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Edwin Augustus Wentworth

Edwin Augustus Wentworth

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Edwin Augustus Wentworth married Sarah Glazier of Bath me. Sept.1 1867. Moved to Sidney Me.They had ten children. Native American ancestry. Please reply. Regards, Joan


patricia clapp (View posts)
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Looking for Augustus wentworth and his wife. they had a daughter Nellie Almetra she was my great grandmother so Augustus was my gggrandfather, lookig for his wife,he married anne carpenter believe it was his second marriage. Laura Wentworth was also my great aunt. do you have any more info on theses people. looking for years till I saw thisn on my computer had a brick wall.

Re: Reply to Patricia Clapp-Wentworth

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Patricia, I read your message and if you are the ggreat granddaughter to Nellie Wentworth. There is one thing I am confused about Edwin Augustus Wentworth m.Sarah Glazier. He d. Accidentally after 12 children in Sidney Me. 43 years old. Idon't know about an Anne Carpenter. If you are this ggreatgranddaughter. We have a lot of talking to do. I hope you are Nellies ggranddaughter. Can you e-mail me I've been looking for just one living descendant from this large family.Nellie P. was b. Jan.25, 1874.Father Edwin Augustus Wentworth and Sarah Jane Glazier m. Sept. 1, 1867 Vassalboro, Me.I need to talk with you. Regards, Joan

wentworth nellie

patricia clapp (View posts)
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Dear Joan, I have tried to send a message to you and can not work my new program so will try this. I think I might be the one but we have to compare notes my hopes are raised but trying not to be too happy. Please let me know how to get in touch with you. Patricia

Reply to Patricia Clapp

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Hi Patricia, My e-mail is I hope you are Nellie Wentworth's descendant. Please reply Joan

nellie wentworth (View posts)
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Dear Joan, I have been trying to get back to you but my mail is messed sure hope this goes thru. My grandmothers name was Nellie A Wentworth, Her mother I have no ideas who she was on the marriage license for Nellie and my father it listed Augustus Wentworth and Anne Carpenter as parents. That can not be true because he married Anne 1906, so am thinking it was a brother being her parent.She and my father were married 1910, this is why I know anne is not the mother. All of our family names were from wentworth and Adams such as Harvey and Robert Augutus My fatheres sister was called Laura her dauthter was called Laura, A very secretive family, harly any info on them. would love to know who her mother was Nellies? I believe she came to our house in the 40s but she was blind,none of them liked my mother so they stayed away from our family. My father told me years ago that we were related to kings and queens so have started to find any link and so far nothing.hoping to hear from you Patricia

Re: Nellie Wentworth

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Hi Patricia, found your posting. I really don't know how I can help you. Somehow you have to get more exact information. Nellie P. Wentworth was born Jan.28,1874 of Edwin Augustus Wentworth of sidney, Me. There were 12 children. I can't give you any more info than I did. My Augustus m. Rosalie York in Waterville.There is no Adams name.Instead of Kings and Queens. Get some census records and Family History Center near you. find out places,people and proper names. Your father should help you more. He could help you to start tracing back. This involves beginning with yourself then mother and father etc. Look at names on records.If it was Me. Write to Me. Archives,They have an excellent web site. Good Luck, Joan

sarah wentworth

Tina (View posts)
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Looking for any information on Wentworths from Maine. My grandmother was a Wentworth her name was Sarah Wentworth she married John A.Donahue their children: Jack, Mike, William, Matt, Carol, sherrill, debbie Margaret and Joseph died at a young age.

RE: Reply to Tina Sarah Wentworth

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Hi Tina, My Sarah Jane Wentworth m. Edwin Augustus Wentworth Sept. 1,1866 in Vassalboro. Sarah's maiden name was Sarah Jane Glazier. born Bath,Sagadahoc, Me. Parents George A.M Glazier m. Nancy P. Leamon Bath March 30, 1844.15 children Sidney, Me. Sarah was b.May 3,1830 d.June 16,1918.E-mail if any connection. Regards, Joan

Wentworth Kings/Queens

Valorie Wentworth-Westlund (View posts)
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If you have access to the three volume set of 'Wentworth Genealogy-English American', you will quickly see that King Henry the VIII married Jane Seymour as his 3rd wife. Her mother was Margery Wentworth, her grandfather was Sir Henry Wentworth. Jane's and Henry's son, became King Edward VI. He died around age 16, eventually his half sisters, Mary I and Elizabeth I became queens of England.
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