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DNA tests a waste of money?

DNA tests a waste of money?

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My brother & I took ALL the DNA tests available. The results seemed to came back way too fast to be valid DNA testing. According to Ancestry DNA, we are not a match to one another!!! There is no question that we have the same parents and grandparents, so what good are the tests? I've been an Ancestry.Com member since it's inception & this troubles me as much as permitting postings of erroneous genealogy as fact by anyone. Specific questions put to Ancestry regarding the DNA testing go unanswered. Has anyone else tested direct family relations with questionable results?

Re: DNA tests a waste of money?

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Peggy, I sent you a message via Ancestry, but I'm sure you will get replies from others who know more than I do. You are welcome to email me at though if you see this before you get any other replies :)

Re: DNA tests a waste of money?

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I am not sure what the purpose of you and your brother taking all the tests. DNA testing is a definite expense. The only reason I could see to take all of the tests available is curiosity. Well - that is a lot of money to spend for the sake of curiosity.

DNA testing is very effective if you get the specific tests done to answer your specific interests and concerns. I administer a Surname site. The goal of the site for me is to find my specific paternal line, but also to better align the variations of the surname that we have seen.

I have been doing research on this line since 1999. I was having trouble finding anything at all prior to my gggggrandfather - before Missouri statehood, when the area belonged to France and then Spain. When Illinois was considered a country - and prior.

There are many of us researching the same lines and we keep running into each other research-wise, but we weren't able to break through. So one of the women I had been researching with since about 2004 or 5 had her brother take a DNA test. It turns out he is an exact match to my father.

Learning this helped us to focus our research efforts together. We met recently (2 weeks ago) in Missouri (I'm in California and she in Colorado) and we did a geneology road trip. We finally - after all these years were able to get substantiate one more generation and we identified several very rich areas to continue - but we need better documentation still.

The DNA testing forced us to really look at our ancestors to find how we are related. As we learned more on our 10 day trip we hypothesized about the information we were finding and how it all could fit together. We spoke about the possibilities on several occaisions throughout the trip.

Right now we have a promising hypothesis we are working on. It looks as though our gggggrandfathers were brothers based on what we have at the moment. Our goal now is to find the documentation to substantiate it. We found someone that has the potential to be the next ancestor back but we are not sure. It is easy to get distracted by multiple possibilities, but if we can find someone in that line that has done a YDNA test and it proves positive then we will significantly narrow what we need to research.

We will pursue the documentation, but as we unearth a trail, part of the strategy is to test other males in other surname lines to determine if we may be in their line or not - of course if that comes along with 3 or 400 years of good documentation on the line, then that will save us decades of research and provide a better path for additional documentation.

I am pretty new to DNA. I don't know how to use all of the current tests that are available, but I pretty much understand, at least at a basic level, the importance of YDNA in the surname. I understand the importance of allowing a broad range of variations participate in geographical studies because we didn't all end up in the family we were born to nor the place we were born.

Depending on family dynamics and numbers, health issues, deaths, work / income needs, children may have lived with relatives or lived with friends to learn a trade, care for a neighbor or feed a community. Some folks will take the tests to understand migration patterns and find out if they do indeed have indian blood or not.

DNA is the most wonderful tool if used strategically to serve the purpose and need you may have. It can really do wonders for genealogy.

Laurie C. Angel (BTW my 'cousins' name is Angle)

Re: DNA tests a waste of money?

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Hi Laurie,

Thanks for the reply. To answer your question, my brother & I both took the mtDNA to test the accuracy of Ancestry's DNA testing before it took me in the wrong direction. They obviously failed the accuracy test.

I have been very fortunate in the past with my paternal research & have solid documentation back to the 1500's. My maternal line is my brick wall,Cherokee, Irish & Scottish. I had hoped the DNA testing would help me to break through that wall.

Sounds as though you are making great strides on your research. I too have been doing genealogy for quite a long time and I love it!

Take Care............Peggy

Re: DNA tests a waste of money?

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I learned the accuracy of DNA testing with my father's maternal line. My line of this Belcher family geneaology is well docuemented back to the 1500's. A gentleman worked on this family for 50 years and the last pages of the several hundred page document include the names of the grandmother and her parents.

Many of the lines are 'daughtered out' so I had no one to do a DNA test but I contacted many people on rootsweb who felt they were in this line. In fact, one was a 14 year old girl that was startled to find someone claiming we were related. Her father stepped in from there.... He and a couple other father, brother, uncle volunteers in various families have now done the test and have proven the genealogy on many fronts.

Probably because of DAR interest and documentation to the revolutionary war period I have about 5 or 6 'cousins' that decend from brothers in the late 1600's and early 1700's. The DNA testing made the genealogy iron clad.

I love genealogy as well. It's a mystery with history and a jig saw puzzle and detective novel all wrapped up in our own families. I am transported to those times and places. It's real, it's can be sad, joyful and heartfelt. It is a totally compelling (and consuming) hobby. There is nothing to compare with discovering and connecting our extended families.

Nice chatting with you.

Laurie Angel

Re: DNA tests a waste of money?

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This post was deleted by the author on 1 Jul 2012 2:01AM GMT

Re: DNA tests a waste of money?

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So let me get this straight... the ancestry results said that two siblings have different mitochondrial DNA markers?!!? Either one of those "once every 20,000 years" mutations JUST occurred, or this site is not the place to go for DNA testing...

I like all of the awareness now about genealogy, but the way Ancestry markets this site... "I saw a leaf and found a picture of my great grandfather in a stovepipe hat!" worries me. I get the impression they're more about the $ than the science. This info from your tests only adds to how I've been feeling lately.

At the very least, Ancestry should either fully refund you and your brother, or offer to redo the tests for free.

Re: DNA tests a waste of money?

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I think it was a waste of money for sure.

Re: DNA tests a waste of money?

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I have a strong feeling that they mixed up my test. I ordered Paternal 46-marker DNA test, and got some close matches. Some were so close that I know they are not related to me. Many of the distant matches (MRCA 7 or greater) had names from my mother's side of the family. I think they accidentally did the MtDNA.

ALL of the DNA sites are in it for a buck.

Re: DNA tests a waste of money?

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I am new to this DNA testing, and would agree - if there is no
question, then there MUST be an error.
You and your brother deserve a re-check or a refund.
Have you contacted Ancestry "authorities" regarding this?
Good Luck
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