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Best software roots magic?

Best software roots magic?

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Hi all,

Ok so ive been researching my family for about a month now. I had no interest previously, but after researching a great great uncle in the military its safe to say I was hooked. Im still amazed at all the detail you can find out about people from the past.

Ive been doing the family tree on here and been saving certificates/records etc to people on here. Ive also made printed copies and have a folder with all things family history. Quite organised really, but I also wanted a PC copy as I dont see myself paying a lifetime membership to ancestry!!

One name keeps popping up everywhere - roots magic. Is this the best? And why?

Any and all general advice welcome!


Re: Best software roots magic?

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I find it very easy to use, lots of webinars and support and it's INEXPENSIVE!!!

Deb H

Re: Best software roots magic?

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All programs are "The Best", some are better at things and not better at other things. If a program has a free or trial edition install it and give it a try. Unfortunatelly you may have to "kiss a few frogs before you find the RIGHT prince."

Re: Best software roots magic?

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True words...Rootsmagic does have a free version: RootsMagic Essentials. Does quite a bit for a free program.


Re: Best software roots magic?

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Google and you will find some websites that offer comparisons of genealogy software programs.

I have PAF, which as per the Roots Magic forum, will not gedcom properly into Roots Magic.

So I use Ancestral Quest (the creators of PAF years ago).Very simple.
They also have a FREE version. I did buy the Full version after a few months as more bells and whistles.

You can try several free versions to see which you prefer.

Re: Best software roots magic?

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I suppose it depends on what you want your program do. The programs these days are filled with all sorts of fancy stuff, lots of "bells and whistles".

I've been doing genealogical research for decades. I bought my first family tree computer program back in 1997, Generations (no longer in production). My biggest complaint was that it didn't allow long entries, so long place names had to be abbreviated drastically. The newer programs allow lengthy descriptive entries for people's names, places names, etc. A real plus in my book.

Now I own four genealogy programs: the old Generations, RootsMagic, Family Tree Maker, and Legacy. They all have pluses and minuses. I've used Family Tree Maker for about seven years. It works nicely.

I bought Roots Magic last year. For some reason, I couldn't get the hang of it. I found it somewhat frustrating - mostly because of the way the family views are set up. In that respect, I find FTM much easier to use - or maybe I'm just used to it. The thing is, RM is supposed to be the easiest to use, but I find it extremely frustrating. It's a pain to maneuver between individuals.

I tried the free version of Legacy and I really like it, so another purchase. Its family views are much easier for me to use than RootsMagic.

As for the GEDCOM, I don't think FTM GEDCOMs convert as well as I'd like them to into Legacy or RootsMagic, and probably vice versa. Most of my notes convert well but the sources get all messed up or disappear completely. The sources don't always land where they should.

FTM, RM, and Legacy all seem to support pictures but beware, none of them will be saved into a GEDCOM and transferred into another program. You'll have to enter everything again into your new program when the time comes.

RootsMagic is the only one that has the capability of saving your tree onto a flashdrive, laptop, or other computer, etc., via its RootsMagic To-Go feature.

Best suggestion is to try the free versions, but be aware, those versions don;t do the fancy stuff a full program can perform. Trying several versions is a good way to see which interface you prefer.

Re: Best software roots magic?

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Probably a little late to answer this question now but maybe someone else is interested. It's like with phones and cars. If there was one "best" product then market forces would dictate that in a short time it would be the only one left. Rather, there are many different products because different customers have different needs.

RootsMagic may be the best value in Windows genealogy software. It supports detailed, well documented research. It does not play well with If you are dedicated keeping your trees on and must have a live sync function then you probably want FTM. RM can be made to work on a Mac using Wine or Crossover but it wasn't designed for a Mac, so if you are using a Mac you might want to pick another program.

At this point in time, newbees may find the source citation system in RM a bit overwhelming. As I said, RM supports detailed research and the source citation system is very long on details, too long in my opinion. Of course, you can use it any way you want but at first glance it seems a bit much.
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