWICK-16977 1855 Birth Sarah E. GILMORE-16621 23 Jan 1855 Birth James M. WHITE-18745 23 Jan 1855 Birth Meredith W. WHITE-18746 22 Feb 1855 Marriage J. Madison SMITH-18198 and Josephine WHITE-18195 1 May 1855 Birth Virginia L. TRAWICK-18733 24 May 1855 Birth Rhoda Caroline HORTON-16563 10 Jun 1855 Marriage Thomas W. HUDSON-17166 and Ann Elizabeth NELSON-16640 bef 13 Nov 1855 Death William Warren TRAWICK-17147 bef 13 Nov 1855 Death Lucretia TRAWICK-18704 1856 Birth Elijah WHITE-18487 Aug 1856 Burial Sarah GILES-16569 12 Aug 1856 Death Sarah GILES-16569 20 Oct 1856 Birth George Washington RIVERS-17619 10 Dec 1857 Marriage Thomas A. DAWSON-17308 and Isabella DEATON-17296 26 Jun 1858 Birth Rama Chundra TRAWICK-18734 28 Dec 1859 Birth Clara Mary HORTON-16564 18 Jan 1860 Death Axeth (Axey) PUGH-17324 17 Mar 1860 Marriage Ennis Loftin WHITE-16546 and Nancy SMITH-17969 9 Sep 1861 Birth Eli Samuel HORTON-16687 24 Jun 1862 Birth William L. HORTON-16703 23 Aug 1862 Birth Mena Antoinette (Marid) TRAWICK-18736 23 Aug 1862 Death Mena Antoinette (Marid) TRAWICK-18736 22 Dec 1863 Marriage Elijah G. WHITE-16552 and Rhoda J. CLANTON-17721 11 Jan 1865 Birth William W. WHITE-17992 1866 Birth Mary E. WHITE-18027 16 Mar 1866 Birth John Lafayette WHITE-17291 5 Apr 1866 Birth Alexander L. WHITE-18005 25 Jul 1866 Marriage Andrew J. WARD-16584 and Martha Ann HORTON-16556 12 Dec 1866 Birth Margarette Ann (Annie) HORTON-16704 1867 Birth Rebecca J. WHITE-18028 26 Jan 1867 Marriage John Pickett WILLIAMSON-16490 and Penelope (Nep) DEATON-16491 1868 Birth Mary (Mollie) KELLY-18576 5 Mar 1868 Birth Irene S. WHITE-18013 23 Aug 1868 Birth S. Kate HORTON-16706 20 Feb 1869 Marriage Charlie Powell KELLEY-17121 and Martha E. (Mattie) RIVERS-17618 28 May 1869 Marriage Joseph WHITE-18065 and Emily H. TAYLOR-17946 Jun 1869 Birth Ennis Recoe WHITE-18006 13 Oct 1869 Marriage Asa Alexander KELLEY-18599 and Eliza FENDLEY-17412 20 Nov 1869 Marriage William T. DAY-17941 and Martha Ann WHITE-18744 1870 Birth Burwell L. WHITE-18029 8 Sep 1870 Marriage Nathan J. SHEFFIELD-17703 and Ann Elizabeth NELSON-16640 18 Dec 1870 Birth Charles W. WHITE-17983 22 Dec 1870 Marriage Henry B. WHITE-17943 and Harriet L. WALKER-17950 4 Aug 1871 Birth Warren Dennis WHITE-18750 14 Aug 1871 Marriage Vandivier DEATON-17299 and L. A. HAMILTON-17800 11 Dec 1871 Birth Jesse Roe WHITE-17951 31 Jan 1872 Birth Ida KELLEY-18595 18 Feb 1872 Marriage R. G. DUNNING-17947 and Mary Jane WHITE-17289 9 May 1872 Birth Alice WHITE-18014 16 Jul 1872 Birth James Franklin (Jim) KELLEY-16513 21 Jul 1872 Birth Charles Columbus SHEFFIELD-17704 abt 1873 Birth John M. SHEFFIELD-17705 8 Aug 1873 Birth Martha Ann (Mattice) WHITE-18015 1874 Birth Annie Endora WHITE-18030 12 Jan 1874 Birth Lillian M. WHITE-18086 8 Feb 1874 Birth Rhoda Lillian RIVERS-16815 Jul 1874 Birth Henry SHEFFIELD-17706 19 Oct 1874 Birth Samuel Morice (Sam) HORTON-16892 3 Nov 1874 Birth Betty Olivia Clementine WHITE-17952 21 Sep 1875 Birth LaCurgus P. (Kirge) WHITE-18016 Oct 1875 Birth Joseph R. (Joe) RIVERS-16814 8 Dec 1875 Birth Georginna HUGGINS-17953 Jun 1876 Death Andrew DEATON-16692 1877 Birth Alva T. WHITE-18031 18 Jan 1877 Marriage George MILLER-17948 and Julia F. WHITE-17290 17 Jun 1877 Birth Eli Jessie HORTON-16705 22 Nov 1877 Marriage Issac B. ETHERIDGE-18009 and Emma Jane WHITE-17945 19 Dec 1877 Marriage Warren Albert HORTON-16886 and Mary Jane TUCKER-16897 7 Feb 1878 Marriage William HILL-16585 and Mary Elizabeth HORTON-16561 15 Feb 1878 Birth Theodocia E. SHEFFIELD-17707 12 Dec 1878 Marriage James Allen LEONARD-16589 and Rhoda Caroline HORTON-16563 1879 Birth Samuel ETHERIDGE-18036 6 Oct 1879 Birth Clara Eugenia (Jane) LEONARD-16590 17 Oct 1879 Birth Lula L. WHITE-18017 Feb 1880 Birth George M. SHEFFIELD-17709 1881 Birth Lucy Ophelia SHEFFIELD-17708 26 Jan 1881 Death John S. TRAWICK-18702 19 Aug 1881 Birth George Bryant WHITE-18018 31 Aug 1881 Marriage James Frank HUDSON-17177 and L. C. BISHOP-17702 18 Oct 1882 Marriage L. R. WATTERS-18033 and Mary E. WHITE-18027 15 Feb 1883 Marriage Willie W. NORWOOD-16501 and Margarette Ann (Annie) HORTON-16704 15 Mar 1883 Marriage Jeremiah D. (Jerry) OUTLAW-16938 and Ella Elizabeth (Betty) RIVERS-16937 22 Mar 1883 Marriage Jesse Albert TURNER-18102 and Barbara Ann WHITE-18032 16 Nov 1883 Marriage John Robert MC SWEEN-16601 and Clara Mary HORTON-16564 29 Nov 1883 Marriage Richard Franklin HORTON-16565 and Fannie Conelia LEONARD-16611 12 Jul 1884 Marriage Jessie Trawick HORTON-16566 and Sarah E. GILMORE-16621 28 Aug 1884 Birth Mary Gials (Mollie) MC SWEEN-16602 27 Dec 1884 Marriage H. G. WALTERS-18034 and Rebecca J. WHITE-18028 28 Dec 1885 Birth Dolly Pitman MC SWEEN-16603 31 Dec 1885 Marriage Hugh Robert HORTON-16480 and Treasea Lavonia WILLIAMSON-16481 6 Jan 1886 Death Jesse Thomas HORTON-16482 8 Mar 1886 Marriage James Marion (Jimmy) RIVERS-17526 and Annie O. SANDERS-17527 13 Aug 1886 Marriage W. J. (Willie) CASSITY-17109 and S. Kate HORTON-16706 15 Jan 1887 Death Dolly Pitman MC SWEEN-16603 23 May 1887 Marriage F. G. RODGERS-18011 and Emma Jane WHITE-17945 16 Jun 1887 Marriage John Pickett WILLIAMSON-16490 and Harriett CLEMENTS-16883 17 Jul 1887 Marriage Eli Samuel HORTON-16687 and Mary Octavia PUGH-16496 May 1888 Birth Eura (Ercie) HORTON-16659 24 May 1888 Birth Emma Belle MC SWEEN-16604 24 Jun 1888 Marriage John B. WHITE-17942 and Susan E. JORDAN-18550 30 Nov 1888 Death Susan HUDSON-18708 30 Dec 1888 Marriage Ennis Recoe WHITE-18006 and Lelia (Lula) LAMBERT-18010 24 Jan 1889 Marriage William W. WHITE-17992 and Huldah Virginia (Janie) HALL-17998 23 Nov 1889 Birth Woodie W. WHITE-18024 27 Nov 1889 Marriage L. J. LAWRENCE-18035 and Annie Endora WHITE-18030 Mar 1890 Birth George Agusta WHITE-18025 10 Mar 1890 Birth Joseph Benton (Joe) HILL-16586 15 Jun 1890 Marriage Charles A. RIVERS-16808 and Addie R. CONN-16660 24 Jul 1890 Marriage Walter Phillip HORTON-16567 and Bettie KELLY-16625 Nov 1890 Birth Henry HORTON-16686 10 Jun 1891 Birth John Finlay MC SWEEN-16605 15 Sep 1893 Birth Alice Blanch LEONARD-16597 16 Sep 1893 Birth Robert Colon MC SWEEN-16606 Oct 1893 Death Vandivier DEATON-17299 18 Jan 1894 Marriage Robert Gaines (Bob) FRIDDLE-17161 and Lucy Bell HORTON-16807 14 Mar 1894 Birth Lula May HILL-16587 18 Mar 1894 Marriage Thomas Alexander CLARK-17440 and Nancy Louise (Nannie) HORTON-16805 24 Dec 1894 Marriage Charnic Atharp (Nick) FRIDDLE-17471 and Mary Emma HORTON-17011 Jan 1895 Birth Davis HORTON-16684 1896 Birth Jahu Taylor HORTON-16630 23 Jan 1896 Birth Jessie Clara MC SWEEN-16607 27 Sep 1896 Birth Ernest Earl HORTON-16708 30 Dec 1896 Marriage Lee JORDAN-18096 and Annie A. WHITE-18088 1898 Birth Gertrude -18617 24 Feb 1898 Birth Ira J. WHITE-18026 5 Aug 1898 Birth Charles Edward HORTON-16631 15 Sep 1898 Birth Anne Lee MC SWEEN-16608 Feb 1899 Birth Dewey HORTON-16683 4 Apr 1899 Birth Henry Howard RIVERS-16924 31 Jan 1900 Marriage John Isreal CRAVEY-17101 and Clara Eugenia (Jane) LEONARD-16590 17 Dec 1901 Marriage Alexander L. WHITE-18005 and Alberta E. HASKEN-18165 9 Jul 1902 Birth Ed WILSON-17855 31 Aug 1902 Marriage William Penn (Piney) RIVERS-16813 and Ellia I. LEE-17160 25 Oct 1902 Birth Nellie Bree WHITE-18066 5 Jun 1903 Birth Pierce (Twin) HORTON-16635 1 Oct 1904 Marriage George WHITE-18089 and Effie BRATTON-18097 18 Oct 1904 Death Nancy Louise (Nannie) HORTON-16805 13 Dec 1905 Marriage William CALLAHAN-16557 and Alice WHITE-18014 28 Oct 1906 Birth John Hankins HORTON-16637 1908 Birth Ethel WHITE-18067 10 May 1908 Marriage Will S. MC DONNELL-16890 and Harriett Viola HORTON-16896 28 Oct 1908 Marriage William Elbert WILKERSON-16519 and Flossie R. HORTON-16903 Jul 1909 Burial Martha Washington TRAWICK-18732 19 Jul 1909 Death Martha Washington TRAWICK-18732 21 Feb 1912 Birth Sheldon O. (Lester) HORTON-17348 28 Feb 1912 Marriage James Walter (Jim) HORTON-16614 and Beula GUY-16948 22 Oct 1913 Birth Nellie Gray HORTON-17140 12 Nov 1913 Marriage John Leonard HORTON-16613 and Littie Alice HARRELL-16945 15 Dec 1913 Birth James Alex BAUGH-17718 10 Nov 1914 Birth Braxton Leroy (Roy) HORTON-17349 13 Dec 1914 Birth Ollie R. (PeeWee) HORTON-17141 20 Nov 1915 Marriage Piercie B. DUGAN-18101 and Nettie Marie WHITE-18093 bef 1916 Marriage Jesse Bernard MOTT-17417 and Pauline Solome CLARK-17162 abt 1916 Marriage Chester E. MATHEWS-18532 and Jimmie W. WHITE-18106 2 Feb 1917 Birth Jesse Tillman HORTON-16991 18 Feb 1917 Death Florida Ophelia TRAWICK-18740 22 Apr 1917 Marriage William Otis BAGLEY-16680 and Winnifred HORTON-17020 1918 Birth Gladys HORTON-16975 21 Aug 1918 Marriage Ira J. WHITE-18026 and Mabel SELLERS-18531 14 Feb 1919 Birth Jimmy Lue HORTON-16859 13 Aug 1919 Birth Marjorie HORTON-17351 7 Sep 1919 Birth James Lamar GATES-17112 26 Nov 1919 Marriage Gus Timothy GATES-17111 and Mary Catherine (Kate) HORTON-16904 23 Mar 1920 Marriage Thomas Lafayette HORTON-16884 and Clara F. JACKSON-17344 1 Aug 1920 Marriage Claude Eugene RIVERS-17397 and Lucy May STEPHENS-17402 26 Sep 1920 Marriage Matthew Young BAGLEY-18614 and Laura Alabama (Bama) KELLEY-18597 17 Oct 1920 Marriage George E. KELLEY-18588 and Jewell Mae RENEAU-18615 21 Jan 1921 Birth James Franklin PEZENT-17836 9 Nov 1921 Death Charlie Powell KELLEY-17121 25 Dec 1921 Marriage Sim Jasper HARRELL-17146 and Sallie Leona HORTON-16618 11 Oct 1922 Birth Mike Ernest PEZENT-17835 7 Apr 1923 Birth Samuel Milton BAGLEY-17125 23 Jun 1923 Marriage Alfonzo G. GATES-18534 and Carlie (Collie) HORTON-16906 6 Nov 1924 Marriage Clyde Jackson HORTON-16515 and Nora Leola MILSTED-16648 29 Nov 1924 Birth Lois Myrtle PEZENT-17834 12 Aug 1925 Birth Aldine Faye GATES-17114 19 Aug 1926 Birth Howard ARMISTEAD-17860 22 Feb 1927 Birth Gaines Ray PEZENT-17837 27 Mar 1927 Death John Lafayette WHITE-17291 9 Jul 1928 Birth James Edward WILSON-17856 20 Apr 1929 Birth Charles Linbergh PEZENT-17838 8 Jun 1929 Marriage Gordy FENDLEY-17829 and Myrtie CRAVEY-17813 31 Dec 1929 Birth Bernice WILSON-17857 4 Nov 1948 Marriage Howard ARMISTEAD-17860 and Bernice WILSON-17857 19 Oct 1960 Death Rhoda Lillian RIVERS-16815 Birth Lelia (Lula) LAMBERT-18010 Birth Annie Pearl HORTON-18172 Birth Alma Erlene HORTON-18173 Marriage Hugh TRAWICK-16977 and Elizabeth PELOT-17012 Marriage John Alex BAGLEY-18298 and Mary E. BRASWELL-18299 Marriage R. Clinton BAGLEY-17208 and Josephine NELSON-17188

The formatting might be a little strange, but here goes. ----------------------- Prepared Sep. 11, 2002 by Susan Manolakos, ROUGH DRAFT or WORKING PAPER of Preliminary information on ONE (of many) Moore families of Orange Co, NC. The area in which they lived was near the "Oaks" community on the present Alamance/Orange Co border. They are one of the closest Moore families to the location where Sterling Moore lived until 1799 which was just south of Haw Creek, also in the Hawfields. JAMES MOORE FAMILY of the central Hawfields (now Alamance Co area, living on Meadow Creek, Motts Creek and Little Cain Creek and Moccasin Creek, all east side of Haw River. NOTE: there are many missing pieces here. Can anyone fill any? Some preliminary research done years ago by a researcher hired by a Mr. F. Cirlot on James Moore of the south/central Hawfields area. According to undocumented information of Mr. Cirlot, this James was believed to have been born about 1752 in Virginia, said to have come from Brunswick and Lunenburg Cos VA, through Halifax Co, VA (early 1780's) to Orange Co. NC about 1793 or before (Note: Research into Brunswick. And Lunenburg Cos., VA shows a group of Moores living on Cedar Creek and Crooked Run Creek, which straddled the borders of Brunswick and Lunenburg from about 1750, beginning with a Robert Moore who acquired with HUGE landholdings along Cedar Creek and Crooked Run Creeks. There are land sales between him and people named James, Robert (Jr?), Valentine and William Moore in VA, names which later show up in Orange Co, NC, and also to William Martin and to Elizabeth and John Weaver. Although no connection to Orange Co. Moores has yet been proved, this area is a possible earlier location for this group. Mr. Cirlot believed (note that this is his speculation, but he freely admitted he did not have proof) that this James Moore family of Orange may have been descended from an earlier James Moore who was b 1693 New Kent Co, VA and his wife Agnes, who parents of the following children: James (b1718), Elizabeth (Could she have married John Weaver who, with wife Elizabeth, is also a purchaser of the Robert Moore tracts in Lunenburg and Brunswick Cos, VA?) Robert (b abt 1727) Valentine (b abt 1735 and perhaps other children, Henry and William, which names also show up in the Brunswick/Lunenburg Co. VA records. There is absolutely no proof (or even a hint of proof other than similar names) that descendants of the New Kent Co group ended up in Brunswick/Lunenburg/Halifax and later Orange Co. NC., and Mr. Cirlot readily admitted he was working on "hunches". But similarly named individuals are found briefly in Halifax Co. VA in the mid 1780's, and also in Caswell Co, NC where a Valentine Moore witnessed a deed betw. John TARPLEY and Phillip Thomas 1789. I don't know if he's connected to the Orange group or not.) But research into New Kent Co, VA Moore families, and also into determining the identity of the Robert Moore who purchased the large lands in Brunswick and Lunenburg Cos are important ideas for further research. Whatever his origin, Mr. Cirlot believed that the James Moore who was born about 1752 VA (where a wife Mary is shown on some of the VA deeds) were said to have come to the Hawfields area of Orange/Alamance Counties, NC where James died, according to Mr. Cirlot, around 1805. Due to the appearance of the name Valentine among the Moores in these areas, Mr. Cirlot believed they were located earlier along the Cedar Creek/Crooked Run Creek area of Brunswick/Lunenburg Co. VA border area, then found in Halifax Co, VA in the early 1780's, and then moved to Orange Co, NC approximately 1790. While people with these names ARE found in these areas of VA, there is no information at all (other than the appearance of the name "Valentine" among them) that they are linked to the Moore family of Hawfields in Orange Co, NC. Proof, information or clues are being sought to confirm or disprove this migration path. (NOTE: I have found NO will and no loose papers for an administration of an estate for a James Moore around this time in Orange Co. records, although Mr. Cirlot believed that James died around 1805 in Orange Co.). Mr. Cirlot believed James to be the father of the following: 1. James (said to have become a large land owner in Orange and Alamance), oldest child. m 1797 Orange Co. Elizabeth LASHLEY (d/o Barnabas Lashley, a neighbor in the Hawfields), with Wm. GRIMES, bondsman. (Orange Co. marriage bond). James and Elizabeth Lashley Moore are believed to be parents of: a) James (no info) b) Nancy who m Wm. Sykes 1815 with Wm.Rigsbee, bond c) Patsy m Hosea Smith d) Robert e) Margaret m John Jones (bond Thomas Jones) f) Sally m James Crutchfield 1828 Or.Co. with Walker/Walter Parish, bond. g) John (no info) Note: a Robert Moore (I believe James son) wrote a will in 1835 in Orange Co mentioning sibings Margaret Jones, Sally Crutchfield and John. He also mentions Patsy Smith. Witnesses of Robert's will are Henry O'Daniel, Jesse O'Daniel (who are neighbors) and Eliz. "X" Moore (possibly his mother, Eliz. Lashley Moore). Executors: John Jones and John Moore. 2. Mary married 4 Dec. 1794 in Orange, Wm. BROOKS (James Moore, bond). She had at least one child, Thomas Brooks.) 3. Ann said to have m 1792 JOHN PUGH (NOTE: One John Pugh was an immediate neighbor to Sterling Moore in Orange Co). Orange County Court records reveal a suit by Ann Moore against John Pugh, and a land sale of 10 acres on the south side of Haw Creek in 1799 from John Pugh to Ann Moore adjoining GARDNER (I believe the "Gardner" to be William GORDON, who had land about one tract away from Sterling MOORE). John Pugh, William Brooks, John Kennedy and Thomas Atkinson and some Crutchfields had lands very close to Sterling Moore in Orange. James Johnson and Esiah X Person wit this deed. James Johnson/Johnston was an immediate neighbor of Sterling Moore and the person to whom Sterling sold his land when he left Orange Co. in 1799. Regarding Ann Moore Pugh, somewhere I have a court recorc for legal name changes in NC which indicates that 3 Moore individuals named Moore in Orange Co had their surnames legally changed to Pugh around 1792, the date that Mr. Cirlot believed Ann married John Pugh. Perhaps these were children of Ann's who had their names changed after the marriage. 4. Robert, said to be a locomotive engineer. No further info. 5. Valentine Moore of "Hawfields" b abt 1775 in VA or NC m Nancy LASHLEY, sister of Elizbeth Lashley who married Valentine's brother James, both said to be daus of Barnabas Lashley, supposedly a RW soldier of PA, but living next door in the Hawfields? Does anyone know Barnabas or his origins?. Was he connected to a Thomas Lapsley who also had land nearby? Wm. Grimes was bondsman for this marriage. Children of Valentine and Elizabeth Lashley: a. James b 1795 Orange, d 1875 in/near Graham, Alamance Co. Had a son named James Valentine Moore. b 1828. b. Valentine Jr. m 1838 Orange, Louise WARD, with George Cash, bond. Valentine Jr is said to have gone to Montgomery Co. Alabama but to have died in Orange Co. NC. No further record. c. Three (unnamed) daus one of whom was named Margaret Valentine Moore and was said to have m. a __________ Farmer. There are a number of land records for these Moores along Meadow Creek, Mottes Creek, Moccasin Creek and Little Caine Cr (This the Caine Cr that was on EAST side of the Haw River, southeastern part of Hawfields in area betw. Sterling Moore on Haw Creek and the Chatham County line. It is sometimes called Little Cain Creek. Note that this is NOT the same as the more "famous" CANE CREEK which is on the west side of the Haw River just north of Chatham Co. line and which was the location and center of the Cane Creek Quaker community). The location of these Moores is slightly east/southeast of Sterling Moore, perhaps a mile or two away. There are records for a number of O'Daniels, Christmas, Grimes and Lashley in this immediate area and with these Moores. ---------- There are a number of other Moore groups nearby in Orange county, however, who's relation, if any, to Sterling or to James, has not been determined includingÉ 1. Very shadowy references to "Moore's former cabin", and to a corner "where John Moore formerly lived" near Mebane in the northern Hawfields 2. Additional references to a shadowy Moore living near Ossippe area on the west side of Haw River, northern Alamance Co. today 3. Moores living along Stoney Creek/Laughlin's Creek of present northwestern Alamance Co. area. Their presence in the area is believed to predate the appearance of actual records for them. There are people named Robert, John, James and Thomas Moore in this area relationships not determined. The area is north of Ossippee. 4. One William Moore has land south of James Moore and in the Hawfields area. 5. One John Moore appears on the east side of Haw River, and adjoining the Chatham Co. line and Collins Creek. He appears near and closely associated with David McSwain. There are many land transactions in this area between a number of different John Moores, and a James Moore. It is likely that the John Moore, who had a Revolutionary War pension stating he was born in 1754 in Brunswick Co. Virginia, moved to Orange Co. NC about 1772, served from Orange Co, then moved to Rowan Co, and 4 years later to Rutherford Co, NC and eventually to York Co. SC where he died, is somehow related to this family. There is also the will of one John Moore, dated 1800, who's wife is Clary associated with the same group of Moores. 6. Horse Creek/Little River area Moores (now present northern Durham Co. near Flat Creek). Known records begin with a John Moore who got land there in 1757. There are several different John Moores as well as a James Moore, and an Ashel Moore associated with this group. 7. New Hope Creek area MooresÉ.again many of the same names, including John Moore. This is probably south-central Orange Co. today. 8. William Moore got land in 1750's on Northeast fork of New Hope Creek. His origin and family are not known. He is probably the William Moore who's name is found on the 1755 tax list of Orange. Also, land "formerly entered by William Moore" is mentioned by a later enterer in the area of Bucksquarter Creek, which is just east of present Hillsborough, and very near another creek identified on the Markham map as "Moore's Creek". It is not known if he's the same William Moore of New Hope. Bucksquarter Creek is east of Hillsborough and north of Eno River. 9. A Richard Moore, Quaker, from Exeter Mtg, Pa, spent about 10 years in Orange between about 1757-1767 (according to records of Cane Creek Quaker Meeting), when he moved on to Writesboro, GA He registered his arrival and departure in Cane Creek Quaker Meeting records, and also the record of disownments for several of his children, probably for out-going (ie Non-Quaker) marriages were recorded. No land records of any kind have been found for him so it is not known where he was living. Perhaps he is associated with one of the other Moores of the old Orange Co. area, but it has not been determined which, if any. There's a large website concerning this Richard Moore and his descendants, most of which are pretty well known. He is believed to have been a descendant of James Moore, blacksmith for William Penn in Philadelphia, and Merion (now Delaware Co) Pa. There are lots of missing parts in James Moore's family information. The man who gave me the information in tiny bits and pieces was I think very elderly and just left a lot out, and took a lot more on faith. I strongly believe there were ties to other Moores in this part of Orange/Alamance, and Sterling Moore is a good bet to be connected somehow due to his being the neighbor of John PUGH, William Brooks and Crutchfields There is a possible tie to early Moores in Montgomery Co. NC (a burnt records county), where an early (1783) William Moore appears, as well as 2 Thomas Moores, a Valentine Moore, and a Jesse and James. (The Jesse and James Moore of Montgomery Co. NC are believed to be from Lunenburg, or rather to have gone there FROM NC). The William Moore of Montgomery Co, NC died in 1801 (or 1807) in Rowan. Some people believe he is Sterling Moore's father, but there has never been any proof of that at all other than the appearance and similarity of the name Sterling or Starling McDannel, who was named as a "son in law" and executor (together with the widow Sarah) of William Moore's Rowan Co, NC will.

Notes from Mary Ellen Childress Rouse re Davis Family Cemetery in Jackson County MS (now in George Co. MS) On the day the Rogers man carried Skidmore and me to the cemetery spot we went back to his aunt’s trailer to see if she and her husband could tell us who was buried there. She said “I know one person buried there was Mary Jane Cochran’s granddaddy.” Mary Jane was Aunt Citty Davis Cochran’s daughter-in-law. I learned that the man she was referring to was GEORGE DAVID DAVIS. I believe she also mentioned JANE. Later I was helping a couple who was doing Holland research and we went to the home of Eley and Ellen Davis Parker’s home. I asked them who was buried there. Mrs Parker told me that she knew “Old Cap Davis” who was buried there and went on the tell me that he was the first one to come here. He had a bunch of negroes – slaves in that swamp. They called him “Cap” for Captain and this is the only name I know him by. I don’t know his real name. This man had to be John S. Davis, Sr. She also told me Jane and Sarah were buried these. Whether Jane and Sarah were daughter of John S. or George David or the wife of John S. I don’t know. I do know that the location of the cemetery is behind an oil field that belonged to Jeff Davis, the son of George David. I finally came up with the four above mentioned. John S. Davis, Sr. George David Davis Sarah - possibly daughter of George David Jane Or as you have written the ladies could have been the wife and daughter of John S Davis, Jr. No doubt George D. Davis inherited the land from his daddy originally and Jeff Davis, George David son, still had a portion of the land during his life time. Later I tried seven times to make you a copy of the picture I took at the Davis Cemetery location. The original is not good. It was dark, but note the elevated spot. The men are my nephew and Mr. Rogers who helped us get there. Another strange thing. The cemetery is supposedly on Section 12. The original grant to Section 12 was given to John Ward. William Childress bought “three hundred acres on the hill”. Thomas Thaddeus, William’s son, sold part of Section 12 to James Cowart, Jr. in 1860. I have a copy of the deed. "TYPE=PICT;ALT=English-America: The Voyages, Vessels, People, and Places" Formerly:
American Plantations and Colonies

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Re: Lyle family in Florida?

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Davis
I'm interested in the notes of Mary Ellen Childress Rouse and the old Davis Cemetery. I'm a descendant of John S. Davis and wife Jane Crawford and that is an abandoned cemetery in George county, MS. I'm trying to located that cemetery and who ownes the property.

Re: Lyle family in Florida?

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Davis
Hi Deborah, I am a descendant of John S. Davis Sr. possibly known as "Cap" and buried in the abandoned Davis Family Cemetery in present day George co., MS. I found your information from the notes of Mary Ellen Childress Rouse while surfing the web. I've seen Mary Ellen's notes before but don't recall where I had found them. Are you related to this Davis family or an allied family? Would love to share...please write me at:
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