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Burial site

Burial site

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Surnames: Mary Ann Secord, Daniel Secord
Please visit the Biography Board for a SECORD update.

I am researching the Secord family. Apparently Daniel Secord had a mill in Townsend Twp,Norfolk county in the late 1800 He had moved from Brant county with his family.
My great grandmother Emma Loamma Edy was the daughter of Peter Holly Edy and Mary Ann Secord. Mary Ann was the daughter of Daniel Secord and Almira Peet.She had 5 brothers.
Mary Ann Secord and Peter Edy were married in 1869 by Rev W.H. Haviland pastor of the Villa Nova Regular Baptist Church.
Peter Edy owned a grist mill and had traded this property to a James Haviland.He afterwards bought land from Geo.Myers and Johnny Trobridge making his land 100 acres.
In a letter written by my great grandmother ,her parents had moved to Alberton from Towsend twp,Norfolk Co in 1870.
I am working on my United Empire loyalist certificate for the Secord family and need to know where this particular family is buried.
The Sicard family came originally from La Rochelle,Anjou province in France and emigrated to New York state . Ambroise Sicard was a silk merchant . He and his 5 children were residents of New Rochelle, New York until the American revolution . They moved further down the Hudson river. The spelling of the name changed with the influences of the various ethnic communities. Our branch used Secord and the other branch chose Seacord.
There were several Secords that fought with Colonel Butler's Rangers against the American patriots. The family set down roots in Niagara,they were given grants of land and began settlement there.From Niagara, Daniel Secord moved to Brant County .
Ambroise Sicard 1631-1701 had five children
Daniel Secord 1672-1749 had one son
Daniel Secord 1698- md Catherine Mabie had 3 sons
John Secord 1725-1804 md Phoebe Travis had 5 childrem
Daniel Secord 1759-1832 had 4 children
Daniel Secord 1785-1859 md Elizabeth Perrin had one son
Daniel Secord 1808-1900 md Almira Peet had 6 children
Mary Ann Secord 1847-1925 md Peter Edy had 2 children
Emma Loamma Edy 1871-1962 md Maurice Sharp had 6 children
Emma Elbertha Sharp 1896-1964 md Ithamar Norsworthy 7 children
Lola Jean Norsworthy 1928- md David Harvey Young 6 children
Patricia Elizabeth Young 1946-
Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

re: Burial Site

W.R. Walker (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Walker
While researching my WALKER family, I found a Ruth WALKER b.1840 d.?, married in 1860, Robert
SECORD. Ruth's parents were William and Sibyl WALKER Jr. The WALKER family lived in Townsend Twp.,
Norfolk Co., Ontario ca.1796-1881.
I would appreciate any information on Ruth (WALKER) SECORD's husband Robert SECORD i.e.
birth/death dates, mother/father, or any other information on his family.

W.R. Walker

Secord family

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Surnames: SECORD, EDY
Ambroise SECORD
Daniel Secord
Peter Secord
Daniel Secord
Mary Ann Secord EDY

I have just begun to research the Secords with intent. They are an elusive bunch. There are many family stories but what is truth is hard to unravel.
I am planning a trip back to Ontario in the next week to see if I can find some facts .My first place will be Niagara on the Lake as that seems to be where all the Butler's Rangers members settled after the American Revolution. I have seen the land records to this effect.
My next plan of attack is to check out several cemetaries including the Warner Burying Grounds which is very much in the news these days as to it's future with the planned expansion of the QEW. then I will check out St.Mark's cemetary in Niagara.
Next will be a trip to Oakland and Mt Pleasant Pioneer cemetaries in Brant county.
Finally I have reason to believe my great great grandparents Peter Edy and Mary Ann Secord are buried in the Villa Nova Baptist cemetary in Townsend,Norfolk county.
Hopefully my mission brings me some facts.
Any information on any of these places or people would be appreciated .
Thanks Pat

Secord family

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Surnames: Daniel Secord
I don't know how to revise the old page so I will just update what I had before.
From my trip to Ontario in July , I found the grave sites of my great great grandmother Mary Ann Secord born May 29,1847, died September 1,1925 and her husband Peter Holly Edy born February 1,1846,died December 29,1931 in Jerseyville cemetary,Ancaster twp,Wentworth county, Ontario. I also found a picture of them in my mother's photo album.
Next I found the grave sites of my gr gr gr grandfather Daniel Secord born March 23,1808 died November 8,1900 father of Mary Ann Secord in the Mt Pleasant cemetary, Brant county, Ontario.His wife Almira Peet born February 11,1813 ,died August 22,1883 was also buried there.
In the same cemetary I found the gravesites of my gr gr gr gr grandfather Daniel Secord born 1785,died June 11,1859 ,father of the previous Daniel Secord along with his wife Elizabeth Perrin born 1789 died July 27,1857. Next to them were the parents of Elizabeth Perrin,Captain Thomas Perrin and his wife Elizabeth.
The next generation back would be my gr gr gr gr gr grandfather Daniel Secord born 1759 in Niagara,Ontario and died in Brantford Ontario. He is listed in the Niagara Census of 1783 and fought with Brant's volunteers and is listed as having 5 children. He was also with the Indian department .He is documented in the Sons and Daughters of American Loyalists as being Daniel Secord of the Grand River. I didn't get a chance to go to Brantford but will look in the Deaths of Ontario to see if I can find where he is buried.
There are many Secords buried in St David ,Ontario some are David Secord, Stephen Secord ,their wives and families.
Also the Warner burying grounds near Niagara Falls has Solomon Secord and his wife Hannah De Forest. This burying grounds is in danger of being moved when they do the next expansion of the Queen Elizabeth highway.
I didn't get a chance to go to Niagara on the lake but there are many members of the Secord family who settled there after the disbanding of Butler's Rangers, after the American Revolution.
Working from Ambroise Sicard born 1631 in Mornac ,France died in 1701. Apparently he arrived in New York with only his 5 children.No wife noted.He was a founding father of New Rochelle ,New York.
My line follows Daniel Sicard born Mornac France 1672,died 1749 in New Rochelle New York married Catherine Voertman
Next is Daniel's son Daniel Secord born 1698 in New Rochelle New York, died ? married Catherine Mabie. From here it gets less clear which son is the father of my Daniel Secord born 1759 in Niagara. According to some sources it is John Secord married to Phoebe Travis , other say it is Peter Secord. If any one has information that can clear up this family missing link it would be greatly appreciated. Pat


maggie (View posts)
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Classification: Query
You may want to check out the possibility that your Daniel
married to Elizabeth PERRIN, may have been the son
of John Secord Jr. b. Apr. 28, 1757 who was the son of
John Secord b. Oct. 11, 1725.

Possibly John Secord's will never mentioned Daniel because
Daniel was his grandson.

I wouldn't count this out.

Hope we can figure out this mess.

Secord family

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Surnames: Secord
thank you for the response to my Secord question.
I am making some progress and have come to the conclusion that Peter Secord s/o Daniel Secord and Catherine Mabie born
September 15,1726 ,twin to Rachel Secord is more likely the father of my Daniel Secord of the Grand River, born 1756, died 1832 in Brantford, Ontario.
Some Secord historians think it is John Secord s/o Daniel and Catherine but in John's will there is no mention of a son Daniel.
Daniel Secord of the Grand River married Elizabeth but I don't have her last name.There are land petitions for Daniel as he was with Brant's volunteers during the American Revolution,he received a 999 year lease from Joseph Brant,200 acres in Brant county as well as land in Oxford county. His son Daniel petioned for the land after his father died.Apparently the original deed burned in a house fire so Daniel Secord Jr as his enheritance re applied to the the Council of the Six Nations Indians and was successful in retaining the land.
I only have 4 names for Daniel Secord's children:
1]Margaret Secord born in New York, married Robert Ennis,1808 in Brant county, Ontario, no other information
2]Isaac Secord born 1779, New York died 1872 in Michigan. Isaac was named in his father's will as receiving only one pound for his disloyalty to his King
3]Daniel Secord born 1785 in Brant county, Ontario died January 11,1859,married Elizabeth Perrin, daughter of Captain Thomas Perrin,buried in Mt Pleasant cemetary, Brant county, Ontario
4]John Secord born December 17,1787,Brant county, Ontario died September 23,1869 in Walsingham twp, Norfolk county, Ontario, married in 1825,Brant county but no name for his wife. There were 2 other children according to the 1783 Niagara census but I have not been unable to find them.
I have a copy of Daniel Secord of the Grand river's will given to me by a descendant of the Secords.
Daniel Secord grandson of Daniel Secord of the Grand river was born March 23,1808 in Mt Pleasant, Brant county,Ontario ,married Almira Emma Peet ,March 15,1831 in Oakland ,Brant county, Ontario,died November 8,1900 in Mt Pleasant.
This Daniel I don't have too much information on but I should be able to find some through the Ontario census records , the Ontario birth records and the Ontario death records.
Mary Ann Secord and Peter Holly Edy are buried in the Jerseyville cemetary ,Ancaster twp, Ontario
Emma Loamma Edy married to Maurice Sharp is my great grandmother and they are buried at St Andrew's Presbyterian church yard in Ancaster Ontario.
If you can fill in any of these blanks it would be great. Thanks again Pat

Mary Secord

maggie (View posts)
Posted: 949060800000
Classification: Query
Mary Ann b. May 29, 1847 in Brant Co., ON d. Sept. 1, 1925 in Ancater,

Wentworth Co.,ON m. Peter HOLLY EDY

Mary Ann/Peter EDY's children:

Minnie Elbertha Edy b. Oct. 30, 1869 in Townsend

Township, Norfolk Co.,ON

Emma Loamma Edy b. Aug. 24, 1871 m. Maurice SHARP

children of Emma and Maurice Sharp:

Mary Findlay Sharp b. Oct. 16, 1894,

Emma Elbertha b. Sept. 6, 1896 in Ancaster Twp., Wentworth Co., ON

Mabel Secord Sharp b. Dec. 4, 1902,

William Edy Sharp b. Dec. 4, 1902

Jenny Maude Sharp b. Apr. 13, 1906

Leslie Maurice Sharp b. Aug. 13, 1908

Being as Mary Ann SECORD/EDY died in Ancaster; she is
probably buried there.

I have fairly extensive Secord data; should you have any
questions, I'll see if I can help.


Daniel Secord

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Surnames: Secord
Hi Maggie,
At the moment I am ok that Daniel Secord of the Grand River, born 1756, in Westchester county New York, married to Elizabeth died 1832 in Brantford, Ontario, is the son of Peter Secord . I have no specific proof but it seems more likely that he is Peter's son. I don't have a name for Peter's first wife either but according to other descendants Peter Secord born 1726 in Westchester county, New York married 1]Abigail [Montross]? 2]Abigail Emmett 3] Rebekka Brown.
All the children belonged to the first wife, as David Secord is the only child by Abigail Emmett according to a descendant of David Secord.
Rebekka Brown was named in his will. Peter Secord was very old [1818] when he died on Talbot road in the District of London Ontario.
There is a publication done by R.Robert Mutrie, a Mabie descendant who has a book called " Secord of Charlottesville twp , Norfolk county, Upper Canada" as well as a book on "Secord of Brant county,Upper Canda" "A Long Point Settlement Genealogy". These publications give details and proofs of these Secords.
I have talked to other Secord descendants about these publications and found them to be a good source.He has a website on the Norfolk Historical Society page and information on many of his publications.
Thanks for your response. Pat


maggie (View posts)
Posted: 949838400000
Classification: Query
'LO again Pat,

I found an interesting book yesterday...Your probably
right about Daniel not being the son John. Although John
he did have a son Daniel> he had 3/4 wives, and none
were the ladies that you mentioned.
Did you ever find a place for your Daniel & Elizabeth?

Good Luck,


Jim Mabee (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Mabee, Dean, Simmoms
Looking for any info on William O. Mabee, Dec. 16, 1853 to May 20, 1916 who married Emily Dean, born 1861 to May 3, 1905. Their only son that I know of is Guy D. Mabee, Sept. 20, 1892 to Aug. 26, 1971 was married to Lillie May Simmons born June 12, 1895 - Dec. 1, 1920 and also to Gladys Sarah Matilda Simmons born June 29, 1902 - Dec. 6, 1982.
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