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AGHADERG baptism records 1840 -

AGHADERG baptism records 1840 -

Posted: 1096297029000
Classification: Query
Surnames: MCCOURT and others
From the Family History Library microfilm #0926073


Oct.18, 1840 Mary Anne of James WRIGHT & Agnes MCCOURT
sponsors: John & Mary Anne MCCOURT

June 6, 1841 Sarah of John MCCOURT & Elizabeth STRAIN
sponsors: Thomas MCKEY & Ellen MCKEY

August 1, 1841 William of William MOOR & Margaret MCCOURT
sponsors: Hugh MCCOURT & Anne MCCOURT

Jan. 25, 1842 Mary Anne of Henry DOLAN(?) & Mary MCCOURT
sponsors: Daniel SANDY & Mary MCCOURT

May 23, 1843 James of Patrick RICE & Josephine MCCOURT
sponsors: Lewis RICE & Mary MCCOURT

Nov. 24, 1843 Catherine of Patrick WATERS & EASTHER MCCOURT, his wife
sponsors: James CONLIN & Margaret MCCOURT

March 31(?), 1844 Sarah of JOHN RICE & Catharine MC???
sponsors: Hugh MCCOURT & Alice BYRNE

June 3, 1844 William Charles of James DEVLIN & Mary MCKEY
sponsors: William DEVLIN & Eliza MCCOURT

Sept. 22, 1844 Sarah of Henry DORAN & Mary MCCOURT
sponsors: David MCALIAMY (?) & Mary Ane Marsdin(?)

Feb. 9, 1845 Rosanna(?) of William MOOR & Margaret MCCOURT
sponsors: Patrick O'HARE & Anne MCCOURT

Feb. 23, 1845 Elizabeth Jane of Patrick MCCOURT & Catherine CRANNY
sponsors: John COllins & Elizabeth MCLORY

April 24, 1845 Hugh of James MCCOURT & Sarah MAGEE
sponsor: Anne MCCOURT

May 22, 1845 Margaret of Henry MCCOURT & Rose CONLIN
sponsors: Laurence MCCOMISKY & Mary MCLORY

June 8, 1845 Thomas of James MCALEAVY & Mary MCCONVILE
sponsors: John KERR & Margaret MCCOURT

August 17, 1845 Mary of John MULLEN & Mary O'HARE
sponsors: HUGH MCCOURT & Mary MALLON

Feb. 15, 1846 David of Henry MCCOURT & Rose CONLIN
sponsor: Rose MCLORY

June 25, 1847 (+ died?) Michael of Patrick O'HARE & Anne MCCOURT
sponsors: Hugh MCCOURT & Mary O'HARE

July 23, 1847 Felix of Arthur BOYSE & Anne MCCOURT
sponsor: Susanna BYRNE

June 16, 1848 Rose of Henry MCCOURT & Rose CONLIN
sponsor: Mary Ann MCLORY

August 16, 1848 (Illigit) Robert John of Robert John Wilson & Catherine TATE
sponsor: Mary Anne MCCOURT

Jan. 19, 1849 John (Illegitmate) of Matthew Walsh & Mary MCCOURT
sponsor: Patrick Lennon

July 28, 1850 Mary Jane of Arthur BOYSE & Anne MCCOURT
sponsors: Bernard MCGIVERSEN(?) & Susan BOYSE

Sept. 7, 1850 Michael of Hugh MCCOURT & Anne Jane BURNS*
sponsors: John BURNS & Anne BURNS
(* Michael is my grandfather's brother. Hugh MCCOURT & Anne Jane BURNS are my great grandparents)

June 29, 1851 Margaret of Patrick O'HARE & Ann MCCOURT
sponsors: Thomas MCCLOREY & Catherine MCCOURT

August 17, 1851 Margaret of Robert GACELEY(?) & Alice O'RORKE
sponsors: John WARD & ??? MCCOURT

Dec. 21, 1851 James of Arthur BOYSE & Ann MCCOURT
sponsors: Hugh MOYAN & Mary BYRNE

Feb. 15, 1852 Eliza Jane of Hugh MCCOURT & Ann Jane BYRNE*
sponsors: Patrick O'HARE & Ann MCCOURT
(* Eliza Jane is my grandfather's sister)

April 3, 1853 Charles of Patrick O'HARE & Ann MCCOURT
sponsors: James MCNUTTER(?) & Mary O'HARE

April 2, 1854 Henry of Hugh MCCOURT & Ann Jane BYRNE*
sponsors: John M'GIVERAN & Mary BYRNE
(* Henry is my grandfather's brother)

April 30, 1854 Rose of Arthur BOYSE & Ann MCCOURT
sponsor: Ann Jane MOLONEY

March 7, 1855 Sarah Jane of Samuel BYRNE & Rose Ann MORGON
sponsor: Catherine MCCOURT

July 29, 1855 Rose of Patrick O'HARE & Ann MCCOURT
sponsors: James & Margaret MCANULTY

Sept. 29, 1855 E???? of James WALSH & Catherine M'KIVERAGAN
sponsors: Edward DONNELLY & Catherine MCCOURT

May 15, 1856 Hugh of Hugh MCCOURT & Ann Jane BYRNE*
sponsors: John Thomas BYRNE & Mary O'HARE
(* Hugh is my grandfather's brother. Hugh McCourt and Ann Jane Byrne are my great grandparents)

April 4, 1858 Agnes & Catherine of Patrick O'HARE & Ann MCCOURT
sponsors: Daniel SHEERAN, Margaret M'ANULTY, Patrick O'HARE, & Mary MCLOREY

May 28, 1858 John of Patrick MCCOURT & Ann Jane BYRNE*
sponsors: Thomas & Mary MALANNEY(?)
(* I am not sure about this one. If this was a mistake when written and should be Hugh McCourt instead of Patrick then John would be another brother to my grandfather. My grandfather did have a son named John, but I know that is a very common name.)

April 13, 1862 Mary of Charles M'GIVERN & Ann MCCOURT(?)
sponsors: James M'GIVVERN & Bella MCOSKER

Feb. 27, 1864 Rose Ann of Frances FORGEY(?) & Betty Ann MCCOURT
sponsors: Peter KEARNEY & Rose MCLORY

April 5, 1868 Sarah Jane of James CAUGHRAN & Sarah MCCOURT
sponsor: Margaret FEGON

Oct. 20(?), 1868 Edward of John BADLE & Mary MANEM???
sponsors: Bernard ???? & Bessy MCCOURT

Feb. 21, 1869 Theresa of Henry M'GRATH & Bridget MCCOURT(?)
sponsors: Peter CONVERY & Agnes M'GRATH

Feb. 21, 1869 Matthew of John M'ANULTY & Catherine MCCOURT
sponsors: James MCLORY & Sarah RICE

May 17, 1870 Elizabeth Jane of James CAUGHRAN & Sarah MCCOURT
sponsor: Margaret LENNON

May 29, 1870 James of Patrick MCCOURT & Ellen M'KANN
sponsors Felix & Mary MORGON

March 19, 1871 Henry of James M????? & Elizabeth M'ALINDEN
sponsors: John MCCOURT & Sarah Jane M'ALINDEN

March 14, 1872 James (Ill) of James MCCOURT & Sarah FAMEN(?)
sponsor: Mary Ann MCLORY

March 13, 1873 John of Patrick MORGON & Sarah KEARNEY(?)
sponsors: John MCCOURT & Catherine KEARNEY

Feb. 5, 1874 Joseph of Peter BRAGY & Martha MULLIN
sponsors: John MCCOURT & Catherine RICE

Nov. 29, 1874 Jane(?) or James(?) (Ill) of James MCCOURT & Sarah FAMON(?)
sponsor: Mary Ann MCLORY

Dec. 22, 1874 Patrick of James COROY(?) & Bessy MCCOURT
sponsors: Henry CRANNEY & Rose FERAN(?)

Nov. 28, 1875 Elizabeth of John M'ALINDEN & Martha FORD
sponsors: John MCCOURT & Susanna O'HARE

Kathy McCourt Vacek

Re: AGHADERG baptism records 1840 -

eileen gard (View posts)
Posted: 1099447827000
Classification: Query
Hello Kathryn,
Really good of you to post all of that information.
Of course, none of the McClorys seem to be mine!
My Great Grandmother was a Sheeran though, and had a brother Daniel, so he may be the Sheeran mentioned, and
I have been at a brick wall for such a long time, that I am grateful for any information at all !
I have never used FHL, apart from on the web.I wonder if you could confirm that you have mentioned all the McClorys in the Aghaderg Baptismal records? I am sure it will save a lot of time for me, and others, researching their McClory line.
Good luck in your research,

Re: AGHADERG baptism records 1840 -

Kathy Vacek (View posts)
Posted: 1099449219000
Classification: Query
Surnames: McClory
Hi Eileen,
There are tons of McClorys listed on that microfilm - far more than I listed. I only listed ones that were tied to the family names I am researching. It would be well worth your time to check it out. It's easier than you think to use the FHL resources. I would call the nearest Mormon church and find out their hours --- their libraries are staffed by volunteers and are usually only open certain days of the week. It costs $3.50 to rent the microfilm and usually takes 2 - 4 weeks to come in. When it does you have about 3 weeks to look at it. However if you need to renew it you can do that for another $3.50 for another 3 weeks. (and if you need to renew it again you can)
Have you checked yet?? That has a list of McClorys on the 1901 and 1911 census, as well as other records. From that you can figure out what census records to order on microfilm. They can help you with that at your nearest FHL too --- or e-mail me and I will help you figure out which ones look promising.
The FHL is an amazing resource and the people at my local one have been so helpful. Good luck. Kathy

Re: AGHADERG baptism records 1840 -

shirley (View posts)
Posted: 1105733699000
Classification: Query

do you have any info on a James G. Mccourt in Webster Springs Wv. I found him in the 1910 & 1920 census in forklick webster springs wv but nothing else my grandmother
Clara E. Smith 1900 census was a servant to a Gregory

then in 1930 census she lived with her son-in -law Raymond Crites, and her daughter Myrtle O. Crites

thank you


Re: AGHADERG baptism records 1840 -

Kathy Vacek (View posts)
Posted: 1105811582000
Classification: Query
Surnames: MCCOURT
Hi Shirley,

I don't have any information about James G. McCourt. There seem to be lots of people researching the McCourt line in West Virginia, but I don't think my line ever lived there.
If you haven't already you might want to read thru the messages on the McCourt board here, and at Rootsweb, and There may be some other researchers who could help you. Good luck. Kathy
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