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Port Arthur News Obits November 2002

Port Arthur News Obits November 2002

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Port Arthur News Obits November 2002
I do obit lookups in the Port Arthur News and Beaumont Enterprise newspapers.
Michael J. SMITH
Note, I have the full obits to these.

Katie May Grayson of Port Arthur
Margie Harden Lewis, 92, of Nederland
Helen Roy Penigar, 56, of Port Arthur
Mamie Sue Brixey Whatron, 65, of Port Arthur
Joseph D. Teixeira, 61, of Nederland
Joseph Paul Foret Jr., 70, of Groves
Marie Loraine Labbit Jacobs, 66, of Port Neches
Edgar Hayes Johnson, 97, of Groves
Elna Keller, 72, of Port Arthur
Thomas Howard Standley, 84, of Port Arthur
Donald W. Beaty, 61, of Groves
Warren Foreman, 69, of Port Arthur
Toan Tran, 26, of Port Arthur
James F. Bowman, 84, of Belton
Shirley Brantley, 73, of Edom
Irene Causey, 77, of Port Arthur
Shara Anne Ellis, 21, of Round Rick
Jeffrey Lynn Lane II, 21, of Nederland
Eddie M. Byley, 77, of Port Arthur
Nettie P. Foreman, 77, of Port Arthur
Mary Kay Drago Guidry, 58 of Grapevine
Annette M. Kay, 56, of Springfield, Mo.
Edna Kenneson, 92, of Lindale
Arrie N. Mills, 85, of Beaumont
Barbara Weber Goodwin, 64, of Beaumont
Joel J. "Capt. Red" Martin Jr., 71, of Marion, Ind.
Aline Armintor Showalter, 82, of Port Arthur
Henry L. Wanzel Sr., 79, of Port Arthur
Gloria June Lee Hughes of Galveston
Annette M. Kay, 56, of Springfield, Mo.
Mary Louise 'Weezie' Tatum, 83, of Groves
Vera Miller Mason, 97, of Groves
Louise Davis Stahl, 82, of Bridge City
Capt. Charles Tweedle Jr., 81, of Port Arthur
George "Bick" Wellburn, 86, of Port Arthur
J.C. Bernard, 61, of Nederland
Roland Francis Melancon, 51, of Pensacola, Fla.
Darrin James Piazza Jr.
Eloise Rudd, 90, of Port Neches
Raymond W. "Bill" Bonsall, 74, of Beaumont
Josephine Gallio, 87, of Richardson
Gene Godwin, 54, of Groves
Sherman Jenkins, 77, of Port Arthur
Ruth Jones, 79, of Port Arthur
Margaret C. Timmons, 93, of Nederland
Julian Bailey, 75, of Nederland
Willie Jerome Gilmore, 46, of Houston
Edward George Heckendorf, 92, of Port Arthur
Billie McClure Pearce of Nederland
Ordway "Bud" Lee Saunders of Woodville
Wilford C. Brocks Jr., 31, of Houston
Roland Simmons Craig, 80, of Nederland
Herma James, 92, of Port Arthur
Shery Ann Gilbert, 51
Carston H. Haynes, 83, of Port Arthur
Ulyesses "Go Gay" Jack, 74, of Port Arthur
Walter Joseph Moss Sr., 85, of Groves
Marguerite Marie Resweber Gary, 86, of Port Arthur
Shery Ann Gilbert, 51, of Conroe
Robert L. "Bob" Baklik, 63, of Orange
Cyprien "ZIP" Domec, 77, of Vidor
Lenora Cecile Matherne, 97, of Bridge City
Pearl Page, 83, of Orangefield
Logan Patrick Smith, 14, of Kountze
Catherine "Nanny Cat" Caldwell, 71, of Nederland
Henrietta T. Covell, 85, of Nederland
June Corley Dendy, 79, of Groves
Cynthia Ann Guillory, 50, of Port Arthur
William Mouhot, 86, of Milam
Rose Borell, 89, of Groves
Sarah Catherine "Nanny Cat" Caldwell, 71, of Nederland
J.D. Cowart, 67, of Woodville
Ovide J. Dugas, 84, of Arnaudville, La.
Galen Michael Badeaux, 37, of Port Arthur
Robert West Kelsey, 85, of Groves
Marian Ann "Mary" Kibodeaux, 63, of Orange
Phyllis Diane Morris Ledbetter, 56
Joseph "Allie" Morvent, 86, of Groves
Dwight L. Pardue, 88, of Nederland
Irene Lois Turnbull, 87, of Kirbyville
Martha Ann Yoakum Turner, 89, of Port Arthur
Melba Davis Wilson, 70, of Richardson
Rollie Broussard Sr., 102, of Port Arthur
John D. McArthur, 86, of Port Arthur
Allie Morvent, 86, of Groves
Darren Wayne Musgrove, 40, of Beaumont
Jonathan Reader, 41, of Beaumont
Nona Louise Romero, 69, of Port Arthur
Carrell B. Deshotels, 69, of Port Acres
Cynthia Ann Guillory, 50, of Port Arthur
Roy Johnson, 81, of Port Arthur
Evelyn Simpson, 76, of Port Arthur
Douglas Lamar Williams, 75, of Spurger
Edward Martin Blanton, 75, of Port Arthur
Hannah Beatrice Hall, 79, of Port Arthur
Joseph A. "Pete" Hollier Sr., 89, of Groves
Edna Landry, 65, of Port Arthur
Theron J. "Mac" McComber Sr., 91, of Beaumont
Sylvinia Mitchell, 28, of Port Arthur
William Henry Rodgers Jr., 67, of Sabine Pass
Charles Jolivet, 81, of Port Arthur
Joe Dean Poulter, 77, of Port Arthur
Walter Edward Strong, 86, of Port Arthur
Arnold N. Duke, 70, of Nederland
Lillian V. Dupree, 81, of Port Arthur
Alton Lee Chaney of Houston
John Davis, 44, of Orangefield
Charles Ray "Cotton" Fletcher, 76, of Nederland
Letha B. Jordan of Port Arthur
William "Bill" Edward Wilson, 85, of Port Arthur
Buster Barabin, 86, of Port Arthur
Floyd Thomas Beall, 75, of West Orange
Elois Weatherall Dobson, 75, of Pasadena
Carolyn Dupuis, 59, of Bridge City
Clara Mae Marlow, 83, of Port Arthur
I.J. "Sonny" Smith Jr., 62, of Port Neches
Helen Vickers, 69, of Bridge City
Patrick Henry Cormier, 68, of Bridge City
Guy R. Crist Jr., 82, of Groves
John Davis, 44, of Orangefield
Evelyn Jacobs Granger, 79, of Port Arthur
Lyndee Agnes Guilbeaux, 91, of Port Arthur
Myrtle Josephine Linden, 86, of Port Arthur
Lee Roy Roberson, 66, of Port Arthur
Yen Thi Hai Vu, 61, of Port Arthur
Timothy W. "Timmy" Trahan, 45, of Johnson Bayou , La.
Eddie Broussard, 82, of Port Arthur
Oscar Cole, 79, of Beaumont
Dorothy Marie Carter Farrow, 76, of Nederland
Samuel Hill, 57, of Port Arthur
Captain Bjarne Johannsen, 93, of Port Arthur
Jennifer Marie Jones-Cane, 47, of Port Arthur
John Keith O'Connor, 55, of Nederland
Christine H. Skillman, 87, of Austin
James 'Jim' Arthur Smith Jr., 77, of Woodville

Re: Port Arthur News Obits November 2002

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Classification: Query
Michael J. SMITH - wrote:
Port Arthur News Obits November 2002
I do obit lookups in the Port Arthur News and Beaumont Enterprise newspapers.
Note, I have the full obits to these
Please don't misunderstand what I'd doing -- Michael is the one doing all the work -- I wanted to be able to more easily scan his list, so I sorted it and thought I'd share the sorted list with everyone else.

I hope this helps someone -- and I want to thank Michael for offering the obits and doing lookups. (I also added a comma after all the ages -- so the list can be put in Word or Excel as a comma-delimited list and sorted on any field.

Badeaux, Galen Michael, 37, of Port Arthur
Bailey, Julian, 75, of Nederland
Baklik, Robert L. "Bob", 63, of Orange
Barabin, Buster, 86, of Port Arthur
Beall, Floyd Thomas, 75, of West Orange
Beaty, Donald W., 61, of Groves
Bernard, J.C., 61, of Nederland
Blanton, Edward Martin, 75, of Port Arthur
Bonsall, Raymond W. "Bill", 74, of Beaumont
Borell, Rose, 89, of Groves
Bowman, James F., 84, of Belton
Brantley, Shirley, 73, of Edom
Brocks, Wilford C. Jr., 31, of Houston
Broussard, Eddie, 82, of Port Arthur
Broussard, Rollie Sr., 102, of Port Arthur
Byley, Eddie M., 77, of Port Arthur
Caldwell, Catherine "Nanny Cat", 71, of Nederland
Caldwell, Sarah Catherine "Nanny Cat", 71, of Nederland
Causey, Irene, 77, of Port Arthur
Chaney, Alton Lee, , of Houston
Cole, Oscar, 79, of Beaumont
Cormier, Patrick Henry, 68, of Bridge City
Covell, Henrietta T., 85, of Nederland
Cowart, J.D., 67, of Woodville
Craig, Roland Simmons, 80, of Nederland
Crist, Guy R. Jr., 82, of Groves
Davis, John, 44, of Orangefield
Davis, John, 44, of Orangefield
Dendy, June Corley, 79, of Groves
Deshotels, Carrell B., 69, of Port Acres
Dobson, Elois Weatherall, 75, of Pasadena
Domec, Cyprien "ZIP", 77, of Vidor
Dugas, Ovide J., 84, of Arnaudville La.
Duke, Arnold N., 70, of Nederland
Dupree, Lillian V., 81, of Port Arthur
Dupuis, Carolyn, 59, of Bridge City
Ellis, Shara Anne, 21, of Round Rick
Farrow, Dorothy Marie Carter, 76, of Nederland
Fletcher, Charles Ray "Cotton", 76, of Nederland
Foreman, Nettie P., 77, of Port Arthur
Foreman, Warren, 69, of Port Arthur
Foret, Joseph Paul Jr., 70, of Groves
Gallio, Josephine, 87, of Richardson
Gary, Marguerite Marie Resweber, 86, of Port Arthur
Gilbert, Shery Ann, 51
Gilbert, Shery Ann, 51, of Conroe
Gilmore, Willie Jerome, 46, of Houston
Godwin, Gene, 54, of Groves
Goodwin, Barbara Weber, 64, of Beaumont
Granger, Evelyn Jacobs, 79, of Port Arthur
Grayson, Katie May, , of Port Arthur
Guidry, Mary Kay Drago, 58, of Grapevine
Guilbeaux, Lyndee Agnes, 91, of Port Arthur
Guillory, Cynthia Ann, 50, of Port Arthur
Guillory, Cynthia Ann, 50, of Port Arthur
Hall, Hannah Beatrice, 79, of Port Arthur
Haynes, Carston H., 83, of Port Arthur
Heckendorf, Edward George, 92, of Port Arthur
Hill, Samuel, 57, of Port Arthur
Hollier, Joseph A. "Pete" Sr., 89, of Groves
Hughes, Gloria June Lee, , of Galveston
Jack, Ulyesses "Go Gay", 74, of Port Arthur
Jacobs, Marie Loraine Labbit, 66, of Port Neches
James, Herma, 92, of Port Arthur
Jenkins, Sherman, 77, of Port Arthur
Johannsen, Captain Bjarne, 93, of Port Arthur
Johnson, Edgar Hayes, 97, of Groves
Johnson, Roy, 81, of Port Arthur
Jolivet, Charles, 81, of Port Arthur
Jones, Ruth, 79, of Port Arthur
Jones-Cane, Jennifer Marie, 47, of Port Arthur
Jordan, Letha B., , of Port Arthur
Kay, Annette M., 56, of Springfield Mo.
Kay, Annette M., 56, of Springfield Mo.
Keller, Elna, 72, of Port Arthur
Kelsey, Robert West, 85, of Groves
Kenneson, Edna, 92, of Lindale
Kibodeaux, Marian Ann "Mary", 63, of Orange
Landry, Edna, 65, of Port Arthur
Lane, Jeffrey Lynn II, 21, of Nederland
Ledbetter, Phyllis Diane Morris, 56
Lewis, Margie Harden, 92, of Nederland
Linden, Myrtle Josephine, 86, of Port Arthur
Marlow, Clara Mae, 83, of Port Arthur
Martin, Joel J. "Capt. Red" Jr., 71, of Marion Ind.
Mason, Vera Miller, 97, of Groves
Matherne, Lenora Cecile, 97, of Bridge City
McArthur, John D., 86, of Port Arthur
McComber, Theron J. "Mac" Sr., 91, of Beaumont
Melancon, Roland Francis, 51, of Pensacola Fla.
Mills, Arrie N., 85, of Beaumont
Mitchell, Sylvinia, 28, of Port Arthur
Morvent, Allie, 86, of Groves
Morvent, Joseph "Allie", 86, of Groves
Moss, Walter Joseph Sr., 85, of Groves
Mouhot, William, 86, of Milam
Musgrove, Darren Wayne, 40, of Beaumont
O'Connor, John Keith, 55, of Nederland
Page, Pearl, 83, of Orangefield
Pardue, Dwight L., 88, of Nederland
Pearce, Billie McClure, , of Nederland
Penigar, Helen Roy, 56, of Port Arthur
Piazza, Darrin James Jr.,
Poulter, Joe Dean, 77, of Port Arthur
Reader, Jonathan, 41, of Beaumont
Roberson, Lee Roy, 66, of Port Arthur
Rodgers, William Henry Jr., 67, of Sabine Pass
Romero, Nona Louise, 69, of Port Arthur
Rudd, Eloise, 90, of Port Neches
Saunders, Ordway "Bud" Lee, , of Woodville
Showalter, Aline Armintor, 82, of Port Arthur
Simpson, Evelyn, 76, of Port Arthur
Skillman, Christine H., 87, of Austin
Smith, I.J. "Sonny" Jr., 62, of Port Neches
Smith, James 'Jim' Arthur Jr., 77, of Woodville
Smith, Logan Patrick, 14, of Kountze
Stahl, Louise Davis, 82, of Bridge City
Standley, Thomas Howard, 84, of Port Arthur
Strong, Walter Edward, 86, of Port Arthur
Tatum, Mary Louise 'Weezie', 83, of Groves
Teixeira, Joseph D., 61, of Nederland
Timmons, Margaret C., 93, of Nederland
Trahan, Timothy W. "Timmy", 45, of Johnson Bayou La.
Tran, Toan, 26, of Port Arthur
Turnbull, Irene Lois, 87, of Kirbyville
Turner, Martha Ann Yoakum, 89, of Port Arthur
Tweedle, Capt. Charles Jr., 81, of Port Arthur
Vickers, Helen, 69, of Bridge City
Vu, Yen Thi Hai, 61, of Port Arthur
Wanzel, Henry L. Sr., 79, of Port Arthur
Wellburn, George "Bick", 86, of Port Arthur
Whatron, Mamie Sue Brixey, 65, of Port Arthur
Williams, Douglas Lamar, 75, of Spurger
Wilson, Melba Davis, 70, of Richardson
Wilson, William "Bill" Edward, 85, of Port Arthur
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