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John Raulston

John Raulston

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John Roulstone-9th g-grandfather,1653-1717, md.-Mercy Bumstead Bosworth 1655-?, His father I have found out recently is John Roulstone I,1624-1687, md.-Judith Rainsborough Winthrop. Some accounts say my first John I- migrated to US and some say the second John migrated to US from where I haven't a clue, maybe Scotland. Does anyone out there know? Or have lineage farther back? I also came across a book at a gen.library--" Raulston and Russell Genology" by Barbara Gonce Clepper, does anyone know where I can get this book. I believe it is out of print. Contact me at-, please put a subject in the e-mail.

Miss Mercy

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Try searching for the mom instead. I'm also seeking a link to my ggggGrandPap.
Think I found his cousin, but... still trying to figure out how to download others
family trees. I have a very reliable tree. Researched by distant cousin and verified by me many
My records go back to 1819. Before that I'm missing someone to connect.

Here are my thoughts.... there are so many TWINS in this fam-damnily that perhaps we are looking for John A(mos) and John A(ndrew).
Anything is possible.

Here is a book I have that was researched and published by Clarence M. Raulston, Jr.: Raulstons: A Family History, The Raulstons of Red River County (TX)

In his first chapter he refers to the Scottish Clans (1147, would that be cool). He seems to come to the same wall as most of us:
Which John is the father of our upline??? If they were twins it would not matter much. Here is a quote of his first entry about John:

"After the family estates in Scotland were sold the family moved to Londondery, Ireland. John Roulstone, b. Scotland 1653, came to America prior to 1676.
(there is a tree for this fella at this site, I just haven't figured out how to download it).
He (John Roulstone) served in King Phillips War under Captain Wadsworth and died in Boston in 1717.
One son (no reference to the name of that son, most likely the fella we are seeking) moved via Pennsylvania to Augusta County, Virginia, about 1710.

"Before moving to America, John and his father, John Sr., were in the business of hauling cargo and passengers (most likely slaves) between Plymouth, England, and the Boston Colony."

Makes me wish these fellas didn't have so many kids (but, then where would I be?).

I'm getting a great kick out of all of this. Seems we are ALL related in one way or another.
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Virg.---I don't know if we are on the same family tree or not but you mentioned a quote from C.M. Raulston's book about John Roulstone, b. 1653. This is my 9th g-grandfather. I have one more John before him, my 10th gg, very little info on him though. I also have the family tree from John all the way down to present. My tree is listed as Roulston, not Raulston. You also mentioned that there was a tree at this site for John but you haven't figured out how to download it. Where is this site located? We may or may not be on the same trail for the elusive relatives. You can contact me at

John Roulstone

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My wife is kin from Blount Co, TN Raulston's, I believe thru Moses & Matthew in Jefferson & Greene Co, TN. What support do you have for the father of John m. Mercy? I was that far back. Bob

Re: Miss Mercy

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I just found your site. If it is not to late to help I have a book about that line of Raulston's.John Roulston and Miss Mercy had 4 children.Mercy Roulston 1682-1705,John Roulston II 1684-1744. Married Dorothy Nicholson 1687-1721. Thomas Raulston 1686- . Joseph Roulston 1688-1690.Unfortunately, the line only follows John II;s line. Moses B-1766 was the son of Mathew1742-1800 and Martha Moore 1744-1801 Jefferson Co., TN.Moses married Polly Denny.

Re: John Raulston

Jan Roulstone (View posts)
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My father's name is John Roulstone. He has done quite a bit of genealogy on the family. You might want to contact him at Box 711, Searsport, Maine 04974

Re: Miss Mercy

pamela hansen (View posts)
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Surnames: roustone, ralston , rolston, watson
hi i would be interested in that book you have about the roulstones can you tell me about it? thanks

Re: Miss Mercy

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I can be rather slow. The book is THE RAULSTONS AND THE PART THEY PLAYED IN AMERICAN HISTORY by J. Leonard Raulston. It is basically a who begat who, unfortunately it is not indexed.

Re: Miss Mercy

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My first attempt to post. Where can we find this book?

I am descended from the Raulstons who emigrated from Tennessee to Red River County in Texas. I believe I have all the links going back to our immigrants from Scotland. But I have seen where John Roulston, in 1658, married Judith Rainsborough and had a child. I am looking for any information on this marriage. It appears on several family trees, but I can't find any documentation.

Thank you, Leigh

Re: John Raulston

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Hi there, I have,
John & Mercy; John Ralston (RoulstonII) came to the colonies in 1676 in the shipping business from Scotland & in 1676 emigrated to Boston, his descendents lived there for 100 yrs. He married the widow Bosworth maiden name Mercy Bums
tead whose father was from Essex, England in 1640 came to the
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