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Beasley family history

Beasley family history

Susanne Soto (View posts)
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Surnames: Beasley

I'm trying to find information on any Beasley's from Caroline County in the 1700's. I believe they moved to Georgia in the late 1700's to early 1800's. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Beasleys in 1700's

Angela Edwards (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Beasley, Peatross, Pettry
I Have a connection to the Beasley family that I am trying to flesh out. My ancestor was Matthew Peatross b. 1738 in Caroline County, Va. He became a ward of Bennet Beasley in 1749 who took him to Orange County. He must have been a good man because he left both Matthew and his sister money in his will. Do you know anyhting about this connection? Why did he take in Matthew and Mary? Do you know who Matthew's parents were or where they came from? I would appreciate anything that you have.

Matthew Peatross

Johnette Lawrence Franke (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Peatross, Cook, Lawrence
I am a descendant of Matthew Peatross who married Ann Cook in Caroline County Virginia on 21 May 1774. Their daughter Joannah married Joseph Lawrence 20 September 1815 and later moved to Wilson County Tennessee. Were Samuel and Archibald Lawrence who married Malinda Peatross and Fannie Peatross related to Joseph?
How was Matthew Peatross related to Richard Peatross who resided in Caroline County?

Re: Matthew Peatross

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Surnames: peatross, burruss, lewis, garst

I have a will of Matthew Peatross dated in the late 1600's. My Mom and Aunt gave it to me. Their family - the Peatross and Burrusses, grew up in Caroline County, VA in Penola, VA, outside /Richmond that was a plantation before the Civil War. I spend summers there and loved it. I also lived in NC and went to school, had homes in Caroline and Rockbridge Counties, VA., the Outer Bank, Durham, Sedgefield, Chapel Hill and Charlotte and the High Point, Winston Salem, Greensboro area in NC (Sedgefield then.)

Any info you can add or wish for me to share with you would be terrific!

THANKS all you all!!! Eleanor Peatross Burruss Lewis Garst Ponce

AKA Elle

Re: Beasleys in 1700's

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I hope you are still checking this board as your email address has changed, so I couldn't contact you directly.

You said:
<< My ancestor was Matthew Peatross b. 1738 in Caroline County, Va. He became a ward of Bennet Beasley in 1749 who took him to Orange County. >>

I found the following (and I'm not exactly sure where it occured, but other comments in the document were from Caroline Co.) which indicates that John Peatross had died prior to Nov 1744 as Bennet Beasley & Ann were administrators of his estate.

"A petition was made by Bennet Beasley, 10 Nov 1744, against James Zachary; Bennett and his wife, Ann, who were administrators of the estate of John Peatross, were presenting a claim against the estate. This was dismissed but again brought up 8 Mar 1744/45 at which time the court found for the plaintiff and James was to pay the amount of 2 pounds 14 shillings 2 pence. "

Joanne in Virginia

Re: Beasleys in 1700's

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Surnames: Thompson, Peatross, Wyatt
As regards Matthew Peatross: I am in hopes that someone with data on Matthew Peatross and wife Amy Catlett who had daughter Ann Peatross, have information on Ann's husband. She married John Thompson, probably in Caroline County, Virginia. Thank you very much. Ken Thompson.

Re: Matthew Peatross

Stephen Burruss Lane (View posts)
Posted: 1054084643000
Classification: Query
Hi: My name is Stephen Burruss Lane. My father was Stuart Peatross Lane and his mother's maiden name was Francis Peatross. Her mother was Rozelle Burruss. I grew up in Penola, Va and now live in Rockbridge County. I have the entire Peatross ancestory from around the mid 1600's as it pertains to the Peatross family if you need some additional information.

Re: Matthew Peatross

Posted: 1054243101000
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Stephen, Is not Rockbridge County where the Roanoke and Catawba Valley is? My FATHER grew up there and my niece still lives there in the house he and Doc, etc. lived in. Are you over there now?

I can't figure out why I didn't know you as a child. And what happened to Jack - my cousin who died at six. I also had red hair and sort of a mischievous, fun personality - and my Dad also gave me a boy's nickname though my Mom had given me this 'beautiful' first name she loved. PLEASE let me know! Thanks for your message! Elle

Re: Matthew Peatross

Stephen Lane (View posts)
Posted: 1054324453000
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Sorry I inadvertently transmitted the other posting before done. I live in Lexington. VA which is in Rockbridge County. The reason being both my son and I, Christopher Burruss Lane went to VMI. Nice to hear from you.


Re: Matthew Peatross

Eleanor Ponce (View posts)
Posted: 1054334553000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Peatross, Burruss

Stephen you have NO IDEA how THRILLED we are to HEAR from you!!! You are Pete's son? See, my big sister, Anne, told me THAT! I didn't realize Pete's name was Stuart!!! I have a million questions for you - including what your email address is? I'm at quarklvr or Anne also asked how to reach you as she and her first husband went over there looking for signs of any of you:>). She said the fields were ploughed, apparently by you? And she said our Uncle Seth was buried at the Methodist Church across the street where I used to go and play the piano.:>) Where is my Aunt Frances buried? I'm getting my NP license in nursing and I'm considering moving back to Richmond to go the Medical College of Va to get it because that's where my Mom and my other Aunt - she was one of the first women docs in the country I guess - went to school. I THINK your Grandmother went there too! Do you know about your grandmother's or Dad's family? Is Bob still around - that would be your Uncle Bob? Stephen we are DELIGHTED to hear from you! We have a LOT of relatives that went to VMI and on my Dad's side of the family too! It is GREAT to hear from you!!! PLEASE stay in touch!!! I'm living in NM now and my sister is in Missouri living right where all those lakes in the southern area are. She KNOWS who you are and explained it to me in an email today! I just never even thought of Pete's name being Stuart.:>) He was SO much fun! Bob was older and more serious and of course, Pete was closer to Anne's age, so he was a 'grown up' to me, but still he was a lot of fun and always really nice to me.:>) Hope to 'talk' with you later! Elle PS My name is Eleanor Burruss by the way. And my Dad gave me a boy's nickname as a child which always reminded me of what my Mom told me about Jack, who died before I was born. If there were such a thing as reincarnation I've often thought I might be hers because my Aunt Frances got me babies chicks and things in the spring so I'd have things to raise when I went up for the summer, and Pete got me a little paint bucket to carry water in:>). I LOVED those summers up there and never forgot how much fun I had and all the wonderful things I learned!
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