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Gustainis from Lithuania

Gustainis from Lithuania

William Mumaw (View posts)
Posted: 1105371470000
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Surnames: Gustainis, Lakowski, Wierbowski, Wierzbowski, Verbauskas
Hi, I'm looking for information on the Gustainis name/family.

It was my grandmothers maiden name, and her Grandfathers name was Jurgis Gustainis, he had two brothers I know of (via my grandmother who is 92 and still living) Valentine, and Anthony. She also claims one of the brothers (Anthony I think) was captured during the Russo-Japanese war.

Jurgis Gustainis settled in West Pittston Pennsylvania, and married a Lakowski. Oddly my grandmother remembers her mother being called a “Zukas” which I believe refers to small clans of Lithuanians that were from the same towns in the old country (sort of like small “gangs”). That is also where Jurgis passed away. Just for reference my grandmother’s name is Anna Wierbowski (Verbauskas on her wedding certificate which is a Lithuanian name for the Polish name Wierzbowski).

Any insight or information that anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

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Vidmantas (View posts)
Posted: 1105454404000
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Was your Gustainis from Pronskabudis village, Zvirgzdaiciai area, Sakiai district?

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William Mumaw (View posts)
Posted: 1105491598000
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To be honest I'm not sure, my Grandmothers memory isn't as good as it used to be. I can trace when Jurgis came to Ellis Island, but before that it is mostly oral history with little information on Lithuania ancestors.

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Vidmantas (View posts)
Posted: 1105512674000
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Surnames: Gustainis
I have found one Jurgis Gustainis in Ellisisland database, 21 years old, who arrived to USA on 05 of May, 1909 on the board of SS "Friedrich D Grosse" and was going to Minerville, Pa. His father was Juozas (Joseph). Is this the same Jurgis Gustainis you are looking for?
I have heard about writer and politician Valentinas Gustainis (15,July,1896-11,Oct.1971) who was born in Vinksnupiai village, Vilkaviskis district. Is this the same Valentinas?
And have you heard about Donna Fuller who lived in Murrieta, CA about 5 years ago and may be lives there now? Her grandfather? was Gustainis too.

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William Mumaw (View posts)
Posted: 1105532625000
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First, thank you very much for your help!

The Jurgis you found is definitely my Great Grandfather; I didn’t know that his father was Juozas (Joseph). I am 75% sure that this is the Jurgis I am looking for; I spoke to my grandmother last night and found out that he had a brother Anthony who stayed in Lithuania, and a sister Mary who also stayed in Lithuania. My grandmother remembered Jurgis saying “if she thought was bad here in the USA, you should live with my poor sister Mary”. He supposedly had another brother whom my grandmother is trying to remember.

As for Valentine Gustainis, she says he is related to her also… I’m not sure where the Vinksnupiai village, Vilkaviskis district is. There is a reference book that also shows Valentine Gustainias

“GUSTAINIS, Valentinas, son of Vincas, born 1896, resided Zemojoje Panemuneje, Sakiu district and region,a journalist, exiled 1941, arrested in exile, 1946, released 1956 and return to Lithuania, died 1971.”

This is where I get stuck… I do think Ms. Fuller contacted me a few years back, but it was before I had some more detailed information…

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Vidmantas (View posts)
Posted: 1105545574000
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I think that it was the same Valentinas Gustainis who was related with Donna Fuller.
There are very detailed Lithuanian map on line with villages names if at least one house is remained up to now, however you will not find villages fully destroyed. Go to
click on third window, enter Vinksnupiai place name and click on Search button. Place name or some place names will pop up in left side of monitor. Then select the place name and a map will come up. You may enter inksnupiai instead of Vinksnupiai or any part of place name, the search engine will provide all place names in Lithuania with this part of place name. At least 2 letters are required. If you enter upiai, about 102 place names will come up.
There are Ellis Island database on line with original ship manifests scanned. You may enlarge manifest and it is readable. There is father's name recorded, address, final destination, where was born.
Go to
The manifest states that Jurgis was from Lipki, Suwalki gub, Russ. Lipki is a Russian spelling, Lithuanians spell this place name Lypkai and this place name you may find on the map. Village Lypkai is next to village Pronskabudis, however village Pronskabudis you will not find on this modern map on line, Pronskabudis was fully destroyed.

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Vidmantas (View posts)
Posted: 1105546871000
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Sorry, I did a mistake. It seems that Valentinas Gustainis was born in Vinksnupiai village, Kazlu Ruda area, but not in Vilkaviskis district.
I have found this data in
This Vinksnupiai village is very close to Lypkai village and you may find it on the map on line , enter Vinksnupiai, click on search button, then click on Other...:1 on the left side of monitor below line "Objects found: 2 .

Re: Wierzbowski

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Surnames: Wierzbowski
Hi, I know this thread is old, but I am hoping maybe you will get an email alert. I think we may be related on your Wierzbowski side. My great grandfather was Simon Wierzbowski who came to America & settled in West Pittston, PA in 1905. He had 2 brothers William & Andrew.

I would love to compare notes with you.


Re: Gustainis from Lithuania

Posted: 1326831823000
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Hello. I am Jonas Gustainis from Lithuania. the oldest Gustainis known to our family is my great-great-great-great grandfather with an unknown first name.
my grandfather Vincas Gustainis says that the first Gstainis' generations were very noble and lived in Germany. that makes sence, because "gust" is a german word for "mist" and "stein" (i think lithuanians changed it to "stain") means "rock".
i'm afraid there were no Jurgis, Valentine or Anthony among our ancesters as my family tree shows. but it's nice to know there are more people with the same last name from other counrties :)

p.s. this question might seem a bit idiotic and random, but do you or some one in your family has a thing called tourette's syndrome, or some kind of tics?

Re: Gustainis from Lithuania

Posted: 1329587079000
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Sir, My grandfather was
GUSTAINIS, August,,,,, b. 1888,,, d. 1956.

We are a Michigan family but at my fathers generation the last name was accidently mis- spelled. We are now the GUSTINIS. family. We don't have a lot of history about the earlier generations, but I thought you mite be interested in this , in case my family is possible distant relatives.

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