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Ronald Stephen Hamilton (View posts)
Posted: 934958687000
My Grandfather is Stephen Pinckney Hamilton
whose mother was Elizabeth Picnkney, who married Samuel G. Hamilton in Charleston, later moving to Georgia and Alabama.

Where would I find a record of Elizabeth Pinckney's family, we are curious if Charles A. Pinckney, signed the Declaration of Independence, had a sister named Elizabeth that would be the same as my great grandmother.

Charles Pinckney

Cindy (View posts)
Posted: 938434478000
I've just found Charles Pinckney at The pedigree for Charles (Gov.)Pinckney (1754-1824), 4 term governor of South Carolina. There is a Chares (Col.) Pinckney, his father. I didn't go further back, but the history seems to go back several generations. Good luck!


Cindy (View posts)
Posted: 938510794000
Thanks for your reply.... I'm going to continue to look to see if he had a daughter or neice named Elizabeth that married Samuel G Hamilton... That would be my Great Great Grand Mother.... Wow!

I know that there is a Charles Pinkney who signed the declaration of independence. Maybe it is the same as the Gov of SC.

I really don't know what I'm doing with all this ancestry stuff. I guess it would be fun when visiting Charleston....

Thanks Again,

Ron Hamilton


Christine (View posts)
Posted: 948645642000
I know it has been months since you posted this message but if you are still interested I might be of some help. A great place to reseach the Pinckney family is the SC Historical Society in Charleston. I am more familiar with the Roger Pinckney family. Many people overlook this family in the research of Pinckneys. The city of Charleston is filled with info on the Pinckneys. If you visit, you must go to the Charles Pinckney National Historical Site in Mt.Pleasant. Good luck on your family research. The information on Pinckneys is overwhelming!

CC Pinckney

Philip (View posts)
Posted: 950589920000
Mom wanted to find as much as possible on Charles Cotesworth Pinckney (Campbell was added later I believe) as I could on the net. Suppose to have been in on the Revolution and Declaration (1770's).
Talked to her on the phone and it goes back to Green Pond, SC(I think). Haven't seen her records yet, but thought I'd look around

Charles Coteswoth Pinckney

Posted: 950712079000
Edited: 1027261423000
In response to Phillip. CC was indeed a participant in the Revolutionary War and was one of the signer's of the Declaration of Independence. My mother was a Pinckney and I have a "fair" amount of information on him and various other ancestors from the South Carolina Historical Society. where I bog down is on trying to trace My grandfather, Thomas English Pinckney, whose father was Doctor Charles Pinckey. It is like that aprt of the family disappeared from the face of the earth. Would be glad to share CC information

Charles Pinckney

Posted: 954844504000
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Don't know if this could be your Dr. Charles or not, there was a Charles Pinckney 8th of l4 children of Eustace Bellinger Pinckney his 2nd wife, Mary Martha Porcher. Eustace being a son of Dr. Cotesworth Pinckney Elizabeth Bellinger. No dates were given except for Elizabeth Bellinger's father.

Dr. Charles Pinckney

Posted: 954862482000
Edited: 1027261423000
Thank you Ron, I will try pursuing from that angle. I suppose if I wasn't such a novice at this I wouldn't get so frustrated. Did get another piecs of the puzzle..found that my Grandfather's sister was married in Fulton, Georgia in 1883.

Lost Relatives

Posted: 954922306000
Edited: 1162862328000
Know it's hard when one branch of the family seems "lost", seems to be no paper trail, even with well known surnames. It's like the Bellingers who went to Barnwell Co., can't find anymore on them. You should be proud that you stem from such a great S.C. family. Years ago I remember meeting Archibald Rutledge him saying I think it was his aunt or great aunt showing him Charles Cotesworth Pinckney's sword.

Another Possible

Posted: 954997848000
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Your grandfather's sister marrying in Fulton Co. Ga. might be another good clue. Checked in another book we have an found a Charles Pinckney of Atlanta who married Mary Ryan had issue (but none are named). This Charles a brother of the Eustace Bellinger Pinckney I mentioned in earlier message. This book lists Eustace's son Charles as dead, no mention of if he married or not.
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