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I just returnned from a trip in Indiana. I found a lot on the Menzie family. I would like to share with everyone, hopefully it will be a help to some one. I found a Alexander Menzie Sr., born Sept. 12,1788 in Scotland. Died July 10, 1881 Washington Township, Kosciusko County, IN. He was married to Marry ------ Soctland, dies june 30, 1874, Washington Townshop, IN. Alexlander, Mary and eight children arrived in New York Harbor on "Brig Hero". Thomas Potter Captain, may 19, 1828. The Ship sailed from Croenock, Scotland. John Menzie son of A. and M. Menzie born march 28, 1824. married Sept. 15, 1846. Mary Handley daughter of J.R. Handley, born dec. 9, 1827. Children, Sarah E. Menzie dob. Feb. 19,1884- Francis R. Menzie dob. Sept. 21,185?-Upton V. Menzie dob. Feb. 12, 1853-Alexander J. Menzie, dob. Dec. 30, 1855-Mary wife of J. Menzie died Jan. 18, 1856- age 28years 1mo.9days.Mary S, menzie dob. feb.15, 1859- Archibalo J. menzie dob. June 5, 1861- William A, menzie dob. Sept. 24, 1863_Elden M. Menzie dob. Sept. 21, 1864-J. Menzie and Liydia MCladland married Sept. 10, 1835- Franklin Menzie dob. July 24, 1886-Oliver Menzie dob. march 27, 1868-Schuyler C. Menzie dob. nov. 27, 1870- Samuel B. Menzie dob. Feb. 4, 1874. I hope that some of the names will be a help to some one out there searching. There are two cemeteries in Poerceton, In. that have several menzies. One is The Washington Union Cemetery. The second is HillCrest.
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My grandma is a Menzie and i have been trying to get info on her family for some time now. She was born and raised in Larwill, IN. Her father was John Lester Menzie. I can not find any on him. Thought maybe you might have something that might strike up luck for me!! Any info would be great and thank you.
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If you will e-mail me. I can give you what all I have found out. I don't have that informaion with me at the moment. I will try to help you all that I can. I found a couple of Menzies in Pierceton, Indiana. I went to the Warsaw Library and found a lot of stuff.
Do you know the birth date of your John Menzie? Will be waiting to hear from you. There is a cemetery in Pierceton, In. that have a lot of Menzies burried there. I do remember seeing a John. Linda
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Yes I do have Birthdate for John Lester Menzie Jan 25, 1894 and died March 1975.
I can't find anything yet on his side of family but have found alot on his wife Edyth Whiteleather and her family. I went to cemetry in Larwill where alot of them are buried. John is my ggrandpa. My grandma is still living but is in hospital with cancer so I am limited to info from her. Any info you can give me on Menzie would be great. thanks Kelli
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Hi Kelly, Sorry to hear about your grandmother. I will look up what I have and e-mail it back to you Saturday. I have a picture of the Menzies coat of arms. Also a picture of the Menzies castle in Soctland.
If you would like I would be more than happy to send you a copy of them. Linda
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Yes I would like to have any info that you can give. You can email me at I am going to go to Warsaw to the library in morning but anything you can give me would be helpful!! thank you very much kelli

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I have my fathers passport and it says his name was
John Athol Menzies, born in Coatbridge, Scotland in 1905. He arrived in the U.S.A. in 1926. Somewhere along the line his surname changed to Stewart.
I have a cousin living in Scotland but I havent heard from him in a couple of years. He is as much in the dark on family history as I am. I did hear from his ex-wife last June but nothing since. My cousins surname is Stewart.
John Stewart

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Surnames: Menzies
Thanks for your reply. I haven't got much information
on the Menzies. Do you have much information on them?
Would like to hear from you. I do know that there are
several menzies in around Pierceton, Indiana.
There is a cemetery that is nothing but menzies.
i have a picture of the coat of arms, and a family tree.
That some one put together. If you would like a copy,
I would be happy to send you a copy. Also a picture
of the castle where they live. Thanks!

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John W. Stewart (View posts)
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I have little to no information on this side of my family. I have no idea how the name changed from Menzies to Stewart. My cousin also is in the dark about it. His father, my uncle, knew nothing. He was younger than my father. My uncle was Robert Stewart. My cousins last known address was in Kirkcaldy, Fife. Menzies may have been my grandmothers maiden name, I have no way of knowing.
John Stewart
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Surnames: Menzie, Menzies
Hi Linda,

My great-grandfather was a Menzie/Menzies and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sending me a picture of the Menzies Castle in Scotland or the pic of the coat of arms? I would be really interested :). Thanks

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