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Lapic (Lapice) immigrants from Trebon district

Lapic (Lapice) immigrants from Trebon district

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I am looking for suggestions and comments about what I should do and how maybe to proceed with the information I have listed below.

I am researching my ancestors from the Trebon district of what was once the Austro-Hungarian Empire of Bohemia. I have been able to gather information from different sources that indicate where my ancestor Jan (John) Lapic and his family would have immigrated from in Bohemia.

The first source I have is from a book called “Then and Now A History of Rice County. Faribault and Communities” this is referring to Rice County in Minnesota. My ancestor was reported to have immigrated “from the area around…the Veseli on the Luznice River and was famous for its Holy Cross Church built in 1363”. Jan Lapic, his wife and children arrived in Wheatland Township of Rice County in 1863. He and other Bohemian immigrants eventually plotted and incorporated their own village of Veseli in Wheatland Township.
(They had left out of the port of Bremhaven in 1861, port of entry was Baltimore Maryland, 22 July, 1861 and the ticket’s final destination was for Newark (I am going to guess that that was in New Jersey)).

My second source for the location of my family from Bohemia was Jan Lapics Civil War pension file. In his file his widow states that their marriage had taken place in “Kardasova Ricice, Bohemia, Europe”. I was able to identify her maiden name as being either Sindler or Shindler (German names if I am not mistaken). Her death certificate has her maiden name as Zach.

My third source is Jan Habenicht’s “History of Czechs in America”. Mr. Habenicht wrote: “J. Lapic was born in 1826 in a lonely house called “U Lapicu” (I am not sure what that means), near Novosedly in the Trebon district”.

With this information of districts, towns, villages and rivers I have gone online and found all of these locations except “U Lapicu”. Veseli is located north of Trebon and Kardasova is located just south and east of Veseli. Novosedly is north and east of Trebon. I would then guess that my ancestors lived somewhere within this area.

I have also made a phone book search for some of the many names in my tree and I did find two listed that looked very promising. They are living in Ceske Budejovice which is south from Trebon. But how do you write to someone living in the Czech Repulic?

What does one suggest I do to proceed with searching these people from Bohemia?

The Bohemian surnames from my family tree are: Lapic or Lapice, Sindelr or Shindler, Nohava (some say Jenata), Trenda, Chlan, Knourek, Valesh, Pivec, Jirik, Drozda, Vanek, Pelant, Sefcik, Janousek, Wosejpka (Vasejpka), Pichota or Picha, Ziska, Fisher, Dvorak, and Bastyr.

Thanks for your time,
Michael Lundholm

Re: Lapic (Lapice) immigrants from Trebon district

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Some websites to help in your research .

A map of Austria-Hungary : for locating a town in CZ phone site
It seems that you have those sites.

How to write to possible distant relatives in the "old country" ?
I suggest a letter in Czech (if at all possible) with family information, do include your e-mail address and a photo of your ancestor.

A spelling ZAK shows up in Kardasova Recice's phone book. You might want to send a letter to them and to a NOHAVA that too list in KR.

Re: Lapic (Lapice) immigrants from Trebon district

Joseph Rek (View posts)
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Hello Michael,

Veselí nad Lužnicí, Kardašova Řečice, and Novosedly nad Nežárkou are all indeed in the same area and not very far from Třeboň. U Lapicu simply means a house or place where the Lapic family lived (The Lapic’s House). There still many houses in the Czech Republic called U, followed by the name of a family, even though the family hasn’t lived there for decades or even longer.

České Budějovice is a city of over 100,000 people about 30 km west of Třeboň. You may try writing to the individuals you found in the phone book. If you’re lucky you may get an answer, but generally most people in the Czech Republic are not interested in genealogy and have no idea how to go about researching their ancestors. You can try writing in English (it’s now one of the languages taught in school) or in German, which many older people understand.

However, if you’re really serious about researching your ancestors, I would recommend hiring someone in the Czech Republic to do the research for you. The parish registers for the three places should be at the State Regional Archives in Třeboň. The Archives will not do any research for genealogists so it’s a waste of time contacting them. I suggest you visit the Small Towns, Oxford Junction, Iowa web site. They have a section with names of Trebon Archives researchers for hire. The link is

Good luck with you research.
Joseph Rek

Re: Lapic (Lapice) immigrants from Trebon district

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Joseph -

Thank you for responding to my posting and the infromation you have sent.

I have hired someone to do this research in Czech for me and he has sent me huge amounts of information and pictures.

My ancestors were a group of people know as Jednota's (onenesses), very interesting. The researcher has sent me information on my ancestors going back to 1611 in Novosedly nad Nežárkou.

Thank you for your advise just same. I would have to say, it is very good advise.


Re: Lapic (Lapice) immigrants from Trebon district

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I am researching ancestors from Kardasova Recice. We visited Kardasova in October. It is a lovely little town. I am searching for information about Vojtech (Albert) Polak who came to the U.S. in 1880 from Kardasova Recice. His father's name was also Vojtech and his mother's name was Zach or Zoch.

Re: Lapic (Lapice) immigrants from Trebon district

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Christine -

You are very fortunate to have been able to go to the Czech Republic and see the place where your ancestors have come from. I will make that same trip my self some day.

From the early information I have received from the researcher I hired in the Czech Republic my ancestors actually lived in the village of Mnich which is southeast of Kardosova Recice itself.

I did find out that my female immigrant ancestors grandmother was Mariana Zachova (Zach) from Mnich.

I hope this helps in someway.


Re: Lapic (Lapice) immigrants from Trebon district

klarens lapice (View posts)
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i read my ur stuft i trying to find other famylie menber treee so write back

Re: Lapic (Lapice) immigrants from Trebon district

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klarens -

I am sorry. I am not sure how to respond to this message.

Do live in the Czech Republic? Do you have family from Novosedly?

I would like to respond, but I am not sure how.


Re: Lapic (Lapice) immigrants from Trebon district

Jerry Martinek (View posts)
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Hi, Michael. Just found your posting. I have one lonely Lapic in my tree.... Katherine born about 1827 and married John Pavek. Died in MN. They had one son, Tom Pavek born in 1865. Also see a number of the other surnames you have that appear singly in my tree. Most of the names are either in the New Prague area of MN or Pope County MN. Do you have connections to either of those areas?

Re: Lapic (Lapice) immigrants from Trebon district

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Greetings Jerry -

I have a Katerina Lapice in my tree also. The information I have is only about her parents and siblings.

This Katerina was born 3 November 1828 in Jednoty house number 57 in Novosedly parish to Jan Lapice, son of Antonin Lapice and Marie, daughter of Vojtech Fiser. Her mother was Mariana, daughter of Mariana Lesanovska.

Katerina would have been the first cousin to my ancestor Jan (John) Lapic(e), his grandfather was Antonin Lapice mentioned above. My John Lapic was one of the first immigrants to Wheatland township and Veseli village in 1863.

I can only assume that my John Lapic and your Katherine Lapic Pavek are related to each other. Lapic is an uncommon name and for both Katherine and John to be in Rice County at the same time is to much of a coincidence.

Most of my ancestors came from the Scott County and Rice County area. My gradmother was a Lapic, her family moved to Lankin, North Dakota in the early 1900's.

I will be more than happy to share other names and information I have on the Lapic family. You can email me privately if you wish.

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