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Pasquale Capone - Avellino Italy

Pasquale Capone - Avellino Italy

Jim Capone (View posts)
Posted: 948787625000
Grandfather came to Boston twice around 1900 and 1903.
Originally from the Avellino region from a village called
Chestnut Hill or something like that. His wife was named
Branistawa. Anybody have any information about
him from around that time?

Capone's In Boston

Andrea Anatone (View posts)
Posted: 954861015000
My Great Grandfather Ciarco Capone came to Boston abound the same time. They lived in East Boston, and maybe even the North End. Me married Anntoneta Capabianco. THey had 9 children. Could they be related?

Capone's in Boston

Jim Capone (View posts)
Posted: 955001877000
I was surprised to learn that there are Capone's from all over Italy (European White Pages on Line). My grandfather came over twice and lived around the Dorchester area then moved to Marlboro. He came from the Avellino region (can't recall the town's name in Italian but it translated to Chestnut Hill). Relatives in the area today are Pizanos. If your's came from the Avellino region - it could be. Let me know!

Capones in Boston

Andrea Anatoneq (View posts)
Posted: 957778127000
I believe they did come from Avellino!


Jim Capone (View posts)
Posted: 957790332000
From what I can tell there are a few Capones from the area (about 8000 capones in all Italy from what the Italian White Pages indicate). I've posted my family tree back to grandfather. You should look at it and see if there are any commonalities. Other names associated from Boston area include Pizanos (Pizzanos, Pisanos), Imperiale. Thks for response. Let me know what you find out.


Jim Capone (View posts)
Posted: 957790466000
I don't think so but I don't know too much about relatives from Avellino area. Pasquale lived in Dorchester and then on return trip to the USA moved to Marlboro. I know he had brothers back in Italy but that's about it.


Posted: 988219590000
Edited: 1119650737000
Dear Jim: My grandfather was Errico Pizzano and his mother was Filomena Capone.
They came from the town of Torre le Nocelle, Province of Avellino. Filomena was married to Leopoldo Pizzano
The name of the town means "Hill of Nuts". They came here around 1900 and settled in Chelsea , Ma. There were many
Capone's in Chelsea and they were all related. The Pizzano's were cabinet makers, contractors, and scultures.
Also there are Pizzano's from Roslindale and Revere who are also related to us. Would very much like to hear from you.
Hoping to be hearing from you, I am,
Joseph Pizzano Page

The Pizzanos and Capones in Mass.

Jim Capone (View posts)
Posted: 988268817000
Well, looks like we have a score on this one! I remember the Pizzanos well and based on what you have said I think they are the same ones. I remember going to a family reunion in Mass in the 1950's, lotsa Pizzanos there. I remember the scupturer Pizzano and I remember visiting his studio and seeing his religous statuary. I've been told he was quite famous. The Pizzano I remember best was Carl. And, I know we used to go to Revere all the time - cheez, that was so long ago. My grandfather who I think is Filomen's brother came, lived in Dorchester, left and returned around 1907. He had four children including my father Charles. They settled in Marlboro Mass. The older brother stayed in Marlboro, a sister lived in Newton and another sister lived in Framingham. They're all gone now. Strange how is that I am more interested in them now then before - what a shame.

In fact, I just searched the Ellis Island database and found my grandfather Pasquale Capone. He came to the US TWICE (from Torre le Nocelle). The first time was in 1899. He had a sister by the name of Filomena! I guess that means we're related! Cousins, huh.

I would love to fill in the family tree from the Pizzano side. Have you posted yours? I've posted mine but the Capone side lacks some cousins like the Pizzanos.

I'm living in Chicago, have been for 30 years. Married, 2 grown kids and 3 grandchildren. You? You must give me more info from you side and perhaps we can consolidate.

I'm really glad you responded and also really look forward to hearing more about you and your history as well. It's amazing what's transpired when those people came over from Italy all those years ago. You can reach me at my email address at Looking forward to hearing from you.

Re: Capone's in Boston

Posted: 1138224634000
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Try San Pietro Avellana, Isernia, Italy. I have many Capone's from that area, they started showing up about early ro mid 1800's in the records. Do not know where the families originated from.

Let me know if you are interested. There is a Pasquale Antonio Capone included.
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