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My GG Grandmother Lucinda ??? lived in Gays Mills abt 1881 until her death March 10, 1897 in Gays Mills.
She was born in NY 1824 We do not know her maiden name
She was married at abt age 17 in NY.
Her first husband was a Mr Fisher b. NY

Lucinda died March 10, 1897 & is buried in the cemetery in Gays Mills
She has two markers: One is a marker which shows her as Lucinda Jackson This is next to the gravesite of her son Ed (Edmond) Jackson & his wife Hattie. Next to her grave is the grave of Charles Fisher Co.B 41 A-Cav. (we do not know if this was her first husband or not)

Nearby there is a marker erected by her children from her marriage to Mr Fisher in memory of their mother.

She had 5 children with Mr Fisher: Joel b NY <1840,>
My G Grandmother Phoebe b NY 1843, Mary b NY 1845,
Charles b. MI 1848 & Elvira b IA 1855

Abt. 1858 she married a Mr Robinson/Robison in IA and the 1860 census shows that she was no longer married to him and was head of household (no children with him)

1863 she married James Jackson - age 58 in Buchanan CO, IA & in 1865 they had a son Edmond F. Jackson

1870 Buchanan C, IA Census shows she was either a widow or divorced and was head of house. What happened to James Jackson??

My Grandfather Frances (Frank) Hines was b 1877 IA He was the son of Lucinda's daughter Phoebe Fisher b 1873 NY and Thales Hines. Phoebe & Thales also had a son Henry b 1875 IA

Pheobe's first marriage was to John Wright & they had a daughter Rosie b 1871 Independence IA. John died of war wounds and Phoebe married Thales.

Phoebe died 1879 either enroute to Gays Mills or enroute back to IA from Gays Mills. We do not know where she is buried. The 3 children were split up and Frances was taken to live with his Grandmother Lucinda in Gays Mills.

Frances lived with his Grandmother Lucinda in Gays Mills from the time he was abt 18 months old until abt 1887 when Lucinda died & he went back to IA to live with his father Thales. During that time Lucinda was married to Wm Hoffman. We believe he was from IA

Looking for info on Lucinda - What was her maiden name & where did she live in Gays Mills? Did Phoebe live in Gays Mills?

I have old pix of Lucinda & Wm Hoffman with my Grandfather when he was abt 3- 4 yrs old circa 1881 - Was there a photo studio in Gays Mills at that time?

I'm happy to share the search continues to complete the puzzle.

Please email me direct or write to
Sara Hayes Sommer
110 West 49th St
Minneapolis, MN 55409


Fisher, Jackson and Hoffman

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Surnames: Fisher, Jackson, Hoffman

I'm not related, but can provide some data that might help you in your search. I do have a you know where in MI or IA the family may have been in 1850?

You seem to have the family down since then.

Lucinda seems to have been a Black Widow. Ha!..or Hmm! Anyway...

Per the Crawford Co. Marriage Records:

Edward F. Jackson married Ava J. Phillips, 2 Mar 1884, Utica Twp. Recorded in State Vol. 2, No. 2082. Edward F. is recorded as the son of James and Luzina (Hopman) Jackson. Ava the daughter of George and Mary (Unknown) Phillips.

Per the Grant Co., WI Marriage Records compiled by the Grant Co. Genealogical Society and Parents of Grant Co., WI Marriages, compiled by Kathleen Grattan Wolfe:

Edward F. Jackson married Hattie Stevenson, 30 Jun 1894. Recorded in Grant Co. Bk. 12, Pg. 30. Edward was recorded as the son of James and Lucina (Unknown) Jackson. Hattie the daughter of James and Mary (Unknown) Stevenson.

These would both certainly seem to be the same person and the Crawford Co., WI marriage lists Lucinda/Luzina's maiden name as Hopman. Could be Hoppman, Hopmann, etc. Or, was it Hoffman? It would seem that some inter-family marriages took place here.

Per “Births, Deaths, Marriages and other Genealogical Gleanings from Newspapers for Crawford, Vernon and Richland Counties, Wisconsin, 1873 – 1910,” compiled by Vernon D. Erickson, Heritage Books, Inc.:

Mr. E. Jackson, married Eva Phillips of Mt. Sterling, Mar. 2, 1884. Husband from Gays Mills. Recorded in the 12 Mar 1884 issue of the Crawford Co. Journal.

Ed F. Jackson, married Hattie Stevenson, June 30, 1894 in Boscobel [Grant Co.]. Bride and groom were from Mt. Sterling. Recorded in the 11 Jul 1894 issue of the Crawford Co. Advance.

Per “Genealogical Events from Newspapers for Crawford, Vernon and Grant Counties, Wisconsin, 1870 – 1901,” compiled by Vernon D. Erickson, Heritage Books, Inc.:

Mrs. Lucinda Fisher, died Mar. 8, 1897 at home near Gays Mills. Aged 73 years. She was the mother of Charles Fisher, Mrs. Elmer E. Stephenson and Edward Jackson of Gays Mills; Mrs. _ W. Schafer of Bryantsburg, IA and 1 son in Texas. Recorded in the 18 Mar 1897 issue of the Kickapoo Chief. (Also see citation for Mrs. Jackson)

Mrs. Jackson, died Mar. "9," 1897 at home of daughter, Mrs. Elmer Stevenson, in Gays Mills. Recorded in the 18 Mar 1897 issue of the Kickapoo Chief. (Also see citation for Mrs. Lucinda Fisher)

Interesting, two obits in the same paper with different names.

Hope this helps narrow down the search.

Dave Taft
Arlington, TX

Lucinda (Unknown) (Fisher) (Robinson) (Jackson) Hoffman

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Surnames: Fisher, Jackson, Robinson, Hoffman, Huffman

The more I think about it, I'm beginning to wonder if Lucinda's maiden name was Hopman, or if that may have just been a mistake based on her marriage to Mr. Hoffman/Huffman at the time.

Anyway, you should probably look for some additional sources to confirm. If I can't get a hit with my direct ancestor, I had for the siblings. I have the feeling you may find death certificate for Charles and Joel that may help.

Per Ancestry.Com American Civil War Soldiers:

Name: Charles Fisher
Residence: Buchanan County, Iowa
Enlistment Date: 29 March 1864
Side Served: Union
State Served: Iowa
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 29 March 1864 at the age of 18
Enlisted in Company B, 4th Cavalry Regiment Iowa on 16 April 1864.
Mustered out Company B, 4th Cavalry Regiment Iowa on 08 August 1865 in Atlanta, GA

I have the feeling the tombstone reference is in error, or the "th" in 4th looks like an L. This Charles is in the right place and right time. Also, he is in Co. B and in the Cavalry.

Name: Joel Fisher
Residence: Buchanan County, Iowa
Enlistment Date: 15 August 1862
Side Served: Union
State Served: Iowa
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 15 August 1862 at the age of 21
Enlisted in Company C, 27th Infantry Regiment Iowa on 28 August 1862.
Accidentally injured on 01 December 1862
Transferred Company C, 27th Infantry Regiment Iowa on 13 September 1863
Transferred in on 13 September 1863.
Mustered out on 18 August 1865 in Springfield, IL

Joel has a Civil War Pension File available from the National Archives. Based on his year of death, the file may include a death certificate which may list his parents full names. Have you ever requested Edward Jackson's death certificate from Crawford Co.?, assuming that he died there.

Per the Civil War Pension Index:

Joel Fisher, Co. C, 27th Iowa Infantry and Co. B, 4th V.R.C. (not sure what that is - may be Veteran Reserve Corp.). Joel filed for his pension on 1 Feb 1879, Application No. 266060, Certificate No. 181850. His widow, Eliza M. Fisher filed on 23 Sep 1816 in Oklahoma, Application No. 1078296, Certificate No. 835463. Also a minor??, Eliza M. Fisher filed on 27 Jul 1906 in Oklahoma, Application No. 852920, Certificate No. 628012.

Typically pensions were filed right after the soldiers death. It would appear that Joel must have died about 1906. There is no sign of a minor child named Eliza, so possibly both of the Eliza M's were his widow. You can request these pension files on-line from the National Archives:

I didn't seem to find a match for Charles Fisher's pension.

Regarding your timeline, you didn't include the 1880 census. In case you didn't have it:

1880 Census, Byron, Buchanan, IA, Pg. 402B

William Huffman, 55, Laborer, PA, PA, PA
Lucina Huffman, 54, Keeping House, NY, NY, NY
Amelia Huffman, 19, At Home, IA, PA, NY
Elizabeth Jackson, 12, IA, IRE, NY, Step Daughter
Frank Hinds, IA, CAN, NY, Step Grandson

Are you sure that Phebe didn't die in Buchanan Co., IA? It look here like Lucinda was married to Wm. Hoffman/Huffman prior to 1880 and was still living in Buchanan Co., IA then.

1880 Census, Americus, Lyon, KS, Pg. 273C

Charles Fisher, 31, Farmer, MI, NY, NY
Viola E., 27, Keeps House, IN, PA, OH
Minnie G., 7, KS, MI, IN

1880 Census, Platte, Union, IA, Pg. 296D

Joel Fisher, 39, Farmer, NY, NY, NY
Ester A., 42, Keeping House, OH, PA, PA
Lena G., 14, IA, NY, OH
Frank L., 11, IA, NY, OH
George R., 3, IA, NY, OH

This matches with the 1870 census when Joel was living next door to his mother.

1900 Census, La Clede Twp., Fayette, IL, Pg. 88, 5 Jun 1900, Household 81:

Joel Fisher, Dec 1840, NY, NY, NY, Farmer
Eliza M., Aug 1861, TX, TN, TN, Md. 5 years, 1? child, 1? living
Wesley, Sep 1880, IA, IN, OH, son, Farm Laborer
Edward, Aug 1896, TX, NY, TX, son
Sadie Healy, Feb 1899 TX, NY, TX, daughter, at School, age 11, must be born 1889
Sackett Healy, Jul 1890, TX, NY, TX, daughter

Odd listing here. A mix of families. Eliza must have married Mr. Healy prior to Joel. Son, Joel Fisher must have been the Texas son mentioned in Lucinda's obituary.

1900 Census, Perry Twp., Buchanan, IA, Pg. 140, 7 Jun 1900, Household 96:

Charles Fisher, May 1849, MI, NY, NY, Painter, Md.? 28 years
Minnie G., Apr 1873, KS, MI, IA, Teacher
Charles E., Mar 1881, KS, MI, IA

1910 Census, 2nd Ward, Granite Twp., Greer, OK, Pg. 21, 22 Apr 1910, Household 187 (very blurry film):

Eliza Fisher, 47?, widow, TX, ??, ??, 3 children, 3 living
Mattie A., 14, TX, NY, TX
Sadie E. Healy, 21, TX, NY, TX
Sackett Healy, 19, TX, NY, TX

No sign of Charles Fisher Sr. in 1910. Interesting though that he seems to be buried in Crawford Co., but doesn't seem to have lived there much. He did seem to be there when his mother died, but left just days later. Per the 1 Apr 1897 issue of the Kickapoo Chief, "Charles Fisher, departed Gays Mills area for new home in Iowa.?

Per Ancestry.Com's 1895 IA Census Index, the following were all living in Perry Twp., Buchanan, IA that year:

Charles Fisher, 47, IN
Minnie Fisher, 21, KS
Clarence Fisher, 13, KS (Charles Jr.?)
Lucina "Fisher", 69, NY

Interesting. The index doesn't show, but I suspect they were living together. They have that microfilm in Dallas and I could check it for you next weekend.

More homework for you...


Dave Taft


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I think the Lucinda, is Lucina and last name is Stocker.
I have a gg... grandmother Minerva Stocker, and her daughter's middle name was Lucina.
Minerva and your Lucina, both born in NY and spent time late in life in Buchanen Iowa.
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