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Anna Margaretha (RITTER) MEiSENHEIMER of PA > NC

Anna Margaretha (RITTER) MEiSENHEIMER of PA > NC

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Surnames: Ritter, Meisenheimer
Searching for any info on Anna Margaretha Reitter/Ritter, born Germany ...Have 2 dates 1725 and June 12, 1731 of Rhineland Ga.... She was the wife of Johann Jakob Meisenheimer 1718/1800........They were married 16 November 1746 Augustus Lutheran Church, Trappe, Pennsylvania......................Anna died Cabarrus Co. NC........Her children were : Johannes, Georgge, Jacob, Anna , Peter, Catherine, Abraham, Maria, Elizabeth, and Barbara......... Thanks Dave ....

Abraham RITTER, d. 1810 in Barren Co., Kentucky

Linda (View posts)
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Surnames: Ritter
I am most interested in all that you may have on Abraham. My ggggggrandfather is Abraham Ritter d. 1810 in Barren Co. Ky. he was married to margaret? and had 11 children. the first four were born in MD, the rest in VA. I have been looking for anything on him and any ancestors. Seems there are quite a few Abraham Ritters. I am almost positive if he didn't come directly from Germany then his parents did.
please email me directly


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Surnames: Ritter, Misenheimer
I am sorry.......... I guess my query was not worded correctly. I am searching for info on Anna Margaretha Ritter-Misenheimer. The Abraham I mentioned was child of Anna Johann Misenheimer.

Re: Anna Margaretha (RITTER) MESENHEIMER

Linda (View posts)
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Surnames: Ritter
Your querie was perfectly clear. I had noticed one of her children was named Abraham and was hoping there was a conection. If she is his mother, two looking for the information on her may be better than one.

Re: Anna Margaretha (RITTER) MESENHEIMER

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Surnames: Ritter
I have a lot on the line of Abraham Johann Misenheimer as I am from both these lines. Just having a lot of trouble trying to find anything abt the parents of my Anna Margaretha Reitter/Ritter. Also I noticed your Abraham Ritter was in Barren Co KY..Are you in KY ? I live in Central Ky (Lexington) If you are not here maybe I can find some info on the Ritter Family here...Thanks Dave

RITTER of Germany

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Surnames: Ritter
We have been trying to locate anyone who would be able to assist us in researching the RITTER lineage in Germany.

The ONLY firm clue we have was a meeting my husband had in London, England in 1983. He visited with the BARON von RITTER whose Father was REICH MARSHALL BARON von RITTER (RICHTER). The younger Ritter showed my husband a photo of his Father and both men were taken by the fact that my husband looked exactly as the Elder Ritter had looked at the same age (mid-30's).

The younger Baron gave my husband his address and later sent him five pounds of the family chocolates. By all accounts we are directly related to the RITTER Family of/near STUTGARDT, GERMANY. The same family connection would be the Ritter's who owned not only the RITTER Confectionary but the Ritter Brau Brewery.

We would greatly appreciate any assistance with this research as we have since lost the Baron's address.

re: RITTER of Germany

Michelle Petroski (View posts)
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Surnames: Ritter
I will have to call my mother on the details
of this but my mother is a Ritter and her
grandfather's paperwork say that he came out
of Darmstadt, Germany. There is a military base
there, so whether that was truely where he was
from, I don't know. But I have been to both Darmstadt
and Stuttgart and they aren't that far from
each-other by train. I will e-mail you with
the details when I can dig them up from my
mother's house.

Re: Abraham RITTER, d. 1810 in Barren Co., Kentucky

Bill (View posts)
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Surnames: Ritter
Linda, I live in Louisville Ky and best I can figure we are, as thye say in the country,"Run out Cousins". I nevr knew if that referred to being run out on a rail, or run out on different limbs of the family tree a ways.

At any rate, I have some information from the period you refer to. One of Abrahams son's was Jacob Fishburn Ritter who had 6 kids etc. and so forth on down the line. I have some data on Abrahams decendents. I don't recall how much I have on Abraham himself. We have a picuture of what is suppose to be his grave site. And I can give you the name of the person who took it, I met his sister who had compiled most of the data before she died.

Which of the lines of Abraham (sounds Biblical don't it) are you from. We go Abraham-Jacob Fishburn-William Henry-Jacob Gilbert-Gilbert Leroy-Gilbert William (me)

My father grew up on what was called the old Ritter place...The Ritters were fairly prominent in the early developement of the area....Ritter's Mill Road is still there and the Historical Society in Barren County has some PIctures of the old Mill.

So Cousin, give a holler, maybe we can fill in some holes....

P.S. I can't spell, and I type even worse. So bare with me.

re: RITTER of Germany

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Surnames: Ritter
Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate all the assistance I can get. Most of my husbands family records are gone, as they fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Take your time, and let me know how things go as you can.

In Friendship,


Sarah RITTER, b. 1799

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Surnames: Ritter
Did any of your Jacobs have a daughter Sarah
b, 8/16/1799 If so contact me at
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