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Alsobrooks, Parker, Grimmer, Family

Alsobrooks, Parker, Grimmer, Family

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My g/grandfather, Anguish Raynes, married Sarah Jane Alsobrooks of Scott Co. Sarah was the child of Edward G and Sarah Ann (Parker). Edward was the son of Wesley and Charlotte (Grimmer).

Anguish Raynes: 1854-1930
Sarah Jane Alsobrooks: 1857-1898
Edward Alsobrooks: 1824 - (aft 1880?)
Sarah Ann Parker: 1826 - ??
Wesley Alsobrooks: 1799-1850
Charlotte Grimmer: 1800- ??

All except Anguish & Sarah Jane are said to be buried in Scott Co. Any help, photos, or other info on these families and persons greatly appreciated.


Re: Alsobrooks, Parker, Grimmer, Family

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I believe Sarah Ann Parker and Edward Alsobrooks are buried in the Turtleskin Cemetary in Hancock County, Ms. Their stones read Allbrooks, but the dates match: Sarah A. Allbrooks, born Jan.26, 1825, died Feb. 15, 1900. Edward G. Allbrooks, born Aug 4, 1824, died No. 15, 1899. The Mary A. Frierson buried near them is probably their daughter.
Sarah Ann Parker was an older sister of my great, great grandfather, John Wesley Parker. Have the other siblings and parents if you want them.

Re: Alsobrooks, Parker, Grimmer, Family

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Thanks large! Yes, please send me whatever you have on them, as the Parker family is kind of an empty hole for me right now.
Do you live in that area?

genealogy /at/

Re: Alsobrooks, Parker, Grimmer, Family

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Sarah Ann's parents were Isaac and Mary Noland Parker. She had a sister, Martha Ann, who married William Alsobrooks. Check out the Parker family tree (public member) here on Ancestry, where I am in the process of entering the information I have. It is great to "meet" a new cousin, and yes, I live in Mississippi.

Re: Alsobrooks, Parker, Grimmer, Family

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Searching for Susan Amanda Roland who married possibly Lewis B Allsobrooks. They were in Calcasieu Parish, LA in 1860, 70, 80 but her husband was not in 1880. Her father was Allen Roland and her mom was Sarah Ann Chisum/Chisholm. She was born ca 1838 in NY or Scott Co, MS. She may have been of German descent.

Please email me at

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My family goes back to possibly Lewis B Alsobrooks and Susan Amanda Roland of Ms, Scott Co, who moved to LA

Strangly enough the Parker family moved to Angelina Co, TX where my Alsobrooks ended up. My Mandy Roland Alsobrooks and her five sons moved to Polk Co, and Angelina Co, TX as well as to Utah, Arizona, and Wyomingl

My sister married into the Roberts/Parker family in Angelina Co, TX. Email me at . I would like to confer with you on thees families.
Adiene Humble

Re: Alsobrooks, Parker, Grimmer, Roberts of Scott Co., MS

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Surnames: Roberts, Allsobrook, Parker, Ironmonger, Womack, Yarrell, Barnes, Partin

Saw your note re: Roberts, Alsobrooks and Parkers! I have all 3! If your John Wesley Parker was descended from Asa Parker b. 1775 Duplin Co., NC, we are related. I come down from Solomon Alford Parker, one of his sons, who m. Nancy Partin.

My Alsobrooks are way back to Samuel, Sr. and Mary Ironmonger abt 1660 in England. My Martha Womack m. William Alsobrook abt 1760
in VA. My William Mack Roberts b. abt 1775 probably died in Scott Co., MS. He was last found on the 1850 Census as Mack Roberts with his wife, Elizabeth Barnes, and children. Their dau., Rebecca had married William Franklin Yarrell and was a widow about 25 in that census.

Love to hear from everyone interested in these families!


Re: Alsobrooks, Parker, Grimmer, Roberts of Scott Co., MS

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Hi Jeannette, I can't give you a definite answer because I have not been able to get back beyond John Wesley Parker's father, who was Isaac Parker (b. in Ga. c 1794). I do know my Parkers are in Family Group 7, but just can't break through that brick wall. Isaac was last found in the 1850 Scott Co., Ms. census, so he and Mack may have known each other. Nice to think so anyway. He certainly knew the Alsobrooks as two of his daughters married into that family.

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Jeannette, I saw you'll's posting and frankly, I'm unsure.

Please read the entire lineage before denying the info, If in correct, please let me know.

Let me explain. My grandfather's father was Joseph Leonard Alsobrooks (Allsbrooks, Alsbrooks, Alsbrook, well you get it). I knew that they lived in Louisana because my grandfather talked about that when I was very young. Of course, being 73, a lot of things he told me I have to really dig in memory for.

Anyway, Grandpa lived on the river in Louisiana which had a river fronting the farm they either leased or owned. He told me that a prison was located not far from their house and a man escaped and ran through some of their horses, getting on one and swam the river which was full of "gaters" and neither of them were ever seen nor caught. I found my ggreatgrandfather by accident.

My husband's family was from LA and I was searching for his family when I passed a name on the film that seemed familiar but it did sink in. I was on my hunt for my Humble family, then I roll the film passed another familiar name and I actually went two or three rolls when It struck me. I rolled slowly backwards and there in the censes was my grandfather's grandmother but her husband was listed as what looks like JB Brooks. (my theory is when the censor asked for their names they just said "we all brooks" and he didn't realize it was Alsbrooks.

I'd found an JW Allsbroks and his wife and a child name Samuel in the LA Census who I figured was the child who died in OK or Ark, because mom todl me that the child got sick and they stopped by a family's homestead and that's where they buried him.

Then they went on their way but the lady of the house told them not to worry she;d put flowers on his way, but later they received a letter saying their own little girl had died and now their little boy was not alone up on the hillside.

By the way they lived around the Lake Charles area when I found them and, grandpa said they'd farmed in Many and Mansfield as well as Leesville so they moved around a lot. Grandpa asked my husband to take him back to LA and he promise grandpa the next time we came up in a week or so, he would but my grandpa died before he could see his old home.

The names difference in this family though I will tell you they were not unintelligent people and they made their living by leasing land farming and then moving on to some other place. Grandpa said they'd originally lived in Scotts Co,MS but due to the war conflicts the father moved his family west to protect them leaving a really beautiful farm.

There was a story that brought to my mind what grandpa talked about when the Union Soldiers came to the farm and finding only women and small children took only a portion of the unhidden food, the most being hid in a well but I do not know if it was my family.

I found an Allsbrooks/Alsobrooks that had died in the Civil War and I know that Mandy and her boys were alone in the following census. Grandpa said his family were farmers and wagoners..

Her husband's name was listed different as I thought grandpa said he was named for him, being James or "Jim" to everyone however, his mom's father was James Wesley Glass so that could have been the one they named him for Grandpa's mother was Sarah Margaret Josephine Glass and she and one of her sisters were married in LA but my ggrandpa was not listed as Allsbrooks/Alsobrooks but I believe "Brooks". (By the way, two of sisters married men in LA and both were red heads and mom said she thought they might have been twins. It runs in our family.

I WOULD not have paid attention to the name in the census except I'd just gotten a copy of my ggreatfather's death certificate. Gramdpa listed only his mother on his dad's certificate which was SUSAN AMANDA ROLAND, no father's name (By the way she was Allen and Sarah Jane Chisham/Chisum Roland's daughter). However, in Wesley's death certificate (Joseph's brother) they have his fatner listed as James Wesley Allsbrooks.

This census taker was so thoughful to put the wives Maiden names down and "Mandy Roland" was a name I knew from Joseph's death certificate.. She stayed with Joseph Leonard Allsbrooks when mom was a child and made her a pretty little dress that mom would describe.

Grandpa said his grandma was "Black Deutsch" which I discovered from Mr Wilkins of our genealogy department when I started meant a name applied to the people who lived in the area where Germany, Holland, Switzerland and whatever states met and intermarrying creating the "Black" and "White" Deutsch" because some of them had fair skin, light colored eyes and bloode while other's were dark, dark colored eyes and dark hair, sometimes in the same family.

Since mom was young, she described Mandy as being very short, stout, wearing very long black skirted dresses. Mandy was dressed like this sitting on the porch when mom's two brothers' disturbed the bee hive and unfortunately , Gggreatgrandma was the target. Mom told me how she waved her skirt to fend off the bees, and how the children were all laughing. (my grandpa told me this and he laughed as well as we have a wierd sense of humor.)

Mandy walked with a limp as she'd had a carriage accident near a railroad track when a train whisler blew and frighten her horse and she fell off and broke her hip. Thus the limp. Do not know where this happened. Do know they lived in MS, possibly AL and some of them even went to the Florida area.

My Amanda was born ca 1838 and died supposedly 11 Sep 1918 in Scott Co, MS though if mom knew her, I doubt all of the dates are true. Mom was borm in 1916 in Angelina Co, Texas. but mom told some stories about her.

When I found Amanda in the Louisiana census she had all of their five boys, with my ggreatgrandpa being the oldest. The family was listed as "Brooks" for the "Roland" was why I found them. There they were all mom's uncles. According to mom there was a child that had died and was buried in OK or Ark, a boy, and then there was Lucy who fell from her bed and killed herself. The boys was Joseph, Charlie, Wesley,Luther and Triz or Trizwell listed which I know are our family.

In the 1900 Calcaiseu Delinquent Tax list there is my ggreatgrandfather Joseph Alsobrooks and Mandy Alsobrooks listed on that list, but somewhere along that time they had moved to Polk Co, TX, in particular, around Corrigan. Then Wes and Joseph moved to Angelina Co, TX. I live on land owned by Wes who married Samuel Glass and her mother told Wes he'd broke her set of Glasses (6 girls). Florence Glass Allsbrooks was a cousin to my Sarah Margaret Josephine Glass Allsbrooks (by the way in the LA marriage list it listed her as Margaret Josephine Glass marrying a Brooks.

Dr James Wesley Glass was told to me as dying in Polk Co, TX but I haven't found that. He had three sons who were physicians and lived in the Harris Co, TX area,mom said on Goose Creek but I also found a Goose Creek in LA. One of the brothers moved to Baytown and is buried there though one of his family said someone else is also buried on top of him, no reference of fact. Another brother went back to near the New Orleans and practiced medicine there and is buried there. One brother owned a bar in Beaumont and adopted a boy named Long.

Mom, had nicknames and they seemed to name one another after the other brothers or uncles so it can be confusing. I just go by names mom told me and tried to trace them by that..

The Roland family were in Robertson Co NC, and Allen Roland was the son of William Isham and Elizabeth Thomas Roland.. Here it gets a little scrambled as they seem to intermarry over several generation.

Also I have to be real careful and not screw up. James Wesley Glass married Sarah Ann Chitty. He was the son of Frances and Sarah Varner Glass. Sarah Ann Chitty of Lowndes Co, AL, was the daughter of Allen A and Sarah Jane Skinner Chitty.

Allen Roland of Robertson Co, NC was the shon of William Isham and Elizabeth Thomas Roland but he married Sarah or Flora Ann Chisum Chisholm of the Ashville Dist NC who was the daughter of ISHAM RUSSELL AND PERMELIA ROBERTS CHISUM, Sarah's sister Marth Ann married Jacob Durr (Duerre).

Now these two lines were said to have been of NA bloodlines. I do know they lived in the area where the Treaty of the Running Rabbit took place and some of the NA were allotted land, some were not. By the way, other sisters, Mary Elizabeth married into the Lowery, Samantha married Thomas Russom of Wilcox Co, MS., Martha Ann married Michiel Durr, son of Jacob Durr, Sarah Ann married John L McGee, and William Josiah married Cynthie Lee Jones, dau of James and Rebecca Jane Shirley Jones

William Rowland Fayette Dist NC, son of Thomas and Sarah Lee Rowland, who was the son of Samuel Rowland and Elizabeth Thomas Roland, the daughter of Elias Thomas.

Now I want to state, I've researched most of this myself but some of lines were researched by Michael Durr's descendant's before me. I just checked to see if I thought it was possibly the correct line. I have to some extent but others are hard to find information documenting it.

I hope you've noticed the intermarrying of the families which was a trait that the Cherokee in particular did in order to strenght their bloodlines or so I've been told. I've been told incorrectly before though.

I have not reseached the Parker or Grimmer lines yet though I feel my Allsbrooks will lead back to at least one. Another thing, in what originally was Nacogdoches Co, of the Republic of Texas was divided by my grandfather Crawford's grandfather Thomas Crawford, one of three. You will find that the Roberts, the Parkers, the Glass, the Thomas, the Rolands and my Allsbrooks all ended up in the general area. At that time or shortly before, this was territory granted by Sam Houston to the Cherokees. The next Governer of Texas, broke the treaty and herde all nations and took them to Oklahoma. There were the Caddo Nations, the Cherokee, the Commanchie, the Apache the Choctaw and other Nations pushed to this area by our government thus many NA did not reveal their nationality to avoid the reservation.

I have lots more info on these people, some are my direct line, some are not, My Weeks/Harris/Thompson were believed to be from NA bloodlines. Most of the people who settled in Texas in the 1830's up were joined by family members. My Allsbrooks went on to Utah, Arizona, Wyoming and California..

If I've have given incorrect connections, let me know, please, as I want only the truth. I do have a copy of the Chitty couple which is very old that someone sent me along with her or his information.

Sorry so long winded but at 73, I have to keep digging quick in order to get back to my origins and being in Texas that early makes these families difficult. Most came from TN, MS, AL, GA, NC, SC, and even Kentucky.

The Roland family goes back to

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Saw your post concerning the "Chitty" couple. I'm researching the Chitty/Robert line in and around Lauderdale, Scott, and Loundes Counties of MS circa 1850 forward. Most interested in the "old" documentation.


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